Chapter 04: L,J – Finding Liz Again

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Chapter 4 – Liz & John – Finding Liz Again

For those of you that read ‘The Right Touch’ you know that I had a very active sexual relationship with Liz and John. The relationship lasted for about five years when unfortunately they split up. I kept in touch with John for a while, but lost touch with him after about a year. Losing them was a huge loss.

Fast forward about six years. One afternoon I was looking through the adult services section of one of entertainment weeklies. There it was; Liz’s ad. It was the same ad that had led me to her in the beginning nearly twelve years ago. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was. I picked up the phone and I slowly punched in the number by memory.

After the third ring I heard her voice, “Hi, this is Liz.” The honey sweetness of her voice made my cock twitch. Slowly I said, “Hi Liz, this is Nick Morton.” There was quiet on the line for several long seconds and then Liz responded, “My Nick Morton?” I giggled unsure of what I should say next her. After a minute I assured her it was me and we spent the next five minutes catching up on things. Before we stopped chatting I made an appointment for a massage and got her new address. As we hung up, I was tingling at the thought of seeing Liz again.

Before I knew it , the two days had passed and I was knocking on Liz’s front door. In no more than two seconds the door opened and there she stood in pale blue scrubs. Her hair was still shoulder length and a huge smile filled her beautiful face. She reached out and pulled me to her and gave me a wonderful hug and a lingering kiss on the lips. Then she pulled her head back and smiled at me again. “God, you look awesome, come on in. It is so wonderful to see you again.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into foyer, closing the door behind me. She turned around and grabbed my other hand. I could see that she had put some weight on, but still looked good. A lot of the additional weight had gone directly to her tits and not even the shapeless scrubs could hide how big they were.

We stood there smiling and looking at each other and finally Liz said, “Come on let’s get your massage started.” She let go of one had and led me down the hallway to a bedroom that had been converted for massages. The window had a heavy drape over it and scented candles were burning.

As we walked into the room, Liz kayseri escort turned the CD player on and I began disrobing. I kicked my loafers off and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off and hung them on a hook. I looked over at Liz. She was smiling and watching me take my clothes off. I smiled back at her, pulled my shirt over my head and stood there naked. My cock was semi hard and starting to rise.

I took my time moving to her side of the table and as I rested my butt against the edge, my cock twitched toward Liz. I like being naked in the presence of hot women and I really like to be naked around her. Liz looked me over and then said, “I love your tan line. The white against the tan is much better than the all-over look. It makes your cock and balls really look delicious.” Her eyes scrunched naughtily as she talked about my package. I smiled and thanked her as I licked my lips. I told her I thought she’d be more comfortable with a little less on.

Liz’s tongue slid out of her mouth haughtily as she untied the drawstring on her pants and let them fall to the floor. She kicked them off to the side. Then she pulled her top over her head and added it to the pile. She wasn’t wearing any panties and I could see that she still kept her pussy smooth and bare. She was wearing a lacy black bra that was about to explode at the seams. Without any words she reached behind her, undid the clasp and let the cups fall forward.

Liz is a tall girl and with me leaning against the table, her nipples were at just the right height to suck on. I motioned for her to step forward. Without delay she guided her left nipple directly into my mouth. Liz moaned as soon as I began sucking. Her nipples were always super sensitive. After making her left nipple grow in size, I moved to her right one while I continued to roll the other one between my fingers. Finally she said it was time for me to lie down. God, Liz was one sexy fucking woman.

As I lay on my stomach and got comfortable, Liz told me that she likes to use a new oil that she’d just found instead of powder. I said ok and she moved to the head of the table. Her pussy was no more than four inches from my tongue and I wanted to taste her so badly. She poured oil into her hands and then onto my body. The oil created heat as she spread it out. I reached my hands out around her thighs and rubbed the bottom of her butt cheeks and in between her thighs. She spread her feet a little to give me better access to her pussy. She was dripping wet and it was easy to slide my fingers inside her pussy.

Liz was now leaning forward so that she could apply oil on my butt. She liberally dribbled it down the crack of my ass. It covered my rosebud and trickled onto my balls. She followed quickly with her fingers. After spreading the oil over me she wasted no time in finger fucking my asshole as I fingered her pussy.

We were both breathing hard and we both wanted more. She told me to turn over onto my back. As soon as I had done that, she climbed onto the table and straddled my head with her knees. After a little rearrangement, we were in a perfect 69. I was able to spread her pussy easily and suck on her clit; something that she really liked. Liz had my cock in her mouth and played with my nuts. She licked and sucked the head for a bit and then swallowed the whole length down her throat squeezing it with her throat muscles. It was a wonderful velvety silky feeling.

I loved eating Liz’s pussy. It was always super wet and tasted like honey. Liz’s moans and muffled screams told me that she’d had at least two orgasms, maybe three. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and told her that. She quickly pulled off my cock and slid off the table and turned around. Before I could ask her what was up, she crawled back on top of me and slid my cock into her drenched waiting pussy. What a feeling.

She ground her pussy down against me pulling me as deep as she could into her. Then she started riding me; slowly at first. A very deliberate pace. Her hands were on my shoulders and her pendulous tits hung down almost down to my chest. Liz looked smoking hot. Her tits swung in rhythm as she continued to plow my cock in and out of her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard to me.

Every time she rocked up and down her silky pussy sucked on my cock and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I told her that I was about to cum and she started to throatily moan at me, “That’s it baby…god, that feels so good…fill me with your cum.” The combination of the nasty talk, her beautiful tits and her pussy work did the trick. I could feel my balls tighten and then start to shoot blast after blast into Liz’s hot pussy.

After I quit shooting cum into her, we just laid there catching our breath. When our breathing was normal again, Liz lifted herself up, smiled down at me and winked. “Whew, that was some massage.” I looked up at her and said, “Yes it was, but we aren’t finished yet.”

I slowly moved out from under Liz and laid her on her back. Cum was just starting to seep out of her cunt and she looked gorgeous. Her tits had slid to each side of her chest and her pussy was leaking cum. I leaned forward between her thighs and spread her pussy lips and lowered my mouth to her. She shivered as I used my tongue to lick the cum from her pussy lips. Then I began an assault of her clit; long broad strokes of my tongue along her opening followed by sucking her good sized clitty knob. Liz was breathing hard and she had her hands on the back of my head holding it in place.

I could tell by her breathing and the stiffness of her legs that she was close to another orgasm. I sucked on her clit like it was a small cock and was rewarded as she tensed her legs completely as her orgasm took hold of her. I continued to lick her love button until she pushed my head away with her hands. I wasn’t sure how many orgasms Liz had in total, but I was pretty sure she was satisfied.

Once her breathing was back to normal she asked me to lie next to her on the table. It was a close fit, but we lay there for another fifteen or twenty minutes playing with each other and talked. Then, I told Liz that it was probably time for me to go. Liz said, “We need to do one more thing.” She and I got up and sat on the edge of the table. Liz grabbed my hand and said, “Follow me.”

We went down that hallway and into the kitchen. Liz went to the refrigerator and got out a bottle of champagne. It was even the brand that I used to bring to our afternoon sessions. She handed it to me and asked me to open it while she got out two glasses. We went into the living room where Liz directed me to a overstuffed love seat. Once we were seated, Liz said, “It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t enjoy some champagne together.”

We toasted to each other and enjoyed the rest of the bottle sitting in the living room idly stroking each others nude body. When we finished the bottle, Liz suggested that I get the other bottle from the fridge. When I returned to the living room she wasn’t there. In no time I found her sprawled in middle of her bed where we spent the rest of the afternoon. God, she is one sexy woman.

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