Communication Breakdown

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Big Tits

“Oh, yeah,” she breathed. “That’s so much better…”

Lori had just removed her shoes, skirt, stockings, blouse and bra. She retrieved an oversized sweatshirt from her suitcase and pulled that on over her panties, then settled back into the stuffed chair between the bed and the door to wait for 10:00. “As usual,” she thought. “I must be a glutton for punishment!”

Despite the recent problems with their marriage, or perhaps because of them, David and Lori had kept up the practice of IM’ing each other when she was out of town on business, as she often was. It was much cheaper than the phone, as long as the hotel had a computer in the room. Lately, she dreaded their communications. They usually turned into bouts of accusations and thinly veiled threats, and left them both angry and unsatisfied. Face-to-face talks were no better.

This last few months had been unsettling for her. Lori had suspected David of cheating on her when she was out of town, after finding a woman’s name and address in his shirt pocket. He’d acted defensive when she inquired about it, then got angry. He eventually tried to deflect the blame from himself by accusing her of the same thing.

“Huh! I wish!” she thought, as she gazed wistfully at the bed. It occurred to her once again that that might be just what she needed. At 26, at what should be the prime of her life, she sometimes felt like she was 60!

* * *

This was Lori’s third overnight trip in the last three months since she had taken on the new position of District Sales Manager, and unfortunately, her first with Henry, her boss. He was a lecherous fool! After she had made it abundantly clear that she would tolerate no funny business from him, he had pretty much ignored her tonight as they sat in the hotel bar, instead hitting on every unaccompanied female in the room. He finally connected with one, a rather mousy-looking alcoholic with bad breath, and invited her to their table. Thankfully, he eventually convinced her to go up to his room. As he left, he winked at Lori. Gads!

She settled back into the booth to finish her drink. Suddenly a melodic voice from over her shoulder said, “I thought he’d never leave.” As Lori turned to look, an attractive middle-aged man slid into the opposite side of the booth.

“I’m getting ready to leave,” she said flatly, not in the mood for company, especially not a man twenty years older than herself.

“You can’t,” he said. “I just ordered another Tom Collins for you.”

She looked him right in the eye. “That doesn’t mean I have to drink it,” she said. He laughed, a low, resonant laugh, and nodded at her.

“You’re right. But then how in the world would you ever get to know me, if not for the barrier-dissolving properties of alcohol?”

Lori considered for a moment. Okay, she told herself. She decided she really did crave some company other than her lecherous boss, and this guy, other than being a bit presumptuous, seemed easy to talk to, not to mention being easy on the eyes! She also had over an hour and a half before David and she were to IM each other. She was tired, and she knew she couldn’t take a bath for an hour and a half, and still remain awake for their talk. “One drink,” she stated, and he smiled broadly.

During the next hour he completely charmed her with stories of his wife and kids, his job as a sportscaster, and his philosophies on life, which, remarkably, were pretty much in line with hers. He also kept her glass full, and she eventually agreed to dance with him.

The music was live piano music, perfect for dancing slow, and there were a few couples already on the floor. During the first song he held her left hand high, his left on her waist. When they began the second dance, she put both arms around his neck, and told him that this was how she was used to dancing. He laughed softly and said, “Oh, not like the couple on top of the wedding cake?” Then he slid his hands around her waist.

“I don’t know that couple,” she deadpanned. It certainly didn’t fit her and David.

By the third dance Lori had let her head rest on his shoulder, and by the fourth his hands were dropping lower and lower, until they rested on the tops of her ass cheeks. At that point she decided things were getting out of hand and disentangled herself from him.

“I need to go,” she said, realizing she was becoming drunk. He raised his eyebrows questioningly, and she told him she always talked to her husband at 10:00.

“Will you be back?” he asked, leading her back to the booth, where she leaned over and downed the last of her drink. She told him no, that she was going to get into bed, and his eyebrows went up again.

“Yes, alone,” Lori laughed, in answer to his unasked question. “Goodnight, and thank you for a wonderful evening.” She left the bar.

* * *

Now she was waiting patiently for 10:00 and the online call she both dreaded and looked foward to, but she couldn’t get the handsome stranger out of her mind. She let her hands wander to her breasts, swallowed up though they were in the sweatshirt, Kuşadası Escort and began to trace circles around each nipple, as she imagined him doing the same thing. “Ummmm, that would be nice,” she thought to herself, and her nipples responded accordingly.

Lori’s breasts weren’t big, as she was tall and thin, but they had always been extremely sensitive, and she could usually bring herself to orgasm if she fondled them long enough. Tonight she was well on her way! She thought of the impressive bulge in the stranger’s slacks as they danced, though he made a point of not pressing it into her. That made it all the more exciting; the little brushes with it, and its hardness! She let one hand drop to her belly, and slipped it down over the top of her panties onto her mound.

The reaction was electric! Her clit was already hard, the lips swollen around it. She began to stroke them softly through the material. “Ohhhhhhh,” she breathed, as she spread her legs.


Damn! It was David! Feeling a combination of frustration and like she’d been caught by the hall monitor, Lori raced over to the computer desk. She clicked on and read his first message.

David says: hey. give me 5 minutes. Donnie doesn’t want to go to bed.

She groaned. “God,” she thought, “In five more minutes I could have had myself screaming!” Oh well, at least she didn’t have to deal with their 3 year-old tonight. David could handle this. She padded back to the stuffed chair, but before she could sit there was a knock at the door.

She walked to the door. “Who is it?” she called, and heard a familiar voice.

“The big bad wolf,” it said, and laughed. Lori opened the door slightly, as far as the security bar would allow, and smiled at her friend from the bar. He looked around comically and said, “Is your husband gone?”

She laughed. “No,” she said. “He’s busy right this minute. He’s calling back in a couple of minutes.”

He smiled and said, “Okay. I just wanted to give you this.” He handed her his business card through the opening and said, “I thought you might want to know who you were falling for tonight. I’d sure like to know your name.”

Lori turned the card over in my hand. “Well, Marshall, my name is Lori. With an ‘i’,” she added. “If you wait a moment, I’ll give you one of my cards.” She left the door ajar and turned to get one of hers from her purse when she heard it:


“Just a minute!” she yelled to Marshall, as she ran back to the computer.

David says: 5 more…

Shit! Talk about being torn between two men! She was a human ping-pong ball, running back and forth! Lori went back to the bedside table and pulled a card from her purse. She returned to the door and handed it out through the opening, but no one was there to take it.


Where the hell did he go, so fast? she thought. She shut the door, pulled the security bar back, and reopened it to look down the hall. As she did, he swept through the open door and took her in his arms dramatically, kissing her as he walked her backwards. His foot kicked the door shut.

It was a good kiss. A very good kiss!

Lori felt she should fight him, but his lips were so soft and pliant on hers. That, and the fact that she was still buzzing from the drinks and her little self-love session! She relaxed and allowed him to kiss her. “Damn,” she thought, “He’s a good kisser!” His arms held her securely, and there was no mistaking his excitement now. His cock was insistent against her groin.

When they finally broke, he said, “I knew you’d come to your senses. Now, let’s get rid of this husband of yours!”

The idea was so insane that Lori laughed out loud.

“Marshall? Are you crazy?” she asked, looking at him incredulously. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, his hands wrapped possessively around her waist. Suddenly she thought that maybe she was the crazy one. She was half-dressed, in the arms of someone whom she had just learned the name of, not five minutes ago! This was so wrong! And yet, he was so…..Attractive. Accessible. “And, yes,” she thought….”sexy.”

Reading her thoughts, he pulled her close and kissed her again. This time she kissed him back. Hard. Their mouths opened, and soon their tongues were battling each other for space in the other’s mouth. Marshall’s hands pulled her against his hard-on again, and he began to grind against her hips, rubbing his thickness up and down against her belly.

“Oh, godddddd,” she hissed, spreading her legs slightly to give him better access to her sex. Lori leaned her head back and let herself be pleasured by the pressure of his cock against her cotton-clad mound. Up and down, back and forth he moved against her; not roughly, but smoothly and insistently.


She started, suddenly brought out of her stupor. David, again!

Annoyed now, Lori separated herself from Marshall and turned to the computer. Seating herself before it, she read his message, half-hoping it would say ‘5 more minutes.’ No such Kuşadası Escort Bayan luck!

David says: hey. whatcha doin?

She began to type, her mind a jumble of thoughts and emotions.

Lori says: nothing

She waited. Suddenly, Marshall’s hands came around her neck from behind, and dropped onto her breasts. “God, I want you,” he breathed into her neck, as he began to plant little kisses up and down her shoulder and neck.

David says: miss me?

“Wow, how do I answer that?” she thought. Her fingers hovered over the keys for a moment.

Lori says: sorta

Sorta? God, what kind of an answer was that? Marshall’s hands were setting her nipples afire through the sweatshirt, and her brain was starting to buzz. She couldn’t think clearly.

David says: What did u do tonite?

Oh, the irony! Lori smiled. “Nothing yet, dear,” she thought; but she wasn’t so sure, if he asked her an hour from now, what she’d be able to answer! This man behind her was driving her crazy with his lips and his hands, and she was rapidly losing her focus on her absent husband.

Lori says: drank. danced. just a little

David says: with who?

Oh, just an incredible-looking, sexy guy I met in the hotel bar! “No,” she thought. “That wouldn’t do.”

Lori says: just some guy

She waited, wondering what was going through David’s mind. The answer came quickly.

David says: What guy?

Lori wasn’t going to go into any further description of the guy, with his hands now sliding up under her sweatshirt; those hands so soft and warm on her breasts, the thumbs gently flicking her nipples. She sucked in her breath and arched her back. Marshall continued to nuzzle her neck with his lips.

David says: where is he now?

She stared at the monitor, her blood pounding in her head. Marshall leaned into her again and said, “Go ahead. Tell him.”

Her fingers hung over the keys. Her breath was coming in short little gasps, her hips were flexing against the chair bottom, and she had never wanted someone so badly in her life. Two words:

Lori says: he’s here

“Oh, god,” she thought, as soon as she saw her message appear. The shit shall now hit the fan! On an impulse, she typed again.

Lori says: i’m sorry

“He might as well know,” Marshall said from behind her, his fingers dancing across her breasts, and at the moment she could only agree with him.

David says: what are u doing?

Without even thinking twice about it, Lori raised her arms to allow Marshall to pull her sweatshirt off, then took a deep breath and prepared to type again.

Lori says: nothing

“Sure,” she thought. “He’ll believe that one!” She lay back against Marshall’s neck as he ran his hands up and down her body, and felt herself getting wet. “Oh, god,” she thought. “What do I do now?”

Lori says: gotta go

Lori let herself be pulled up from the chair, and she turned to fold herself into his arms again. They kissed, their hands ranging over each other, their breathing became more and more ragged. He released her, finally, and slid one arm around her waist, preparing to lead her toward the bed.


She barely heard the computer as she allowed herself to be lowered onto her back on the bed. Marshall smiled sexily at her and began to undress.

*ding* *ding*

“He’s worried about you,” he said, and Lori suddenly smiled up at him, aware of David once again.

“Shouldn’t he be?”

“Tell him,” he said again, and pulled her up by one hand.

“Oh, god, I don’t want to do this,” she thought, as she padded to the computer, keenly aware of Marshall’s eyes on her backside. She found that incredibly sexy.

She read David’s message.

David says: should I call the police?

Lori leaned over the keyboard, and her fingers flew over the keys.

Lori says: he’s got a knife. he says he won’t hurt me if I cooperate.

Then, on second thought, she typed again, quickly.

Lori says: I want this. goodnight. I love you

She turned and walked back to the bed. Marshall had removed his shirt, and she ran her fingers through the graying hair on his muscular chest as she looked down at him. “Well?” he asked, knowing her decision had been made.

As an answer, Lori leaned over and reached for his belt buckle. He allowed her to unfasten it and slide his zipper down, then he kicked his slacks to the floor. She looked at the lump in the front of his boxers, and ran her tongue over her lips tentatively. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his underwear and pulled down.

His manhood sprung upward. God, it was gorgeous! Big, thick, and generously veined, it begged to be kissed. She did. It was hot and throbbing with life. Lori parted her lips and let them slide forward over it.

“Ahhhhhh,” he breathed, as her lips closed over it. She tasted the bottom of his shaft with her tongue, and heard his intake of breath. His hips began to move. In the back of her mind she heard an insistent Escort Kuşadası ringing. Lori realized it was her husband.

*ding* *ding* *ding*


This was getting to be annoying. Marshall was pumping into her mouth faster now, and her husband was dinging that stupid alert on the computer, and her pussy was beginning to pulse with the first stirrings of what promised to be a spectacular orgasm, and she couldn’t think!

“Wait!” she yelled, tearing her mouth from his cock. He looked down at her quizzically, and she patted the fronts of his thighs before getting up. “I’ve got to take care of this,” she said, rising to her feet and turning to the computer.

David had left rows and rows of frantic messages, all accompanied by those annoying little ding signs, until he gave up, and just kept ringing the bell in frustration. Lori could understand what he must be feeling, and knew she had to be more specific about what was happening. She sat down and began to type.

Lori says: David, I know you’re wondering what is going on. I’m not so sure I know myself, but I do know that there is a man with me here who makes me feel so god-damned sexy that I’m about to explode. It isn’t anything to do with you, believe me. It’s all me, and I don’t totally understand it myself, but I’m getting ready to fuck this guy’s brains out, and there is nothing anybody could say that could stop this from happening. I need this, David. I’ve needed this since I gave birth to Donnie, and I’ve needed this since I began my quest to become an independent woman. Somehow I lost my identity back there, and became Mrs. David Standish, and nothing else. Suddenly, tonight, I have become myself again, and whether you think that is a slut or an angel, I have to do what I have to do. Tonight, that is to have this man make me feel like ME again. Now, you can ding this thing all night and I can just turn it off, but I am going to do this with or without your input, and later we can figure out what to do about all this. The choice is yours…

Lori hit send and leaned back, watching the monitor. She knew he must be reading this in a state of shock, and wondered if her choice of words was correct, but she had written it all in a rush, without taking time to compose anything. How do you compose a letter telling your husband that you’re about to fuck a man you’ve never met?

She glanced over at the bed, and Marshall was lying on his back, completely nude now, stroking his magnificent cock slowly and looking at the ceiling. “I’ll be a few minutes,” she said lamely, as if telling a potential customer that she had other customers to wait on first. God! Then she saw it: ‘David is typing a message’, in the bottom corner. Lori waited, holding her breath.

David says: I love you. I love you more than life itself.

She typed her own message back.

Lori says: I know.

A long pause again, during which time she tried to keep her eyes off her lover and his beautiful erection, waving proudly over there behind her.

David says: be careful

Then he signed off. She sat there, staring at the resignation written in those last words, not knowing if she should feel guilty, or joyous. Her lover couldn’t tell her, and she hoped he wouldn’t try. It was her call. She knew one thing, however: the words she had written to David came from her aching soul. She did need this, and she knew in her heart, when Marshall appeared at her room door, that this was going to happen. If not now…

Lori rose, leaving the computer on, and walked to the bed, shedding her panties as she walked. Marshall raised his head to look at her questioningly. “Hi, lover,” she said, and climbed up over him. His smile was a mile wide as she settled herself on top of him and just lay there, feeling the heat of his lust.

“Please don’t speak,” she said, and listened to his breathing for a few minutes. She wanted more, though, so much more. Sliding down his body, she took him in her mouth once more.

This time she was more aggressive, and her technique soon had him bucking up into her mouth and holding her head with both hands. He had a lot of stamina, though, and after she had fellated him for almost ten minutes he began to pull on her arms, wanting her on top of him again. She crawled up his body once more.

“Your turn,” he said, and rolled her over, planting his mouth over hers as he did. They shared another long, passionate kiss, and then he headed south.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, god.”

She let him lift her thighs and settle them onto his shoulders. She crossed her ankles behind his back as his hungry mouth ranged over her, licking up and down the furrow of her pussy lips, nibbling her throbbing clit, and generally driving her crazy. He crawled to his knees, raising her ass off the bed, and spread her wide with his fingers as he began stabbing his tongue into her cunt. Lori exploded.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! Oh, god!” she yelled over and over again, arching her back off the bed until only her shoulders connected her to that spot. Balanced there, she ground her pussy lustily into his face. Finally, she could take no more. She screamed.

He brought her down, slowly, lazily licking her sopping pussy as her breathing became more regular and her legs released their anaconda-like hold around his neck. Finally, she could speak.

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