Control Ch. 05

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As Emily lay with her mistress wondering about me, I was standing in a warehouse by a loading dock with my hard cock straining at my pants and feeling very turned on, All the sexual stimulation had sent me into over load, and ever since Art had taken the dildo out of my ass I couldn’t help thinking how I wanted it to be filled again. The fact that I was this turned on and in an unfamiliar public place, thinking of doing things that I couldn’t believe I actually did, made me feel very awkward, like there was a giant spot light shining on me and any one who saw me would know all the filthy things that I had been doing.

But I couldn’t stop Art was now beginning to have control of my thoughts as well as my body. I heard something at the far end of the building and looked up to see that Art had opened the door and was motioning for me to come to him, so I did.

I entered the office and Art told me that he had talked Dave who was the owner of the company and we could pick up the racks in a while, as Art was telling me this I was checking out the office, it wasn’t very big, there was a desk and a copier and three other doors that I assumed led to more offices, Art looked down at the bulge in my pants and when he noticed the wet spot he chuckled. It was at this time that I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and as I looked up there was a beautiful woman walking through one of the doors toward us, she had peroxide blond hair that she wore up with little wisps hanging around her face,… blue eyes,… long sexy legs and she was only about 5’ 5” tall but she was very hot, she wore a short skirt, with high heels and a tight fitting blouse, and seeing her my cock got even harder, she walked over and sat at the desk.

Art said “ hey Jen this is Jack he’s the guy I brought with me,… the one I was telling you about” Jen looked up at me and gave me a very warm and flirty smile, and her eyes scanned down my body and stopped at my bulging and wet crotch, she looked shocked,.. And she stared for a second then looked at Art and they both laughed, it was very degrading. I felt a cold shiver up my back, but my cock still throbbed, I was starting to realize that being humiliated and degraded was part of the turn on of being submissive, the dirtier I felt the more I liked it.

The phone rang and Jen answered it and said “O.K., I’ll tell him” she hung up, looked at Art and said “Dave says that everything is arranged and he will be with you in a few minutes”

Art said,… Great than if we still have some time would it be alright if we borrow that office over there for just a couple of minutes” as he pointed to a door to our right.

Jen said,… sure help your self.

Art then took the bag from my hand and led me into the other office and shut the door. I was wondering what was going on why did he need to bring me in here did he want another blowjob,… and if so he was being very obvious in front of Jen, increasing my embarrassment. She was a hot chick I didn’t want her to know that I was going into this office to suck Art’s cock, but I did as Art ordered me to and followed him in.

Once the door was shut Art looked at me and laughed as he said “ you sure do look ridiculous with that wet spot on there your pants, and clearly Jen thought so too”

I felt ashamed and dirty, just as art wanted me to, his control over me was increasing and he took advantage of that at every opportunity.

Art told me to take off my clothes, fold them and give them to him, once I did he reached his hand out and grabbed the head of my cock and began to rub it with his thumb as he had done in the truck, with in a few seconds the burning sensation had returned and I was soon gasping for breath. Now I was standing there completely naked with Art holding on to the head of my stiff cock while it jumped and twitched at every movement of his thumb, and this beautiful woman whom I had just met was right on the other side of the door, probably able to hear everything that was going to happen.

Are you excited?…. He asked.

Yes! … very!…

He stepped closer and ran his hand down the shaft of my cock and held on to my balls applying firm pressure, he then said,

Do you want to get fucked?… as he squeezed my nuts.

Yes …I answered.

He reached his other hand around behind me and started rubbing my butt, then spread my cheeks and pushed a finger hard against my asshole and began working it around in a circle, the feeling was incredible my cock was so hard it ached, and it was dripping a steady flow of pre-cum, Art then said,

So you want to get fucked in your ass?… like a little bitch?…

Yes!… like a bitch Art.

Are you my slut?

Yes!… I am your slut.

Well if you’re my slut you’ll do what ever I want,… fuck when ever I want, or fuck who ever I want you to.

Art was still squeezing my balls and fingering my asshole, and it was making me so hot that I couldn’t think straight,… I hesitated for a second but I was in such a state of heat that Maltepe escort bayan I just gave in and said ,

Yes!…I’ll fuck when ever and who ever you want.

Good!…he said as he pulled his away from me.

Now,… Bent over and put your hands on your ankles!… He ordered.

As I bent forward he reached in to the bag and pulled out a bottle of oil, he spread my asshole open with his fingers and stuck the tip of the bottle in and slowly squeezed it. I could feel the oil shooting inside me, he pulled it out and squeezed more on my the outside of my asshole, and all around in my crack and on my butt cheeks, when he was done oiling my whole ass, he reached back in the bag and got out a black magic marker and wrote something on my back, then he said that he had forgotten something and he walked out the door.

I was left standing bent over with my ass slathered in oil and my cock throbbing between my legs. I felt so dirty, but Art had made sure that I was so sexually worked up that I wasn’t even myself, I wasn’t really any body, just his sexual play thing to be used as he pleased.

What was he doing? I wondered, I could barely hear Art through the door asking Jen for something, I couldn’t make out what he said, but I did hear her reply “oh yes!.. I have the perfect thing” Twenty seconds later Art came back through the door and ordered me to stand up and turn around, he immediately grabbed me and started to do something to the base of my cock right behind my balls, I felt a pinching sensation and when I looked down I saw that he had tied a pink ribbon around the base of my cock and balls, it was tight and it made my cock throb even harder if that was possible. He reached back in the bag and pulled out a short piece of rope, about three feet long that had slip knot and a loop at one end, he put the loop around my neck and let the rest hang down my chest and dangle by my cock.

He then looked at me and said,… Listen to my instructions and do EXACTLY what I tell you,… you will do anything that you are told to do,…you will submit completely, and never protest,… and you will not speak, the only word that you are allowed to say is Yes. do you understand?

Yes…. I responded.

He then grabbed the rope around my neck and led me across the room to a door at the back, opened the door and said “remember my instructions, follow them or be punished” and he shoved me out the door and slammed it behind me. I took a few steps before I realized that I was out in the warehouse not to far from the loading dock where we entered, the dirty cement floor was cool on my feet as I continued to walk farther in.

I stopped and stood in a open area, and I don’t know why but it excited me to no end to be exposed as I was there, it was dream like and totally erotic, I had felt the air passing over my cock as I had walked to this spot, I felt like I was high, my head was buzzing, but there had been no drugs just nonstop sexual stimulation.

As I stood there, I could see a guy in the distance loading something on a forklift but in my confused state of arousal I didn’t think much about it, I just continued to stand there enjoying the feeling, when suddenly he stopped what he was doing and looked down toward me, then turned away, then looked back toward me again as if he couldn’t believe what he had just seen, he put his hands on his hips, and stared at me for a moment.

Then he got in the forklift started it up and headed directly for me fast, I was suddenly hit in the face with reality, I’m standing here naked, completely shaved,

with my ass oiled up, a rope around my neck, and a pink bow around my cock.

What the hell had I been thinking, I had been running on a sexual high all day, almost in another world as Art’s sex slave, and I had really lost myself in that role, but now this guy was probably going to kick my ass. My instincts told me to run, but I didn’t know weather Art had sent me out there so I would be forced to hide rather than be humiliated or to stand out in the open and be discovered, I guess it was a little late to think of this now since the guy on the forklift was closing in on me fast and beeping as he got closer. I just stood there frozen, I was never so scared in my entire life, my heart was beating out of my chest and I felt like I couldn’t breath, the forklift roared up next to me and before it was completely stopped the guy jumped off right in front of me, he was a big rough looking guy maybe 6’ 2” 220 lb he looked at me in disbelief and said,


He reached out and picked up the rope that was around my neck looked at it then let it fall again, he circled around me mumbling to him self. I stood there feeling more than embarrassed, I felt dizzy and I had such a lump in my throat that I could barely swallow, when he got behind me he stopped and paused for a second then he said,

Oh really!…. So that’s it…. Then he came back around it front of me, and he looked me up and down and noticed my cock was rock Escort Maltepe hard and dripping, then he very sarcastically said,

Isn’t that a pretty pink ribbon,….. so you want to get fucked huh?…. you little bitch!

This was now by far and absolutely the most humiliating experience of my life, and it was clear that Art had written “fuck me” on my back. I knew that there could only be one answer, so as Art had instructed me I said,


He said, I bet you do!… You come out here with that little pink ribbon around your dick,…your ass all greased up,… and a leash around your neck like a dog,…. I just bet you do!… well I’ll just have to make sure you get what you‘re looking for.

And he grabbed the end of the rope and started to walk pulling me behind him. He led me down a long isle between two huge rows of ceiling high shelving, he was walking at a fast pace and it was hard to keep from stumbling as he yanked on the rope. The situation had gone past real and was beginning to seem dreamlike again, I couldn’t tell which feeling was stronger, fear or excitement. He picked up a radio from his hip and said,

Hey Joe!

The voice replied back Yeah Pete what’s up?

Man You’re not going to believe what’s up!…Where are you?

I’m in the back.

Good, stay where you are, I’ll be there in a second.

He turned and looked at me, again looking me up and down and said to him self, “ This should be interesting”. I was already very nervous and that comment only made me more so, I wondered what this guy was going to do with me, but I was completely submissive to him, as Art had instructed me to be.

We turned a corner and then walked behind several very tall stacks of wooden pallets, the guy with my rope in his hand who the voice on the radio had called Pete, looked at me and said, “stop here” Then he called out “Hey Joe”, that’s when the other guy appeared from behind some of the pallets, he was just a big as Pete, but he had a fat belly that hung over his belt.

He scanned me up and down and said, “no shit!… where the fuck did you get that”

Pete answered,……. I found it just standing right out in the middle of the floor up front.

Joe laughed when looked down at the pink ribbon tied around my hard and throbbing cock and he said,

What are you all dressed up for! And they both laughed.

The situation was becoming more degrading by the minute, but my excitement continued to build.

Pete then yanked me around so my back was to Joe, and he read aloud what Art had written there, “ Fuck me”…Oh … so you need a good fucking!… Do you want us to fuck you?… You horny little bitch!

I was shaking, either from fear or sexual excitement I don’t know, but my cock was tingling and I was very aware of the oily feeling all over my ass, I was extremely turned on by the whole situation, and I knew it was true I did want to be fucked, I was craving it.

I answered him,…Yes!

Joe grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and Pete slapped me across my face 4 or 5 times, stared into my eyes and said, “well you’re about to get just what you deserve”

Pete looked at Joe and nodded, then Pete yanked on the rope and put it between his legs and pulled it up behind him, I was dragged down by the neck until my face was in his crotch, he then sat on a waist high pile of pallets pinning the rope under him and me to his lap. Pete grabbed my arms and held them behind my back by my wrists. I was bent over at the waist, my face was now pinned to the bulge in his pants, my arms held behind my back, with my legs stiff and my ass in the air.

We’ll teach you to go around naked begging to be fucked like a horny little bitch!… Joe said.

I heard what sounded like Joe unbuckling his pants. I was breathing very heavy and imagining how his cock was going to feel in my ass, when I heard a whistling sound and a quick snap and I felt a sharp pain shoot through me, and before I could even figure out what happened it came again with a loud crack, the pain was even worse with the second hit, and the smacks kept coming and the pain became unbearable, Joe was apparently standing behind me whipping my ass with his belt, and I was crying in pain into Pete’s lap. My ass was on fire and I couldn’t breathe from the pain. After about ten or twelve hits he stopped, reached out and grabbed my balls hard and said,

Who’s bitch are you now?… are you our bitch?

YES!.. I said. Barely able to speak through the tears.

Are you ready to get fucked by us right here and now?

YES!…I said again.

I was still crying as I spoke and my ass was still flaming from the whipping that I had just received, but I did want them to fuck me, I wanted them to abuse me, these two guys were so rough and brutal I just wanted to be totally dominated by them.

Pete pulled his cock out and told me to suck it, and as I did I felt Joe put his fingers on my asshole and start to rub them around, my cock was Maltepe Rus Escort twitching and drooling a long strand of pre-cum down to the floor Joe slid two fingers into my ass and started to pump them in and out, as I kept a steady pace on Pete with my mouth.

To have my ass fingered while I had a cock in my mouth felt sensational, it was so dirty. I could feel Pete’s cock swelling and his body tensed as he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth and I drank every bit of it. I was learning that the feel and taste of cum in my mouth fueled my sexual fire, and made me feel nasty and horny.

Pete never really got soft and I just kept sucking him, I could feel his cock beginning to swell again and I thought He was going to cum second time, but in stead he stood up and said,

Alright Joe… move over, I found him and that means I get to fuck him first!

Joe didn’t argue he just walked around in front of me dropped his pants, sat down and said, “ lick my balls bitch”. And I immediately did, He had very big balls and I could only get one in my mouth at a time, but I really enjoyed the feeling or having my face pressed between his legs with his balls in my mouth and his hard cock twitching against my cheek.

Then I felt Pete pressing his cock against my asshole causing it to stretch open, but I was so turned on that it didn’t take much effort for him to slide right in, he pushed all the way in with one smooth motion, this was the first time I had ever had a cock in my ass and the feeling was more than incredible, it was warm and it caused slight burning sensation with every stroke, and each time he drove it in all the way I could feel the pressure through my entire abdomen, causing me to involuntarily moan from my gut.

I was now sucking Joe’s cock and squeezing his nuts when I felt him begin to twitch, he grabbed my hair pulled my head back a little and said,

Open your mouth wide!… and keep squeezing my balls I want to watch myself cum into your mouth.

I did as he said and I saw his cock swell and he moaned real loud, the first shot went straight in my mouth and the second hit my face, the third and fourth hit my neck and chest, and I licked the last drops off the tip of his cock.

Seeing Joe cum must have set Pete off because he began to pump harder at my ass and I could feel his cock swelling up huge, he pulled me back to him by my hips and drove his cock in as hard as he could, I felt his hot cum shooting inside of me, filling my ass, I loved it! I never had any idea that it would feel so good to have a guy fuck me and cum in my ass, and I was now enjoying every minute of this.

Joe stood up in front of me and told me to suck his balls again and as my tongue touched his sack I could feel Pete slip out of my ass, I felt so dirty, so nasty and disgusting, but I was never more sexually excited in my life than I was at that moment, my cock was twitching and jumping, my asshole was literally vibrating, and even though I had not yet had an orgasm there was a stream of cum running from the head of my cock, and all I could think of was that I wanted to get fucked again.

I didn’t have to wait long, Joe was hard again and he wasted no time in getting behind me and shoving his cock all the way in, his cock was bigger than Pete’s and it reached farther in than Pete’s did causing a pleasurable pain deep inside me as he stretched me open, I was rocked by what felt like lightening bolts with every stroke he made as he hit the same spot in me that Art had with the night stick, I was trembling and I could feel my orgasm building as he fucked me. I could also tell that it wouldn’t be long before Joe came, because his cock was quickly swelling to what seemed like twice the size it had been.

Joe’s cock was now hard as stone, and I didn’t think I could take much more if it got any bigger. Suddenly he reached under me and grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them firmly, the pain from this shot up through my stomach into my throat and made me feel like the top of my head was going to blow off!

That was all I could take, I thought I was going to black out! I was tingling and shaking all over, and I was moaning in time with his thrusts so loud that I was almost yelling.

I gripped onto the pallets in front of me with every bit of strength that I could find to keep from falling, and I slammed my ass back onto him as hard as I could trying to force his engorged cock in even deeper. Long streams of cum were now shooting out of my own cock onto the floor, with every squeeze of his hand on my balls I shot another long blast, as if he was actually pumping the cum out of me with his grip. The feeling was incredible! And even though it was some what painful and very intense, I didn’t want it to end.

My climax must have pushed Joe over the edge because he pulled his cock out and started grinding it up and down the crack of my well oiled ass, and he came shooting huge spurts of hot cum all over my back. It made me feel so filthy to have his cum all over me which helped to increase the intensity of my own orgasm. He then pushed his cock back in my ass to shoot the last drops of his cum inside me, all the time he never stopped squeezing my balls, draining every last drop of cum out of me and prolonging my orgasm for longer than I thought possible.

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