Chunky Christie’s Dilemma

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The fall of 1992 was a confusing time for nineteen year old Christie Platt, a young lady in her sophomore year of college who along with her household’s changes was in the midst of a rather significant personal transformation herself.

About a year and a half ago, Christie had been what she herself called morbidly obese, her 5’4″ frame carrying upwards of 300 pounds, but over the next 18 months had managed to lose weight, so much so that now at 155 pounds she was literally half the woman she used to be.

Much of the extra weight the teen still carried was in what most guys would consider “the right places”, but Christie did her best to camouflage that by continuing to wear baggy, unflattering clothing.

In addition to her dramatic weight loss, Christie was dealing with a situation at home with her mother dating the guy she worked for, and while since Christie’s father flew the coop a dozen years ago her Mom had dated several men, this one seemed serious although for the life of her the teen couldn’t figure out what the attraction was.

Hank Kurtz owned the construction company that her mother did office work for, and while Christie knew from the past that her Mom had questionable taste in men, Sally Platt seemed to have reached a new low with this brute.

Hank Kurtz was crude, rude and lewd, especially towards Christie when her mother wasn’t around, and while he had a profitable business and seemed to work hard, to say that the construction man was rough around the edges would be a great understatement.

Christie had to admit that the fifty something guy was in great shape for a man his age, but he was ugly as sin. Christie’s friend Lynn had suggested that Hank Kurtz looked like Spike the Bulldog from those old Looney Tunes cartoons, and it fit because the muscular and heavily tattooed guy with the brush cut looked the part.

Now there was talk that Mom was going to marry this guy, and the thought made Christie shiver because it was bad enough that he was around so much now. To live in the same house? Christie thought that would be too creepy and would be enough to get her to move out of the place even if she had to live in a dump.

Still and all, while the man seemed to turn Christie’s stomach much of the time, for whatever reason the guy had some sort of appeal to her. The teen couldn’t explain it but there was no explaining Mom’s attraction to the guy either, and for whatever reason Christie was thinking about Mr. Kurtz as she sat in her room not studying.

Christie had been aware of the older man’s presence for a moment, feeling his eyes on her as he stood in her bedroom doorway, and although Christie wanted him to keep on walking down the hall she heard the squeak of the floorboards as he ended the room and came up behind her.

“Here’s the princess,” Hank Kurtz declared as he put his hand on back of the girl’s neck, his callused fingers gently kneading her soft skin while he looked over her shoulder at what she was doing. “Hard at work again. You sure are the ambitious type, but all work and no play make for an unhappy girl.”

“I want to make sure I don’t get stuck working in a dead end job for a jerk all my life,” Christie responded, having lost her shyness long enough to throw a jab at her mother’s employer.

“Ouch!” Hank chortled as he let go of the girl’s neck and pulled up a chair to sit with her, causing Christie to roll her eyes out of the man’s sight. “You could do worse than work for me, and I could use an engineer.”


“We’ll see,” Hank said, and when he saw the package he had given her on the bed Mr. Kurtz got up to get the bag and added, “I was hoping you would be wearing your present.”

“You don’t actually think I’m going to wear that, do you?” Christie replied as she watched her mother’s boyfriend hold up the bright yellow tank top with “STOP PICTURING ME NAKED” in small red letters across the chest.

“Why not Princess?” Mr. Kurtz responded. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it like the rest of the girls your age. Besides, you always dress like a prisoner of war. That sweatshirt you have on is as old as you are, although I do like the ripped off sleeves look.”

“First of all, my name isn’t Princess, it’s Christie,” the teen reminded him as he sat back down next to her. “And I’m not like other girls my age.”

“So I’ve noticed,” Hank admitted as he rested his hand on Christie’s pale forearm which rested on the desk next to her notebook.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, it’s just that the way you dress makes it tough to really enjoy your natural beauty,” the middle aged man sighed while sliding his fingers up the girl’s arm before suddenly letting his hand slip around to the inside of her bicep and up under her arm.

“What are you doing?” Christie yelped, clamping her arm down to her side and trapping the man’s hand under her arm.

“Relax. Don’t be ashamed,” Hank told her, smiling as he stroked the moist recess. “I happen to love hairy girls.”

“What if canlı bahis Mom…”

“Went to the store,” Hank explained. “My hand has been stuck in far worse places by the way. The deal with not shaving – are you a feminist or do you do that for your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Christie snapped, bristling at yet another inference that her friend was more than just a friend. “Please get your hand off me.”

“Gotta let me go first,” Hank told her, so Christy relaxed her arm so the man could get his hand out of her armpit, but not before he gave the tuft of hair another stroke.

“Smells like Teen Spirit,” Hank said after bringing his fingers to his nose and inhaling. “Romantic Rose isn’t it?”

Christie looked at her mother’s boyfriend in shock before realizing that he was looking at the cosmetics on her dresser, and after giving him a dirty look added, “Weirdo.”

“Guilty. Happened to peek up your sleeve the other day and caught a glimpse of the hair under your arm,” Mr. Kurtz noted. “For the record, I used to date a bunch of hippie girls when I was your age, so I approve.”

“Don’t want or need your approval,” Christie retorted as she tried to get back to studying.

“Did you at least try on the shirt?” Hank asked as he looked at the girl’s profile, the Barbra Streisand nose that peeked out past her curly dark brown hair making her cherubic face more interesting. “I’ll bet you did.”

“You lose,” Christie lied, having slipped it on last night for a second.

“I had to guess at the size because you’ve lost so much weight, but I was guessing that even so you would still need at least an XL,” Hank opined. “I would have gotten you something more erotic – more befitting your beauty – but the size tags were taken off all your bras.”

“Are you serious?” Christie exploded. “You’re looking at my underwear now?”

“I tossed something in the hamper and happened to see a bra in there so I glanced at it. It’s not like there was any way it could have been your mother’s,” Mr. Kurtz noted with a chuckle. “Exciting to think about how much woman it takes to fill cups that size.”

“I wish I had a tape recorder running so Mom could hear the guy she’s involved with,” Christie said.

“She knows I’m a little kinky already. Not like the guys she’s been with before I’m sure,” Hank explained. “But then again that one night last week when you came home early and you heard Sally howling – I’m betting you never heard your mother scream like that before.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t hear anything,” Christie said without conviction.

“You probably wonder what it is I’ve got that enables me to end up with pretty ladies…”

“A line of bullshit as deep as it is wide?” she asked.

“Partly true, but there’s more to me than that.”

“Oh yeah, you’re really deep.”

“No, I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer,” the middle aged man admitted. “Although I do have a knack for business. I know I have a face like an old catcher’s mitt and I can be a little crass…”

“A little?” Christie laughed derisively.

“A lot. I also have something else though. Something that women seem to like a lot,” Mr. Kurtz confided as he leaned towards the girl. “Between you and me, I know you aren’t the Polly Purebread your mother thinks you are. No girl could be these days, but I think you’ve been doing more than playing Dungeons and Dragons with boys. Don’t you wonder what it would be like to be with a man? A real man?”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Dead serious,” Hank Kurtz responded as he straightened up beside the teen, and for a minute Christie thought he had left because all was quiet, but when she turned a little to see it was obvious that her Mom’s boyfriend was still there, hands on hips, but it was what was at eye level that got her attention. “See what I mean?”

“You’re gross,” Christie recoiled as she saw the brazen image of the man’s penis against the beige slacks. “Surprised you didn’t whip it out since you’re so proud of it.”

“I was hoping you would do that for me,” Mr. Kurtz chuckled as the girl’s chair swiveled away a bit. “But if you insist…”

Calmly the older man reached down and pulled down his zipper, the sound of the metallic teeth loud, and as he reached into the open fly Christie stammered, “I’ll scream. I swear I will.”

“I know you will Princess, but that’s for later,” Mr. Kurtz promised. For right now, let’s play show and tell. I’ll show you, and then you can tell me what you think.”

Despite herself Christie let out a little gasp when her mother’s boyfriend pulled his manhood out though the fly, and after letting go of his cock put his hands back on his hips and watched the cherubic chick’s reaction.

“Are you done?” Christie snapped, the back of her chair hitting the side of the dresser as she looked at the hideous organ despite trying not to, the hideous tapestry of veins that ran up to the tip of the long foreskin making her shiver.

“You bahis siteleri can touch it if you want. Hold it too,” Mr. Kurtz offered, but the teen shook her head no violently in response. “Or you can just sit there looking sexy and in a minute you’ll find out how much you turn me on. I’m almost there already as a matter of fact.”

As Christie stared with eyes wide open, the semi-flaccid penis began to grow, getting longer and thicker as if it was time lapse photography, and as it grew it began to rise upwards, no longer pointing down but beginning to angle up towards her.

“Would have gotten harder faster if you had taken off that hideous sweatshirt so I could see those incredible tits of yours,” Hank informed the girl as his now erect cock twitched and jerked as it waved closer and closer to the teen’s face. “What do you think?”

“Are you done?” Christie sniffed as the man inched closer to her.

“We haven’t even started yet,” Mr. Kurtz promised. “Years from now we’ll look back at this moment and laugh, me with my throbbing cock moving toward those pouting lips of yours and you with the tears of guilt rolling down your pudgy cheeks.”

“What do you want?” Christie sobbed.

“You know what I want baby. I want you. Why do you think I’m screwing around with your mother? It sure isn’t for her looks, and her tits are so small they’re pathetic,” Hank confided. “She’s kind of conservative in the sack and her work at the office is no great shakes either. You’re the best selling point she has.”

“What are you hinting it?” Christie snapped while trying not to look at the cock in her face. “I don’t do what you want and you’ll dump her? Fire her? Mom doesn’t need that. She’s had a tough time of it lately.”

“I know, and I didn’t say that,” Hank replied. “I’m just suggesting that there’s a way we can all be happy. Be honest, it isn’t like the boys are beating down the door to get at you, although that’s probably because they’re idiots. You want it. I can tell the way you’re looking at my cock that you want it bad. You might have done a few guys along the way but you’ve never been fucked by a real man.”

This isn’t fair,” Christie sniffed as the older man rubbed the end of his tool on her face.

“Kiss it. Kiss the tip,” Mr. Kurtz instructed as his member swayed inches from the teen’s full lips. “Lick the head. Don’t like the foreskin? Here.”

Hank Kurtz eased the lengthy shroud back to exposed the purplish glans, the skin of the bulb taut and angry looking as he brought it to Christie’s lips.

“Please don’t,” Christie whispered as she sat almost paralyzed, hypnotized by the enormous cock now so close she could smell the mustiness.

“Don’t fight it Princess. You know you want to as much as I do,” Hank insisted as he slid the foreskin up and down the head of his huge manhood which was so close to the teen’s full red lips he could feel her breath. “No one else will ever know. I saw the list your Mom needed to get at the store so we have plenty of time. Just open your mouth a little for me.”

“Oh yeah,” Mr. Kurtz sighed when the tip of his cock slid in between Christie’s lips, and as her mouth moved down a little the tears started running down her chubby cheeks just as Hank had predicted.

After Christie had gotten half of her Mom’s boyfriend’s cock wet with her saliva she looked up at Hank, who was smiling as he brushed the hair from her cheek. She pulled her lips back up to the tip and then leaned back, letting his manhood sprung free.

“Happy?’ Christie asked in a shaky voice.

“I was getting there babe,” Hank told her as he reached down and pulled the teen to her feet, and Christie only struggled briefly until the construction worker managed to lift the sweatshirt up and over her head, and although Christie crossed her hands over her chest Hank wasn’t having any of that either.

“Way would you want to hide these beauties?” Hank asked as his beefy hands struggled to heft the bell shaped breasts, the soft flesh giving as he kneaded the huge torpedoes roughly, and he got no answer from the girl who kept sobbing. “Don’t fight it Christie. You know you want me – maybe not as much as I want you but you still want it. You’re too much woman for a boy and you like the idea of a man wanting you.”

“Mom…” Christie sniffed.

“This had nothing to do with her, and trust me when I tell you I’ve got enough energy to handle both of you,” Hank told the girl as he undid his slacks. “Tell you what. If you aren’t wet right now I’ll leave and never bother you again.”

“Please,” Christie whispered as her mother’s man pushed in hand between the slacks and her soft belly, and as he worked his fingers downward he provided play by play along the way.

“Nice,” Hank said as the looked down at Christie. “Warm – and there’s the hair. More hair. Boy Christie, you have a jungle down here and I love it. Soft and dense.

“And wet!” Hank snapped as Christie winced while the man’s finger’s worked through the soggy fur. bahis şirketleri “I knew it. Wet and tight.”

Christie was forced to grab onto the man as his fingers danced inside of her, her resistance all but gone as he fingered her, and before she knew it she was naked and shivering next to her bed while Hank tore his shirt off.

“I’m hairy too,” he kidded as he ran his fingers through the fur on his chest, his shoulders muscled and his chest broader than most guys half his age, but the man noticed where the girl’s eyes settled, following the swaying prong that was pointing at her. “Want to taste you.”

Christie was eased onto her back on the bed and Hank was on his knees and parting her pudgy thighs right away, briefly admiring the thick pelt of black curls that grew up the crack before burying his face in the thicket and licking the second Platt pussy in less than 12 hours.

The teen’s was not only hairier but the aroma stronger as well, making the hair on the back of the older man’s neck stand up and he looked up through the bush, the teen’s massive breasts blocking any view of her face although he could hear her moaning as he orally caressed her clit until he could wait no longer.

Hank started to rub the head of his member up and down the juicy fold but when he glanced over to the side he changed his mind and inside got Christie to roll over and get on all fours with her knees on the edge of the bed and her feet dangling over.

“No please! Not my ass! You’re way too big!” she cried, almost screaming, but although Hank had gotten a nice look at the furry abyss between her plump buttocks that was not what he wanted now.

“Relax,” Hank sighed, his hands rubbing her pale fleshy back before bringing his cock up between her chunky thighs to the entrance of her sex. “I’m going to make you a woman.”

Christie groaned as he leaned forward and started sliding his cock into the teen, and while he slowly impaled his girlfriend’s daughter he reached out and gently grabbed the back of her hair and lifted her head up to face the dresser and the mirror above it.

“You like the view babe?” Hank snickered as their eye met in the reflection, Christie’s face red and strained and her eyes bulging while Hank kept easing more and more of his cock into her until all 9″ were in the vice-like pussy. “I know I do.”

Indeed. The view of Christie like this, her arms straining to hold her upper torso up while her pendulous breasts swung down near the bedding, was so sexy that Hank had to turn away occasionally as he began to slide his manhood in and out of the teen so he wouldn’t cum too fast.

It took about a minute of Hank thrusting into Christie with increasing speed while her single bed creaked and groaned under the force before he sensed the teen was about to cum. Hank leaned down over the sweaty girl and hugged her as best he could, his hands mauling her tits as her pussy tightened.

When she came the whole neighborhood might have known because she howled wildly while her pussy tried to crushed the meaty monolith that was impaling her, and her fleshy body shook as her arms gave way, her face landing in the bedding as her orgasm washed over her.

Hank didn’t stop but kept thrusting into Christie, with her round backside staying up as best it could while the sloshing sounds his cock made going in and out became more audible.

“Mr. Kurtz,” Christie whimpered after a couple minutes of his humping her brought him close to cumming, with an obviously drained girl having had enough. “Please don’t cum in me.”

Hank slowed his thrusts, the drops of sweat that flew off him landing on the girl’s back, and for a minute he wondered if he was going to have to pull out and cum on her like a porn movie, but then Christie wiggled around so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Grabbing his swollen member in her fist, the veiny monster glistening with her juices, she brought her red face forward and took him in her mouth.

Her right hand churning his balls while her left hand spun around the base of his weapon, Christie’s head moved to and fro while Hank massaged her rounded shoulders. As his orgasm neared he realized that Christie was a way better cocksucker than her mother.

“Oh honey you’re so good,” Hank groaned as his knees quivered, his hands gripping Christie while his fingers stroked her moist armpits. “Gonna cum.”

The teen didn’t blink but simply took his load in her mouth, with much of Hank’s hot seed going down her throat with the rest trickling out the corners of her mouth and down her chin, and she didn’t stop sucking until he was limp. Only then did she let go of him, lowering her face and trying to stifle her tears and the reality of what happened fully hit her.

“Can’t believe I did that,” Christie choked when Hank knelt down to comfort her, putting his arm around her neck and rubbing it gently.

“Didn’t you like it babe?”

“Yes, but I feel…”

“No reason to feel anything but happy, just like I do,” Hank said.

“I felt like you really wanted me. No guy ever has before,”

“Well I did, and I still do,” Hank told her. “I think we’re going to have a great relationship. This wasn’t a one time thing for me.”

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