Country Life Ch. 01

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I was raised at an estate in southern Sweden in the thirties. I have two elder sisters but no brothers.

My life was very sheltered with few social contacts outside the family. I went to school in a small nearby town but didn’t socialize much with the other students after school. My mother made sure that my free time was filled with educational activities both physical and cultural. I learnt to ride a horse as well as play the piano and sing. She brought teachers for my sisters and me once or twice a week during the semesters.

The result was that both my sisters and I were very innocent and naïve.

In summer holidays we had much free time. We all liked swimming including my mother. Already from our colt hood she had taken us down to our private, sheltered place at the small lake. The weather didn’t matter. She insisted that we should take our daily swim as soon as the water got warm enough. And “warm” in her opinion was not much over freezing point. But the lake was shallow and warmed up quickly.

As we spent so much time in the water we became good in all sorts of water activities.

My mother had another fixed idea. We should bathe in the nude. It was not only because swim suits weren’t common in rural Sweden in those days and were thick and clumsy. Mother always said that we would get deceases from wet and cold swim suits against the body. So she had decided that swimming should be done in the nude.

From my point of view it was not a problem. From early age I saw my mother and sisters naked. I thought nothing of it. My father never swam in the afternoon. He was too busy running the estate. And there were no other males around regularly.

In summertime mother frequently had friends staying, spending some time with her. Especially one friend from her childhood spent a week or two with us every summer. But there were several others.

When we had male visitors bathing was separated. The women swam with us and the men on their own or stayed at the house with a nice drink.

My mother’s female friends also had to swim in the nude. Some protested when they were on their first or second visit but mother was very persuasive and in the end they all did as mother said. So I saw a lot of naked females when I grew up. Most of them of course of my mother’s age but now and then they brought their daughters.

My sisters and I always played in the water. They were older but I was a boy and always strong for my age. So I could cope with them.

– – – –

My last school holiday summer had just began. I had turned 18 in March and next semester was my last in school. In the following spring I was going to graduate and take the exam that in Sweden is called the maturity exam. Then I was going to University.

The first time that summer we went to bathe I watched both my sisters and my mother with great interest. I noticed how my sisters’ breasts had developed. Compared with my mother’s they were still small. But especially my eldest sister had a pair that was nicely rounded with pink cherries in the middle. They were firm and pointed out and they appealed to me.

But what really struck me was how their pussy hair had grown and developed since last year. Real nice bushes that covered their mons. And their bodies seemed to have become much more womanly.

Over the years I had seen the bodies of my sisters develop. I noticed when my eldest sister showed up in the beginning of one summer with hair on her pussy. But at that time it had meant very little to me. I guess I understood that she was growing up and that she eventually would look like my mother down there. But it seemed like a natural thing that didn’t change anything. And since she acted natural I just noticed it.

The first time we went swimming two years later my younger sister showed up with a small pointed beard on her mons. I noted it with some interest since I had got hair around my cock myself. Over the following years I watched the growth of their pussy hair and how soft it seemed to be. It covered their mons so nicely. I started to compare their pussy bushes with those of mother’s friends. Since her friends were grown women most of them had bushes that were both bigger and thicker. Some were real furs. But a few had very little hair or no hair at all. Some had thick hair but had it cropped short. I also noticed the difference between blondes and dark haired woman where the blondes seemed to have bushes that were thinner than the dark haired women. Or maybe it was only the different colors that made them look that way.

I also noticed how my sisters got breasts. Very small titties to begin with but they grew over the years and became real nice breasts. Not as big as mothers’ or the breasts of her friends but they were firm and perky and bounced when they ran.

To be honest I had to admit that suddenly I liked watching the nude bodies of my sisters and my mother. I got feelings in my loins that were new to me although I didn’t fully understood what it canlı bahis meant.

We had a new maid in the house that summer. She was much younger than the former maid, in her late twenties I guess. She had a plain looking face with a big friendly smile that she used often, a sharp contrast to the former one.

When the weather was fine my sisters and I often went swimming early in the afternoon when our mother still was digesting her lunch. She was very cautious about not to swim on a full stomach. You could get cramp, she said. Basically that time was reserved for the cook and maid to bathe but the cook and the former maid seldom did. Thus we didn’t care about that schedule.

The first time the new maid, Lena was her name, came to the lake to bathe she stopped dead at the end of the path from the house when she saw us. We were of course naked as usual. I now guess she was surprised that we swam together in the nude. We weren’t exactly children any more.

She looked at us. First she looked me over and then my sisters in turn. With a faint smile and a glint in her eyes she looked back at me.

She hesitated for a while before she made a decision and came forward.

“May I join you?” She asked.

“Yes of course, please do,” answered my eldest sister Eva.

“But I haven’t got a swimsuit. I thought nobody would be here,” Lena said smiling. She wasn’t hesitating. She just covered her back.

“Oh, we haven’t either. We never use swimsuits. Hasn’t mother told you? She always does,” my younger sister Ylva said. “And don’t worry about Anders. He is always swimming with us women,” she added innocently.

“Is that a fact? Well then, I really would like to swim. It’s such a lovely weather,” Lena said and stepped forward to the bench where we put our clothes.

The following minutes I have remembered in detail ever since. I can recall them for my inner sight, even in color and I do it quite often.

For the first time in my life a woman really turned me on. Out of nowhere my mind and senses picked up the knowledge of the female charms. I suddenly knew where to look and admire and why. The curves, the hair, the breasts, the pussy hair that shields the secret heaven, the round ass, thighs and more. And also that the female body holds a lot of mysteries.

Lena stood before us. She didn’t turn away to undress. She wore a plain white blouse and a long summer skirt. She unbuttoned the blouse and took it off. Underneath she had a slip. She took off her skirt and we saw that the slip was only mid-thigh length.

She neatly folded her clothes and put them on the bench. She hesitated a little or perhaps she deliberately made a pause to get our full attention. She didn’t need to. She had it. It was something about her that made the air sparkling.

She lowered her hands to the hem of the slip. She tugged it upwards wriggling her hips to ease its way up. She did it slowly and paused to change her grip when the hem was at waist level. She looked so innocent all the time. Suddenly she looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

I heard short intakes of breath from my sisters.

“Look, she has no panties,” Eva whispered.

“And look at her pussy hair,” Ylva whispered back.

I had to look for myself. And yes, her lower belly was covered with a thick fur of dark brown hair. I was used to see the top of the pussy slit on my sisters and even on my mother who had thin hair. But on Lena the hair completely shielded the top of the slit which confused me. But the sight was lovely.

The pause was only a few seconds. Lena crossed her arms and lifted the slip up over her head.

I heard new gasps from my sisters when we saw her breasts. I now know that they were gorgeous. Big, round and firm. The brown nipples pointed slightly upwards. Then I just understood that they were beautiful and I couldn’t stop staring at them.

Lena carefully folded her slip and put it on the bench. She also made that carefully, turning around in full with her back at us when she put it down. Her backside was as delicious as her front side with rounded ass cheeks.

“Well, shall we swim,” Lena shouted when she turned and ran towards the water line. Her breasts bounced very nicely in a way I never had seen before. Some of my mother’s friends sure had big breasts but these women never ran, they moved with dignity so their flabby breasts only swayed slightly.

We swam and she acted very naturally, like an elder sister. But her body aroused me in a way I never had felt before. And the way she looked at me made it even worse. But the tingling feeling in my loins was pleasant at the same time.

It got worse when we got up from the water. She dried herself carefully cupping her breasts and stretching and turning. She showed her body from every angle. She moved around letting the sun dry the remaining moistness from her body before she carefully dressed and went away.

After breakfast the next day I overheard Lena and my mother.

“Is bahis siteleri it all right for me to swim together with the girls and Master Anders?” Lena asked. “I like to have company when I swim. And the youngsters can swim all afternoon if they want.”

“Yes, yes of course,” mother answered a bit absentminded. “But remember not to wear a swimsuit. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

Lena was again covering her ass. Many families didn’t want the servants to socialize with the family.

During the following weeks I swam double time every day. I wanted to see Lena naked and I wanted to be close to her. My sisters shared my interest in her but they also wanted to talk to her. They were as impressed of her body as I was but of different reason. Her naked beauty made my body tingle and my cock to swell. Now and then she caught me with a swollen cock but she only smiled nicely at me.

I tried to be at the lake before Lena. Then I was allowed to see her undress. She always did it graciously making a small innocent show of it. Sometimes when my sisters weren’t present she pretended not to see me. Then she was more daring. For instance, she cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples or she caressed her body, stroking it from head to toe. But the best was when she bent over the bench, feet wide apart. Or she sat down on the bench and parted her thighs. At these times I saw her hidden secret, the pussy slit which normally was shielded by her luxurious bush. But these moments were brief and could be taken as innocent movements.

I noticed there was a difference between Lena and my sisters about the pussy lips. My sisters had thin lips that were closed. Lena had generous, puffy lips and sometimes they were slightly parted and pink folds showed. I was very curious about the difference. My cock always swelled at those occasions.

These sessions always ended in the same way. Lena got up from her position, walked around and pretended to suddenly see me.

“Hi there,” she usually said. “I didn’t see you. Do you like to swim?”

She always looked me over and especially at my swollen cock. Then she smiled her sweet smile and took my hand and pulled me after her into the water. But she never touched more than my hand.

There was one problem though. She didn’t go swimming every day. And I could never figure out when she would. The days she didn’t show up I got frustrated. I had got addicted to her body.

My mother’s friends were for the first time really interesting. Most of them I had seen naked many times before but they hadn’t aroused me the way they did now. Now I carefully studied their bodies. Many were still good-looking with nice breasts and asses that bounced when they moved. And they had interesting pussy bushes in many different shapes and colors.

My mother’s best friend Inga came for her regular stay. This year she was alone. Sometimes in the past she had brought her son who was two years my senior.

I was astonished when she didn’t show up for swimming the first day. She always was an eager swimmer. My mother explained that she didn’t feel well but certainly would recover to the next day. She said something to my sisters about periods that I didn’t understand. They obviously did because they giggled.

The following morning I overheard Inga and my mother in the garden.

“It’s really high time now. He has grown and matured immensely since last summer,” Inga said.

“Yes, I guess you are right. But he is so very innocent. I had hoped we could wait to next year,” my mother answered with concern in her voice.

“Oh no, he is a fully grown young man. And very handsome I would say. You don’t see it. You are to close. And he is of the same age as my boy was when you introduced him two years ago,” Inga pressed on.

“Yes, but he was much more mature,” mother said.

“Well, we have to do it before somebody else will. That lovely new maid of yours for one.” Inga giggled.

“Look, I spied on them yesterday when they swam. She is so beautiful in the nude. And she behaved so teasingly. And he certainly found her attractive. No doubt about that. His cock swelled so nicely. I bet she will have him for breakfast any day now and we don’t want that, do we? Later on perhaps, but not now,” Inga went on with concern in her voice.

“She wouldn’t dare. I would sack her immediately,” my mother said sternly.

“Would you? Would you really deny him the experience with such a lovely creature? I wouldn’t mind to have a fling with her myself. She is such a delicious piece of ass,” Inga said giggling. “But don’t worry. I won’t mess around with your staff.”

“Perhaps you are right, perhaps I wouldn’t” my mother answered thoughtfully. Then she broke out into laughter. “Oh, you are not going to believe this. When she first came here I told her specifically not to wear a swim suit. That we always bathe in the nude.”

“You told her that?” Inga exclaimed. “You told her explicitly to swim in the nude and show off that lovely bahis şirketleri body? She must have loved it.” Inga laughed so she nearly fell off the bench.

“Well, that makes it even more urgent that we do it now. You know, I have planned my visit very carefully. My period comes to an end today. It gives us a week where I don’t have to be careful. And it’s important not to have to worry about safety when breaking in a young man. There is so much else to handle.”

“Well, you have always been so persuasive. You are right of course. But I will miss my boy. He won’t be the same afterwards,” my mother sighed. “By the way, is it true that you directly can see on a young man when it has happened?”

“Well, let’s see what’s happening this afternoon,” Inga said. “And yes, you know him so well that you are going to know immediately. I did when you introduced my son.”

I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I understood it had something to do with me but what? I was very confused.

Inga showed up for bathe that afternoon. In fact she was her normal eager self. She had obviously recovered. She was the first of the women from the house to come to the lake.

I had already been there for two hours like usual. I was disappointed and frustrated. Lena, the gorgeous maid, hadn’t showed up for a swim. I missed her.

Inga started to undress like she had done many times before. She was soon in her undies. She looked at me for a second before she wriggled out of them. She stood erect, stark naked before me.

For the first time I really saw her naked body and my mind and body reacted to it. She was smallish and curvy with a full bosom, broad hips and narrow waist. I now knew that her body was very nicely matured with some extra weight around her breasts, hips and bottom but she had good proportions and looked smashing. Her mons was covered with thick dark hair that was well groomed.

She turned around to pick up her clothes and put them on the bench. Her bottom was round and full. She bent slightly forward with her feet a little apart. For a brief moment I saw her pussy slit and lips that was pouting.

She turned and came towards me. She stopped two paces in front of me and looked me over carefully. I got a chance to look at this woman at close range but my gaze froze on her breasts. I just knew that she was beautiful. And my knowledge went down into my cock that swelled.

Inga laughed throatily.

“Well, you certainly have grown since last year. You really are a young man now, aren’t you?” She said smiling. “Want to swim?”

Just then my mother and sisters came. My mother looked carefully at me when she and the girls undressed but said nothing.

The women acted normally but I was in turmoil. I had so much female beauty to take in. But nothing special had happened so I felt reassured that the conversation was about something that shouldn’t take place today.

At lunch the next day mother declared that she and the girls had to help the staff making jam from the black currants the maid and she had been busy all morning to pick. They shouldn’t even have time to swim.

“Sorry Inga, but you have to be on your own,” my mother said with a sad smile.

I wasn’t expected to help making jam. It was after all in the thirties and I was a man, although young. So I drifted around but eventually went swimming as usual.

Inga came to the lake at mother’s normal hour. She took her time undressing and when she was done showed me her charms like the day before. And again my body reacted to the beauty of her naked body.

She came towards me and I thought she would pull me into the water with her. Instead she sat down close at my side.

“Well, you really are a big boy now, almost a man. Your body has developed immensely. You look strong and fit. I can see that you react like a man when you see a naked woman, don’t you?” She said and smiled sweetly when she looked at my swelling cock.

“I wonder . . .,” she started to say but hesitated and looked at me, then made a decision. “I wonder if you would like to know more about the female body. I wonder if you would like to become a man. I wonder if you would like to put that nice looking cock of yours where it belongs, inside a pussy. My pussy.”

She got quiet and looked at me. I was speechless. What had she said and what did it mean?

“Uh, I. . ., I . . .” was all I was able to say.

Inga laughed throatily and smiled.

“Was that a yes? I hope it was, because I am sure you are going to like it. And don’t be afraid that your mother will find out. It’s she who has decided that it’s time for you to be closely introduced to the female charms. She has chosen me to do it and I am flattered. A mother always wants the best for her son. Don’t be afraid. Give me your hand.”

She reached out and took my hand. She guided my hand over her body starting with her belly. I felt the soft flesh. She moved my hand upwards and I felt the heaviness when she cupped my hand around her breast. She let my hand slide down again over her belly to her silky pussy hair. Down on one thigh and back up on the other. My finger touched her pussy lips. I was still speechless.

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