Charity Slave Auction Ch. 07

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Sue unclips the metal cuffs Kay is wearing from the podium and helps her down. They walk back to the dressing room, Kay is still recovering from her orgasm, it was so intense.

Once back in the dressing room Jayne is waiting for them with a glass of champagne.

“Kay!! Well done, you are through as one of the last four to the final two rounds now!”

Kay takes the glass of champagne and drinks it down quickly, her mouth is so dry. She is still overwhelmed and unsure quite what is going on.

Jayne ploughs straight on, taking advantage of Kay’s distraction.

“Now for this penultimate round we have gone very traditional, so you’ll be modelling a swim suit.”

“Oh nice.” says Kay almost automatically.

“Right Sue can you help undress Kay as there isn’t much time as we are running quite late now.”

Most of the girls who were eliminated earlier have been taken away by their chaperones.

Sue walks over and helps Kay take the tuxedo jacket off and then unzips the waistcoat at the back. She then very quickly puts her hands inside the little skirt and with her palms spread out to stretch it she slides it down over Kay’s bum and thighs.

Kay’s naked body is slick and shiny with a mixture of lube and perspiration.

“Right Kay here is the outfit for you.” Jayne brings over a small box with two little plastic bags in it.

The first one she opens and takes out a pair of metallic bronze stockings with black banding at the top.

Kay walks over to the chaise longue and sits down. She takes the stockings from Jayne and rolls them onto her feet. She then carefully stretches them up her legs using the palms of her hands to stretch them until they are smooth, she pulls them up over her knees and then to the top of her thighs.

“Jayne, I love this colour and the way it glints.”

“Yes, it is pearlescent latex so looks metallic.”

“Oh, now before we put the swim suit on, I better just get you the heels to wear with this outfit.”

Jayne goes off to the other side of the room and picks up a shoe box and comes back.

“Now Kay these are rather special, apparently John had them custom made for you.”

“Really, he didn’t say anything to me!”

“Well when he chose this outfit for you, Nevşehir Escort he decided you need something special.”

Jayne takes the lid off the shoe box; which Kay has already noticed is marked DSquared2.

Inside are a pair of patent bronze coloured sandals with bronze stiletto heels. The ankle strap however instead of being made of leather appears to be made of solid bronze, like the heels, but lined with leather; the two parts of the ankle cuff come together with a hasp fitting and with a tiny padlock to secure it.

Kay takes the shoe and slips her stockinged feet into it. The colour of the patent leather matches the stockings perfectly. She then pushes the metal ankle cuff shut around her ankle, the soft leather lining gripping her ankle snugly. With a slight push the ankle cuff fits over the hasp. She then repeats this with her left foot.

“Oh, they look stunning.” says Jayne as she kneels down and slips the padlocks onto the metal cuffs and clicks them shut.

Kay turns her feet to admire the shoes, they do look stunning, the bronze heels are very thin with a lovely gentle curve and then splay out slightly as they reach the heel tips.

Kay stands up and feels how high the heels are, she thinks about 6″. She does a brief little walk and then turns back to get a feel for them.

“Feel okay?” asks Jayne.

“Yes fine.” says Kay.

At that moment Jayne’s phone beeps and she looks at the message.

“Oh goodness they are almost ready for you, we better rush now.”

She grabs the little bag with the swimsuit in it and opens it. Kay is looking and notices the “swimsuit” appears to be made of virtually nothing as it easily sits in Jayne’s hand.

Jayne quickly puts the halter top over Kay’s head and pulls the front two parts of the swimsuit down, and then holding the ring on the end of the thin strip of latex pulls it down between her legs and then up between her arse cheeks. She then takes the tiny chain side ties and clips each of them to the metal ring which is nestled tightly in the small of her back.

She then reaches up and pulls the two other side ties from the breasts to clip them together.

“Right, now let me adjust it a little.”

Jayne comes around the front and Nevşehir Escort Bayan lifts the two thin strips of bronze latex that are stretched tightly over Kay’s breasts so they are centred directly over her nipples. They are so narrow plenty of Kay’s breasts are displayed down the middle between the two thin latex strips of the swimsuit. The swimsuit forms a lovely V with her belly button highlighted right in the crook of the V just where the latex comes together with the side ties to cover her pussy. The latex is very narrow so only just covers her pussy as it goes between her legs and becomes a thin string.

At the back all that is visible of the swimsuit is the tiny strip between her arse cheeks joining with the two tiny side tie chains and then the two thin strips of latex that come together in the middle of her back.

Before Kay can even look at herself Jayne is pushing her out the room and rushing her along the corridor to the stage. She arrives at the back of the stage just as the compere is announcing her. Jayne whispers in her ear to walk slowly down the catwalk and back, turning fully around after every two steps.

Jayne picks up a spray bottle from a shelf and starts to spray Kay all over in a fine mist which is mixture of lube and water which forms little droplets all over her body and outfit, as if she has just stepped out of the pool or shower.

Kay walks out on to the brightly lit catwalk.

As soon as she starts to walk she realises that in all the rushing the swimsuit has moved and her breasts are in danger of falling out from under the latex, her nipples are quite close to the edges and for a second she is glad they are so hard and erect to perhaps hold it in place. She also feels as soon as she starts to walk that instead of the swimsuit covering her pussy it is starting to be pulled into her pussy.

She has to carry on now though as she walks down the catwalk and as instructed stops every two steps and does a complete twirl right in front of the bidders who are now sat right close to the catwalk. She daren’t look down to see what she is showing off, but can feel the thin latex starting to rub between her labia, which is also making her get damp.

“WOW doesn’t Slave 10 look so hot Escort Nevşehir in this swimsuit, she glistens like she has just come out of the pool. Her body really suits these latex outfits doesn’t it?” the compere says enthusiastically.

Kay walks a bit further and does another twirl.

“Those bronze stockings look amazing on her long legs don’t they, they are so smooth and shiny she could almost be made of bronze, like a statue.”

Another two steps and twirl.

“I love how the G-string of this leotard swimsuit really shows off her gorgeous bum, don’t you?”

Another two steps and a twirl.

“Wouldn’t she make a splendid addition next to your pool?”

Kay turns at the end of the catwalk to come back down and for a second as the lights are shaded, she can see lots of the audience are using their phones to photograph and film her.

She starts back down the catwalk, two steps and a twirl.

“I think the water would boil when she climbs into the pool don’t you?” the compere continues enthusiastically, talking about her.

Two more steps.

“And have you noticed those heels she is wearing; she does love her stilettos doesn’t she and have you noticed those little padlocks – what a kinky girl she is.”

Another two steps and twirl.

“I think you made the right choice of Slaves to bid through to this penultimate round.”

Two more steps and a twirl.

“So, I wonder how much more you are prepared to bid for this beauty, we will find out in a few minutes.” the compere continues.

Kay isn’t sure whether the damp feeling she can feel running down her thigh is the spray Jayne put on her or her own juices from her pussy.

“That has to be the hottest swimsuit I have ever seen modelled.” says the compere as Kay reaches the end of the catwalk and walks backstage.

“Well done Kay.” says Jayne as she takes her back to the dressing room.

Kay looks down and blushes as for the first time she sees just how much she was showing off. The swimsuit has totally pulled inside her pussy with her glistening pink labia surrounding it. And everyone in that room has just seen it, and quite a few have pictures of her flashing her pussy!! But as she passes a mirror and sees the outfit fully, she feels a buzz with just how fabulous her body looks.

Jayne notices the look.

“Yes, Kay you look totally stunning, your body seems to come alive in latex, it really does work with your body, and you are a total natural in heels, which just make your legs and bum looking stunning.”

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