Comfort Zone Ch. 01

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Comfort Zone 1: Help from Mala’s friend


This erotic story is about a 24 year old woman Devaki from Chennai, married with a two year old son. Her husband Kumar a rich businessman is 6 years her senior and after three years of marriage his libido is not what it was three years ago. Love making had become once a week routine tension release for him and no more. This had left Devaki highly frustrated sexually, many a night.

Till she got married Devaki was living in Coimbatore. Her best friend Mala is still at Coimbatore and single. Not only were they great friends, both their families were also close. Mala’s father Venkat and mother Kalyani were a handsome couple and very outgoing. Venkat was a strapping man and still is. Their house was like a second home to Devaki.

Tragedy stuck couple of months ago in the form of Mala’s mother Kalyani’s death due to prolonged illness. Devaki rushed to Coimbatore to be with Mala and her dad to comfort them in this hour of need. Though Mala got reconciled to her mother’s demise, her dad was still in deep mourning.

After two weeks, Devaki returned to Chennai to be with her husband and son. However she got a frantic call from Mala that her dad was still depressed and has become a sort of a recluse and that she was very worried. She desperately wanted Devaki to come to Coimbatore and stay with them for a while and comfort her dad specifically.

Devaki explained this to her husband and after leaving her son in her parent’s care at Chennai, flew to Coimbatore to be with Mala and her dad. She could never have imagined that this trip would turn her sex life topsy- turvy. Mala picked her up from the airport and after reaching Mala’s house had a leisurely bath and breakfast. Uncle Venkat was in his room on the first floor. Mala asked Devaki to go and say hello to him. Devaki went up the stairs and tip-toed into his room to surprise him. It was she who was surprised.

Devaki watched in fascination. No doubt, Venkat Uncle had his back to her and he was fully clothed. But there was no mistaking in what he was doing. The elderly recently widowed father of her dear friend Mala was busy stroking himself fast and hard. His hand was holding the railing and his head was thrown back. His hand was moving in long strokes and short thrusts, a rhythm she was familiar with for all the times she had masturbated her own husband Kumar to orgasm. That was how she managed Kumar, when she needed to and it never took Kumar too long to come. But Venkat Uncle seemed to go on for quite a bit. His hand was clearly under his dhoti (Indian male attire from waist down) and every now and then, his tall broad frame shuddered. He paused as he relished that wave of pleasure and then gave himself a few more long strokes. As he leaned forward and sometimes back, he turned a bit which gave her a glimpse of his hand on his cock. The cock head was jutting well beyond his clenched fist.

Devaki felt her throat catch from excitement. She felt a release of fluid between her legs and she shifted uncomfortably. Uncle was now hunched over. Hard strokes with the hand flying over the pillar of flesh he caressed lovingly. Then after a few short ones his head was thrown back and she heard the groan of satisfaction in the release and frustration of being lonely. For several seconds, he shuddered and spasmed as he ejaculated and Devaki watched in fascination as his body jerked. As the elderly man thrust, jerked and slowed down, she heard him exhale with a long and deep sigh of satisfaction, then a shudder and a stifled moan.

She stepped back into the shadows, her feelings a mixture of embarrassment, sympathy, excitement and illicit thrill. She ought to have knocked or cleared her throat she thought. She glided down the stairs as silently as she could carrying with her the coffee she had brought for him. The first floor was his lair and his preserve.

She came down to the kitchen and Mala asked her, “Why didn’t you give him the coffee?”

“He was in the bathroom,” whispered Devaki and stared out of the window. She shivered involuntarily at the thought of the cock she had seen him wield and lust raged through her body when she thought of how different it looked from what she had seen and experienced of her own husband Kumar. And then she remembered the school girl stories Mala and she had exchanged years earlier when Mala told her of the raucous noises from her parents room all those year ago.

Mala had got up in the middle of the night to get some water and she had heard loud moaning noises and some slapping sounds. When she peeked through the door which was ajar she had seen her mother sitting astride her father. Uncle had been slapping Auntie’s sumptuous ass. Her sari (Indian woman’s attire) had been pulled aside in the typical fashion that Indian’s make love: not quite undressing but pulling aside clothes and raising skirts to accommodate the male. Her breasts were squeezed out under her blouse and bra and Uncle had been nipping at the flesh.

Auntie was screaming, “Yes!”Bite canlı bahis me! Maul me! Take me!” begging to be fucked hard. When Mala had shared this story with Devaki they had giggled with the usual thrill that school girls have for discussing all things sexual. Now that memory came back to tell Devaki the unstated story of Uncle’s continuing sexual needs and how the absence of aunt was causing him to be the way she had seen him now. The rich wetness between her legs scared her.

“You take the coffee to him,” she whispered to Mala and went to her room to lie down for a while. As she lay back and closed her eyes she imagined uncle looming over her and she opened her eyes with a start. She smiled a little to herself and closed her eyes again. And again imagined him come over her and sink his animal size cock into her cunt. Involuntarily her legs spread and she squirmed, wondering if she would be able to take the pillar in one stroke. She caressed her lower belly, allowing herself the naughty indulgence of a very private pleasure. She rubbed herself, sighed, turned over and slipped into a long mid morning nap.

Later in the afternoon Mala and Devaki got into the kitchen to make coffee. Devaki placed the cup on a tray and got the midday paper and slowly walked up the stairs. There lay uncle sprawled on his easy chair, reading a newspaper. He didn’t see her coming. And she didn’t have any warning of what she was going to see as she came from behind him and looked over his shoulder. Her eyes latched on to the tent in Uncle’s dhoti. Since the cloth was tented, it revealed the side of his cock.

Devaki stood transfixed. She saw the bulge twitch from the involuntary effects of a prolonged state of arousal. She quietly set down the tray and moved closer to her friend’s father. With one of her hands, she lightly covered his mouth to let him know that he was not expected to say anything or stop her. The other hand slipped through the gap in the dhoti and her small hand closed around the raging cock. His eyes opened wide in shock. Her throat went dry as she surveyed the dimensions of the tool in her hand. Her fingers softly felt the skin, her thumb reached up as she held him the way one would hold a joystick of a videogame. Her thumb moved over the head and her fingers traced the line back down to the base of his cock.

Her other hand now moved from covering his mouth to the back of his head and her fingers gripped his hair. Her hands slowly slid up and down the cock and with each move the paper rustled. The rustling followed a pattern as Devaki’s hand fell into a rhythm on his cock. The man groaned.

“Magale!” he said pleadingly, referring to her in Tamil as daughter for that is how he had addressed her for years now.

“Ssshhh, appa!” she whispered (Father in Tamil). “You know you need this. And then, have I not come here to help both of you overcome what you have been through?” in a kind, soft tone.

The man groaned in protest and threw his head back. Devaki continued to slide her hand up and down the pillar of flesh. First she gave his cock long strokes and then a quick jerk. Then again she went back to long strokes followed by two quick thrusts. She kept her head down and eyes lowered.

It was an act of kindness and she didn’t want to acknowledge Uncle, or that she was masturbating her friend’s father. Venkat Uncle’s hands were gripping the chair and as his hips thrust upward his legs stretched out under him, and pleasure shot down his legs all the way to his toes. Devaki lovingly brought her other hand to the cock and changed hands now as her other hand needed rest. She remembered Mala’s narration of how long her dad could fuck and also the morning incident that she had witnessed. Her right hand now took charge while with the left hand she caressed the underside of his balls. Pre-cum oozed over her fingers as the elderly man started to juice up.

She opened her fist to take in the fluid and used it to lubricate and continue the stroking. The wetness drove Venkat crazy. He hissed, his face contorted in ecstasy as his daughter’s friend, this sexy young woman, pleasured him beyond his imagination.

His hands stretched and he surprised Devaki by slipping it under her blouse, a task made easy by the fact that she was leaning and the top was easily accessible. She gasped as she felt his large rough fingers touch her torso just below her breast. The old man felt her breast through the lacy fabric of the bra. It was just a cup bra covering half her breast and he quickly folded down the lace edge to feel her nipple. She shuddered, her hands gripping the cock harder. She needed this to end soon, before Mala walked in. She couldn’t stop Venkat Uncle from touching her after having made the first move. Venkat’s body was wracked with pleasure which was enhanced from the softness of her breast which he was now caressing furiously.

Venkat was half sitting up from his previously reclining position in that chair. Her thumb moved over the head again and again. As he shuddered her mind quickly bahis siteleri drew a map of his cock head and zoomed in on the most sensitive zone. She leaned forward and quickly focused on stroking him hard and furiously on that side of his cock, making sure her thumb ran over the head as she stroked downward. Her head was leaning forward over him. Her blouse top gave him enough of a view of her soft breasts now jiggling with the effort of her stroking his cock.

His hand changed orientation and he put his palm on her stomach with his fingers pointing downward. She gasped. She stopped stroking him for a moment to control herself. His fingers slid into the top of her skirt and past her pantie. He stroked the furry patch of hair down there, and felt the heat and dampness as his fingers discovered her pussy. He just covered the whole pussy palming her and letting his fingers caress rather than invade.

Yes, his world was centered round the waves of pleasure emanating from within him as her silken fingers firmly yet gently moved up and down his pulsating cock. But he was not able to shrug off the thought of what he was feeling with his daughter’s friend. The smallness of her fist, that she was in every way smaller than him, lot younger, a different generation, prevented him from letting his fingers push apart her pussy lips that were so clearly soaked and aching for satiation.

She shuddered and her hands moved over his cock faster. Her hair fell forward, making a gentle screen between his lust laden gaze and her head, just over his cock. He had no way of knowing how close she was with her luscious lips over the head of his cock. His hand rested on her head as he gently and suggestively pressed her to lower her head. She resisted taking him in her mouth though a drop of saliva from her wet mouth somehow dripped on to the cock in her fist. She sucked in her breath and continued to masturbate him faster and more furiously.

Uncle Venkat groaned loudly and closed his eyes. His legs were stretched as far as they would go and his toes were extended. His hips started to jerk and thrust violently. But what took him over the cliff was her hand which she brought up to his chest and started stroking the hair softly. Her hands were on him everywhere. He felt the cum surging up from his insides, boiling to the surface with an intensity not felt before. His knuckles went white as he gripped the arm rests.

Devaki watched in fascination as the man under her hands twisted, turned and thrust himself. She could not close her wet open lips above his cock. Yet, something in her wouldn’t allow her to move back either. She remained, tantalizingly close, her lips mimicking the act of taking him in her mouth and her mind reminding her of who she was with.

Uncle Venkat screamed as he shook, “Devakiiiiiii! yes! Yes! Faster, faster, yes there. Oh how do you know my body, how do you know what I want. Take me there, yes, now! Oh its been so long….”

Both Venkat and Devaki froze when they heard Mala at the foot of the stairs.

“What’s going on up there? appa? Devaki?” she called out.

Devaki opened her mouth to reply and found her throat choked. She cleared her throat. “I am here, just helping Uncle with some clearing up,” she called out.

“But there were some noises I thought?” asked Mala.

“Oh yes!” answered Devaki as her hands slid down the cock. “He is,” she continued, sliding her hands up, “instructing me.”

Her hands now stayed around the head and she rapidly jiggled the cock head between her network of fingers,”telling me what to put where.”

“I will send her down now, dear” called out Venkat to his daughter.

His hands clutched at Devaki’s back, her breast, trying to pull her closer. He was roughly trying to probe her but proving inefficient in the heat of the moment.

She pulled the skin back and allowed the cock head to swell, surge and jut out angry, proud, provoked — whichever. And then one slide all the way up and back again, and again, and again. And when she slid her hand down, this time a long thick rope of cum jetted out. It streamed towards her face and fell back uselessly onto his garment, flowing over her hand. Then again came a huge surge and another dollop of his cum. Then some shorter spurts as she urged him to empty himself.

“Oh! Yes uncle. Cum. Cum as much as you want. I am here to help you release!” she whispered.

Copious amounts of fluid, now not in jerking and shooting surges, but in an overflowing abundance flowed over her fist, covering her hands. She still held him. Her hand now replaced the stroking up and down with tightening and loosening- a squeezing effect, milking him as it were.

Venkat groaned loudly as he felt the pleasure waves recede and a deep sense of relaxation wash over him. His legs once taut and stretched out, now slumped and his heels came to rest on the floor. He hugged the girl to him even as she wiped her messed up fingers on his dhoti. She opened her fist and palmed the tender sensitive flesh bahis şirketleri of his penis and sent him into ripples of pleasure.

She hugged him. She was happy. The strength of his orgasm was intense and fulfilling. She was glad that she found a way to a need which was troubling Uncle, and which he would not have been able to speak about to anyone. And even as she justified what had just happened to herself thus, she could not ignore the illicit lust that the strong flow of fluids between her legs indicated. She rubbed her thighs together and shivered, thinking of how she would now need to relieve herself. How would she face her friend again? And would she ever be able to come up confidently, to just serve coffee? She went down and joined Mala after composing herself.

The dull gloom of her mother’s recent passing away was slowly lifting from the Venkat household and Mala had a lot to thank Devaki for that. Her dear friend had come over and spent a few days and that had helped everyone overcome their grief. Especially her father, thought Mala. She had no way of knowing that just the previous day Devaki had found Venkat Uncle lounging in his easy chair sporting a large erection and Devaki had taken care of it for him, fisting him till he came uncontrollably.

On Devaki’s part, the sheer size of Uncle’s erection had startled her. The previous day she had chanced upon Uncle masturbating, and it had surprised her that he still had such strong sexual urges. The encounter of the previous afternoon was a mix of lust and sympathy. Sympathy to see him lonely, having known that he had been wild with lust and sexually hyper active with his wife. And lust to see his firm body, the libido and his huge cock which was much better than her husband Kumar’s.

Mala & Devaki decided to go shopping. Since Mala had already informed Uncle Venkat, Devaki decided to say bye to him. Devaki looked up the stairs and wondered about the strong elderly man up there.

She took a few tentative steps wondering how she would face him after that intense encounter the previous day. By the time she had climbed four steps she could feel the juicing up in her pussy. She lifted her sari as she climbed the stairs to avoid tripping. There he was, on his easy chair, lying back with the morning paper across his chest.

Her eyes darted to his dhoti, to see a part of his leg through the parting of the cloth. She cleared her throat, “Uncle?”

She looked at him with her head slanting to one side, her eyes sparkling at the thought of the mischievous and harmless time they had had together the previous day. Venkat looked at her and felt his cock twitch. She was incredibly sexy looking in that sari.

His eye wandered over her. Her shoulder length hair, the soft sari hugging her curves, the bare torso where the blouse ended, navel and soft tummy that he would surely enjoy feeling with his face, and the curve of that hip……………The erection was complete and dramatically tenting his dhoti.

Venkat felt no shame and did not attempt to conceal his inflamed desire. Far from it, he felt proud and was happy that he had Devaki here with him. Yes, his daughter’s friend. That thought did fleetingly cross his mind. But that thought also added to the intensity of his feelings. He wanted to hold her and pull her down on him and have this little girl who he had seen over the years play with him. His hand reached out and he caught Devaki’s hand and pulled her near. She gasped and let her hand bag slip to the floor. She hunched over him.

Her hair fell forward and covered them both. She looked down into his eyes and said, “uncle, what are you doing?”

Uncle Venkat reached out with his other hand and claimed her bare torso. Devaki shuddered with a sharp intake of her breath. “Uncle, whatever I did yesterday was to help you with a much needed release. Let it stop with that.”

Uncle Venkat responded with a light squeeze of her tummy. His thumb went lower and slipped under the garment, at where the sari was tied and the petticoat cord ran.

Devaki placed a hand on his shoulder, standing beside his chair but hunched over him. Venkat brought his other hand to her torso and now held her in both his hands. The other thumb ran over her breast and through the blouse and bra she felt his thumb find her nipple. She shuddered.

“Uncle, don’t touch me. I will help you with your…..” She could not bring herself to say the word to the man she viewed like a father. Her body sagged as she let herself fall forward, closer to him now than ever before. Her lips brushed the top of his head.

“With my what?” he asked. His hand moved up and claimed her breast totally. His other hand went to her ass and he squeezed.

“With whatever you want,” she whispered as she kissed his temple and his forehead.

Now leaning more than ever before, the top of her low-cut blouse hung and Venkat could see her small pert breasts cupped in the bra. He felt his throat dry up as he felt her nipples with his thumb. His hand which was on her back, slowly pulled her sari up. The hem came up quickly and her legs were bare. He touched her skin. It felt soft and inviting. He gasped as his cock twitched and shuddered. He stretched out his legs to relieve himself.

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