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Arriving early in the day, Gail brought her workout duffle into the master bedroom and set it on the floor. As she was walking down the hall, she noticed one of the bedrooms had some strange workout equipment in it. Gail was big into fitness; she was petite with an awesome strength-to-weight ratio. I just loved her abs. She called out. “Are we going to work out before dinner?”

I responded. “We might be able to fit a short one in.”

Gail noticed I had been working feverishly in the kitchen when she arrived, “What’s for dinner,” she inquired

“I’m planning a simple dinner, I always wanted to try this particular dessert with you,” I explained with a raised voice. “I am going to try an old recipe given to me by my grandfather!” Gail wanted to know how old the recipe was. “It’s downright medieval,” I spoke.

Gail wandered into the kitchen and noticed my tat peeking out above my shorts, just below my navel. She pulled my shirt up and pants down to get a better view and asked what it meant. Having seen it a few times before, she asked again about it, and again I said it was just something I had gotten in college, on a whim, and left it at that. I was never to tell anyone what it meant. The figure was round, had a series of concentric circles, and was sectioned with different Mayan symbols in each sector.

“Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes, would you like to have a drink first, or do you still want to get in a short workout?” I asked.

As Gail made a gesture toward the strange equipment. “I think I’d like to start with a workout, I’m curious about those shackles hanging from the ceiling.” She asked me how that was supposed to work, pointing to the shackles, as we both moved to the workout room.

I lowered the shackled bar to the floor; it had two fur-lined cuffs held about 20 inches apart. The lining is designed to comfortably hold about 200 lbs. of full body weight. I explained, “your wrists or ankles go here, which would you prefer to try?” I said with a Cheshire Cat-like smile. She said ankles with a look on her face of anticipation. I closed the shackles around her ankles and put the pins in, the pin was easy to remove for safety purposes. I told her to get comfortable as I was going to start hoisting her up by her ankles. Gail oriented herself and watched her feet slowly rise and soon felt her butt being bursa escort lifted off the floor, “Is everything still okay,” I asked, she was fine. I stopped hoisting her, once the top of her head was just off the floor. As her shirt fell to around her armpits, exposing her bra, “are you still, okay?” I asked. She was feeling the blood rush to her head but soon felt comfortable. I began, “Now see if you can reach up and take the pins out and get down by yourself, just a safety precaution” She did so.

She was super strong, so she had no trouble with this, and said “this is not really for working out is it”, once she had the pins returned to the locking position, after a pregnant pause, I said, yes, it is, but not like what you are used to…

Now she was hanging upside down with her hair on the floor, I pulled it out behind her so as not to step on it.

“Now we begin…”, I said.

Next, I took off the rest of her clothes, except her panties as the shackles wouldn’t allow it, followed by my clothes. “What are you doing, what kind of workout is this”. Gail said in a concerned voice.

I responded, “Well, you will certainly get in a workout” with another Cheshire Grin. I stood directly in front of her, her knees were just about my eye level and pulled out one large Ostrich feather. “Are you okay to begin?” I asked.

She replied, “yes, but please be gentle with that.” I began by running the feather gently between her toes and asking if the shackles were cutting off her circulation such that she could not feel the feather. Proceeding down to the back of her knee, I gave both knees delicate stimulation, then went down to her inner thighs, moving the feather back and forth with a very light touch, slowly inching closer to her labia, which her panties just barely covered. I moved down to her nipples and began to give them long slow feather-light strokes, you could tell this was arousing her, her breasts became quite full, with her nipples erect, and I could see some wetness forming on her panties, she said “please just suck on them for a few minutes”, (of course, this was intended to keep me from using the feather) and of course, I was obliged. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, even upside down. Gail could reach her breasts and began to fondle herself squeezing her nipples. I moved the feather to her tummy, just bursa escort bayan between her navel and her panties. As I moved the feather ever so slowly towards her panties, she arched her back and let out a short shriek followed by a soft moan. With her now, quite stimulated, I ran the feather slowly over her Mons Venus, her panties were getting wetter. She began making ever so slight moaning sounds. Gail wasn’t done yet, she needed more time, so I turned up the heat, so to speak…

Slowly and ever so lightly, I ran the feather over her panties, and she started arching her back again, started thrusting herself towards the feather as I stroked her with it.

While in the kitchen, I had prepared a special mix of high cocoa content chocolate with a low melt temperature, it was slightly bitter, as all chocolate was back in medieval times. All the mixture needed now was a few special ingredients, very much a concourse’s chocolate, prepared as it had been for centuries. I went to the kitchen and returned with A chalice of chocolate spheres. She could see and smell the chocolate. Surmising where the spheres might end up, made her even wetter. I stroked her once more with the feather until she was writhing to get more stimulation. Setting the chalice on the floor, I began to cut her panties off, she did not say a word, but rather welcomed it as she began to caress her breasts again. I picked up the chalice and introduced the first chocolate morsel to her waiting labia and gently rubbed it back and forth. She began thrusting her pelvis as if to try and mount the orb, and it began to melt. I could tell she wanted penetration, so I angled and positioned it so it would slide home, she took it with the most pleasing moan. I took out a second and started the process all over again. This time it was much quicker, she couldn’t wait for it, meanwhile, the first one was melting and trying to ooze its way out. She was brimming with chocolate and thrusting, very close to an orgasm.

I stood in front of her, put my hands on her waist, and held her by her pelvis. I pulled her chocolate-laden mound towards my waiting lips taking some of the weight off of her ankles, she sighed. I pressed my lips to her Mons, licking with long strokes, occasionally pausing, cleaning the drips off her belly, soon she was trembling with a strong orgasm, escort bursa chocolate oozing out mixed with the secret ingredient! The fruits of her orgasm provided the acidic salts, and other bodily fluids needed to bring out the true flavor of this particular delicacy.

Gail began to shudder, giving her moans a soft fluttering sound and she kept muttering “Oh, my God”… “Oh, my God”… over and over and she let out more shuddering moans. Her mouth was mostly open now, she was softly panting as drool ran from the corner of her mouth. She had to put her arms around my waist to hold on as she trembled. As she pulled into my waist, she became face-to-face with my tattoo and now completely understood what it meant, it was the recipe in Mayan script. This was a ritual dating back hundreds of years, carried out by members of a secret society made up of the very rich and powerful. Only a select few maidens were ever chosen, and they were never to reveal the secret. As she began to orgasm, the walls of her vagina began to rhythmically contract, spurting as fast as I could keep up, I thrust my face into her, and I could feel her arch her back and shift her pelvis as she attempted to grind into my face with every stroke of my tongue. I gorged myself on each pulse she spouted as she shuddered and ground against me. She could feel the thick exhilarating release from her body.

As for the meaning of the Tattoo:

She thought for a moment, “I was an ingredient in that recipe, wasn’t I”. I said, “yes, it is a closely guarded secret and you are not to divulge it to anyone!” She said, “Is it some sort of secret ritual?” I said, “only a few people remain who know how to perform it, this was my first attempt, it roughly translates to Chocolaté De Coño, what did you think?” Gail grinned. I explained, the recipe calls for a fertile young maiden in heat, which means she should be ovulating. I said the next part roughly translates as “bring your maiden to Gaudens (orgasm) with an Ostrich feather” She laughed. “The society and its ritual have remained secret since the 16th century to keep the members of the society safe from the Spanish Inquisition.”

I explained that chocolate was an ancient drink brought to Europe during the Spanish colonization of the Americas. The word chocolate has its roots in a now-extinct language called Nahuatl. For hundreds of years, chocolate was only available to the rich and powerful and has only been available in its current solid form since the late 1800s.

P. S. The next time I invited Gail over to my place, I told her dessert would be a surprise, she didn’t wear panties…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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