Daddy Knows Best Ch. 02

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Once I was alone in the shower, I couldn’t help but thinking about what my Daddy had just done to me. And the thought of how big he was, and how good he made me feel, I got wet again, and not just from the hot water pouring over my body. I knew then, that I wanted to please Daddy. I wanted him to use me again and again and again. I wanted to be his little whore daughter. I wanted him to fuck me in every way. When I got out of the shower, and walked to my room, he was there sitting on the edge of my bed, so I knelt in front of him, my head bowed as I spoke;

“Daddy, I want you… I want you to fuck me again. I want to become your whore. Please Daddy? I promise I’ll be a good little whore, and let you use me when ever, however you want. You can fuck any hole on my body. Fill me with your cum Daddy, please?”

And to my surprise, he did not baulk at my request, but lifted my head up and looked in my eyes and said;

“Good. I want to use you and treat you like the nasty little whore you are. But there will be rules. Rules you must follow without question. You must do what I say, when I say it, or I will punish you. I might even punish you when you are being good, just because it pleases me. This is how it was with your slut of a mother as well. Now, baby, get some sleep. When I wake up, I will be wanting to use you.”

That night I dreamt of how Daddy would use me, how he would fuck me, how he would make me cum, and when I awoke the next morning it was no surprise that I was already soaking wet. I laid in bed until Daddy opened my door, and told me what he expected of me.

“Being that you are now my little whore, I will explain what it is I want from you. But first, you cock-sucking whore, its time you lived up to your name, and sucked Daddy off. That’s it, put it in your filthy fuck hole. Ummm, that’s a good little whore, suck my cock. Faster, suck it faster like you did last night, Daddy wants to cum in that mouth. Oh baby, faster, deeper…. That’s it, Daddy’s gonna cum… OHHHH GOD!! Drink it all up!!”

After I swallowed every last drop of cum he gave to me, he took Rize Escort his cock from my mouth and told me to bend over his knees.

“Now, though you’ve been good thus far this morning, I want that ass nice and red, and you are to count them out for me, but you are to say; ‘Thank you Daddy for punishing this filthy cock sucker.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy, I do.” And with that the spanking begun.

“One, thank you Daddy for punishing this filthy cock sucker. Two, thank you Daddy for punishing this filthy cock sucker.” I did this all the way to fifty, that’s when Daddy said;

“There, I think that’s a nice shade of red. Now, for the rules, not only will you submit to anything I tell you to do, and not only will I fuck you anywhere and in any hole I want, but you must also take the cocks of any other man I see fit to let you have. You will only cum when I tell you to cum, or when the man that’s fucking you tells you to cum. And if you do not get permission to cum, you will not. You must understand that your role is nothing more than a fuck toy. And like any good fuck toy your only concern is the pleasure of who ever is fucking you. While in the house, or where ever else I tell you, you will only wear what I tell you to wear. In essence, if it pleases me to have you wear nothing, then you will wear nothing. And you must also be wet at all times. Should I ever find that you are not wet, I will punish you. You must also understand that from time to time I will want to have you gagged, and plugged, even clamped. Do you understand all of these new rules my little fuck slut?”

“Yes Daddy I do.” I said, as I felt the wetness between my legs grow. I wanted Daddy to fuck me right on the spot. I wanted to feel his entire cock shoved deep in my hot cunt.

“I might even from time to time call you nasty little names, and you are to always agree with me. For example, if I were to call you a little cum whore, you are to say; ‘Yes Daddy, I am nothing but a little cum whore.’ Because it will please me to humiliate you, and have you in turn humiliate yourself. Rize Escort Bayan Understood my little cock-sucker?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand.”

“Good. Now, stay just as dressed as you are now, and go clean the kitchen floor on your hands and knees.”

I walked downstairs to the kitchen and began to do as I was told, all the while Daddy watched me as I worked.

“That’s a good little cum dumpster.”

“Yes, Daddy, I am nothing but a little cum dumpster.”

“Good girl.”

When I had finished the kitchen I was told to dust and clean other things, all the while I was to stay naked. I even cooked dinner that night naked. Jeremiah had to work late that night helping Uncle Billy do inventory at his store, so Daddy didn’t mind keeping me naked as long as he did, and as he explained to me, he had plans. When dinner was finished, he instructed me to go up stairs to my room, and lay on the edge of my bed, and wait for him to come up. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, so long that I eventually started to play with my pussy. No sooner had I done that, then did Daddy walk into my room to catch me.

“You nasty little bitch! Did I tell you, you could play with yourself? I’ll teach you to please yourself without permission. Spread your ass with your hands. Daddy’s gonna fuck that tight ass of yours tonight. I’m gonna fuck it raw!”

I did as I was told, and spread my ass wide for him. I felt something cold and wet slide down my ass crack, and then I felt the tip of Daddy’s already erect penis touch my opening.

“This is going to hurt at first, but don’t worry baby, I’ll take it slow until you’re used to it, and then I’ll pound you harder than you might like.” He whispered in my ear, letting me know that he still loved and cared for me, even though I had been naughty.

Slowly, and steadily he pushed inside of me, every second, and every inch stretching my tight un-used ass wide open for him. And every few seconds he’d pause, to let my ass get used to his massive cock. Until he was all the way inside of me.

“There, now, Escort Rize you’re gonna be a good little anal whore, now aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy, I’m going to be a good little anal whore.”

“Beg me to fuck that tight ass, you stupid cunt!”

“Oh, Daddy, please fuck my tight ass, please fuck it raw!”

“You want me to fill that ass up with cum?”

“Yes Daddy, fill my ass with your cum. Use me like a good little anal whore. Please fuck me.” And with that he started to slide his cock in and out of my burning ass, slow at first, but he quickly picked up the pace, and soon enough he was slamming into my back side hard enough to make my entire bed move. Then he pulled out of me completely.

“Ask me to put it back in. Beg me to fuck that tight ass. Tell Daddy how badly you want his cock deep inside your ass stretching you wide open like a nasty fuck toy.”

“Daddy, please don’t stop fucking me ass. I want your cock so badly Daddy, I wanna feel it deep in my burning ass, I want to be used like a nasty fuck toy, please put your big cock back deep in my ass!”

With that he slammed back into my anal opening, showing no mercy, just pounding me like there was no tomorrow.

“Do you want to cum? Huh, you slut? Do you think I should let you cum?”

“Yes, please Daddy, I want to cum so bad…”

“Okay baby, cum for me. Cum for Daddy. Cum all over your bed, and down your legs. Cuz baby, Daddy’s gonna cum deep in your ass.” And with that I felt his penis twitch deep in my ass, and he let out a loud moan. “Oh yea, that’s the way Daddy likes it.”

He pulled out of my ass and told me to clean off his cock with my mouth. I did as I was told, and as I was sucking the cum that was left on his cock off, he got hard again, and took a hold of the back of my head, and began to ram his cock deep in my throat until he came a second time.

“Now that I’ve used you, and let you drink my cum, I’m going to go have dinner. Your brother should be here soon, so get dressed. But I want you to wear a short skirt, no panties, no bra, and a tight shirt. And those nipples better stay hard all night, or before you go to bed you’ll get another fifty spankings for disobedience. Then you can stay here, until I call you down.”

I did as I was told, and waited in my room for Daddy to call me down to dinner.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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