Country Walk

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We head off into the country nice and early, after an hours drive we park in a secluded car park, and taking the picnic and blanket we continue on foot. Walking hand in hand on a beautiful summers day, talking in the sounds and views as we stroll along the bank of a large stream, ideally chatting about nothing. We finally find an area under some trees, off the beaten track, laying out the blanket we sit down taking a well-earned rest as we share a drink.

As we lay there chatting and soaking up the sun I remove my top and hand you the sun cream laying on my stomach I feel your hands massaging my back as you apply the cream, my body shivers as your touch gets lighter, I close my eyes as you tease me by running your finger nails down my spine, then when you are done I sit behind you and return the favour, massaging your back lovingly, my hands starting at your shoulders firmly massaging them and then onto your back, running my hands down your spine and over your hips as if I were giving you a proper massage, then up again more gently, lifting your bikini away from your back to make sure your well protected. Once I am done I allow my fingertips to guide softly over your back teasing you gently, watching as your head falls forwards slightly as you become more relaxed, then when I am done I pull you gently back to me so your back is resting against me, my hands on your stomach as I softly kiss your neck, my lips touching your soft skin as my mouth follows the hair line on your neck and then down to your shoulder my hands moving up to cup your breasts, softly squeezing them as I kiss you, my mouth moving up to your eye, kissing it gently before I softly whisper in your ear that its lunch time……….

(Did you want to know pendik escort what we had for lunch?)

………, as we finish of the last of the strawberries and the white wine I lay back on the blanket, my arms out stretched to relax. You lay down with me, your head on my shoulder, my fingers gently running through your hair as I lay there staring unseeingly into the sky luxuriating in how happy I am. We lay there together for a while as we savour the food and wine, I turn my head and gently kiss your forehead, smelling your shampoo as I softly kiss your forehead, then you reach to my kisses moving your head up so I and kiss your lips. As we kiss our bodies became closer, your hand moving behind my head, we kiss with more passion, my tongue finding yours as our kiss becomes steadily more passionate, I fell my self becoming aroused and I know you are, my free hand comes across my body, finding your breast, squeezing it lovingly I roll you onto you back.

As you lay there on your back I kiss your shoulder and neck as I follow you, kneeling between your legs I lean forwards kissing your lips passionately, then my mouth moves over your chin and onto your neck, my hands in your hair as I kiss across your neck and shoulders the softly onto your chest, kissing the flesh exposed by your bikini top. My tongue gliding between your breasts and then back slowly to your neck and finally to your mouth, kissing you with real passion before pulling away from you. Kneeling between your open legs I look down into your eyes, staring deep into your eyes as my fingertips move across your stomach, over your chest to your shoulders, then softly hooking a finger under each of your straps I slowly slide them rus escort over your shoulders, down your arms, my eyes moving from yours to your chest, watching as the fabric moves aside to expose you. Leaning forwards again I softly kiss your exposed breasts, my mouth finding your nipple, kissing it before taking it into my mouth and softly sucking it, my teeth closing around it as I tease you with the tip of my tongue. Once both your nipple are hard with passion I once again sit back, my body wanting you, aching for you, I stand before you and strip off my shorts, my body exposed for you to see the desire I have, I once again knee and start to strip you slowly, my eyes savouring very inch of flesh as it is revealed.

Once we are both naked I lay you back down, my hands on your knees opening your legs wide as I kneel before you, knowing how exposed your feel as I knee there looking into your eyes, but the temptation is to great and I glance briefly between your legs then I lean over your body, and kiss your lips our tongues touching as I feel my erect penis touch you, feeling the wetness against me wanting to enter you there and then but I refrain, kissing you then my lips moving over your chest teasing each of your nipples in turn, then my tongue kissing down over your stomach to your hips, kissing your hips then onto your thighs, kissing down to your knees and then slowly back up, my teeth gently biting the soft flesh of your inner thigh then reaching the top of your leg I pull away slightly, resting there not n inch from you, you can feel my breath on you cold on your wetness, then I move to your other thigh, kissing to then knee and back again before hovering once more, then my tongue sancaktepe escort softly touches your clitoris, licking it gently at first then running down over your lips, to the base of your pussy, then slowly up again, opening you slightly as to taste your wetness, then licking your clitoris harder, my mouth against you as I suck your clit, sucking it a little harder as I hear your moans, then moving down and sliding my tongue into your waiting body. Sliding deep inside you, licking deep, tasting your excitement, continuing as your moans get louder and more constant, knowing your orgasm is close, moving back to your clitoris licking it hard as your body starts to shake then just as you start to tease I plunge my tongue as deep as possible into your body, your thighs clamping my head as you orgasm, licking and tasting you as you cum hard against my mouth.

As you relax I move back up your body, kissing your gently and then resting my face close to you’re your knees still swaying from side to side, I wait until you calm down, then as your legs relax I softly kiss you, my penis harder than ever touching you, I kiss your mouth as the tip slowly slides into your body, gently moving into you, feeling the wetness and warmth as I work into you a little at a time, kissing you as I glide all the way into you. Then I start to move deep within you, feeling your hips moving to, working with you I know you are still very aroused and soon you’re close to orgasm again, sliding deeply and firmly inside you, not fast or hard, but very firmly making love to you, I start to moan loudly as you do, knowing I cant hold on I thrust deep into your body as you arch your back, orgasming with you I feel my penis pulsating deep in your body, my arms weak, I lean forwards and kiss you. Then sliding your and lying down with you. Soon we are both in a deep slumber. Then we awake hot and sweaty we cool our selves in the stream before dressing and packing up.

We drive home exhausted but happy; as we get back I already know how I want to spend my evening……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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