Computer Service Ch. 02

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“Yeah, well, I’ve got to get back and get started on this,” he said as he headed towards the door.

I stopped him and kissed him lightly on his lips. “One it is.”

Standing there in my robe watching him leave it was all I could do not to reach out and grab him and start again. I felt a little like Lilli Von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles swooning as Clevon Little left. I was going to be sore for a while and relished every minute of it. I stood there by the door for a moment longer enjoying the lingering smell of his sweat. It was just nice to be enveloped by the aura of a man again. Knowing he would be bringing my computer back tomorrow was already creating anticipation.

I closed the door headed to the kitchen where I put together a late lunch. All of the sudden I was ravenous. There was a whole group of sensations still coursing through my system that I had not experienced in a long time. As I happily munched my sandwich I luxuriated in the feeling of blood flowing in places too frequently left dormant in recent years. Over time the stress that killed my husband had also eaten away at our intimacy and made inroads to killing our marriage. The abrupt end of all of it in the middle of the night affected the way I saw us as a couple. I missed the closeness of our early years but finally realized that it had eroded over time. My physical being had become quiet and isolated as our personal spaces became increasingly separate.

But oh boy, my body was awake now. Pulsing even. My cage had been rattled and I was a little like an awakened tiger pacing up and down wishing the keeper would return.

Keeper. That was a weird thought. Not sure where that came from. I never felt kept by Kevin when he was alive but maybe was possessed a bit by his ghost. Or had been. Was I trading one keeper for another? Was that what I was looking for?

Well, the pacing metaphor worked. I was having a hard time sitting still so I put down the half-eaten sandwich and went upstairs to put on my running shorts and shoes. I had to move. There was too much going on in my brain and the endorphins generated by three orgasms apparently were not enough to calm things down. So out on the road I went.

Sometimes running is just a drag. It is painful putting that next foot down and all I can think of is getting done. But then there are days like this when I feel like I’m flying and could go forever. After three miles I realized I was still a couple of miles from home and should be heading to the barn. My mind was much calmer now and was walking through the play by play of my encounter with Mark and our agreement on an alternative payment plan to fix my computer. What had ever given me the courage to do that? Somehow Mark just emanated safety. I felt an aura around him and knew that whatever I did would be okay. Apparently my subconscious also had some thoughts on the subject. Before I knew what was happening I had agreed to sex in exchange for repairs. Service for service, as it were. It only started that way, with me servicing him. I’m pretty sure I got the best of the deal. He was a wonderfully tender, intuitive, and resourceful lover.

Even while running I was beginning to feel horny. Definitely time to get home.

I finished with my usual sprint, stopping about a block from the house for a cool down walk home. Once inside, my first thought was a bath. Waiting for the tub to fill (with lots of bubbles, of course) I gave myself a critical once over in the bathroom mirror. All in all happy with the picture. My black hair was damp from running and hung straight down beyond my shoulders. I have never had children so it has been easier for me to maintain a fairly flat stomach. And of course, have never breast fed so my breasts, although proportionally large, were still firm. My hips were maybe a little muscular from running but were still a woman’s hips. And between my runners legs a barely tamed patch of black hair contrasted with the white skin. All in all I was happy with the look of my mid 30’s body.

The bath was ready and I slipped into the bubbles with a sigh of satisfaction so deep it surprised me. My dreamy world became small as the tub and I was content and just lay there letting my mind wander. Of course after a bit it wandered to the events of just a few hours ago when I had sex with a man I had met only an hour earlier. I was still shaking my head about that one. But the course of events unfolded so smoothly as if they were meant to be. When I opened the door, I had a shock of deja vu recognition. Although we had never met and I’m pretty sure I had never even seen him I had this feeling of knowing him. I felt comfortable around him immediately and that is unusual for me. Without being vain I know that men are attracted to me so I am equally reticent about that attention just out of habit, I guess. Maybe having an attractive man in my house for the first time in a year had kicked in my dormant libido or maybe he really did project some special magnetic force. Whatever the reason had I stepped way outside of my usual boundaries offering myself in exchange for necessary repairs.

Well, Kuşadası Escort I actually knelt outside of my boundaries. With a smile on my face, I remember standing there feeling his hand slide up under my dress and his fingers caress the sensitive inside of my thighs traveling slowly up until he reached my panties and the covered lips of my pussy and how fast that turned me on. The only thing I could think of was that I really wanted to get my hands and mouth on his cock. Lying in the tub I mirrored his touch with my own fingers sliding up and down the soapy slit between my legs while I thought of how I knelt down before I had the chance to change my mind, ran my hands up the inside of his firm thighs to that wonderful hard shaft pushing against the front of his pants.

I’ve always been a cocksucker, my mind giggled at the thought. I’ve always loved to touch and lick and consume a smooth warm pulsing shaft. I always thought of my husband’s cock as my own toy whenever I wanted to play with it. Somehow he didn’t mind. This experience with Mark was even more intense.

As I moved my hand through the bath water with increasing pressure up and down my pussy I remembered the feeling of Mark’s cock, the tender, silky skin, the bulbous top and how nice it felt sliding between my hands then between my lips as I slowly took more and more of him in my mouth. My thoughts vacillated between the now, with my pussy pulsing as it filled with blood, and then as I slid my tongue down the underneath part of his shaft. I was climbing the staircase to another orgasm again remembering that pulsing hardness on my tongue as I ever so slowly moved up and down his shaft. The vixen in me had stopped sucking him, looked up and said, “Weren’t you going to do something about backups?”

“Right,” he responded, and went back to the computer.

I returned to my task, my joyful playtime.

Back in my bath, I had homed in on my clit and was softly but insistently massaging it thinking of that slippery cock until the first waves of my orgasm shook me. It was nothing like what I had experienced with Mark earlier in the day but, after all, it was my forth of the afternoon.

After recovering and rinsing the soap off I spent the very late afternoon and evening with a glass or two of wine thinking about this day and the next when Mark was due to return the computer. What was the follow up to the first ‘payments’ on our plan?

My sleep was nearly dreamless and the morning sun woke me early. Back out for a shorter run I felt alive for the first time in nearly a year. Contentment took hold and it was wonderful as I glided along the last mile. Home and a shower later, the contentment was gone and my anxiety at Mark’s return was on the rise.

Looking through my closet only made me crazier as I tried to figure out what to wear. For the return of the computer service man! I laughed out loud and it sounded very nervous to me. After looking at and rejecting an assortment of clothes: Too sexy, too plain, too dirty (how did that get back in the closet?) I decided on a rather plain pair of beige slacks and a simple pastel pink Anne Fontaine button down blouse. I did give into my libido a little with a red Victoria’s Secret lace bra and panties combination.

Just before one I was back downstairs. Nearly on the dot the bell rang.

“Hey,” I said lightly, “You’re back.” He smiled and followed me inside. My stomach was fluttering still. I was jumping back and forth between wanting to jump him and wanting to hold myself back. I was just kind of standing in the computer room wondering what to do next as he put down the computer and plugged it in.

“Let me start this restore,” he said.

“Sure,” I said. Can I get you a.. “

“No,” he cut me off abruptly. Not no thank you. Not not right now. Just no. I didn’t know what to make of that and was just standing there feeling at loose ends trying to figure out what to do with my hands.

Suddenly he was done with whatever he had been doing on the computer and stood up.

He closed the short distance between the two of us, stood right in front of me, not touching, looked in my eyes and said, “You’ve been bad.”

“Excuse me?” What kind of nerve did it take for him to say something like that. My temper was already winding up when he cut it down.

“Your Internet history. You’ve been trolling bad places. You’ve been watching porn movies. It’s where the virus came from.”

“What were you…”

“A bad girl,” again he forcefully cut me off.

And I felt my face flush. A little out of embarrassment but a lot out of getting turned on, and fast. Here was someone standing in my computer room in my house telling me I was a bad girl. On the surface it was outrageous. But the phrase ‘bad girl’ reminded me that in one of the online videos I had watched the woman was put over the knee of a guy and spanked. I had never seen that before and had not really thought about it but the spanking became the spark of my masturbation.

And here this guy who was so sweet and considerate yesterday Kuşadası Escort Bayan and he was telling me that I was a bad girl. From anyone else I would have been really scared. And the words did create some anxiety but they also created electricity between my legs. This was new territory for me and with someone I hardly knew. Well, I knew him, could still feel him inside me from the day before. But I didn’t really KNOW him. And he said, what?

“A bad girl that needs to be punished.”

His look into my eyes was mesmerizing. I felt like I was being hypnotized but it was not a calming thing at all, my body was tingling with anticipation. Of what? What was I getting into? What was he expecting me to do? To say?

Then it dawned on me. He was waiting for permission. Permission to punish me. And it dawned on me at the same time I very much wanted to give him that permission.

“Yes,” I managed with a dry whisper.

“Yes, what?” he said, with some iron in his voice.

I was somewhere between meek, terrified, and totally turned on and had no idea which was the smart place to be. But my answer came out from somewhere inside of me without my volition.

“Yes, I’m a bad girl and I need to be punished,” I whispered.

With that he grabbed my shoulder, spun me around facing the arm of the sofa and pushed me down. My face was in the cushion my hair splayed out. It was not violent but it was forceful. My thoughts were wild but I felt him in total control and for the first time in a long while felt that I could relinquish my control to someone. He had his hand on the center of my back which kept my head down and my butt up. I could see nothing and felt little but the scratchiness of the cushion on my face. Just as I was over analyzing this (as usual) I felt and heard a ‘Thwak’ as his hand came down on one cheek of my butt.

“Owww!,” came out before I could stop it.

‘Thwak’ on the other cheek. Then two more. I was squirming under his hand but he had complete control. I loved it and hated it and resented it and was still turned on all at the same time.

“This isn’t working,” he said. “Too much padding.”

And before I could figure out what that meant he had the side zipper down on my pants and was pulling them down.

“Well,” he said with a smirk in his voice, “Red lace. We are a bad girl today.”

And with that he pulled down my panties and I was completely exposed and open to him and it felt… I realized that it felt wonderful. And about that time, again. ‘Thwak’ on one side and again on the other. Two more and another two and it was really beginning to hurt.

He seemed to get that as he said, “I think that’s enough.”

And he started to softly stroke the places he had just hit. One side then the other. The pressure let up on my back some and my senses started to return. He stroked partially up my back then back down. The nerve endings on my butt were very sensitive and his soft strokes were intensely erotic. Then the hand that was stroking moved down between my legs and my face turned hot in embarrassment as he felt how wet I had become. He moved up and down slowly and gently over the outside of my lips just grazing them. Still softly but with more pressure he pushed against them stroking the lips and surrounding hair.

Then he pushed a finger into me!

I moaned and pushed back into him wanting him deeper. Wanting something larger than his finger. Again as if he could read my mind, I heard a zipper. I smiled as he moved behind me. I could feel the head of his cock against my lips and then his thick shaft slowly penetrated me, filling me up. It was an incredibly sensuous feeling as his cool thighs pushed up against my hot bottom and he pushed further and further into me and I thought it would not stop. He moved as gently now as he had forcefully before and I felt like my pussy was being gently massaged from within while his hands did the same on my back. His caresses matched his movement and I was now helplessly being adored and loved and possessed. That was the word, he was possessing me completely and I was glad to be enveloped.

After a few languorous minutes (at least on my part) of this, he withdrew and I almost cried out, no! But he reached down and drew me up. Turned me around and kissed me full and gently on the lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue do what his cock had just stopped, enter me. I was completely lost and under his tender control.

“Can we go somewhere more comfortable?” he asked.

‘We can go wherever you want to take me right now,’ I thought, but said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

He pulled up his pants and mine. I lead him by the hand up to my bedroom.

I turned, threw my arms around his neck and kissed him as hard as I could. Well, that stirred up the pot again and I could feel the stir stick rising between us. He pulled back and began to unbutton my blouse. I started to help but he said, “No, let me.” That control again. Well, the ride had been nice so far so I guess I’ll just stay on board.

“OK,” I softly said.

He Escort Kuşadası unbuttoned and removed my blouse, unzipped and removed my slacks and I was standing there in all of my Victoria’s Secret. Not so secret.

“Wow,” he said after backing away a bit to look at me, “You are so beautiful,” in such a tone that made me believe him and relax from my self-consciousness.

“Lay down on the bed,” he directed gently.

I complied. Apparently I was going to comply with everything now.

“On your stomach.”

So I did. Feeling a little uncomfortable being the only one in the room undressed or nearly so.

He sat on the bed next to me, still fully clothed, and started to softly stroke my back, working from top to bottom then back. He was just barely touching me and in an entirely sensual but not really sexual way. He was stroking all the way up one side then back down right next to it. As if he was painting my entire back from head to toes with his finger tips careful not to miss a section and just as careful not to overdo one. Just back and forth up and down. It was calming and nearly meditative and I seemed to melt into the bed forgetting all that came before and just living in the nerves touched by those moving fingertips.

After a few minutes, he stopped and unhooked my bra. Lifting up a bit I helped him take it off. He then slid my panties off and I was utterly naked and his. Then the caressing began again with but a small change. As he went down the back of my legs he returned up the inside. Several repetitions of this resulted in his grazing my still wet pussy lips and caused a quick intake of breath from me and a satisfied “Mmmm…” from him. As if he was happy to have elicited the reaction I gave. And so he continued to experiment with touching me here and there on my back. Sliding up the crack of my butt fleetingly touching the tender skin there. I had shivers running up and down my spine preceding and then following that light touch. Finally one of the return trips up the inside of my leg ended with his stopping for a longer time at my pussy lips. I could feel just the barest touch of fingertip on one side up and the other down and returning. It was tantalizingly slow and barely discernible at times.

At turns I wanted him to never stop and then to jam his fingers or something inside me NOW!

This went on for several minutes. Minutes that felt much longer. I was building up to an orgasm for the second time since he had arrived but again he stopped short.

“Turn over,” he whispered.

I complied and looked up into his eyes and saw such sincere tenderness that I took his hand and kissed the fingertips that had been giving me so much pleasure. He took my hand and laid it down by my side again and reached up to rearrange my hair. Then he stood and while gazing down at me, removed his clothes in a manner that showed no inhibitions. We were comfortable together and I was willing to lie there for as long as he wanted and more than happy to watch.

He moved down to the end of the bed and starting with my toes, began kissing each side working up my legs, slowly awakening nerve endings at each kiss moving closer and closer to the center of them all. It seemed to take forever, but a delicious forever. When he was close enough I took his head between my hands, the first thing he allowed me to do since arriving, and caressed the hair and the sides of what I could reach while he continued to work his way up my legs, my thighs and finally, the inside of my thighs to the distended lips of my pussy and there to drink from me.

His tongue became the center of my universe as I pulled him towards me wanting to envelope him. As he allowed me increasing control, I realized I wanted him inside me again more than anything in the world and I pulled him up my body. His body slid up mine until I held his head in front of me and brought his lips down. I could taste myself on them as I felt the hardness of his cock pushing at my entrance then felt it slowly slide in as if made for me. I brought my legs up hooking my heels behind his back and my arms around his shoulders.

Now who was in control? Now who was possessing whom?

I smiled against his lips then gasped as he brought his entire hard body into mine, deeper than I could imagine and began a slow withdrawal as far as I would allow and then a thrusting return. Slow but strong out and in. We moved so well together. I was returning pressure for pressure, thrust for thrust. With my feet behind his back the point of pressure was perfectly on my clit and the result was predictable as we climbed together towards mutual orgasm.

I was losing my mind in the ecstatic build up and up and it was as if we became one being as we crashed at the same time and he brought his lips down on mine just as my orgasm broke and I really lost track of everything.

Then we colapsed on the bed gasping for air. Slowly my pulse subsided and I began to feel the quiet that encompassed the bedroom now we had stopped. One of the things I love the most about my bedroom this time of year is the late afternoon sun. We were in that time of day and it was like lying in an impressionist painting. The sun slices through the room working its way for half an hour or so across the bed. The streams of light were filled with floating dust motes and I luxuriated in the slow stately progression of the light.

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