City Of Angels Ch. 3

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Big Tits

“I kinda like this,” Michael whispered. “No music, no lights, just the outline of your body in the dark.

“Don’t move,” I commanded. “The wax has to dry so I’ll have a nice mold of your cock to admire when we’re apart.” I grabbed a a pair of handcuffs and chained him to the headboard, afraid he would try to fuck me and ruin my keepsake He laughed, oblivious to the handcuffing. He had grown to expect it.

“Just like those famous groupies used to do in the ’60s? I’m honored.”

I ran my finger down his chest, his musky sweat slippery and comforting on my skin. “Now you be patient and wait for a few minutes. In the meantime, here’s something to keep you occupied.”

I kneeled, facing him, and offered him my breasts, gently rubbing one nipple, then the other, against his hungry lips. Unable to cup them in his hands because I had tied him up, his mouth worked overtime. Michael knew how I wanted my tits sucked – a gentle flick of the tongue, some playfully rough tugging with his teeth, then a breather before I pressed my other tit against his lips. Although my baser instincts urged me to chisel the almost dried wax off his hardening cock and suck away, I controlled myself. After all, daylight would rear its ugly head in a few hours and I’d be off in the desert on another shoot for a whole week. A week without my naughty man-slave – just the thought made Bostancı Yabancı Escort me sad, but I had to do it. I could not let him become complacent.

Michael moaned blissfully as he sucked my other nipple, feeding on it like a baby who depended on mother’s milk for sustenance.

“There now, Michael, I see I’m ready to retrieve my souvenir. The lights were still off, but I felt down to his cock. With a quick dip of a fingertip I felt the hard wax.

I leaned over and turned on a small lamp on the nightstand. Even though the light was soft and shaded by a perfumed scarf over the shade, Michael winced at the sudden brightness. Such a sensitive slave. He watched as I lifted the wax shell off his cock, careful not to let it crumble. It wasn’t plaster, but it was the best I had on the spur of the moment. I placed it in a handkerchief and put it in a dresser drawer for safe keeping.

The doorbell rang.

I glanced at the clock – 1 a.m. Right on schedule. “There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to. Now you be a good boy and keep thinking nasty thoughts. I’ll be right back with your surprise.” Michael watched me walk out of the room, breathing heavy, his moody brown eyes laser hot with pent-up desire.

That desire would be released in the most primitive way imaginable in a few minutes.

When I returned, I Bostancı Yeni Escort was wearing a leather thong, thigh high boots and baby oil, leading his new friend to the bed by her leash.

“I’d like to introduce you to my other slave – Ariana.”

Ariana spoke first.

“Hello, Michael. I will join you tonight in obeying and pleasuring my – our mistress.” Slave and mistress. We both watched in amusement as Michael’s eyes turned wide as bowling balls.

In a reversal of the usual stereotypes, I the petite blonde, dominated the tall, dark haired stripper. Ariana was a bisexual dancer I had met at a Goth club. She loved my pert body and I adored her huge, surgically created breasts. She and her boyfriend, a thin, handsome Swiss playboy, made me the third – and dominant partner – in their relationship. Even after Peter left to go back to Zurich, Ariana and I continued our games. But after awhile, we both agreed it wasn’t the same without a third partner – a man – to join us.

Then I met Michael.

“I have a wonderful nightcap for both of you. I think you’ll enjoy it.” I gave one of Ariana’s tits a bounce, and reveled in the sweet look on Michael’s face.

I unleashed Ariana’s and made her sit on the bed. I unchained Michael and distracted him by making him oil her tits. Then I crawled in between them and sucked his Bostancı Masaj Salonu cock as he played with her tits. He could not speak now; he was all moans and barely discernible shudders of pleasure. Between Ariana’s huge plastic tits and his pert whore-mistress sucking him raw, he was living every man’s fantasy. When he came, I squirted his juice over Ariana’s tits. Like all men, he needed variety to tease him, to get his cock hard and keep him interested. So I used Ariana’s charms to my advantage.

He collapsed in an exhausted, sated heap on the floor and we helped him to the bed, rubbing our bodies against him and against each other until he fell asleep. Ariana and I sandwiched him in the bed. She made sure he was asleep before she whispered to me. “He is not my type, mistress – I do not usually go with men who are much older than me, and he is not athletic, like Peter. But I will be with him as you wish.”

A few hours later Ariana and I woke up and showered together. She helped me pack, and went into the garage to start my car while I wrote a note to Michael.

‘I have to go to the desert to work until Saturday. You may stay here as long as you wish – my roomie won’t be back till the end of the month. The apartment keys are on in the nightstand drawer. I will think of you every time I suck Ariana’s tits’ – Love – Your mistress Vanessa ‘

Reverently, I took the wax cast of Michael’s cock out of the drawer and placed it in my purse. I placed the extra set of keys in the drawer.

On my way down to the car park, I could not resist sneaking one last peek in the bedroom window. Michael read my note, and then sunk back into bed, cock in hand.

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