Christine Ch. 01

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Big Dick

This is a story of mother and son incest and is sexually graphic in content. All characters are over 18. This is a work of fiction.


Christine is my mother. She has been a single mother for the past twenty two years of my life. She had me when she was a couple months short of her nineteenth birthday.. She now works as a paralegal at a law firm. She is a beautiful brunette of five foot six inches with beautiful bright brown eyes and a beautiful face and smile framed by her hair which hung to her shoulders. She has a very nice figure for a woman of her age which she maintains at the gym.

I am Richard. I attend a local college on a scholarship and I work as a short order cook from afternoon to night on week days and all day on Saturdays. Yes, I flip burgers and shake fries among other things. I have a taut frame of six feet, brown eyes and nose like my mother and dark brown hair.

There is little time for dating as my time is very limited. I have the hots for Maria Fuentes who is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous girl, a waitress at the restaurant I work. She has shown some interest in me, but I try not to put any hopes on it. I really don’t have the time to form any kind of meaningful relationship with her. Maria does not work on Saturday’s which puts a damper on my day.

Sunday is the only day I have off which I spend with my mother. Between her work schedule and my schooling and work hours we barely see each other until Sunday. We go to church in the morning, and then I help her with some house cleaning and laundry after a light lunch. A two bedroom apartment is not much to clean. She likes to cook something special for our Sunday dinners.

While my mother is quite a beautiful woman, she tends to dress down, as if she were hiding her body. She has never dated, that I know of, or talked about any interests. I had told her about my interest in Maria, she told me to pursue it, but I told that there was no room in my life for dating.

After dinner we would sit together on the couch and talk for a while before watching a movie, often sitting close together. I would put a consoling arm over her shoulders or a hand on her thigh when she was emotionally moved by a movie. She would snuggle into me as she dried her eyes, her hand casually draped over my thigh. Sundays had become a very special time for us.

Then everything changed when one Saturday we were sent home from work just after lunch time when a pipe burst in the restaurant causing a minor flood in the dining area.

I opened the door to the apartment and heard an urgent cry coming from my mother’s room. Alarmed, I rushed in and stood at her open door in disbelief.

I saw my mother lying naked on her bed in the throes of ecstasy with one hand between her widespread legs furiously rubbing her vagina while her other hand pulled at one of her breasts.

I stood rooted in the doorway unable to tear my eyes from her beautiful body until she became aware of my presence.

‘Richard!’ My mother cried out in alarm, ‘what are you doing here?’ She was mortified as she attempted to cover her trembling body.

‘Sorry mom, I guess I should have called.’ I said sheepishly and turned away and left, closing the door behind me.

I sat at the kitchen counter trying to process what I had just seen. My mother is a woman after all with needs and desires like any other. Damn, even I masturbate. However, what I saw today was spectacular and it had really aroused me. I was getting very turned on by my mother..

Mother came out of her room a some time later dressed in jeans and a loose top. She had an embarrassed look on her face. We said hello to each other, she gave me a warm hug and a kiss on my cheek and then made a couple of sandwiches for dinner as she tried to normalize things. She seemed on the verge of saying something a number of time, but always declined. We were silent throughout the evening.

We both went to bed early. However my mind was preoccupied with the sight of my mother’s beautiful body. My hand found its way to my cock and I began slowly stroked myself. I threw off my covers and removed my shorts and with her image in my mind I continued to slowly masturbate as I fantasized about her.

I fantasizes about exploring her beautiful sex adorned with a trimmed patch of pubic hair with my mouth and fingers. I thought about slipping my cock in her and fucking her. But It was fantasizing about Mersin Escort her sucking my cock that finally pushed me over the edge. My mother has a very sensuous mouth. I groaned as my orgasm surfaced and then finally erupted with a vengeance.

‘Mom!’ I gasped as my body shuddered violently just as a thick jet of my seed leapt out of my cock and struck me in the face.

I was caught by surprise by the thick stream that struck my face and mouth, but I was to involved to care. The next hit my neck and the following two spurts landed on my chest and my stomach. I licked up the jism from my lips and swallowed what got into my mouth. I laid there for a few minutes trying to come to grips at what I had thought about to bring on such a wonderful orgasm. I then reached for a handful of tissue and cleaned off the congealing sperm from my face, neck and torso.

I felt a set of mix emotions of great delight and great shame. I tried to rationalize that my depravity was just a fantasy and nothing more. But there was more, so much more.


Sunday was very awkward. I felt embarrassed about intruding on her as I am sure she was. We went through the day in silence. When I was doing laundry I took notice of my mother’s bras and panties for the first time. I fondled her silk panties with my fingers and then rubbed them over my face, detecting a slight scent of her on them. I then threw them in the washer washer and again felt a mix of guilt, shame, and arousal which caused my cock to stir and grow.

That night after dinner, we sat on the couch, apart from each other. The silence that existed between us was deafening. I decided to broach the subject that neither wanted to talk about.

‘Mom, I am sorry for intruding on you. I should have been more considerate and thoughtful and called to let you know I would be home early.. We are both adults, so I understand that you, like me, have needs and desires. I do it myself too.’ I said to her.

There was a few moments of silence when she suddenly asked. ‘Were you fantasizing about me last night?’

‘What?’ I said surprised at her question.

‘Richard, I must confess. I came to talk to you about it last night and I saw you on your bed and doing, you know, and you called out “mom” when, you know, let go.’ She said quietly.

I looked away from her and blushed. ‘Yes.’ I said in an almost inaudible voice. She had a small smile when I glanced at her.

‘You are very beautiful, and sexy.’ I add quickly as if it explained everything.

‘Thank you Richard. It’s nice to know that, even if it’s coming from my son.’ She said.

‘Have you done that before, I mean think of me?’ She asked.

‘No. That was the first time.’ I said.

‘Mom, why don’t you use a vibrator?’ I then asked.

‘Excuse me?’ She said indignantly.

She pulled her legs up under her on the couch. Again she seemed to be conflicted.

‘This is not a subject a mother and son should be engaged in. But in answer to your question, no I don’t have one.’ She said.

‘You opened the door mom, so to speak. So why not?’ She glared at me.

‘Okay, okay. Because I am too embarrassed to buy or even use one.’ She answered sharply.

‘Richard you must understand that in the matter of sex I am naive and very inexperienced. Your father was the only man I had ever slept with and it was only four times. I was his first. We were both inexperienced.’ She looked at me.

‘This discussion is embarrassing and humiliating.’ She said as she turned her face away and hugged her knees to her chest.

This came as a total surprise to me. My mother is very beautiful, very desirable in my eyes. She had previously told me that my father, who was her age, was not into settling down or having a family. He abandoned her. She would not tell me who he was.

‘Why have you never dated?’ I asked. She looked at me as if considering my question.

‘You were my life. I did not have time for dating. I was also scared that I would be abandoned again. The men I met were more interested in sex and nothing else.’ She told me.

‘I am sorry mom,’ I said.

‘Don’t be sorry. It was my path and I accept it.’ She said.

She seemed to relax and we watched the movie. She moved closer to me and we resumed our normal interaction with each other as before this fiasco.

Throughout the next few weeks my mother was continually on Mersin Escort Bayan my mind. I had and idea and bought something to give her as a gift on Sunday after dinner. Then came Sunday and I was getting anxious. Mom served red wine this time instead of juice. She made numerous glances at me and I of her.

Then when we retired to the couch, I held out a gift wrapped box to her as she sat beside me. Her eyes lit up.

‘What’s this? What’s the occasion?’ She asked excitedly.

‘Just something I thought you might like. Perhaps you should open it when you go to bed.’ I told her.

‘No, I am all excited, I want to find out what it is she said as she ripped open the gift wrapping.

She saw what the box contained and blushed profusely. She looked up at me.

‘Richard, how could you. I mean…’ She said as she took out the chromed eight inch vibrator.

‘You don’t expect me to use this do you?’ She asked as she looked at the bright chrome phallic device. ‘I would not know what to do with it or how to use. Here, take it back.’ She said as she thrust the box and vibrator back at me.

‘Mom, it’s easy. Here is the on switch. I will show you how to use it, if you want.’ I told her.

‘What? Show me? Down there?’ She said appalled as she pointed down toward her vagina.

I shrugged as I turned it on and ran it over her arm. ‘You see, nothing to it.’ I said.

She looked at me dubiously. ‘What do you want me to do?’ She asked nervously.

‘Just sit with your legs apart and lift your shirt above your hips.’ I told her as I sat closer.

She looked at me skeptically and then did what I asked and pulled up her top as she opened her legs to me.

‘Now take it and move the tip over,’ I felt hesitant to say it, ‘your vagina.

‘Richard, this is so weird. I don’t know why I am doing this, or even wanting this. Perhaps I shouldn’t.’ She said apprehensively.

‘It’s ok mom, just move it will be outside your panties and you will quickly understand how to start using this.’ I said as I moved the vibrator down her inner thigh, moving slowly toward the apex of her thighs.

My mothers legs and thighs are beautiful and I was developing a large erection at the sight of her panty clad vagina.

Then I moved the vibrator onto and over the material which covered her vagina a shiver ran through her.

‘Oh god, this is wrong but it feels so wonderful.’ She purred as she part her legs further apart.

‘You promise to stay outside my panties?’ She asked as she looked at me. Her chest rose and fell from the deep breaths she took.

‘Yes, I promise.’ I said as I played the silver rod all over her mound, over her clit and lower.

She began to moan softly as she lay back against the couch. A thin shadow of moistness began to form on her panties and spread.

I then move it into the hollows of her thighs and along the edge of her panty leg. She moved her hand down between her legs and moved her panties to one side and exposing her swath of luscious vibrant bush and glistening wet labia.

The sight to my breath away. Her vagina was so beautiful. I salivated at the sight as I moved the vibrator back onto her naked vagina and pushed the tip through her folds.

‘Oh damn, Richard you promised. God this feels so hot.’ She cooed.

‘You moved your panties aside, not me.’ I scolded her.

She held her panties aside while she gyrated her hips as I played the tip over and through her labia and clitoris. Then glancing at her, I could not resist it, I pushed the tip into her love canal which caused her to squirm.

‘No Richard, no.’ She gasped as she grabbed hold of the vibrator.

But instead of pulling it out as I expected, she pushed it deeper into herself and then began to work it in and out, her hips rolling wantonly from side to side. I then reached to her panty waist and pulled them off her. She looked at me worriedly.

‘Richard, I must tell you. When I saw you masturbating that night I also began to fantasize about you.. God, why am I telling you.’ She moaned with delight.

Hearing her words as he gazed upon her unencumbered vagina, I then acted on another impulse, and reached down and slid the tip of my fingers through the luscious folds of her vagina.

‘Richard…’ She moaned as my fingers explored her flesh.

I salivated at the sight of my mother’s vagina as I fucked her with Escort Mersin my fingers and played the vibrator over her clitoris.

I continued to use my fingers and vibrator on her. She laid back and relaxed. I moved the vibrator up to her clitoris and slipped two of my fingers into her vagina.

As I looked at her succulent vagina I acted on another overwhelming urge and moved down to the floor and pushed me head between her legs and exuberantly began to lick and suck her gorgeous sex.

‘Richard!’ She exclaimed. ‘Don’t, please don’t, that’s not right, it’s a dirty thing to do.’ She said almost unconvincingly as she pushed my head deeper between her legs.

‘Oh Richard, this is so very wrong but it feels heavenly.’ She moaned.

I was feeling so hot for her. I had an erection so powerful in my pants. Setting the dildo aside, I removed my pants and shorts, pushing them down and off with my feet.

‘Richard!’ My mother exclaimed as she gaped my erection. She continued to look at it as I stroked it while I continued to finger fuck her.

I then moved over her and replaced my fingers with my cock and slowly entered.

My mother began to moan ceaselessly, punctuated by a cries of wild ecstasy. She was beyond the point of no return.

‘Oh Richard, my sweet Richard.’ She moaned out my name repeatedly as she held me close.

She moved and undulated beneath me and met my thrusts with her own and murmured my name repeatedly.

Then suddenly my mother stiffened, and then let out a glorious cry and her body shuddered and shook as she is beset by a powerful orgasm. It was all I could do to hold back the inevitable.

I erupted heavily and spilled endless streams of my seed into my mother’s beautiful forbidden body. Both our bodies shook and shuddered as we clung to each other.

The as we lay there she began to weep. I began to feel a crush of guilt and shame. ‘I am so sorry mom, I should not have done this.’ I said as I started to get off her.

‘No, stay,’ she said as she held me fast. ‘It’s not that…It’s because of what I have deprived myself of for all these many years. It felt wonderful, more than I thought possible.’ She sniffed.

‘My previous sex was never quite pleasurable with him. He never touched me down there and he never asked me to touch him down there. He just put it in me. It hurt at first, and then just when I began to feel some pleasure, he was finished. I never experienced an orgasm with him.’ She explained.

I felt genuinely sorry for my mother. She got pregnant with me without the benefit of having an orgasm or at least getting pleasure from the act. She deserved more, a lot more.

I rolled off her and lay beside her as I processed what had just occurred. Yes it was wrong, but god did it feel so right. Sex with her was profound and immeasurable.. She rolled over against me, kissed my cheek, and then rest her head on my shoulder.

‘I know my naivety is showing, but do you really enjoy using your mouth on a woman down there? Don’t you find it …dirty?’ She asked.

‘No it is not dirty, if one keeps it clean. Yes I do enjoy it, especially when a pussy looks as beautiful as yours.’ I said.

‘Really? And you find me beautiful down there?’ She asked amazed.

‘Yes I do. I would like to give you an orgasm with my mouth.’ I said as she cuddled against me.

‘I think I would like that.’ She whispered as she snuggled closer to me.

‘How about you, do you like a woman taking it into their mouth?’ She asked.

‘It?’ I asked.

‘Your penis,’ She replied embarrassed as she squeezed my cock.

‘Yes I do, I find it very exciting.’ I replied.

‘Would you think bad of me if I did?’ She asked.

‘Of course not. I think it would be so hot.’ I replied.

‘Can you teach me?’ She asked.

‘Yes, yes I will.’ I said with an edge of enthusiasm.

I love blow jobs, and coming from my mother would be uber awesome. Just the thought got me aroused again. We moved to her bedroom and this time we made love to each other. She peppered my face with loving kisses. She held onto me as if I were her life.

‘I love you Richard.’ She said to me as she experienced her second ever penile generated orgasm.

I love you mom.’ I heard myself say as I once again flooded her forbidden sublime body with my seed.

Then I held her face and placed my mouth on hers and kissed her deeply and passionately. She shrunk back for a moment when I pushed my tongue into her mouth, but then eagerly wrapped her tongue around mine.

I realized then that I had much to teach my mother. I am sure would be a fast learner. and I would enjoy teaching her the various aspects of sex.

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