Collegiate Sluthood Ch. 07

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Author’s Note:

Usual by-lines apply, all characters are over 18. This story picks up immediately after the previous Chapter. Features mostly butt stuff.

… Sunday Morning

Andrea smiled at Natalie as she sipped her herbal tea. She put on an air of serenity. But inside her, there was a storm brewing. At first, it had been a flutter in her loins. But Andrea knew that what it portended was a depth of longing that need to be filled. Her composure was superficial — one only had to feel between her legs to realise how hot and bothered Andrea still was.

“What are you doing today?” Andrea enquired, of Natalie. “I’m thinking… Hang out in the garden a little bit… enjoy a little sun… maybe get a little high?”

It was just the two of them in the kitchen. Lisa had gone off to see her boyfriend who was visiting from up state. Jacqui was at the gym. Natalie attempted to explain that she had wanted to have a productive day, but quickly gave up that reasoning and decided Andrea’s suggestion was a good one. She figured that perhaps a chilled Sunday was her best bet at recovering for the academic week. Clearly she still ached from the previous day’s mini orgy. Andrea thought better than to remind Natalie that she had tapped out after their bathroom fuck with Jerome. After that, she had taken on most of the brunt of the fucking herself. Natalie hadn’t even been DP’d.

“Chill in the garden sounds good. I might just fall asleep out there.”

About an hour later, with the sun risen high above a clear sky, the two were enjoying a lovely glow as they laid out on yoga mats in the back garden. It was almost perfect – the beautiful weather, the soft grass underneath them and a nice, gentle high from the Indica weed. Natalie had stripped down to her bra and panties, while Andrea had stripped down to just a black bikini thong.

Wearing less clothing and being close enough to touch, Andrea’s blemishes and light bruising had not gone unnoticed by Natalie’s keen eye. A result of yesterday’s mini orgy, but a small price to pay nevertheless, Andrea had explained when Natalie had asked about it. They had been lying in silence, eyes closed and zoned, enjoying the beautiful serenity for some time when Andrea spoke, pulling Natalie out of her daze.

“What a wonderful way to start the day.”

“What did you say, hun?” Natalie asked, yawning.

“I said… this sure is a fine way to start the day… only one way it gets better from here.”

Natalie heard the words but if she registered the cryptic intent, she did not show it. “What time do you think Lisa will be back? At least we got some peace and quiet until then,” she added the snarky remark, followed by a fit of giggles.

“Oh who cares. She ain’t about to rain on my parade. And the way I feel now… if she comes back home with her boyfriend… I’m likely going to end up fucking him! Matter of fact, if any man comes through the door into this house, I’m liable to fuck him!”

Natalie threw her a curious look. “What?”

“Shit, Natalie! I’m so fucking horny,” Andrea sighed, a longing in her voice. She glided the tip of her index finger at her slit, sensing the budding moistness of her labia.

Natalie gasped at the brashness of her behaviour. “Andrea, are you seriously…. you are the dirtiest girl I’ve met. You really are a slut! What about yesterday? Wasn’t that enough?

Andrea shook her head. “What about yesterday? Nat, you got a long way to go! And don’t you be calling me a slut… slut!”

“I mean… aren’t you like… tired? I don’t think I can look at another penis for a month?”

Andrea laughed hysterically, ignoring the question. She noted that Natalie kept glancing at her playing with herself. “Oh I how wish a man would walk into back garden right now! I’d just spread my legs for him… and let him fuck me! Wouldn’t even need to open eyes to look at him!”

Natalie shook her head in disbelief at Andrea’s obscene fantasy. “See? Total slut.”

“It’s a shame you don’t have a dick… or I’d be fucking you right now! Although…” and Andrea gave her the sultriest of glances, intimating her desires.

Natalie smiled. “Oh honey… I’m too tired to go down on you!”

Andrea laughed again, quickly brushing her off. “I’m kidding. It’s really dick that I want.” Natalie laughed along, seemingly a little relieved not to have to eat out her friend in the back garden. Andrea smiled, knowing that if she wasn’t tired, she might be persuaded to do it some time. “Yesterday was some session, huh? I’m proud of you. You handled yourself. And you had my back!”

“Oh yeah? I had a good time but those boys… they were so rude sometimes. But I did have a good time, I can’t lie.”

“And you looked so fucking sexy riding Jerome’s cock! Those boys, they might be rude but it’s only because they know I love it. And they love you for sure! The way you bounced on his cock… like a fucking nympho! On their toilet seat, of all places? Slut! I can’t wait to see you at your first Frat Party!”

Natalie frowned at the Tekirdağ Escort suggestion. There was something that she hadn’t thought about — extending her sluttiness to people outside the two of them and the boys of Frampton House, up the street. But another bout of hysterical laughing revealed the devious deception in Andrea.

“I’m kidding. Relax. Sex like that ain’t meant for everybody. What we got going on here, on this quiet little street of ours… it’s special. And it’s ours. I like those boys and they like me. And now they like you too! But nobody outside that circle, unless we let them in.”

Natalie nodded in agreement, understanding the boundaries of their discretion. “You think they like me? They seemed awfully condescending about my inferior blowjob skills.”

Andrea shook her head.” Are you kidding? They love you, Natalie! Yeah fine, so you can’t suck dick lil a pro hoe yet. That’s why you gotta practice, babe. And that’s why they were teasing you for it. They want you to come back and get better and better at sucking dick. Which you will! If they didn’t like you… they’d complain about not being able to fuck your tight little pussy. Did you see how happy Jerome was when you asked him to fuck your ass!”

Natalie smiled sweetly, comforted by that revelation. She had a lot to learn still but one thing she couldn’t be if she wanted to be a slut is unsure of herself. She was smoking hot — blonde, curvaceous body with big boobs and a plump, juicy ass… what guy wouldn’t love her for all that? Especially a black guy.

“I never knew that… being so wild… being so slutty can feel so good. I mean… I always thought of sex as… a little scary. A little dangerous. And no, I’m not just some naïve country virgin — even though I can honestly say that up until a few weeks ago, I’d only had sex with one boy. But… now… it’s different. I know sex is good. Fucking feels good.”

Andrea beamed at her. “That’s the spirit!”

“- I mean… back home, where I come from, we learn very young that lust, passion — all that is a sin. A form of devil worship.”

“Where do you come from again? The 17th Century?” Andrea retorted, irritating Natalie enough to slap her arm playfully. “Well… I’m glad you don’t see it like that anymore. And I’ll tell you what… I’ll worship the devil as long as he’s got a big dick and fucks me good! Shit! You only live once, as the kids say.”

“Right, oh my god. You’re so right. You’re only in college once. If I wanna fuck and get fucked like a slut, I should be allowed to do it!”

“Mhmm. No one’s stopping you babe, except yourself.” Andrea mused, her eyes closed in satisfaction, sphinx-like. “Well I’m glad you know better now. It’s all part of growing up. One day you think sex is the devil, the next day you know it’s heaven!”

“Spoken like a Philosophy major!” Natalie teased, laughing at her own joke. She even sounded happier, like a great weight had been lifted off her. It must have been her acceptance of Andrea’s wisdom, liberating her from her own personal shackles.

Andrea laughed too, even though she was dead serious. Ever since discovering sex, Andrea had strived to live life free from repression. Pleasure, and it’s pursuit, was as good a guide as anything. She took sex very seriously. Everything else a little less so.

A few clouds had gathered in the sky, lightly dampening the autumn sun.

“I’m gonna miss this, you know. The freedom. When it’s all over… In a few months time… I’ll graduate. And then it’ll be gone forever. Good bye having fun! Hello real world, I guess,” Andrea lamented, struggling to hide the sadness in her voice.

Natalie turned her with grave concern. “What are you talking about?”

“- But until then… I’m just gonna have as much as fun as I want. Make the most of it!”

“What are you talking about? You’ve got plenty of time! And also… who says you can’t still have fun after college.”

“Society, I guess… I don’t know! I mean being slut isn’t how you get ahead in life, no pun intended. At some point, I’m gonna have to give it all up, get a husband and get knocked up. But right now, I’m just having too much fun. Not ready to be a basic bitch yet.”

“Basic bitch? Harsh!” Natalie laughed. “You want your cake and to eat it?”

Andrea shrugged. “Hell yeah I do! And this year… well I’ve decided! I’m gonna be the biggest slut this year. Those boys at Frampton… they got no idea what’s coming to them!” There was a sudden intensity in Andrea’s expression.

“Wow! I think I’ve got goosebumps.”

“I mean it! I wasted most of last year… and I really only got to be Diss’s slut towards the end of the year-“

“Diss? Oh… Das in Darius? Micah’s cousin? I heard about him,” Natalie recalled her conversation with Micah in the library from a few days ago, prior to their romp in the study room. “The football player?”

“Of course you’ve heard of him, babe – Diss is THE Daddy. Got he used to fuck me good. You must have seen him play last year? Tell Tekirdağ Escort Bayan me you at least know what he looks like?”

Natalie shook her head. Before coming to live at Lexington Lane, in her first two years of college, she lived in her bubble of books and a small, nerdy group of friends. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that she didn’t know a college football player. “Didn’t realise you were so into football?”

“I’m not, really. I am, however, into football players, specifically the big, muscular, donkey-dicked, aggressive type. Natalie – when I tell you how hot Diss is… Total fucking stud! And what a freak too! With a big, veiny motherfucker of a cock — you cum just as he sticks it inside you!” Andrea regaled in a very excited, giddy way — almost like she was in love. “And he would have loved you!”

“He lived here? Frampton House I mean?”

“Mhmm. We started out as casual hook ups, on and off. Sometimes we’d meet at parties and we’d catch up, find a cosy room and… fuck each others brains out. Then I moved to Lexington. Had no idea we were going to be neighbours. After that, we couldn’t get enough of each other! Then one day he asked me if… Or maybe I was my idea? Hmm well… it ended up with me being shared with some of the other boys! Wesley, Keith… Then eventually all the boys.”

“All the boys? All the boys where, Andrea?”

“All the boys that live at Frampton. Not all the boys on campus,” Andrea laughed at the absurdity of the misunderstanding. “Just the boys you’ve met. And Marcus, Xavi, and Leon, who were also Seniors last year. And some of Diss’s friends from the football team. And then I met Lady Lena, whom Diss introduced me to. And then I met some of her friends…”

“What about Wesley? Aren’t you guys — you know?”

“Wesley? Oh no, honey. We aren’t dating,” Andrea laughed. “We are both having way too much fun for monogamy. We’ve been friends and fuckbuddies since we were freshmen. Met him at a Frat Party-cum-Freshman-Ice Breaker. We were hooking up all the time, especially first semester. He took my anal virginity. Oh! And yours too!”

Natalie blushed, recalling her anal deflowering barely a week ago.

“Did you… learn all that stuff from him?”

“What stuff? Oh… that stuff?” Wesley and Diss — mostly Diss, I’d say. Last year I really grew into my own. I started to really, really love fucking. I loved teasing the boys, leading them on. Finding out what turns them on, showing them what gets me off. We fucked all the time. It was mostly Diss and Wes but occasionally some of the other fellas too, and some other girls. But I loved it! Especially Diss! I loved feeling his big, veiny cock sliding in me,” Andrea reminisced fondly, her face golden and full of joy. “Sometimes, I used toI love to tease him about him getting me pregnant.”

“Oh my god, Andrea!”

“I’d be like ‘Ooh Daddy! Put a baby in me! Breed my little pussy and make me a mommy!’ It was so naughty! It was so exciting, being with him. Just incredible. He loved to dominate me. And with him, I would get so submissive. He liked to call me his little slavebunny, among other things.”


“Yeah, portmanteau of snowbunny — a white girl who loves fucking black guys — and — well you get it,” Andrea explained casually.

“Slavebunny. Cute.”

“I’ve been a freak for a while now but now… that it’s my final year… I’m gonna go all out. I’m a Frampton House slut after all — and damn it if I ain’t gonna own that title!”

Natalie listened with interest. Andrea seemed so sure of herself. When she turned over to lie on her belly, Natalie noticed a disk like object stuck in the centre of her ass, peaking from underneath her y-back thong.

“Oh my god! Andrea are you… is that a -?”

Casually, Andrea looked over her shoulder. “A buttplug? Yes. Wes messaged me earlier on. He wants to see me later. No doubt he’s heard about our little orgy yesterday and is pissed off he’s missed out.”

Natalie’s jaw dropped. Andrea was planning on getting fucked again? It sounded like being a Frampton House slut was a full time job.


Since embracing her inner slut, Andrea had learned to listen to her body. And when she had woke up that morning, her body told her one thing — it needed to get fucked.

Despite the fact that the night before had ended in a spirited little orgy, involving Natalie and some of her favourite studs of Frampton House — she could still feel her body, her mind craving more and more. The fire that had been started the day before still burned inside her and there was only one way she was going to see it quenched.

It was strange — but not surprising, this prolonged horniness. She had had plenty of experience — going from one time needing at least a day to recover from an orgy, often needing a day at the spa to help regain her strength and form, to just straight up being able to get fucked again. No hangover neither, though she didn’t drink that much and her tolerance for weed was high. Escort Tekirdağ And she always remembered to drink water. Lots and lots of water. She was a squirter after all. Day Three was usually more of a problem, especially if she had been subjected to a two day fuck fest. But she’d deal with that when the time came.

Moments before Natalie came down, Andrea had received a text from Wesley, asking her if she wanted to come over later. She texted back in the affirmative, sipping her tea as her mind began to turn her lurid plans for the afternoon.

Andrea found that hanging out in the back garden, getting a little stoned and talking with Natalie, was her way of meditating on her arousal and building her energy for another session. After sharing all her sordid stories with Natalie and relishing the butt plug that had been in her ass for an hour and she was ready to get fucked again. Her body was in heat.

As Andrea stood up, she smiled at Natalie, who had dozed off. No doubt still tired, poor girl. Her body had some more training to go through to be able to withstand a heavy night with the boys. There was a little bit of shade that covered her from the overhanging poplar tree so Andrea figured not to disturb her, but she did cover her torso with her tee, making sure that she wouldn’t get sunburned or chilly, depending on how the weather turned

After doing her final checks, she changed into a fitting attire — a big black hoody over a black micro bikini bra, little red retro gym shorts, white thigh high socks, and her blue Converse trainers. No underwear. Less was more. This was casual fuck-wear — slutty without the fuss, she thought as she posed in front of the mirror, twisting her waist slightly as she examined her ass. She didn’t have a big booty like Natalie — or even big tits like Natalie. Her body was taught, her assets pert. But she made up for it with her exuberance and devotion to being as nasty and slutty as she could be. And she knew the boys loved her for that.

Opening the bottom drawer of her garderobe, she contemplated one last item of clothing. Inside a gift box was her SLUT collar. It had been a while since she wore it. Gifted to her by Darius, she remembered fondly every time she had put it on. Weeks before graduating, Darius had set a rule that she’d only be able to serve him if she wore the collar. He had specifically used the word ‘Serve’. Even now, she felt her pussy moisten at those memories. The two of them had gone from being casual hook ups to fuck buddies to something closer to a Dom/sub relationship. Andrea was never as submissive as she was with Darius. She took a selfie of herself flashing her bare ass — sending it to Diss. He was across the country, playing football but she still wanted him to know she was his slut, even though not exclusively. They still sexted each other quite frequently. It was because of him that she was the Frampton House slut — having her make that commitment last semester.

It was always a guaranteed good time when she wore the slut collar. But Wesley hadn’t asked for it and so she decided to save it for another time. Closing the drawer, satisfied that she was ready, she set off for up the street for one specific purpose — to get fucked.

Andrea never got tired of the feeling of excitement walking up the front steps of Frampton House. Just walking through the doors, surrounded by the old style design that held such mysterious origin, felt like an adventure. The house, like most on the street, was old and rich in design, probably the town house of some wealthy farm baron or gold mining magnate from over a century ago. It’s style was distinctly old world and traditional — greatly contrasted against it’s present occupancy. Some decades ago, it had been converted into a student house, the exact period a mystery. Andrea had been told of past legends that it was supposed to be have been a Frat house, but the university turned down the application. In a way, today it functioned very much like a Frat House.

She could feel stickiness betwixt her legs as she walked up the staircase, up towards Wesley’s room on the second floor. The boys should be up by now, she expected. But to her chagrin, when she entered the big master bedroom that was Wesley’s room, she didn’t find him in there.

But there was another girl in his bedroom – a dark-haired beauty, wrapped up in the duvet, popped up to throw a surprised look at Andrea. The curtains were drawn and the room was dark but Andrea could just about register the girl’s exotic beauty.

“Oh! Sorry! Umm…Wrong room. I’m looking for… Keith. Is he here?”

The girl’s hostile demeanour softened, though she still kept her guard up, no doubt calculating as to what Andrea’s true intentions might have been. “Keith… I think his room might be upstairs,” she replied in a Hispanic accent.

Andrea gave her a curt smile. “And whose room is this?”


“And where is he?”

“In the shower.”

“Did you say Keith’s room is upstairs?”

“Yes… I think so.”

“Thank you!”

Andrea closed the door, happy to conclude her awkward conversation with Wesley’s visitor. Obviously she knew where Keith’s room is but she wanted to save face by letting the girl think she was here for Keith and had accidentally walked in to the wrong room.

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