Christy’s Fantasy Come True Ch. 09

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Cream Pie

Early morning light shone through the window and played across the bed, highlighting Christy’s smooth skin as she lay half asleep in bed. The last few weeks had flown by and much had taken place. Christy laid in bed and thought back on all of it. Within the last two months she had gained a few new clients, one of which was Tony, her neighbor. Both were quite taken aback at the revelation. Sheri seemed to weather it a little better than Tony. During that little adventure both Tony and his wife had discovered her little secret, she had dressed and fucked Tony, all with Sheri’s help and taped it all. A couple of weeks later Jim fulfilled one of her fantasies by dominating her. Christy moaned at the thought of that little escapade. Her mind flooded with exquisite memories of that night. In addition to that she had, after taking Sheri’s advice and Jim’s blessing, her breasts enlarged. Now she was sporting a 38D chest. Her new breasts had fully healed as of last wee and the felt and looked great.

She rolled over in bed and ran her hands over her smooth body, pausing at her new breasts. She moaned as her fingers played over her areola, nipples hardening as shivers of pleasure ran up her spine. Her cock stirred as she continued the ministrations on her nipples. Releasing one large pink nub she reached down and began stroking her hard cock. A little solo action in the morning never hurt. Her hand moved faster and faster over her cock as the other pinched her nipples harder and harder. Rolling over onto her stomach she reached for the 10″ flesh colored vibe sitting on her nightstand.

Flicking it on, she brought the shaft to her waiting hole. She ran the vibrator around her the ring of her ass. It pulsed every time she brought it into direct contact with her asshole. She ground her hips into the bed, rubbing her cock on the satin sheets. Just as she as about to slip the head into her ass the phone rang. Damit she thought.

She ignored the phone and it stopped riming. Slowly she began working the running vibe into her ass. Inch by inch she worked it in and began to stretch and fill her ass. When she was about half way there the phone started to ring again. Damn it. I guess I’ll have to finish later. Whoever it is won’t give up until I answer. She slid the vibrator out of her ass and answered the phone.

“Hello?” She answered breathlessly.

“HI there.” Came the bubbly voice on the other end of the line. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

“Hi Sheri.” Christy sighed. “I was really getting into it and you interrupted me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry hon. Just thought I’d call to see what time you and Jim were coming over for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, right. I almost forgot. We’ll be over around 2:00. Anything we should bring?”

“No. Tony and I have it all covered. Just bring yourselves.” She giggled. “I’ll let you get back to your fun. Kisses.”

Gee, thanks, Christy thought as she hung up the phone. May as well get up and shower now. The mood has been ruined. Hoping out of bed she headed for the shower. As the water warmed up she grabbed a brush and started to get the tangles out of her hair. Looking into the mirror she admired her new breasts. The doc did a good job and she knew Jim liked them. The past few nights he couldn’t keep his hands off them now that they had healed sufficiently. She had to admit, she couldn’t keep her hands off them either as one hand absentmindedly moved over her nipples.

She finished brushing her hair and hopped into the shower, the hot water cascading over her taught body, easing away the rest of the morning fog. The hot water felt good on her skin. She had a long night working in the office and was a bit tense. She soaped up and shampooed her long hair. She had let it grow even longer over the last few months and it was now down past the middle of her back. It was a bit of a pain to keep straight and wash, but worth it to help complete her feminine look. After rinsing out the suds in her hair she turned her attention to shaving. It was the one thing she still did, not having bothered to opt for electrolysis or laser hair removal. She’d have to think about that. It would make things much easier. Turning off the shower she began to lather depilatory cream over her chest, stomach, arms, and legs, being careful to avoid her crotch, lest she burn her sensitive skin. After a few minutes she turned the shower back on and rinsed off. The cream washed away and taking the stubble of her hair with it.

Now she could get down to shaving her crotch. Taking the can of shaving cream from the shower caddy she shook it and sprayed some gel in her palm. She applied the gel to her cock and balls working it into a lather. Her cock began to grow as she worked the lather around, no matter how many times she shaved it always made her hard as a rock. Once the cream was sufficiently spread around she took a razor in one hand and held her thick cock up with the other. Stroke after stroke she shaved the stubble from her cock and balls. After each Kartal Türbanlı Escort stroke she rinsed off the razor and took a new swipe up her balls and cock. The razor gliding across her skin felt good. A few more swipes and she was finished.

After rinsing off she turned off the shower and toweled dry. Wrapping the towel around her head to keep her hair up she stepped out of the shower and headed for the bedroom, opened the closet door and began to rummage around for something to wear to Sheri and Tony’s tonight.

It was going to be a simple affair, just her, Jim, Sheri and her husband Tony. They had known each other for a while now and up until recently Tony and Sheri had not known about Her real identity. Tony was the first to discover who she really was when he made an appointment with her to indulge in his cross dressing fantasies. Sheri found out the same day when she dropped by to visit Christy. From that moment the four of them had been hanging out together and Sheri was taking full advantage of Tony’s penchant for dressing.

As she reminisced about the past couple of months she flipped through the clothes in her closet. Thinking ahead to tonight she decided on a jade green wrap around sarong that she could wear a bikini under. At some point they would all end up in the pool so why not make it easy. She then chose a pair of red flip-flops to complete the outfit. Now all she had to do was find a bikini. Rummaging through the dresser she found a red bikini that would compliment the green sarong nicely. She threw it all on the bed and noticed the vibrator still sitting there. After taking her shower she was in a bit of a randy mood again, after being rudely interrupted by Sheri’s phone call.

Reaching down she picked it up and turned it on. The vibrator came to life and she ran it over her nipples, making them rock hard and sending pleasurable vibrations up her spine. as she trailed the vibrator down her taught stomach she rummaged in the drawer for her lube she kept handy. She need to get off quick, her need was so great. While looking for it she stumbled upon the suction cup base for the vibrator. Grabbing it and the lube she moved to the footboard of her sleigh bed. It was just the right shape to put the vibrator on.

Licking the suction cup base she stuck it to one of the bedposts and jammed the dildo down on top of it. Using the lube she smeared the thick phallus and prepared to impale herself. Standing in front of the footboard she slowly backed up and the head of the dildo popped into her ass. Inch by inch disappeared into her ass as she stroked her ever hardening cock. She moaned with pleasure. When she had all ten inches in her ass she began to slowly bounce up and down. The long shaft slid in and out of her ass with ease. Being stretched like that always brought her off quickly and today was no exception. She could feel the cum welling up in her balls, just waiting to be released. She rubbed her breasts with one hand and stroked her cock faster and faster, brining herself to the brink of climax as she slammed down harder and harder on the dildo.

When she couldn’t take it any longer she sank down on the toy one last time, taking all ten inches in her ass as her orgasm washed over her. She jerked her cock one last time and exploded. Shot after shot of white sticky cum shot from the bulbous head of her cock and landed on a pile of clothes on the floor. Christy pumped her cock until she shot her last stream and slowly slipped off the dildo. She sighed, that was what I wanted she I woke up, she thought. I feel much better now, she thought to herself.

After reveling in the afterglow of her orgasm she slipped on the bikini and wrapped the sarong around her tight body. She splashed on some makeup, took one last look in the mirror to make sure all was in place and she was ready to head out the door and run some errands.

Minutes later she was headed down the main drag in town for a quick run to the mall. It was a nice day out so she had the top down on the convertible and was enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze on her body. The cool breeze made her nipples stand out from under the fabric of the bikini. As cars drove by horns would honk, obviously the men driving by were enjoying what they saw. She would stare back at them, smile, and wink. Some would smile back and others would blush when caught. It was all innocent fun, but it turned her on too. If those guys only knew what they were looking at she thought and smiled to herself.

After pulling into the shopping center and parking the car she grabbed a t-shirt and threw it on over the bikini top and re-adjusted her sarong to look a little more presentable. She at least wanted to look somewhat decent as she walked through the mall. She was headed to her favorite lingerie store to pick up some sexy pieces for Tony as a surprise for him and Sheri. He’d been seeing her for a few months now to learn to be more feminine with Sheri’s urging and she thought it would be nice Kartal Otele Gelen Escort to get him a little something. They were friends after all, besides, she might get to see him in some of it tonight if she was lucky.

She had been here many times before to buy lingerie for herself and for her business at home. She could even say that this was where her business started, so she had a fondness for it. It was there that she picked up Paul, who she later took home, fucked, and then became her first customer. He even worked for her for a short time to help her get things up and going. She wondered what happened to him. She had not heard form him in a while she thought as she perused the isles.

“May I help you?” One of the clerks asked as she was eying a royal blue chemise with matching panties. There was a garter belt and hose that were an addition to the set.

“Oh no. I think I know what I want.” Christy replied as she picked up the set and turned around to face the clerk. The clerk looked familiar but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

“Christy?” The clerk asked.

“Do I know you?” Christy inquired, taking a closer look again, taking note of her nametag which read ‘Paula’.

“Remember me?” Paula asked as she leaned in a little closer. “It’s me, Paul.” She whispered in her ear.

Christy stood back, looked her up and down once more and couldn’t believe it. It was her. Paul looked great. The last time she saw him he was still getting used to dressing like a woman and Christy was helping him perfect the look. Paul helped her get her business up and running Paul in return for her services. He was doing well when he left, but it looked as if he had come a long way. Paul stood before her in a red, knee length pleated skirt that hugger her hips and a light blue blouse that showed off his chest. She wasn’t sure if what was in there was real or not, either way it looked very good. She was wearing nude hose with a pair of 3″ heels that stretched her calves, making her legs look lean. To top it off he was wearing what she thought was a wig of straight red hair that cascaded over her shoulders.

the makeup was flawless. Her lips were colored with a deep shade of red, making her lips appear moist and supple, concealer and a little rouge highlighted her cheekbones. A light blue eye shadow topped it all off.

“My God! It is you. I was just wondering what had happened to you. How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a while?”

“Well, as you can see I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been working here for a couple of weeks now. The girls in the store know about my proclivities, but don’t mind. None of the customers have said anything either. I’m loving my new look.”

“I can see that. I’m impressed.”

“So are you buying something for yourself?” Paula asked.

“No, this is for a neighbor.”

“Ohh, sounds like fun. Care to tell me?”

“Maybe some other time hon. we’ll have to get together and catch up, if you know what I mean.” Christy said as she looked at her watch. She had an hour before Jim came over for their dinner with Sheri and Tony. She headed to the counter, paid for the outfit and hurried out the door to get back home before Jim got there.

Christy arrived home right before Jim pulled into the driveway. She hopped out of the car and greeted him as he stepped out. “Hi honey, how are you doing?” She stepped back and noticed he was wearing shorts and a polo, no swim trunks to be found. “Did you forget something?” She asked.

“You mean a swim suit?” He replied with a chuckle. “No, I didn’t forget. Do you honestly think that if we end up in the pool and of us will be wearing a suit?”

Christy giggled. “True, very true. But what if we are?”

Jim grinned. “I’ll still strip to my birthday suit and hop in. Who knows, it may encourage the rest of you!”

Christy laughed. She knew that the four of them getting naked in the pool was almost a foregone conclusion. “Come on. Let’s head next door.” They walked up to the front door of Tony and Sheri’s house. Before Christy could even knock Sheri opened the door.

“How are you two doing?” Sheri beamed.

Jim’s eyes just about popped out of his head. Sheri was standing in the door way with a bikini on that did not leave much to the imagination. The bottom portion of the suit was a red thong that barely covered her crotch. It was obvious that she was completely shaved. He imagined the back of the suit ran right up the crack of her ass. The top had small triangles, maybe three inches across. These were barely enough to cover her nipples and areola. Her nipples were poking through the taught fabric. If they could, he thought, they would pop right through.

“I love the bikini Sheri.” Christy gushed. Shows off all your assets. She looked at Jim who was still speechless. “It appears Jim approves also.”

They giggled as Jim came out of his trance. “Um, yeah. Great bikini. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

Sheri Kartal Ucuz Escort smiled at him. “Maybe later you won’t have to imagine.” Sheri leaned in and gave Jim a kiss, slipping her tongue into his mouth as she did. Jim just sighed. “Follow me. Tony’s in the back getting the grill fired up.”

They followed her through the house to the back yard.

Christy saw Tony firing up the grill. He had his back to her so she walked up behind him, wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him tight to her. “Hi there, hon. How’s it going” She whispered in his ear.

When Tony felt arms around him he thought it was Sheri at first, until Christy spoke. “Hi Christy.” Tony replied. “I’m doing well. You of all people ought to know that.” He turned to her and smiled.

For the past couple of months Tony had been going to see Christy off and on since that first night she got him into lingerie. He’d been dressing up more often now and with Sheri’s and Christy’s help he’d been improving greatly. “What’s in the bag?” He asked, motioning to the lingerie bag in Christy’s hand. “Something for Sheri?”

“A little something for you, my favorite customer.” Christy said as she leaned in and kissed Tony. “Go ahead, open it.”

Tony was busy opening the sack and Sheri as Jim came walking over. When they got there he had the blue camisole and silk panties out and in his hands, running his fingers through the silky material.

“Ohh, what do we have there?” Jim and Sheri asked in unison.

“There’s more.” Christy intoned.

Tony blushed. He still wasn’t completely comfortable with the fact that Jim knew about his predilection for women’s lingerie. Never mind the fact that he had been deflowered by Christy and had been dressing for the last couple of months. “It’s a little something from Christy.”

“Hold it up and let us see.” Jim commanded.

Tony took the top and let it unfold. He gingerly held it up in front of him, letting the camisole fall on his bare chest. The silk felt incredibly good on his chest, making his nipples rock hard.

“What else is there?” Sheri asked.

Before Tony could pull it out of the bag Christy spoke up. “It’s a pair of hose and garter belt to go with the top and panties.”

“Very nice.” Sheri said. “Maybe you’ll have to try it on later.”

“What?” Tony shot her a look of disbelief. He didn’t know if he could dress up in front of Jim although the though of it made his cock jump in his swimsuit.

“Sure,” Jim cooed. “You could model it for us later. I’ll bet you’d look hot.”

“Maybe,” Tony hesitantly replied.

“Come on honey. You really should.” Sheri begged. “It might help you become more comfortable around others in your feminine persona. We haven’t gotten you around people when you’re all dressed up yet. This would help.”

“I’ll think about it.” He said, trying to hide the fact that he was secretly turned on about modeling for Jim. He turned to the ready grill and threw on the potatoes and ribs to distract himself from his thoughts. “There, that should do it. Dinner should be ready in a couple of hours. Shall we move pool side and relax?”

They all agreed that was a great idea. Jim went to the refrigerator Tony and Sheri kept outside and pulled out four beers. By the time he returned poolside Sheri and Christy’s were lounging in their bikinis and Tony was sitting in a chair at the table. Jim handed drinks to the ladies and took a seat at the table next to Tony.

As the four of them sat there they drank and caught up with each other. Jim and Tony talked a bit about work, sports and the latest movies they had seen. Jim deftly tried to bring up the subject of Tony’s cross dressing more than once. He was curious to see how it as coming along. He also harbored thoughts of what Tony might be inclined to do once dressed up.

Tony evaded Jim’s questions about his cross dressing. He wasn’t ready to admit that he was beginning to become attracted to men while dressed up and sometimes even when not. He struggled with those feelings ever since Christy and Sheri had their way with him in Christy’s office a few months ago. Since then Sheri and Christy had been dressing up Tony, instructing him on how to apply makeup, talk with a falsetto voice, and even walk in heels. They never had a repeat of the first night but Sheri had dressed him up on a few occasions and used her strap-on dildo on him. He enjoyed that immensely and recently had been thinking about the real thing.


Jim and Tony looked up to see Sheri and Christy jumping into the pool.

“Come on in fells” Christy called. “The water’s fine.”

The two men got up from the table and wandered towards the pool. Tony shucked off his shirt as they moved closer. Jim had not yet removed any of his clothes.

“What’s the matter Jim?” Sheri called out from the pool.

“I didn’t bring a suit with me.” He responded sheepishly.

“I’ll bet Tony has one that fits you.” Christy called back.

“I have a better idea.” Sheri shot back as she reached behind her and undid her top. She threw it on the pool deck in front of Jim and Tony. Her bottom quickly followed suit. Christy was right behind her. She yanked off her top and then proceeded to pull of her bikini bottom. They soon joined Sheri’s suit at poolside.

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