Charlie’s First Time

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Charlotte had just turned 18 and she had been called for interview at the university where she hoped to win a place. She had made plans with her parents as to how she was going to get there. The interview was on a Friday and it was agreed that she would go and stay with her mother’s younger brother, Tom, the night before and then stay with him for the weekend and he would show her around the city.

Charlotte was excited as she got off the train on the Thursday evening and Tom was there ready to meet her. Tom was only a few years older than her and his big sister was like a mother to him in many ways and Charlotte like a cousin. He carried Charlotte’s bag for her and led her to his car which was parked nearby. His apartment was not far from the station and it took only a few minutes to get there. Charlotte spoke animatedly about what was happening in her life, regarding her plans and friends. She was very excited about the following day Tom could tell.

As they entered Tom’s apartment Charlotte let out a large “Wow!”

It was situated at the top of an old city warehouse that had been regenerated and had a super view over the city and large panoramic windows.

She thought what a great place to spend the weekend and told Tom, “She was very grateful for letting her come to stay.”

He said, “It was a pleasure to have his niece around for the weekend”, with a big smile. Tom suggested that Charlotte dump her things in the spare bedroom and they would go out and grab something to eat.

“Being wined and dined too,” Charlotte said, “that is very kind of you”

They went to a nearby little Italian restaurant where everyone seemed to think they were a couple which they both thought highly amusing. Although Charlotte did think as she sat opposite Tom how handsome he was and why hadn’t she noticed that before. Similar thoughts were going through Tom’s mind and thought she would soon be snapped up by some young stag once she was let off the leash. They soon finished their meal and retuned to Tom’s apartment and collapsed on the sofa and started watching a DVD.

Charlotte let her head rest on Tom’s shoulder and he didn’t seem to mind in fact he was rather pleased she had. They were watching an espionage thriller and as usual there was the interaction between the male and female lead. When it came to a raunchy sex scene in a dirty warehouse after a particular brutal fight with some of the opposition Charlotte noticed a slight bulge in Tom’s trousers.

Always being up front with her Uncle she said “Does it turn you on?”

Embarrassed Tom murmured “No, why?”

“Just the lump in your trousers”, she replied with mischievous laugh.

Rather uneasily Ataşehir Escort Tom adjusted his position on the sofa slightly but did not move away from Charlotte.

Charlotte felt very relaxed and would never have been allowed to sit like this with Tom at home or any other of her male friends she thought. She decided to cuddle in close and continued to watch the film which was quite violent.

Suddenly she exclaimed, “Why doesn’t he see that she is just using him!”

Tom replied, “Calm down, it’s only a film”

“I know”, Charlotte said, “But it’s so silly.” Just then, another long sex scene started and she noticed Tom’s bulge was back. Not surprising really she thought as the girl was pretty sexy and it was a steamy scene. She realised she was becoming aroused herself. This time she said nothing about Tom’s bulge but was pleased he was relaxed with her around. Time was getting on and when the film ended she thought maybe she should go to bed ready for her interview the following day.

“I had better go to bed”, she said and leant over to give Tom a goodnight peck on the cheek. Somehow she missed his cheek and kissed him full on the lips.

“Hmmm, that’s nice”, he said.

“I’m sorry”, Charlotte replied.

“Don’t be”, Tom uttered and kissed her back.

Charlotte was startled but did not pull away but allowed him to kiss her again. His tongue probed between her lips and soon their lips were intertwined as they kissed passionately. Is this really happening the thought crossed her mind and continued to enjoy the moment. She grasped his head and ran her fingers through his hair as she held him there to show him she didn’t want him to stop kissing her like that. Tom got the message.

Tom’s hand slid over her left breast and she let out a moan of approval. He continued to kiss and moved his kisses to her neck while his hands explored her small but firm breasts.

“Sorry they are so small”, she whispered in his ear as she was only a 34A.

“They are fantastic, I adore petite ones”, he said.

She smiled willing him to slide his hand under her top. He seemed to read her mind and slid his hand underneath her tight figure hugging halter neck top. He hadn’t realised until then that she was not wearing a bra. He cupped one of Charlotte’s tiny breasts in his hand and started to squeeze it gently as he was unsure of how experienced his niece was. Charlotte let out a moan of pleasure and he continued to massage her breast and holding and gently pulling on her now firm hard nipples. Charlotte pulled back and took off her top.

“There you can really see how tiny they are now”, Charlotte said.

Tom looked at Charlotte’s body Acıbadem Escort and saw how beautiful it was. Her pert breasts sticking out and her nipples hard. They looked very white against her tanned body. Gently he began to kiss them and suck on her nipples. Charlotte always knew she had sensitive boobs but this blew her mind. She didn’t want him to stop as he kissed and suckled each in turn while his hand caressed the other. Tom sensed that Charlotte’s pleasure was rising and the more attention he gave her breasts the more Charlotte moaned with delight.

Suddenly Charlotte let out a long, “Ah!” and her body shook as she came. “Don’t stop!” she yelled, “Please don’t stop!” as her orgasm continued. Eventually her orgasm abated and she felt exhausted.

Charlotte moved her hands over Tom’s crotch and said “Let me do something for you now”. She undid the belt on his trouser and unzipped his fly and put her hand inside. She found he was wearing the briefest of briefs which she was pleased about she didn’t really fancy men in boxers. She could feel that Tom’s penis was rock hard and that it was straining to be free. She pushed his trousers down and helped him get them off his ankles then slowly lowered his briefs. His penis stood upright and she could see his balls were tight. She had never seen a man like this before and her eyes widened. It’s so big she thought and wondered if her vagina could accommodate it and then took it gently in her hands.

“A bit firmer” Tom said as he let out a long moan.

Charlotte asked what she had to do and then Tom realised that she was her first time, Tom showed her how to masturbate him as he fucked her hand. His whole body tightened and he threw his head back and a stream of white cum spurted from the tip of his uncircumcised penis. It shot all over Charlotte’s boobs and up into her face and onto her hair. She counted five spurts before he stopped.

He began kissing Charlotte again and smearing the cum over her pert boobs which she seemed to enjoy. Slowly he moved his hand over her stomach and when she did not object slid it under the waistband on her hipsters. He felt for her pussy and found it was covered by the smallest of g strings. As his hand moved over it he could feel how wet she was. Without saying anything Charlotte undid her trousers, raised her hips and pushed her trousers down just leaving her pussy covered with her g string. Tom slid them right off and then slid he hands over her thighs. As his hand came to her pussy she moaned in delight once again she lifted her hips and this time Tom removed the last remaining item of clothing she had on. He looked at her nakedness and marvelled at her beauty and wondered İstanbul Escort why he hadn’t realised before just how stunning his niece was. Charlotte took Tom’s hand and placed it on her smooth pussy. She had decided to have it waxed a year ago and was having it done regularly now as she liked to feel naughty and naked.

Tom ran his fingers between Sara’s lips and found her now swollen clitoris. As Tom stroked her clitoris Charlotte murmured in delight he then slid a finger into her tight but moist love canal and she moaned once more. When he put two fingers in and started to finger fuck Charlotte. She squirmed and didn’t want him to stop. Then when Tom found her g spot she screamed out and came instantly and noisly. Once more Charlotte’s orgasm was long and intense and when it eventually subsided Tom moved between her legs. Charlotte felt the tip of Tom’s penis at the entrance to her vagina.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Just do it now”, she replied, “I want you deep inside me.”

Tom asked “Do you want me to put on a condom?”

Charlotte’s’ shook her head and her juices were running freely she wanted to feel every part of him. Tom gently slid into her as he didn’t want to hurt her. She gave out a loud gasp as his thick and long penis penetrated her. It was the first time anyone had done that.

“God, you’re big”, Charlotte said. Tom smiled and kissed her gently. Tom felt the glands of his penis come against her intact hymen. He could see it in Charlotte’s face too that he was there.

“Are you completely sure you want me to do this?” he asked again.

“Do it now! Please fuck me!” Charlotte shouted.

Tom drew back slightly and then with a firm thrust broke Charlotte’s hymen. She let out a whimper of pain as he did so but as he found his rhythm she raised and moved her hips so that they were in time with Tom’s thrusting. Charlotte began to feel the tension rise in her body once more and as she did so Tom arched his back, threw his head back and emptied his load deep into her. Tom didn’t stop thrusting as he could sense that she was close to orgasm again.

Suddenly Charlotte screamed “Yes, yes, oh my god!”, and her body shook violently. When Charlotte came down from her high she instinctively squeezed Tom’s penis with her vagina emptying him of every last drop of cum until he said “No more”. She felt radiant and was tired with all the exertion they had put into their lovemaking.

When the size of Tom’s penis began to decrease he rolled off of her and they held each other tightly.

Charlotte spoke first and said “That’s was wonderful. Thank you.”

Tom said “It was my pleasure.”

Charlotte laughed and said “I am so pleased that I lost my cherry to someone as wonderful of you. Hope we can do it again” and winked at Tom.

Tom knew this was not to be the last time he had the joy of fucking his niece.

Not surprisingly Charlotte had no need of the spare bedroom that weekend!

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