Cherie’s New Toy

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Cherie had been both dreading and anticipating the postman’s knock for the full four-to-six weeks the online company had advised would be required for the delivery of her purchase. Dread, because this was so unlike her …. and anticipation for much the same reason.

Several weeks ago, she had been at coffee with a few friends, all like Cherie in their mid-thirties, and all well enough provided for that working was not necessary. They met for coffee once a week to brag, gossip, and compain about their husbands. On this particular day, the topic had been their husbands’ general inadequacies in bed. Most of the women had given up on convincing their husbands to become the sex gods they thought they deserved, and a couple of Cherie’s friends had ruefully admitted to “helping themselves” with a vibrator.

Once their admission was in the open, though, they couldn’t hide their excitement. A vibrator – Cherie had never even seen one until Caroline pulled her “emergency” vibe from her handbag – seemed to be all the lover they needed. Ever hard, uncomplaining, and able to hit them in just the right spots. It never came before they did, neither.

Though she had professed shock at her friends, Cherie found herself turning the idea over in her mind until, a few days later, after one of Steven’s three-thrust-fucks, she decided to give it a try.

But how to acquire one? She couldn’t handle the idea of walking into one of the “adult shops” in her town. She had seen the sorts of men who frequented those places and besides, she would never have the courage to approach the sales clerk. The internet was the answer.

Online, she was canlı bahis bewildered by the array of options. Colours, shapes, sizes, vibrating speeds, some with additional appendages whose uses she could only guess at. She very nearly gave up, but finally ordered one which – so far as she could tell – seemed to be appropriate.

A delicious thrill of naughty excitement ran through her as she clicked “submit” and irrecovably committed herself to possessing a vibrator. The immediate thrill soon settled into a routine of anticipation and disbelief, all of which was about to be resolved.

Cherie’s doorbell rang, and she sprang to open it. Sure enough, the parcel agent was standing there with a nondescript looking box, with her name on it. Cherie breathed a sigh of relief as she signed for the package. “Mailed in discreet packaging” had actually meant “mailed in discreet packaging.” Still, she could not shake the feeling that the delivery agent knew exactly what was in the box, and exactly what she was going to use it for. She was glad to close the door behind him.

Well, here it was. She opened the box and soon produced a smaller package, its clear plastic revealing a seven-inch long, perfectly smooth, tapered, pearl-blue rod. A vibrator. Her vibrator.

She removed it from the packaging and held it somewhat gingerly in one hand. Suddenly, however, inhibition fell away, and she rubbed the smooth vibe against her cheek, feeling the sensation of it against her chin. Suddenly, cheekily, she slipped it into her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds, running her tongue over it, taking it in as far as she could. By the time it left her bahis siteleri mouth, she realised two things.

First, buying the vibrator had been a damn good idea. Second, she needed it inside her. Now.

She walked across the bedroom, dripping clothes behind her so that by the time she reached her bed she was clad only in a shift and bra. Those didn’t last long, and she lay on the bed, naked, legs spread wantonly, battery-operated lover in hand.

She closed her eyes, and began by slowly rubbing the smooth sides of the vibe up and down the length of her pussy lips, tracing the outside of her pussy without threatening to actually enter her. She was dripping wet, and the vibe picked up a little of this moisture, and became slick, ever more smoothly rubbing against her. Cherie’s breath had already deepened, and little nervous shocks were running up her spine. Drawing the vibrator back just a little, she nudged it carefully against her clit, using the very tip of the vibrator to trace little patterns around it, then occasionally over it. She squealed softly, happily, at the sensation.

Finally it was time to take the plunge, so to speak. She took a deep breath, and slowly edged the first inch of the vibrator past her pussy lips, and inside her. Another deep breath, and another inch. Her pussy felt snug, gripping down against the vibe, providing a gentle counterpressure to her fingers. She carefully continued until the full seven inches were inside her, and she was holding on by the rim on the base. It felt fantastic – firm yet gentle, not warm, but there was very little sense of artificiality about it. For the moment, at least, bahis şirketleri it really was a cock, inside her but not yet fucking her.

Time to make that happen. Another deep breath, and she began stroking it very slowly and gently inside herself. A couple of inches to each thrust, at first, then more, until very nearly the entire length of the vibrator was moving slowly in and out with each thrust. Oh, god, she wished Steven could fuck her like this. Her hips were moving with each thrust, the symmetry perfect since she was controlling it all. The sheets were beginning to soak, her toes were curled back almost painfully, and her eyes, no longer closed, were wide with excitement at the sensations she was providing for herself.

She increased her speed now, faster and faster, revelling in the knowledge that this dick could increase its speed more and more without cumming and ruining it for her. In and out like a piston she drove the cock, her hips thrusting up against it, throwing her head from side to side, moaning and squealing and shouting like the wanton slut she could be for this, her perfectly hard lover.

Finally, almost accidentally, her fingers moved on the base of the vibe, rotating it, and it sprang into life inside her, shuddering rhythmically, sending a million waves a minute of sheer electric pleasure through her. She wailed now, her hands a blur, her breath ragged, and screaming incoherently, she came, harder than she could ever remember having done before. And still the vibe continued, vibrating inside her, driving her crazy until she drew it from herself and let it lay, still buzzing enthusiastically beside her, as she collapsed in a puddle of sweat and cum in the middle of her bed.

Her last conscious thought before she drifted to an exhausted sleep was that she would have one hell of a story to tell the girls at coffee this week.

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