Confession Time

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Saturday 24th May

I usually enjoy writing my diary. I can usually let my mind roam and my pen will fly across the page, getting my thoughts down on paper as easily as they run through my imagination. This time though, I think it will be different. This time, this entry is at Your insistence. This time, the entry is almost a punishment.

You want me to write out some of my wildest dreams and fantasies. Those I have hugged to myself, deep inside. I hope I can give voice to them. I hope I can do them justice for You.

I am not given the usual freedom of my journal entry – You have insisted that I sit at the computer and write it here. I am to continue chatting on IM with friends. I am to ensure that I continue my chat with one friend in particular – because You know that my biggest fantasy involves Her. You have also insisted that I message Her and tell her what I am doing, and stood over me as I type one of the hardest IM’s exchanges I have ever had to type:

“Please, will You be online for a while?”

‘I might. Why do you ask, little one? I sense you need to tell Me something. I am waiting.’

“Ohhh Ma’am. Master has given me a task, and insists that I tell You about it, and continue my chat with You as I complete the task.”

‘And what is the task, pussy?’

“I must write out my most secret fantasy.”

‘mmmm And I am involved in this?’

“Yes. (blush) “

‘Then I shall certainly stay on here until the task is completed. Maybe I will ask You Master if I may also read it – so write it well. Write it fully. And write it from your heart.’

As You moved away, telling me to make a start, You say that you will be listening to my typing, and had better not hear too many pauses. As I said before – this entry is going to be different, it is going to be hard to write.

I am not entirely sure where my fantasy sprang from. It grew over a time. When I first began speaking with Ma’am, there was nothing sexual at all. Well, there still isn’t. She has her slave. I am happily collared by You. I suppose my mind began to wander when She invited U/us both over to spend some time with Her. I wondered what might Kadıköy Olgun Escort happen.

It grew more when She said that She would be happy to show You Her toy selection. The fantasy took a positive leap forward when I let my mind wander around this. It was further fuel by knowing that She kept Her slave naked much of the time, and knowing that You also desired me naked to serve You at any time of Your choosing.

(I suddenly feel Your presence by my side. You tell me to stand and show me what You have in Your hand. It is the vibrating butt plug. You tell me to bend over, as You are sure this will help focus my mind on the task in hand. I feel You apply lube to my tight arse hole and feel the gentle pressure as You prepare to insert the plug. I try to relax and push back slightly to help with the insertion. You have me sit at the computer again and switch it on full. I jump as the powerful tingles fill my lower body, and you turn it down until it is just moving. A constant reminder of who owns me. Telling me to continue with my task, You walk away again.)

‘How is the entry coming along little one?’ The IM window opens. I hear Your voice in the background, telling me to answer Her question.

“I have finished the introduction, but have yet to actually start on the fantasy, Ma’am.”

‘What’s keeping you then? I think maybe you need to focus on your task, hmmm? Or are you distracted, maybe?’

“Please Ma’am. I am rather distracted.”

‘O O – and what is causing you such distraction?’

“I know that Master is watching me. And … he has just inserted a vibrating butt plug in me. It is ummmmm, well it is not making typing easy.”

‘And are you getting wet, my little one?’

“Yes, Ma’am. I am wet.”

‘You subs are all sluts at heart, aren’t you? Are you a good little slut for your Master?’

“I am a slut. (blush) I do try to be good.”

‘Then continue with Your task. I am also watching you.’

OK. Here goes. My fantasy.

W/we are sitting in Her home. Her slave is out running an errand. She suggests that if You wish to have me naked at Your feet whilst there, then She has no Kadıköy Sarışın Escort objections. You smile Your thanks and order me to stand and strip. I have never been naked in front of anyone other than You, if you discount hospital doctors, that is. I slowly rise and look at You, seeking reassurance. You nod and tell me to get on with it. I strip and wish that my body were slimmer. I can feel Her eyes on my body and my face reddens. You have me kneel a little away from You and invite Her comments. I dare not raise my head, which is now burning. She says that She loves my softness and then abruptly invites You to view Her toy collection. Telling me to stay where I am, You follow Her to the room in which the toys are kept.

She has told me that Her collection is huge, and I wish I could see them too, but know that decision is not mine to make. I settle down to wait, letting my mind wander. I am not sure how much time passes before I hear You call my name. I rise and walk to the room, pausing before I enter. You both look at me and smile. I am directed to the bed and told to lay on my back. Cuffs are placed around my wrists and ankles. A long spreader bar is attached to the ankle cuffs and my legs are spread as wide as they have ever been.

I am pulled to my feet and assisted to turn around, then pushed down onto the bed. I can hear Her tell you about Her heavy flogger and invite you to try using it like … and a thud lands on my arse, making me jump. I can tell that You are the next to land the falls as the swing comes from a different direction. Soon, a different sensation joins it and I guess that She has a different flogger and You are alternating swinging them.

The flogging stops, and I feel Your hand at my cunt. I know it is yours, because I know Your feel well. The hand leaves me, and a different one takes its place. She is not feeling for Herself just how very wet I am. This makes me even wetter. I have never been touched in a sexual way by a woman before. I moan into the bedcovers and hear Her laughing tell You what a wonderful slut You have.

I am pulled to my feet and turned around. I soon find myself on Kadıköy Şişman Escort my back with my legs being hoisted into the air. You start pulling at my nipples, whilst She plays with my cunt. I am whimpering, and telling You I am close, and please may I cum.

You either didn’t hear me, or chose to ignore me, for permission is not forthcoming. I vaguely hear a drawer being pulled open and hear You remark that I would probably enjoy that, but I have no idea what. I feel a slim finger at my arse hole and feel the cold slickness of lube being applied. I gasp as a plug is firmly inserted and suddenly feel full. My need to orgasm is growing, and I pant in the effort to hold back. The plug is taped in place and I hear Her tell you that She had no wish to be hit by flying butt plugs ejected by subs in the throws of a violent orgasm.

I try to raise my head, but am rewarded by a smack to my upturned arse and firmly told not to peek. I flop my head back down, and try hard to concentrate on not climaxing. My task is suddenly made all the harder by a hand, I guess it is Your hand, at my clit again. I beg again to be allowed to cum, but again receive silence as a reply. My moans turn to a gasp as a hug dildo enters me.

As I thrash about, I catch a glimpse of You walking around the bed. I must be getting fucked by Her using a strap on. My entreaties for permission become louder. I am so near the edge that I could loose control at any second. You climb on the bed next to me and lean over, one hand tugging at my tits and the other searching out my swollen clit. I open my mouth in a silent scream and my body convulses in a huge orgasm.

As I calm down and finally come back to my senses, I hear Her remark that She couldn’t remember me being given permission to orgasm.

Master, that is where my fantasy ends, because I usually wake at this point. I find that my heart is racing, my body slick with sweat and my cunt dripping. I have to stop now, Master. I am getting wet, and I do not wish to disturb You by asking permission to go and wipe myself dry.

‘Have you completed your task, little one?’

“Yes Ma’am. I have just finished it.”

‘Then you ought to let your Master read it at once. I am sure He will want to discuss it with you. Ohhh … and pussy – you know … I would certainly punish you for having an orgasm without permission!’

One last point before I call to you … Master – how does She seem to know what I am thinking?

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