Cum to Mommy Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

My sexual relationship with my son started over six years ago. I wrote two stories about and started a third but didn’t get around to finishing it because things were changing along the way and it was simply hard to catch up.

I am not going to recap what happened in the first couple of years after it began because you can read that for yourself in my earlier submissions. I will give you a brief overview of the major events over the last few years but more importantly, share with you where things are now. By the way, thanks to all those that have emailed me. I appreciate it very much. To answer the biggest question that people ask, yes, this really happened. The only things I have changed are names and some of the conversation that I have frankly forgotten so I re-created it as best I could.

My son Josh and I began having sex when he was in college, and it continued for three years and it was amazing. It was strange; in every other way, our relationship was like a typical mother and son. I know it is hard to believe but when we were around others no one could have ever guessed what was below the surface. I still worried about him, took care of him and his sister, also in college, washed his clothes, nagged him about grades or staying out too late, just like every mom. But, when we could get away or were sure we were alone at home, we went after each other like rabbits. I found out that I had more than a small submissive streak and Josh was pretty dominant – and constantly horny – so he always initiated things and took control. Sometimes, even when people were around, he would brush up against me or let his hands dangle to his crotch, our eyes would connect and my pussy would be drenched, and he admitted that he would get erect. It was truly the most wonderful sex I’d ever had.

Everything changed the third year. He’d told me about this girl he’d been seeing and I was relieved in some ways because I was afraid our sexual practices would inhibit him from developing relationships with girls his age and I knew deep down that he needed that. Nevertheless, a part of me was actually jealous. In the first few months after he started seeing Louisa, nothing changed that much. We still had torrid sex when he got home and once, I even visited the town his college was in and he stayed with me at the hotel and we slept together and had great sex. But, as his relationship with Louisa grew and deepened, our sex became less frequent and finally, it stopped altogether. Strangely, we never talked about it stopping; it just did and I knew that was inevitable at some point. But, my God, it was tough. Much of the difficulty was sexual deprivation to a degree. Josh’s father was away so frequently we simply didn’t have much time together but more than that, while at one time the sex with my husband was good, it couldn’t compare to the pleasure I got with Josh. Besides that, things like his young, large cock, perhaps the illicitness or young passion or whatever it was made for sexual ecstasy. And, I suspect another reason it was so difficult that I was simply jealous of Louisa getting his attention…and his big cock. But, I think I did a very, very good job of not letting on that it bothered me.

One time I even thought about having an affair if I could get it arranged. I was still in pretty good shape for an older broad – very little extra weight if any, tits that were still fairly taut and an ass that had only softened a bit over the years. And my legs were still good so all in all, I thought I might be able to attract a young man and have the same kind of sex with him I did with Josh. I even had a target guy in mind – one of my clients (I am an independent accountant). He was married, about my age, and a very nice, attractive man. One day he came over to my office at home to discuss a tax matter. Normally he bought his assistant with him but he was alone this time. We flirted and he gave me a very promising kiss and pressed himself to me when he left. I could tell he was erect and Lord knows I was wet so it looked promising but then Josh visited and well, you will see what happened.

This happened a month ago. It had been over two years since Josh and I had any form of sexual relations, no talk of it, no suggestive comments, nothing. During that time, there was numerous opportunities, even several times when my husband and daughter were away and it was just Josh and me in the house for a day or two alone. As hard as I tried not to, I wanted it but Josh never made any moves or gestures that indicated he did. I probably would have responded but I would never have initiated it.

Josh was working in the city where he’d gone to college, and he was living with Louisa, but they had not married. No one seemed to pay any attention to that these days. Anyway, one day he called and spoke to his father and said that he had a couple of days off and would like to come home and talk to us about something. As usual, when your kid tells you that, you automatically expect the worst but his father pushed him on it but Josh just laughed bursa eskort and said there was nothing wrong but he had some news that he wanted to tell us in person. He said that Louisa was working in her catering business and couldn’t come with him. So that afternoon, he arrived.

Other than dressing better and cutting his hair shorter, he looked pretty much the same as during his college years. He as tall and slim and quite handsome. I won’t go into his other physical attributes because you can see that in the other stories if you’re interested. But, let me suffice to say, ahem, that he is rather well endowed in the nether regions.

The news was that he had a great opportunity for advancement at his company but it would involve moving to the west coast – in three weeks! He also said that right now Louisa is not moving with him because her catering business is growing rapidly and she didn’t want to leave that. He seemed okay with the decision and said he thought things would work out some way with Louisa but that he knew that long distance relationships were very difficult. He said they were going to try because they loved each other but the business opportunities for both of them were just too great to pass up right now. He said since this would be the last time he could visit before he moved, he would stay home a couple of nights if that was okay. Of course it was even though his father had to leave on a business trip the next day. So, that night we had a really nice, relaxing dinner. Our daughter was away at graduate school but otherwise, it was almost like old times.

The next day, Josh hung around the house in the morning and had breakfast with us. He then drove his father to the airport and on the way back called to say he was going to visit a couple of friends and that he would return later in the day. I worked in the yard most of the morning. Around 12:30, Josh called and asked if I would like to join him and Kurt, his high school friend that used to hang around our house all the time, for a late lunch. I was flattered and quickly accepted. I cleaned and put away the garden tools, took a shower and was getting ready to go out when Josh called again and asked if it would be okay if they picked up some something to have lunch at our place. So I got the table ready on the patio next to the pool. They bought home some Mediterranean food and we had a lovely lunch. It was a pretty warm day in late summer but nevertheless it was very pleasant. It was also nice to catch up with Kurt, who’d been Josh’s best friend since grammar school. He’d dropped out of college and stayed in town to work for his dad who was in the real estate development business.

During lunch, we all caught up. Josh told us more about his new opportunity. Kurt filled us in on his job in his father’s firm. I playfully asked him about his love life. Josh laughed and said that Kurt had already run through all the girls in a 50 mile radius so he needed to expand his territory. Kurt laughed as well and didn’t say much to dispute those remarks. But one of Kurt’s friends that I’d seen a few days ago told me that Kurt was very serious about one girl that had moved away for a job and he was heartbroken. Whatever the real story was, I knew he wouldn’t have much problem finding a girl. He was like a blond version of Josh, just a couple of inches taller. It was a little hard to tell under the loose clothes he was wearing but if he had stayed in half the shape he used to be in, he was quite a hunk.

The boys decided to hang around the pool and take a swim. Josh lent Kurt a pair of trunks and they came back out and jumped in. After swimming around and splashing each other several times and generally horse-playing around, they got out of the pool to get a pool volleyball and net. I tried not to be too obvious about it, but the sight of them in their swimsuits got this old girl’s attention. It wasn’t because the suits were brief or anything; as a matter of fact they were big and blousey. Being wet, the fabric clung to their bodies and I could see the big bulges at their groin. Obviously, I knew what Josh carried under his but Kurt’s was just as well filled out. I fantasized about pulling the suits away to reveal those beautiful cocks and tight, big balls…well, I was getting too carried away! But I knew I was getting sexually excited. Once they got the pool equipment Josh said, “Mom, c’mon and join us. It feels great.” Kurt chimed in as well so I went in to change.

As I stripped to change into my swimsuit, I looked in the full length mirror in the bedroom. I watched my weight and exercised pretty regularly and except for my full tits sagging a little more or perhaps a little softer belly, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at myself. I had always been told by boys that I have a nice ass and I still felt like it was pretty firm. And my breasts weren’t bad either. My nipples were still big and taut, and when excited, still get as hard as pebbles. All in all, I still felt good about myself but I was still a little apprehensive bursa escort bayan about wearing anything other than a pretty conservative swimsuit around two guys that were used to seeing bodies of girls at least 20 years younger than me. So I pulled a one piece black suit out and started to put in or but first…first, I put my foot on the bed and reached down to just touch my pussy for a minute. As I suspected, it was soaking wet. I couldn’t help but stroke it a few times and dip a finger inside but I knew that if I really got started, I’d have to finish it off and I wanted to wait and do that tonight when I was alone and had more time.

So I went back down and Kurt whistled. Of course I blushed and told him he was being naughty. I jumped in and we all started playing with the volleyball; we played a few games, with me switching sides. Then we switched to Marco Polo and thrashed around together and a few times, as I brushed up against either Josh or Kurt, I thought I could feel the well-filled crotch of their swimsuit but that may have been wishful thinking. What was real is that both Josh and Kurt were not bashful about brushing against my tits or ass, and once Kurt’s leg got between mine and it seemed like he was in no hurry to move it, and I guess if truth be known I wasn’t either. Finally we stopped, all pretty sapped by the thrashing around. Kurt asked if we had any beer around and I told him that we didn’t buy it much anymore since Josh was not at home. He volunteered to go get some so he slipped on a shirt and left.

Josh sat on the side of the pool and I stayed in. We chatted about his moving to San Francisco and what that would be like, and about how he and Louisa would manage. It was very pleasant to have him around, just being a normal mother and son. I was going to miss that when he moved.

“So mom, how have you really been? Is everything going okay?”

“Sure, things are going fine. I miss having you and Amy around the house but you know I still play lots of tennis and volunteer at the museum so that keeps me busy. I have also started dabbling in painting again and doing a little writing as well, or at least trying to. It’s harder than I thought it would be.”

“Painting and writing huh? That’s great. I know about your painting; you have some talent. I’d love to see what you’ve done so far. And what kind of things are you writing about?”

“Well, it is definitely non-fiction; I guess you could call them essays. Just things about life.”

“Wow,” he replied, “do you mention me? Can I read it?”

“No, you can’t. Once I get a little better, maybe, but not now.” Obviously, I didn’t want to tell him that, through a little bit of the writing, I had been re-living those times when we were having sex. I actually tried not to at first because I knew it was the wrong thing to do on most levels, but it was also the most sexually stimulating part of my life and I think about it every day and, on a visceral level, yearn for it constantly.

“Well, it’s great to be home for a few nights. By the way, I will be here three nights. I can drive back early Friday morning so we’ll have tonight and tomorrow night together. It’ll be like old times, Rita, just visiting and talking, and, having fun…”

We heard Kurt drive up so he didn’t finish but nevertheless I blushed. I had no idea what he was going to say and I was very, very conflicted when I tried to imagine. I know we all have those things in our lives, where we really, really know we shouldn’t have something, but really, really desperately want it at the same time. But most of the time, it involves something like alcohol or ice cream, not your son’s cock!

When Kurt came around the back, he had a funny expression on his face, almost like he was walking in on something. Not for the first time, I wondered if Josh had ever shared with him what we did.

I got out of the pool and we all moved over to the table to have a beer. I noticed Josh and maybe I was imagining it but the bulge at his crotch looked bigger and fuller. I hoped it wasn’t noticeable, but after the completely innocuous comments from Josh, I am sure I acted somewhat flustered. And I noticed that with my wet swimsuit, my erect nipples showed beneath the fabric. Josh seemed to notice because he kept glancing down at my chest; Kurt did as well. I had always been somewhat vain about my big, prominent nipples but now, I felt like they were betraying me in some way. To top it off, I couldn’t keep my eyes off their bare chests and wished I was in position to see their crotches.

So what does that tell you about me? Over the last two years, I kept telling myself that it was for the best that Josh found a serious girlfriend, that we didn’t need to be doing what we’d been doing and I was relieved it was over; that I would never do anything like that again, and didn’t really believe I was in my right mind when I let it happen before. That’s what I told myself. But, look at me now. I’d had a wet vagina much of the afternoon…and görükle escort now just from the pool, my nipples were poked out like I had steel balls under my top, I had been lusting after the bodies of two guys half my age, and…and…I could not get out of my mind Josh’s words and looks that seemed to have so much meaning behind them. See, the thing was, Josh always called me Mom unless we were having sex and then sometimes he used my name Rita. Our sexual relationship was definitely d/s, which I had never even heard of before and he used my name as a way of asserting his domination, which I found out was a big turn-on to me.

I was both relieved and afraid when Kurt said he had to leave. Josh had to take him home so I took the opportunity of going upstairs and pulling off my wet swimsuit and jumping in the shower. We had a big shower stall and it had a seat in the back of it so when I got in, before I got under the warm water flowing from the triple shower heads, I put a foot on the seat and spread my legs and again, felt how swollen my lips were and how wet my pussy was. God, it felt so damn good to feel it, remembering, as I often did, those times when Josh’s fingers caressing it, with his fingers, or tongue, or, oh my God, his big cock. Finally though, I quit rubbing, thinking about waiting until the evening when I was alone. And I was determined that I was not going to give in to Josh even if he wants me. He has a significant other now and it was time we put the past behind us. I was the parent and it was my responsibility to end it if it came up again (no pun intended.)

Just as I was beginning to soap up, I felt the rush of air as the bathroom door opened. It was Josh. I called out, “hi Josh, I’ll be through in a little bit. Why don’t you go downstairs and see what there is for dinner.”

He didn’t answer but through the steam-covered glass I could see him as he dropped his swimsuit and pulled off his shirt. He then walked into the shower. I turned and he was of course naked, and my eyes immediately went to his lower belly. His cock was fully erect and so damn amazing surrounded by the curls of his dark brown pubic hair.

I crossed my hands over my breasts, of course forgetting that I had not another stitch of clothes on. “Josh, seriously, we should talk about this. Please leave now and I will be out in a minute.”

He responded. “Rita, if that’s what you really want, I will leave, but we can talk about it in here. After a few minutes, if you want me to get out, I will. So let’s talk. In the meantime, though, as we’re talking, it doesn’t hurt to help my mommy does it?”

He moved over to me, took the washcloth from me, soaped it up and began to wash my body. He started at my shoulders and worked down to my breasts and was soaping them gently. He rolled my nipples in his fingers. God, it felt so good.

“Okay,” he said, “so let’s talk. You know you want this Rita, and I want it to so what’s to talk about? By the way, your boobs are still lovely.”

I stammered, “Josh, it’s just that…that I thought this was over and it should have been. You have a life with Louisa now and you know it’s not right for us to be doing this. I have to admit it was fun while it lasted and I loved it but we shouldn’t have been doing it then and we certainly shouldn’t start it up again. Now, you should leave and let me finish. Then we can talk later, after I get dressed. We can have a nice dinner and visit and enjoy your last trip home for a while. Please?”

“We can still talk for a little bit here before I leave. See, I do love Louisa, but there’s no reason you and I can’t enjoy each other. I’m going to be going away so there may not be another time anytime soon. So, let’s just do this, if nothing else for old times’ sake.”

“No, Josh, wait. Let’s talk about this later, okay?” But now he’d dropped the washcloth and he took the bar of soap and pushed it between my legs. Reflexively, I opened them a bit to give him better access. I didn’t even want to do that but I couldn’t help myself. Even with the water running, he will be able to tell how wet my pussy is.”

“Rita, you keep talking about not doing it but your pussy’s really, really wet. Why is that, Rita, if you really don’t want this? Here, let me do one more thing and if you still want me to leave I will.”

He takes my hand and moves it to his cock. I tried to pull it away away but he forced me to touch it. I looked down at my small hand wrapped around his big penis. I could feel the throbbing and the big swollen veins that lined his shaft. It felt like a velvet steel rod. Even then I kept saying, “no, no…we shouldn’t.”

He ignored me. “Soap it up Rita so I can wash you.”

A part of me wanted to stop but I didn’t take my hands off or say a word as I did what I was told. I soaped up his cock and felt the big, swollen head and I wanted it in every fucking hole I had. Once I had it lathered, he grabbed it as well and with my hand still wrapped around it, he pushed it down so the head was between my legs, nestled against my clit. I almost had to stand on tiptoes and he was flexed at the knees so he could get it low enough. He reached around my hips and under and pressed his shaft up to my slit. I spread my legs to accommodate it. The feel of his cock on my slippery-wet cunt was electrifying.

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