Cockland Island Pt. 06

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I woke up and I was sucking that realistic dildo cock like a soother and it was so weird and right and made me smile as I pulled it out trying to make my lips do the pop you can do sometimes with suckers.

I giggled and did it a few more times then pumped it in and out of my mouth trying to get that dick lips feeling going on.

That’s a sexy sissy trick, all that friction makes your lips puffy, so sexy when you lipstick them up.

And then it was like as soon as I rolled to sit up I felt my bum, felt my insides and they were empty… no plug, not getting fucked it felt already really off, really wrong.

I guess it’s the machine pounded the feeling into my brain.

Empty feels weird.

I found my lube and sank my dildo in my ass and worked my way into my first sissygasm of the day and muffled it into the pillow.

Abby showed up as usual and she brought coffee and a kiss and grabbed the base of my dildo and fucked me good and hard with it until I had another sissygasm.

I love it, love that I’m all of this…sissy and getting fucked like this in the mornings.

Then it was shower, lotion, pills and picking out my cage and butt plug then going off for breakfast that was fake bacon but it was decent so I didn’t care and a really good high brand yogurt and granola then the bulk or filler is a shake with all these vitamins and soy milk and coconut milk.

And no weird stuff, we’re already on hormones so this is just filler, nutrients and stuff to make it taste human.

Then of course a small bottle of water we have with it all too.

The idea is to fill up, and not be hungry until it becomes this habit the way we eat.

Then more of that hard sissy working out walking training, kneeling, leg crossing, bending over to pick things up so it’s sexy..all in between running on the treadmill and cycling and step class.

Lots of cardio and ass work.

Weights are just wrist weights and us doing reps like we’re jerking off a cock.

I can get why, I’ve had my arms get tired doing that pretty recently.

It’s all a process of a workout formula. Drop off the guy weight, drop off muscle in Kartal Anal Escort the guy places, work that ass until it’s curvy and fuckable.

And it’s really fucking hard the actual working out it leaves all of us this sweaty, soaked, disgusting mess.

Then it is the showers, using the bathroom, getting cleaned out inside and then…

And then that wonderful massage guy who fucks my sissy bottom slowly and sweetly like a massage.

Third sissy cum of my day and my first real cock and I moaned and cooed at the size and the heat of it.

Toys are fun but I love real cock inside of me more.

And wild sex is fun but there’s literally nothing like a hot guy that knows how to make you sissygasm and having him take you there slowly as he gives you a real massage.

And then there’s him getting off inside of me and those shots of wonderful cum flooding my insides was bliss.

Then it’s a nap with the earphones in and letting the music play me to sleep and feed my brain with all the programming.

And I know I’m being programmed, transformed, turned into a sexy sissy slut but I don’t care.

And maybe with this I can’t care but…

Free food, no day job, sexy people, sissygasms, cumming so much, no bills, no rent, no worries.

It really freeing having no worries.

And my old life.

Who cares? If I go back someday they’ll have to take me as I am.

Oh…oh well that led to interesting sleep fantasies about the guys I know.

Who’d be into me?

Who’d fuck me?

And some I’ve changed with there’s some quality cock out there.

But my rest, nap, hypno music. Whatever is in there leaves me feeling rested and great.

Then Abby tells me I’m ready to go play.

Playing is just that.

Playing with the other sissy girls like cards, ping pong, tennis, badminton, dancing.

The dancing is just like regular pop dancing and whatever and that’s kinda what I do because a lot of other sissy girls are doing it and the guys get drawn in by the dancing and the bump and grind.

And of course guys are there and they’re definitely classed as playing.

It’s Kartal Yaşlı Escort funny the older men want to drink, flirt, slower dances.

The younger European guys like flirting and faster dancing and having more outright fun.

The younger North American guys they want to dance a bit but them want us, want sissy lips around big hung cocks and then to fuck us.

My first playmate is Travis and he’s sandy brown haired built really muscled and sounds like he’s from Texas.

And god things like changed so much from a guy that though he was straight to me this sissy girl that’s just starting out and mentally drooling over a guy that is so hot and built he makes my mouth water and my insides ache for cock.

And that was like at first meeting and flirting and dancing with him.

We flirt and talk and we dance and the more we do that the more I want him.

And the want in in my ass.

I want him inside me.

And it’s this definite thing where my body knows.

Knows that pleasure, bliss, all the things I want from sex comes from having cock inside of me.

My caged little clitty is actually the last bit to wake up as we talk, dance, flirt and kiss.

And get felt up.

Travis touching my body, giving me squeezes, making me feel that he wants to fuck me is really perfect.

And natural.

Like seriously.

It feels more right to me now that Travis leads me off to a private spot and kisses me.

And then, bends me over this sofa and pulls out my butt plug and sinks this big thick meaty cock in my ass, sinking deep into my insides and we both moan in pleasure and relief.

“God, of god Travis that’s soooo big, so fucking good baby.”

He waits a bit for me to loosen up just righ before fucking me and I move with it, roll my hips, ride, roll myself back on that big cock stretching me out.


I really can’t picture that I used to like pussy, that I wanted inside a girl.

I really can’t picture having ever used my dick before.

It’s not that it’s gross because I’m not trans I’m a sissy.

Our dicklettes are cute, Kartal Zenci Escort small, sweet, useless.

And that’s the point useless.

But still there.

That’s why we’re here, why guys pay to be here.

We’re professional sissies.

We’re not some woman that comes with baggage or other stuff, we’re skinny, we’re curvy, we’re submissive, sweet, we adore the guys and their cocks and the biggest draw of all is our cocklettes.

All these guys have big cocks so there’s like some kind of restriction. But these guys know the meat they have, they also can afford to come here so they make really good money.

So their big dicked alpha guys literally fucking us pretty sissies and getting a rush over our little cocklettes, over how super girly we are.

We’re a fuckable power trip.

And I know all this and I don’t care.

Being a sissy girl is so much more right, more perfect a fit for me than anything.

I think that Nick, let go of life then as I’m starting to sissygasm because of Travis fucking me.

The pleasure.

The hot hard cock.

The power in Travis’s thrusts.

And it’s not a big awakening or anything it’s just letting go.

The way that this just is me now.

There’s never going to be a place for me Nick in life anymore.

So why keep all that mental and emotional stuff?

I moan this great satisfying moan as Nick floats away from my mind and I get a grip on the sofa Travis has me bent over and shove back into his thrusts and start meeting him in earnest.

“Yeah baby, yeah Nikki, you like that?”

“Yes, yes Travis, oh fuck yes! Ride me baby, rodeo my sissy ass and fuuuuuuuck meeee!”

I had a pop of a sissygasm, when it just runs you over as you’re fucking because the fucking was so good.

“Fuck….” he nutted inside of me and I laughed.

“Oh, oh I fucking love that, fucking love that Travis…cum in me, fuck boy you know how good that feels having your hot cum shooting inside of me? I live for it. Just live for it.”

He’s hanging onto my hips and breathing and moving slowly using me to get hard again.

“Good, there’s more.”

I look at him over my shoulder.

“Good, I want it all cowboy, fuck me hard and drain those balls in me.”

I’m Nikki and I’m going to ride Travis dry this afternoon and then maybe lay out and tan with my insides happily full of cum.

Then tonight? Who knows?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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