Coming Clean Ch. 03

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“I haven’t seen Brian this enthusiastic in years,” Brenda grinned widely, twittering about as she and Jackie hastily made their way through the shopping mall. There were a few days left before her son was going to be home for the holidays, and she and Jackie were doing a last bit of shopping before the four of them would be leaving for the cottage.

“He’s excited to be coming home for Christmas, Brenda,” Jackie said.

“I know, I know, but you haven’t seen the way he’s been in other years. I mean, he genuinely sounded excited about coming home, and even more so about going to this cottage you found.”

“Would you be offended if I said it was because of you?” Jackie bashfully asked.

“Jackie, stop it with this stuff, will you,” Brenda replied. Jackie took a moment to observe her friend’s countenance, noting that she seemed more embarrassed than upset. In fact, she even appeared to be blushing slightly. It hadn’t been easy, but gradually over the last several weeks Brenda’s defensiveness over the topic had diminished. Not that Jackie had convinced her to openly desire it, but at the very least the mere mention of Brian wanting more than a mother-son relationship didn’t result in the repulsed, angry response that it had before. And even if Brenda lacked the courage to openly admit it, Jackie believed that her friend was starting to weigh what such a relationship might offer to her as well.

“Come on, don’t lie to me, you’ve at least considered it, haven’t you,” Jackie prodded. Jackie hadn’t tried to push the topic for a long time, but now seemed like a good time to try.

“I’ve considered it to the extent that I believe you when you say that it’s what Brian wants,” Brenda began carefully. “But that still doesn’t make me think it’s a good idea.”

“What about what you want, Brenda?” Jackie asked, trying to push things even further. “Have you ever thought about that?”

“I’ll do what’s best for my son,” Brenda replied resolutely. “Nothing else matters.”

Brenda knew where Jackie was trying to direct their conversation; over the past few weeks her friend had often brought up Brenda’s failed romances since getting divorced as she’d vainly searched for her elusive Mr. Right. Time and time again, Jackie had tried to get her to consider Brian, using her relationship with Kyle as an example of how wonderful things could be for Brenda too if she were only willing to give it a chance.

“Hey, we’re at the shop,” Brenda said, pointing forward at their destination, “can you let this go for now.” Jackie was disappointed in her friend avoiding the topic, but decided to acquiesce.

The two women went into the large clothing store, getting some last minute items before the trip. They bought a couple of things for their sons, sweaters and such, in case they were not properly prepared for the cold weather.

“Hey come here,” Jackie called over to Brenda, “take a look at this.”

Brenda had been occupied in a different section, but came over to see what Jackie had found.

“Look at this Brenda, what do you think?”

Jackie was holding up a bikini, although a few tiny pieces of dark blue cloth and string might have described it better.

“I’d say summer’s a long time away to be thinking about buying that,” Brenda answered.

“Didn’t you see the hot tub in the ad?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah, but don’t you think it will be a little too cold for that?” Brenda asked back.

“It was indoors, silly.”


“Here, let me show you,” Jackie offered, pulling out her phone. Indeed, it was indoors; Brenda hadn’t looked closely enough before, but now could clearly see the sliding glass doors separating it from the outside.

“Still, doesn’t seem like a very Christmassy thing to do,” Brenda said.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you say that,” Jackie rebuked before asking, “Come on, what do you think?”

“You might want something with a little more support,” Brenda offered, motioning towards the small triangles of cloth that supposedly counted as a top.

“You don’t these can keep ‘the girls’ reigned in?” Jackie laughed back, reaching an arm underneath her bust and giving it a playful shake.

“I think it’s worth questioning, yeah.”

“If we were going to the beach, swimming and such, then I’d agree, but just lounging around in hot tub? I should be fine.”

“Some things in life just aren’t fair,” Brenda chuckled, noting Jackie’s slim waistline that made her DD breasts look even more enormous than they already were.

“You want to know what’s unfair.” Jackie teased back. “That I spend hours a week doing yoga and my ass still doesn’t look half as good as yours.”

Brenda was built quite differently from her friend, shorter and more petite than Jackie’s tall, statuesque physique. Her breasts were smaller too, barely a B size, but she’d always been happy with them, especially with the way they’d maintained their nice pear shape over the years. Jackie was right about her not working out, as eating well and good bursa escort genetics had allowed Brenda to remain slim even into her mid-forties. And as for her bum? It was still surprisingly firm, so maybe Jackie was right about that.

“I can’t help it if your ass is a little on the flat side,” Brenda joked back. Not that it really was, but it was still fun to say anyway. Brenda did think she had a well-rounded behind, and often still caught the odd man trying to check it out when they thought she was unaware, so maybe she did have some bragging rights compared to Jackie in this one area.

“And I get you got wearing those mom jeans all the time,” Jackie teased back.

“Hey, I like my mom jeans,” Brenda replied with a chuckle.

“Well, maybe you can live a little too sometimes. Here, how about this?” Jackie pulled a bikini bottom out from the display and held it in front of her.

“Absolutely not,” Brenda said.

“Why?” Jackie asked. Although Brenda was serious in her reply, there was still enough playfulness in her voice to make Jackie want to push the subject further.

“Come on Brenda, you’d look great in this.”

“I’m not wearing a thong, Jackie.”

“Being in your 40’s doesn’t mean you can’t,” Jackie said.

“No, but I’d die of embarrassment if I wore something like that in front of you and the boys. Does it even come with a top?”

“Doesn’t appear to,” Jackie replied. “You could always wear it with a cute t-shirt…”

“That would probably become see through after about five seconds in the water,” Brenda interrupted.

“Or go au naturel?” Jackie offered.

“Not funny, Jackie,” Brenda said, her mood beginning to sour.

“Okay fine,” Jackie relented, “how about this?” She held up a much more conservative bikini, and Brenda did like the color, a nice neon peach that flattered her skin tone. After rummaging through a few similar sets, she found one she really liked, and decided to buy it. As for Jackie, she decided to buy that first outfit she’d found, although passing on the blue for a solid black color. Brenda still felt it was weird that Jackie would want to go hot tubbing during Christmas, and wasn’t planning on doing so herself, but for the sake of keeping her friend happy she decided to go along and buy the suit.


The big day for them to drive up to the cottage had arrived, and Kyle and Brian were loading up their suitcases into Jackie’s SUV while the two women went about Jackie’s house making sure everything was in order before they hit the highway.

“You were right about Brian, he does seem really excited about this trip,” Jackie said.

“I’m glad, I mean he works so hard at school. I’m sure getting a break from all that will help a lot.”

“And what about you, Brenda? You’ve been wanting to spend some quality time with Brian for a while now.”

“I don’t know Jackie. Yeah, I’d love to try and to make up for the way we’ve been distanced from each other in the past, but after everything you told me, I’m not sure I can. I’m not sure how I can just be his mom again after you’ve told me that Brian is looking for more.”

“I’d say you’re overthinking this too much, Brenda. If you really just want to have a regular good time with your son, then do it. No one is stopping you. And if you want it to be more than that, well, no one is stopping you there either.”

It seemed like sound advice from Jackie, but there’s was always something behind what her friend had to say when it came to this topic. Sometimes she’d be more overt it about it, like when she had asked Jackie about the sleeping accommodations at the cottage and her friend slyly remarked:

“Brian’s room only has a small, single bed, but lucky for you Brenda, your room has a nice queen. More than enough for one.”

“Jackie….” Brenda sighed in frustration.

“I’m joking, only joking,” she quickly replied, but of course Brenda knew that wasn’t at all the case. It didn’t matter whether she was being open about it or taking a more sobering approach, there was always enough innuendo in the way Jackie spoke that made Brenda feel as if her friend was trying to lure her.

They made their way to the cottage, with Kyle driving and Jackie in the passenger seat, while Brenda and Brian sat in the back. Despite the long distance, it was actually a fun trip, especially for Brenda, as once again Brian seemed more engaged and open with her than he had in years.

The only thing that was uncomfortable for her was watching Jackie and Kyle interact; while it was relatively mild it was clear that they were flirting with each other. Brenda knew that she’d have to deal with this reality at some point – the fact that Jackie and Kyle were sharing a room at the cottage made that obvious enough, but it didn’t make the situation any less awkward now, and more than a few times during the trip she found herself shyly looking in Brian’s direction only to see him clumsily looking back.

About halfway through the trip they stopped at a gas bursa escort bayan station, and Jackie went to buy a few munchies while Kyle refueled their vehicle. Brenda and Brian were left alone inside, and it seemed as good a time as any for her to address the elephant in the room:

“So, I guess you know about Jackie and Kyle?” she tentatively asked.

“Um, yeah,” Brian awkwardly responded in kind. “You?”

Of course both of them knew, and plenty more, but this was their first time discussing it together, so a certain amount of cageyness was required.

“Yeah, Jackie told me about it,” Brenda responded.

“And?” Brian asked. He was clearly feeling uncomfortable, or at least feigning it for Brenda’s sake.

“And, Jackie’s been my best friend since before you were born, back to when were in college together,” Brenda said, speaking with a little more conviction now. “It may not be the best situation, but if she’s happy then I’m still going to be there for my friend.”

“Yeah… me too,” Brian said, still stumbling with his words. “I mean, that’s more or less what I told Kyle too.”

That was enough to get through the ride there, but when they arrived at the cottage Brenda felt the need to discuss the subject further with Jackie.

“Can’t this wait until morning?” Jackie frustratingly asked, obviously feeling fatigued. The roads had been much worse than anticipated, and with the extra delay it was already evening before they’d managed to arrive.

“I just wanted a moment alone with you first,” Brenda replied. Kyle and Brian were bringing their luggage in, and with it seeming likely that they were all about to turn in for the night Brenda wasn’t sure if she’d get another opportunity.

“Look, I’m sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable Brenda, but you have to understand. Kyle and I never get the chance to just relax together as a couple, at least not in any public situations. We’re always too scared that we might run into someone we know…”

“So this is your chance to change all that…” Brenda interrupted.

“You must have known this was coming,” Jackie said. “I mean, right from the start I told you that Kyle and I were staying in the master bedroom.”

“I know, I know…” Brenda anxiously replied. “I guess it’s just a little weird, especially with Brian here too.”

“Speaking of Brian, he’s really changed since I last saw him,” Jackie said with a wide smile.

“I know, it’s almost like he’s a different person,” Brenda replied in astonishment. “And not just his personality. I know he started using the campus gym this year, but I never knew he’d gotten such great results. Not only is he a lot leaner, but he looks like he’s gained a good ten pounds of muscle. And I know this sounds crazy, but I actually looks like he’s grown a couple of inches too.”

“That’s not the only thing that’s grown a few inches,” Jackie nudged back.

“Come on Jackie, don’t start again now,” Brenda laughed back. Jackie smiled, seeing that Brenda really had changed in the last few months. Sure, she still was a little embarrassed to hear such a comment being made about Brian, but certainly not repulsed. It had taken much effort on Jackie’s part, but she finally felt like she’d made real progress with Brenda, and that she now might view Brian as not only her son but as a man, and a very desirable one at that.

“I know you’re tired of hearing me say it, Brenda, but it really is all for you. Everything Brian’s done, from trying to open up to you to getting in better shape… it’s all because he wants everything he can be… for you. Doesn’t all that effort mean anything to you?”

“Did you… did you put him up to this?” Brenda stammered.

“No, but you already know that I promised to help him in any way that I could. And a promise is a promise.”

The sudden determination in Jackie’s last words sent a slight shiver down Brenda spine, enough that Jackie added: “It’s your holiday Brenda, do with it as you please. I’m just saying that if you want it to be more that he’s more than willing to meet you halfway.”

The boys came back from the SUV with their luggage, but everyone was feeling too tired to do any unpacking so they all decided to turn in for the night. Brenda went to her room and was able to go to bed before she realized that her phone was almost dead and that Jackie had borrowed her charger. With that in mind, Brenda walked down the short hallway to the master bedroom and lightly rapped on the door.

“Jackie, its Brenda. I need to talk to you for a second.”

Jackie had only retired to her room about ten minutes earlier, so Brenda was surprised when she answered the door clad in only her underwear. Even groggy with fatigue she still looked extremely sexy in her blue lace push up bra and high cut panties.

“Hold on a second, I’ll get it for you,” Jackie replied. The door inadvertently swung open as Jackie went inside and that’s when Brenda saw Kyle milling about the room as well. Like Jackie, he’s was getting escort bursa ready for bed too, casually walking about wearing only a pair of white cotton briefs.

“Hi, Auntie Brenda,” Kyle said with a nonchalant wave as Jackie went to get the charger. There was nothing conspicuous about the way either of them were acting, except maybe for Kyle calling her ‘Auntie Brenda,’ something he hadn’t done in years, but that did nothing to quell the butterflies that Brenda could feel rumbling in her stomach. Even after hearing about all of their exploits, to actually see Jackie and Brian together like this was more than a little jarring. This was the same Jackie that Brenda had been friends with for over twenty-five years, along with the same young man that Jackie had known ever since he’s been nothing but a bulge growing in Jackie’s abdomen. And now they were about to retire to bed together as a couple as if there was nothing unusual at all about it.

“Everything okay Brenda, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Jackie kidded when she returned.

It was a bit of an exaggeration but Brenda clearly felt unnerved as she made her way to her room. Luckily she was tired enough that she was able to fall asleep rather quickly, but the knowledge of her best friend and her son sharing a bed together in the room just down the hallway was nevertheless a thought that had been difficult to shake from her head.

Brenda woke up in the middle of the night, needing to pee, and as she walked by Jackie’s room to the bathroom certain sounds managed to catch her attention. It took a moment for her head to clear, but once that happened it became quite obvious that Jackie and Kyle were having sex.

She was about to turn away and keep walking, but it was as some unseen force had taken control, as Brenda put her ear to the slightly ajar door and listened. Things seemed rather heated, with the old bed springs of the mattress squeaking loudly at a frantic pace. She could hear voices too, mainly Jackie’s, crying out in pleasure.

It reminded Brenda a little of when she and Jackie had been roommates in college and her friend might bring over some guy back home to have sex with. She was being a lot quieter this time, and Brenda guessed that Jackie was doing that on purpose for her and Brian’s sake, but other than that it was the same old Jackie. Brenda took a step away, but once again it was as if an unseen force prevented her from moving. Instead she put her hand on the door and pulled it few inches further, allowing her to see into the room.

There really wasn’t much to see, mostly silhouettes faintly illuminated by the moonlight entering the window, but even so Brenda found herself aghast by the passion of their lovemaking

“Oh yes Kyle, yes!” she could hear Jackie call out as her voice suddenly felt the need to shout. Brenda could see Kyle’s form lying between Jackie thighs, with her long legs tightly locked at the ankles around his trim waist as he pounded even harder now. Brenda could sense their desire, their passion for one another, and it pained her a bit as she tried to recall the last time she’d felt so in tune sexually with anyone. It made Brenda think about how Jackie had raved about how great her sex life was these days, going so far as to say things like Kyle being her son had added their sexual chemistry rather than taken away from it. Watching the two of them go at it now made it hard not to believe her, as Kyle significantly picked up the pace, pounding into Jackie relentlessly like a jackhammer until the two of them reached an explosive crescendo. It felt almost magical watching them cum together, something Brenda had rarely managed to pull off during sex but somehow seeming effortless coming from Jackie and Kyle.

Brenda went back to her room, trying to fall asleep but trying to digest everything she had witnessed. Incest. It was still a terrible word to Brenda’s ears, something that had torn too many innocent lives apart, but clearly there were exceptions like Jackie and Kyle. Everything she’d seen from them leading up to and including tonight had demonstrated that.


“Morning,” Brenda said to Jackie as she entered the kitchen. Her friend was sitting at the small table there drinking coffee and eating some buttered toast.

“Morning,” Jackie replied.

“Where are the boys?” Brenda asked quizzically.

“Kyle had this hiking trail he wanted to explore, and you know, boys will be boys,” Jackie leisurely quipped back.

“So early?” Brenda asked. “And I thought we’d all be going together for that sort of thing…”

“If you want to trudge around in the snow with them, be my guest,” Jackie deadpanned. “I can enjoy the scenery just fine from here. And as far as leaving early, Kyle wanted to leave just after sunrise and, well… it is almost 11 now.”

“Oh my god is it really that late?” Brenda asked as she shook the final cobwebs from her brain.

“I only got up about an hour ago. Why don’t you sit down and have breakfast with me?”

“I had no idea I crashed that hard,” Brenda said with surprise.

“It was a really long drive, and I suppose some of us need more sleep than others.”

“You can say that again,” Brenda said with far more suggestive innuendo than she had intended.

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