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All characters are over the age of eighteen.

I’ve been working on communicating the time jumps, please let me know if you have difficulty following the narrative.


Jake never understood the saying ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’, not until the day he suddenly saw his mother in a new light. He’d come home from work and walked into the kitchen where he saw a woman bent over, looking into the fridge. Her top half was hidden by the open door, but the bottom half was completely visible to his hungry eyes.

Smooth, lean, bare legs were straight as she bent over at the waist, the round plump cheeks of her ass had been poured into a tight white skirt that hugged her every curve. Jake could only stop and stare dumbly as his brain disengaged and he felt his cock stir in his jeans. He didn’t know how long he stood there, but he memorized the way the material was caught between the flesh of her leg and her buttock. His mouth watered as the desire to grab that cheek and bite it gently overtook him. He’d seen asses like that before, but only on the internet.

Beneath the white material he could make out the high waisted panty line that curved around the cheek, disappearing over her hip. In his mind he could feel his fingers sliding along that sweet line and pulling her against his groin. He’d make her feel the effect her body had on him. He’d show her good!

And then his mother stood up.

“Hi baby!” Elaine said cheerfully. “You okay?” she asked when her son couldn’t respond right away.

Jake stammered, unable to answer. His brain was foggy, and unable to process the fact that it was his mother he’d been fantasizing about. He tried to turn away, but stumbled as he tried to move, catching himself on the table.

“Jake? Baby?” Elaine rushed to his side, taking hold of his shoulders to steady him. “You okay?”

“Damn, that’s hot.” Jake nodded to his mother, assuring him he was alright and then made his way towards his room.

He turned once to take another look and found her watching him closely. His mother stood in the streaming sunlight, her pretty face framed by blond locks that seemed to be perfectly tousled about her face. An ivory silk blouse covered her top, her breasts pushing out at the sides completing the hourglass figure he’d never seemed to notice before. His mother was fucking hot, how did he not know this?

Jake lay down in his room, replaying the moment over and over again. He could not shake the image of his mother bent over and how it had made him feel. As he pictured her his body responded to the memory and soon his cock was at full mast and aching for release. Still, their lingered doubt and shame. She was his mother for god’s sake! He couldn’t toss off thinking about her! What kind of perv does that?

** *

Days later Jake was dressed for a dinner out with his parents. He waited on the couch, watching television with his father while his mother got ready. When at last she came out he was stunned once again. Her hair was done up like a 1940’s starlet, all soft and perfectly coifed. Bright, red lips and flawless skin with a strand of pearls draped around her neck, she was more beautiful than he’d ever remembered. She wore a navy blue dress with large white buttons under her tits, a wide collar split into a deep plunging neckline and her cleavage was breathtaking. A sea of breast flesh was on display and he could feel his jaw go slack.

“Damn baby, you look good!” his father said with a quick whistle.

Jake noticed that his mother thanked her husband, but her eyes never left his. She seemed to be enjoying the way he was looking at her, almost as if she were daring him to drink her in. Jake could only nod when his father asked him if he agreed, afraid to speak and have his voice betray him.

He followed his mother out the door, enjoying the way her ass swayed from side to side as she walked in front of him. His father got in the driver’s seat and Jake was about to open the back door when he caught that his mother was waiting at her door. Quickly, he grabbed the door handle and helped his mother to her seat. As she sat down he caught sight of the tops of her stockings. The white hose was capped in a lacy pattern and then the dress pulled up another inch and he could see the tops of her thighs.

Jake could imagine sliding his hands up those legs, hearing the soft whisper urging him higher and higher, to push her skirt up and discover all that was hidden beneath. He licked his lips, his mouth suddenly dry and then he looked up in fear. His mother was watching him, her eyes intently boring into his, as if she could read every thought as if they’d been written on his face. He mumbled an apology, but his mother’s face never betrayed a hint of displeasure.

He sat in the back of the car in silence as his parents spoke casually on the way to the restaurant. He was grateful not to have to say anything, his thoughts were far from anything he cared to discuss with his father in Nevşehir Escort the car. “Hey dad, did you notice Mom is incredibly fuckable tonight?”

At dinner Jake sat across from his father, his mother between them in a semi circle booth. He spent most of the night stealing peeks at his mother’s breasts, his heart skipping a beat when she would laugh and the soft orbs would jiggle. He worried that she would catch him and she did, but she didn’t seem to be upset by his leering. She arched her eyebrow in a questioning manner, as if she might be asking if he approved. Jake certainly approved, his steel pole was a testament to her desirability.

“I’ll go find the waiter,” his father announced when Elaine mentioned that she needed more coffee after the dishes had been cleared. Jake watched his father get up and suddenly he worried that his mother might be using the ploy to get him alone to chastise him for his wandering eyes. She stared at him, her head tilted down and away from him in a coy manner and she gave him a seductive smile. Jake felt his heart melt and he blushed deeply, the warmth creeping up from some unseen furnace. Elaine stirred the remnants of her coffee and then tapped the spoon on the rim of her cup. She dropped the spoon and it fell to the floor. Jake froze, he wanted to dive for the spoon, but he couldn’t do that, his mother wouldn’t stand for such brazen behavior.

“Jake, will you grab that for me?” she whispered softly. Looking about to see if anyone was paying attention to them.

His heart was pounding so loudly, it was a wonder not everyone in the restaurant could hear it. Jake couldn’t believe that his mother suggested the very thing he’d been hoping to do! He nodded quickly and then scooted out of the booth. Crawling on his knees, he ducked under the table cloth and disappeared from view.

Jake could see her legs, the soft sheen of the hose sparkling dully in the dim light beneath the table. Beneath the blue skirt he could just make out a pair of white panties covering her pussy, or maybe he imagined it, he couldn’t be sure. His heart raced even faster as his mother spread her knees apart and he could see up to the vee where her legs came together. He stared so hard that he might have willed her legs to spread! Now, with more light, he could make out her underwear more clearly. They were lace trimmed and satin, and was that a damp spot he was seeing?

“Better hurry up, darling. Don’t want your father catching you under the table,” his mother said sweetly, as if she were offering him a treat if he finished his chores.

Jake scrambled to find the spoon and when his fingers wrapped around the cold metal, he pushed out from under the table. As he sat down his father came into view, the waiter in tow. His mother declined dessert after her cup was refilled.

Jake tried to catch her eye, but she refused to look at him. Was she upset? Was she going to say something to his father? He hadn’t done anything more than she’d asked, right? He didn’t pry her legs apart. Did she blame him for what had happened?

* * *

On the car ride home Jake’s mind was a twisted mess. He fretted, clenching and unclenching his sweaty fists as he tried to understand his mother’s manner. Of course she was mad, he had looked up her skirt! She didn’t open her legs for him to look, it was accidental; she was only adjusting her legs for comfort. Jake was the pervert who had spied on his mother, surely she was trying to find a way to explain this to his father, who in no way would take kindly to his son trying to peep on his wife!

When they arrived home, Jake excused himself to his room quickly. He took off his clothes and lay down in the bed in just his underwear, staring at the ceiling as he relived the moment of seeing his mother’s panty covered sex. So many years under the same roof and he’d never noticed what a hot piece of ass his mother was! How could that happen? And now, within just a week he’d not only noticed, but his over excited hormones had creeped his mother out!

Still, despite the shame and worry, he couldn’t help but be aroused by her. Even as he lay and worried about his mother and what she might say, he could feel the effect her body was having on him. He slowly stroked his cock through his boxer shorts, teasing himself as he imagined her as she came out of the bedroom in her dress looking like a sexy starlet and then as he looked up her dress. He couldn’t feel all bad about what happened, he’d do it again he knew.

As he lay in the soft glow of his bedside lamp the door opened and his mother was standing there watching him. Jake froze, knowing that he’d been caught, but to jerk his hands away would only confirm his guilt. He slowly let go of his cock and tried to act as if he’d been doing nothing inappropriate, except for the fact that he was fully hard and his cock couldn’t be hidden.

His mother looked down the hall, then stepped into his room and closed the door quietly. She Nevşehir Escort Bayan was still wearing her pearls and her lips were still a bright red. She’d taken off the dress and had put on a short dressing robe that came to about mid thigh. In the soft lamplight he could see her smooth thighs and her delicate looking calves, so toned and shapely. She held the top of the robe closed and the swell of her breasts threatened to spill out.

Jake swallowed hard, his cock beginning to throb as he took in the sight of her. It was like a dream, or a porn movie where the starlet offers herself to the unsuspecting man. He began to tremble, unsure if he was once again reading more into the situation than was really there and his fear began to win out over his rampaging libido.

“Yes?” he croaked. His mother smiled and moved closer to the bed, coming to stand right next to him. If she had moved right up against the bed he could have looked up her robe, Jake thought, but she stopped short. A soft scent emanated from her and he became heady with it. He could feel his mind swim and he was forced to close his eyes as he was overtaken. A moment later he opened his eyes and once again she gave him that appraising smile.

“Did you get a good look?” his mommy asked softly.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Under the table. Did you get a good look?” Jake couldn’t read her tone, but he felt as if he was being set up. That if he admitted it she would yell for his father and his fate would be sealed.

“No mom, I didn’t see anything. It was dark and I was looking for the spoon.” He searched her eyes, begging silently for her to believe him. His face was written in panic and he could feel his body tensing, ready to bolt from the room if necessary.

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Her words didn’t make sense. Jake’s brain tried to understand but the synapses that fired off kept coming up with an error. She wasn’t mad? Why wasn’t she mad? Surely she was mad. Maybe she’s mad and that’s why she’s not mad? He stared at her blankly, unable to make sense of her words.

“Well in that case, here. Look now.”

Jake’s heart nearly burst from his chest as his mother pulled open the robe and revealed her body to him. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts hung freely from her chest, like heavy melons, round and succulent. He could make out the tight, stiff nipples that were pointing out in desperate need. Surrounding each nipple her flesh was tightened up into crinkly nerve bundles begging to be kissed.

His eyes slid down her body slowly, etching forever into his memory the sight of his mother’s naked form. A slightly rounded tummy below her breasts as his eyes moved lower until he could see the vee of her sex. A light trail of soft pubic hair led to her pussy that was devoid of any hair at all. Even in the dim light he could see the lips of her sex, puffy, pouty and slightly damp. Pink on the outer ridges, but a deeper red peeked out. He would have sold his soul to touch her pussy. He could smell her perfume even more strongly now, it filled his nostrils and he breathed her in deeply.

And then she closed her robe. Jake’s eyes darted up to hers and he could see the hunger in them, burning away at all those restraints that keep a person from breaking all the rules that have bound them their whole lives.

“I thought you might like these,” his mother said and she reached into the small pocket of her robe and pulled out a piece of satin. She dropped it on his chest and then she was walking away. Jake paid no mind to the gift she’d left him, instead he stared fixedly as her ass swayed before his eyes on her way out of his room. It was a long moment before he looked away, his mind replaying the scene over and over again, making certain that every second was fully committed to memory.

He grabbed the satin that she left on his chest and he spread it open before him with both hands. It was her panties! The one’s he’d seen on her underneath the table. And they were still warm. And damp! His cock ached painfully now and without a second thought he stripped his own underwear off and he began to stroke himself.

He pressed the satin and lace panties to his face and breathed in deeply, the smell of his mother’s pussy fueling his desire as he jerked his cock fiercely. There was no need for a build up, he was already as aroused as he could ever be, he just needed to cum. God, he wished he could have his mother’s pussy in his face as he stroked himself. He’d love to eat her, tasting her wetness, kissing her lips and then pushing his tongue deep inside of her! To feel her grind herself on his face would drive him crazy, it was making him mad with lust just thinking about it.

What would he do if she came back into the room? Would he stop? Hell no! He’d look her right in the eyes, the wanton desire blatant on his face as he jerked off to her panties. He’d stare at her and shoot his cum high into the air! Oh god! What if she came back Escort Nevşehir and sat on the bed, watching him closely, her own desire overcoming her senses and she began to touch herself? Jake groaned loudly, unable to care if anyone could hear him.

He huffed and stroked his cock, his hips thrusting against the rhythm of his hand, imagining fucking his mother, her body trapped above him as he drove himself into her hot cunt, her wetness soaking him as she came over and over on his invading cock. He’d cum inside his mother whether she wanted it or not. He’d claim her, mark her as his own!

Jake took the panties off his face and wrapped them around his cock, the satin panel where his mother’s pussy had made a wet spot pressed against the head of his sex. He fucked her panties furiously. Only a couple of strokes more and he was cumming, shooting his hot seed into them. He groaned as each pulse poured out of him, soaking the soft material completely. When at last he was spent he pulled the panties off his cock.

He held the soiled underwear loosely, staring at them in disbelief. In exhaustion he fell asleep.

* * *

Jake awoke naked and haunted by a hundred dreams of making love to his mother, fucking her wildly, kissing her deeply. In many she came to him willingly, in some he had to push her over the precipice into depravity, but in each she succumbed to him. His mind was awash in desire and confusion.

The panties were missing. He couldn’t find them anywhere. He flung clothes and books everywhere searching for them, but they weren’t in his room. Jake was in a panic, but he couldn’t be late for work, so he gave up and decided he’d look afterwards.

It was pointless for him to be at work. He couldn’t concentrate and he made so many mistakes that his boss threatened to fire him more than once. Finally, his boss sent him home an hour early. Thanking his boss for his understanding, Jake promised that he’d be better the next day and went home.

He walked into the house and immediately smelled cookies. It had been years since his mother had baked, memories came flooding back as he breathed deeply. He stepped into the kitchen and found his mother working at the stove. She was dishing batter onto a sheet with an apron tied about her body, but her back was bare.

Jake looked closer and saw that his mother was wearing nothing more than the white hose from the night before, a pair of white heels, and her pearl necklace aside from the apron. His cock immediately began to harden as he stared at her. Once again he felt light headed as he watched her work slowly. Without thinking he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down around his thighs as he began to stroke his cock. Within seconds he was completely hard.

She finished dishing the cookie dough and opened the oven door, leaning over to put the sheet inside. He could see the lips of her sex as she bent over, the flower petals opening as he gazed at her. Her legs were pressed close together, making the her pussy look pouty and demanding. Jake’s mind was clouded in lust as he watched her and he began to move forward slowly.

Elaine stepped to her right, moving away from the stove. Jake followed her, his body on autopilot as it was engaged in fulfilling the desires of his lust. Stepping behind her, he pushed her into the counter, his hands taking hold of her hips and pressing her against the counter.

“Jake!” his mother gasped. “What are you doing?”

He could hear her, but the words were meaningless to him. He took hold of his cock and pointed it at the red lips of her pussy, pressing himself against her so that her sex could kiss his, and then suck him inside.

“Oh fuck!” Elaine moaned, her voice cracking as her son pushed himself into her.

Jake felt his mother brace herself against the counter and then she pushed back.His cock sank into her fully, her hot cunt sheathing his pulsing cock easily, squeezing him tightly as he bottomed out on his first stroke.

“Oh baby!” his mother squealed, as he pulled out until only the head of his cock was within her grasp and the he pushed into her again, hard. He began to fuck her fiercely, his cock battering her pussy, his balls slapping against the back of her thighs as his rhythm quickly drove her to a succession of quick orgasms.

“Got to fuck you,” Jake grunted, drone like. He wasn’t really talking to her, only giving voice to the demands he was responding to. “Got to fuck you, Mom. Can’t take it anymore.”

Jake felt his mother cum, her pussy clamped down on his cock, flooded him with her wetness that flowed out and onto his thighs. Her body shook with ecstasy as he continued to pound her from behind, the steady beat of his thighs against her backside punctuated by the sweet moans she made with each stroke. Jake huffed as he drove into her, trying vainly to hold back the tide for as long as possible as he worked toward his release, the sweet torture driving him to undiscovered heights of pleasure.

“Hurry baby, your father will be home soon!”

Jake felt himself explode, his eyes only seeing white hot stars as his cum rocketed out of his shaft and into his mother’s pussy. The delirium of such forbidden lust overtook him and he realized he never knew sex could be so good, so life changing.

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