Daddy Caught by Daughter Pt. 04

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The week end with Niki had been amazing. We spent every minute together. Niki had professed to me how she had been wanting to be with me for a long long time. She had never made a move towards those feelings because she didn’t believe that I would ever have sexual relations with my niece. I was so happy with her confession that she was in love with me, as I too had for a long time wanted Nikki to be a greater part of my life.

I couldn’t believe how coincidental it was that not only did Niki want me as badly as I wanted her but she was also dominant. The woman I had have been wanting for so so long was a perfect match for me. I just hoped Alicia would be ok with the new development. I had no idea how events would play out. I did know however that no matter of Niki’s and my feelings for each other I still longed to be owned and used by Alicia and Crys as well. Vickie was also now included. How this would all work was beyond me. Some may call that greedy but I think it is more my need to serve them all.

At any rate it is now Monday and I know Alicia is back from her trip as well as Crys from hers too. I received a text from Alicia telling me that she would be over tonight after work. She had talked to Niki and we needed to talk. I was to be showered with my legs, arm pits, face, and genitals shaved bare. She also wanted me dressed in red panties and matching bra along with white thigh high stockings. Her instructions also included a short bob cut pink wig and red heels.

I was to be showered, dressed and ready to serve on my knees waiting inside my front door promptly at 7:00 PM. I was ordered to be on my knees facing away from the door with my back to it. I was also ordered to use one of my silk neck ties as a blindfold.

I am glad I am not working today as I don’t have any of these items in my collection yet. I had no idea what a bob cut wig even was. Luckily for me my sweet Alicia had given me the name of a couple of places to go shopping.

I woke up early and showered. I went ahead and shaved all the areas Alicia had directed me to as well, thinking in case I ran out of time this afternoon then all I would need is touch ups. At 9:00 AM I headed out to go shopping, I was hoping by going so early there would not be many people shopping about to wonder why a man is buying all these items.

The first store Alicia had sent me to seemed to cater to larger women which is good as my six foot tall two hundred pound frame doesn’t fit easily in to small clothes. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain what I needed to buy and that it was to be in my size.

My hands were shaking as I entered the store. Behind the counter was two people. Except for these two people the store was empty. Thank the gods. I was much more at ease with my new self than I was a week ago but publicly I was still embarrassed and awkward.

A woman that I guess is in her early thirties and a young man more toward his mid to upper twenties. The woman was attractive. About 5’7″ tall, not skinny but not fat either, I would guess maybe one hundred forty pounds. She has brown shoulder length hair parted on the right and layered back on the left side held back with white bow. Her breasts had to be an easy 36D but the bra she was wearing held them in place perfectly.

The guy was tall. Taller than me even. I would put him at an easy 6’3″ and semi muscular. He looked to be an easy two hundred pounds but he was lean, very lean. He has short blond hair spiked and held up with a gel of some sort. He was clean shaven and had an awesome smile. His teeth were extremely white when he smiled.

Lynne as I was to find out was the woman’s name wore a gray skirt that came to about mid thigh. It was short but not so short that it exposed her in anyway. It was sexy but professional in appearance. Her top was white to match the bow in her hair. It was snug against her body which made certain you would notice her ample tits.

The guy introduced himself as Drew as he shook my hand. Drew was wearing black hipster style jeans and a dark blue button up shirt that was partially unbuttoned revealing quite a bit of bare chest. Not real business like but I wasn’t complaining and neither was Lynne.

After shaking Drew’s hand I casually glanced around the store wondering to myself where to start looking and what I was going to say when asked if I needed help. And I did need help. I had not much of an idea how to shop for what I needed in a store. Up until now pretty much every item of female clothing I had, I had purchased online.

As if sensing my dilemma Lynne walked around the counter and asked how she could help me. My face was already red which seemed to amuse Lynne. I tried to explain what I was looking for without giving away any clue the items were for me.

“And what color are we looking for in the bra and panty set?”, asked Lynne.

I replied that I wanted the set to be red and the thigh high stockings needed to be white preferably with lace around the top. I added lace Rize Escort to what Alicia had said just because I like the lacy look.

Walking over to where the under garment sets were displayed Lynne went directly to several different styles that were varying shades of red. turning to face me she asked, “Is there a particular style we are looking for today?”.

This question was easy enough to answer I just picked a style I liked as Alicia had not given any specifics on style her only guidelines were color.

I told Lynne, “I think a full lace bra coupled with boy shorts hemmed in lace would be nice!”.

“No I think the lace bra will suffice but I am sure Alicia would prefer the panties to be more of a bikini cut with a little bow in front,” Lynne stated.

Lynne must have seen the confusion in my face when she mentioned Alicia by name. “Yes Mr. Jim, Drew and I are friends of Alicia’s and she called ahead to tell us you were coming,” Lynne said matter of factly.

With that Lynne picked out a bold red bra and panty set matching the style she had chosen for me. Handing them to me she motioned to Drew. “Drew will direct you to the changing room to try these on!” she said.

I knew it would be best just to follow along with the directions Lynne gave me. Alicia had no doubt already informed them of my predicament. To what extent I wasn’t sure so I decided to keep my chatter to a minimum to avoid disclosing any undue information.

Meekly I fell in behind Drew and followed him to the back of the store where the change rooms were located. As we were walking I heard the door chime indicating that another customer had entered the store. I turned to take a quick peek to find it was young lady. A quick glance allowed me to see she was attractive but my eyes did not dwell on her long enough to get detailed.

As Drew and I walked away Lynne said loud enough for everyone in the store to hear, “I will find those stockings for you while you try those under garments on!”. Shocked that she would yell that out I turned to see the young woman that had entered staring in my direction with a quizzical look on her face. I saw Lynne walking in her direction.

Drew and I rounded a corner and was out of sight thankfully. The changing rooms which I hoped were private were not so much so. They did have doors with locks but the door left a space between the bottom and the floor open about a foot. Anyone passing by could plainly see the feet of anyone inside the change booth.

Drew opened the door of the first booth for me to enter. I had hoped for the very last one so I would be in the back. Entering the booth and closing the door behind me I was resigned to my fate. As the door clicked closed I heard Drew say, “Alicia wants us to approve the garments so we will have to see them on you.”

Wait what? Alicia wants them to see me in a bra and panty set. Seriously? My beautiful daughter is about humiliating me even when she isn’t here. The embarrassment I am feeling is beyond anything I have ever felt before.

Kicking off my shoes and sliding my jeans off I take a deep breath and push my boxer briefs down and off my feet. Pulling my shirt over my head and hanging it on the hook I stand in the booth completely naked. I know anyone who walks by can see as plain as day, male feet in an all female clothing store.

Taking the panties and bra off the hanger I set it aside. While holding the bra in one hand I step into the bikini panties and pull them up careful to tuck me semi hard cock down pushing it between my legs. Snapping the panties into place and adjusting them accordingly I start to slide the bra up my arms.

As I secure the bra around my bare chest and reach behind me to hook the clasps I hear footsteps. I see the door knob turn as Lynne pulls open the door and says, “Here are the stockings, will you need any help getting them on?”

Mortified I take the stockings from Lynne saying no thanks I can manage. I try to stand where I am partially hidden by the door. Lynne just stands there looking me up and down.

Just then the young lady customer that had come in walked up and asked Lynne which booth she could use. Her eyes grew wide when she saw a man wearing a red bra and matching red bikini panties in the booth. As the young lady recovered from her shock she looked right into my eyes and smiled with a quick wink.

Stepping back but leaving the door open Lynne directed her to the booth right next to mine. I could only imagine it was so she could hear the goings on in the booth I was in.

Sitting down I started to pull the stockings up my legs and over my thighs. Once they were in place I was starting to feel sexy and like the sissy I have come to be. I stood and looked myself over in the full mirror.

Drew walked up and stood in the door of my booth looking me up and down. “Something is missing,” he said. “Wait here.”

In a couple of minutes Drew came back and handed me a shoe box. As I sat down and opened Rize Escort Bayan the box I found red shoes with about four or five inch heels. The heels were solid from front to back of the shoe, not the stiletto type that are so hard to walk on. Open toes and straps going around the ankles with little gold shiny buckles on the outside.

Slipping them on I marveled at how drew had managed to pick just the right size on the first try. Securing the buckles I stood and turned around. Clapping his hands Drew said, “Lynne come over here our GURL is ready for your approval.”

“Have HER step out here so I can see, I am busy with another customer,” replied Lynne.

Hearing her I look at Drew and he steps aside so I can exit the changing booth. I can’t go out there like this she can’t be serious.

Drew reaches in and takes my hand pulling me out of the booth. Nervously I glance to the front of the store, at least it is only Lynne, Drew, and the one lady customer.

Drew continues to lead me out farther from the semi security of the booth. I am now standing in the middle of the change room. There are four booths down either side and two in the back. In the middle is a sitting bench I guess for trying on shoes.

Lynne turns to look at me and gives an approving nod. Her hand goes to her chin as she looks me up and down like she is thinking hard. Suddenly she reaches into her pocket and walks over to me.

Holding my chin she tells me to pucker up my lips like a kiss. As my lips pucker she reaches up and starts to apply bright red lipstick to go with the lingerie I was wearing. “Ok now turn for us,” said Lynne.

As I slowly spin around for them to check me out I feel Drew rub my ass through the panties. As I come full circle the door to the second booth comes open and the other customer steps out. She stops and stares as I complete my spin.

” I think we need to see how that shade of lipstick looks at work,” said Lynne. “Drew, sit down on the bench.”

Trying my best to at least keep my back partially to the other customer I tried to hide my erection. My hardon was now giving away the fact that this humiliation was in fact turning me on quite a lot.

The customer who I was about to learn was Kim just stood watching the scene unfolding before her. I just stood there unsure of what Lynne meant by her last comments. I was soon to find out.

Lynne turned to Kim and said, “Kim, our GURL here is a sissy slave in case you haven’t figured that out already. She is a slave to her daughter and nieces no less. Can you believe it?”

With that Lynne instructed me to kneel down. Still unsure of where this was going I obeyed. I knew that Lynne’s being friends with Alicia meant Alicia had given Lynne instructions to humiliate me anyway she could. A fact that Lynne was taking full advantage of.

“Drew open your pants, we need to see if that lipstick is the right color for the chores ahead of this slut tonight,” said Lynne.

I now knew what I was about to be told to do, and I was mortified. Kim was still watching. Apparently she was going to see this through to the end. Three complete strangers and I was about to suck a cock wearing only a bra, panties, stockings, and heels.

I was however not prepared for what came next. Lynne took my hair and turned my eyes to Drew’s crotch. As she did this Drew flopped out his cock. My breath caught in my throat. His cock wasn’t super long, maybe seven and one-half inches. But it had to be as thick as a soda can.

I have read about cocks this thick but oh my god I never dreamed they really existed. Lynne pulled me towards Drew’s magnificent cock. I crawled over as she pulled my hair. I glanced over at Kim and it was obvious she could not believe what she was about to witness. It was also obvious she had no intentions of leaving.

“Now put those juicy red lips to work bitch boi,” commanded Lynne.

I was incredibly humiliated but I was turned on to a point that I would do almost anything to get that fat cock in my mouth. I leaned in and wrapped my fingers around it. Drew had already stroked it to full hardness.

Opening my mouth as wide as possible I wasted no time taking the round bulbous head between my bright red lips. As my lips closed around the head of Drew’s cock I ran my tongue around it taking a moment to tease his pisshole with the top of my tongue.

Working as much saliva up as possible I got this fat cock as wet as I could. I knew it would help it sliding in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe how thick this masterful piece of man meat was. My jaws were already starting to hurt. I worked it into my mouth until it hit the back of my mouth, the entrance to my throat. I gagged.

I heard Lynne giggle and glanced over at her with my mouth full of cock. She was smiling, Behind her Kim was just staring in disbelief. I did notice Kim was rubbing her breasts as she watched, which excited me even more.

Drew grabbed both hands full of my hair Escort Rize and rammed his cock into the back of my throat. I gagged hard but he didn’t stop. I gagged again and spittle came out around his cock and out of my nose. Still he held his cock blocking my airway. I gagged again and even more drool erupted out coating his groin and my face. Finally Drew let me up to take a breath.

Immediately he drove my back down on his fat cock. This young man knew what he had and he knew how to abuse a throat with it. It was plain to see he had every intent of fucking my throat before he stopped. My eyes were already watering at his attempts to push into my throat. It wouldn’t fit there was no way.

Letting me up for another breath, I gasped for air. Drew allowed me to take three or four deep breaths and shoved me back down on his cock. This horse cock was super slimy now from all the drool and spittle he had forced out of me.

I felt Drew wrap his fingers tighter in my hair as he pushed my face down on his engorged monster cock. This time when it hit the back my throat I gagged again and spit. Slime blasted out of my lips around the thick shaft of this unbelievable cock. My nose also erupted with slime as Drew literally fucked the drool and spit out of any orifice it could escape from.

Drew pulled me up just enough to gasp a quick breath then he did it. He rammed me down hard. His hips fucked upwards as he forced me down harder than before. I gagged, coughed and used my hands on his thighs to try and back up off the face fucking cock that was taking my air away.

I felt my throat give way. Down it went. That fat monster was going down my throat. I could not breathe. Drew pushed the back of my head down harder. I was starting to flail about but down his cock went. Suddenly my nose was buried in his pubes. It was in, Drew had literally raped my throat and forced my throat to accept his massively thick boner.

I was starting to see white spots in my eyes when I heard Drew say, “Stop fighting it, relax and try to swallow.”

Willing myself to relax fearing I was about to be choked unconscious I swallowed around his thick shaft. This caused Drew to moan loudly. I swallowed once more making my throat muscles contract around his member. Then he pulled me up.

As my mouth came off his monster tool a torrent of mucus and slime flooded from my mouth and nose. It ran down my chin and spilled onto my bra covered chest.

Standing me up and turning me, Drew rose from the bench and laid me on my back. Once I was down he shoved his big cock back into my mouth. Drew wasted no time. He began fucking my now messy red lips.

I closed my eyes and accepted the face fucking I was receiving. I was loving the abuse and humiliation of it all now. There was no denying it and it was showcased by my own rock hard erection.

I sucked hard when Drew pulled back and relaxed when he pushed in. Drew shoved hard about every third stroke forcing his giant cock into my throat and down until his nutsack rested on my forehead.

I felt hands on my cock as it was pulled free of my panties. Opening my eyes I saw Lynne and Kim both stroking my shaft. Then the most amazing thing. Kim leaned over and took me into her mouth as Lynne continued to stroke my shaft. Kim sucked the head licking all my precum up.

“Alicia said her Sissy Daddy was a complete whore but I never dreamed SHE loved cock this much,” said Drew. “I’m close,” announced Drew.

Hearing that Lynne stroked faster and Kim sucked harder.

One more deepthroat fuck and Drew erupted. He came what must have been a gallon of man goo. I swallowed as much as I could but it wasn’t enough. Cum rushed out of my mouth and over my cheeks. Drew pulled out of my mouth and finished himself by stroking another three or four blasts across my face.

It was too much and I shot my cum right into Kim’s waiting mouth. She didn’t stop sucking and Lynne kept stroking until they were sure there was no cum left in me. Then Kim moved up and spit all of my cum right into my mouth. I swallowed and thanked her for giving me the cum.

Lynne handed Kim a towel as Drew tucked his big fat knob away. I couldn’t move yet I was exhausted from the brutal face fucking I had received. I heard the door chime. Oh no customers.

Drew walked off to the front of the store as Kim and Lynne helped me off the bench and into my changing booth. Kim told Lynne she would help me clean up if she needed to attend the store. Thanking her Lynne walked away.

Kim wiped my face with the towel and helped me out of the lingerie and into my own clothes. My face was smeared with tears slime and red lipstick. “God you look like a cocksucking slut.” laughed Kim. I smiled at the irony of her comment.

Kim walked me over to the back corner of the change room where the restroom was located. As we entered I thanked her for helping me. “No problem, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen or been a part of,” replied Kim.

Kim washed my face as I sat on the toilet. I don’t think my shaking hands could have done it if I had to. When done we walked to the front of the store together. As we approached the counter I realized we had left the lingerie I needed to buy in the change room.

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