Daddy, The Devil, and Me: Day 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Day 2 – Morning

Location: Hospital

Drake wakes, at first not sure where he is. Then flashes of last night. The car. Fire. The chest. The strange man. He looked at both of his hands. “That chest better have something wonderful inside of it.” His hands were wrapped up in medicine tape and gauze. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to hurt at all. “Must be the drugs.” He thought to himself.

“Good Morning Drake.” Clarence said. Drake once again was startled. Was he standing there the whole time? He didn’t see him before. Must be the drugs.

“Clarence, didn’t see you there. Thanks for bringing me here last night.” Said Drake.

Clarence smiled at him, eyes bright. He was wearing a similar suit to the day before, yet different. Drake couldn’t quite put his mind on it. He just stared back at him. Starting to smile a bit himself. Then, “Oh! No Adam, I totally forgot. He’s probably worried sick!” as he shot up out of the bed.

“Don’t worry Drake,” said Clarence, “The nurse gave him a call when you checked in last night and he is staying at his friend’s place… Derek I think was the name?”

“Oh good,” sighed Drake, “I hope I didn’t worry him too much. His birthday is in a few days you know.”

“Yes. Yes I do.” Said Clarence, his eyes seemed to shine for a moment when he spoke. “Also, I took the liberty of letting Gabe and Daryl know what happened. They said to leave the shop to them today and just go home and rest.”

“I can’t do that, I gotta work on the car for Adam I’m building,” said Drake.

“Don’t worry,” said Clarence, “They’ll take care of it. It’s my fault you’re into this mess and I must insist you go home and spend time with Adam when he gets home from school.”

Drake felt a bit mesmerized. The idea of going home and seeing Adam made him feel really good. As if that was the only logical thing to do. Thinking about doing anything else made him just feel exhausted. Clarence was right. He should go home.

“Alright, just let me gather my stuff and I’ll head out. Wait what about you? How are you getting home?” asked Drake.

“Oh I was on holiday anyway, so I decided to just take a vacation here in this small town. The motel is very lovely.” Clarence said.

A blonde nurse with huge tits walks into the room. She obviously isn’t qualified for this job, and probably only has it from fucking someone higher up. She attempts to check Drake’s vitals, leaning over him looking at his chart. Her breasts right in his face. Drakes face stays the same, his eyes making a quick glance at Clarence. Clarence is just smirking at him. Drake can’t help but smirk back a bit.

The nurse walks out and Clarence states, “Or would a ride on that cheer you up more?”

Drake feels himself getting a little warm. He hasn’t had sex in years. He thinks about it, but he usually takes that energy out on is car work. Clarence leans down and whispers in his ear, “It’s alright, we’re all men, we all have…needs…”

Drake starts feeling himself get hard. His 10″ cock is quickly getting to full mast. Clarence keeps whispering, “I bet you’d like to take that dumb whore out back. Teach her a thing or two. Teach her to put tits in your face like that.”

Drake’s mind was feeling woozy. He closed his eyes. He felt his hand moving down his leg. Towards his throbbing member. Now fully erect. “That’s it Drake. Do what men are meant to do.” Clarence whispered even lighter. Drake gripped his cock, he didn’t even feel the bandages on his hands, and began to move it up and down. He hadn’t jacked off in weeks. Either being at the shop or around Adam he hadn’t found the time.

“That’s it…stroke it Drake. Get off. You need to.” Clarence kept whispering in his ear. Drake had never jacked off with another guy in the room but for some reason he trusted him. And if Clarence thought he should, well maybe he should. Drake let out a low sigh as he stroked himself, feeling himself get closer and closer…just feeling the need to shoot.

Suddenly he jolted his hand from his cock. Nobody was in the room, bandages on his hands. “What the…must have fallen asleep. Weird.” Drake surmised. He began to get out of bed, but stopped. His cock was rock hard. He sighed, and began to gather his things.

Day 2: Mid-day Location: Clarence’s Hotel room

Clarence unlocks the door to his hotel room.

*slap* *slap* *slap*

“I love the sound of flesh on flesh.” Clarence says as he walks in and shuts the door. On the bed, brothers Gabe and Daryl are furiously fucking. “Fucking take my dick inside you.” Daryl growls at Gabe. Clarence unzips his pants and stands by Gabe’s mouth.

“Put it in faggot.” Clarence says. He then leans forward and kisses Daryl while Daryl fucks his brother mercilessly.

“Thank you for this gift my lord.” Says Gabe and Daryl in unison, almost zombie like.

“Oh you want a gift do you? Lay down.” Daryl does as he is told. Clarence begins escort ataköy to take off the rest of his clothes. Out of his suit you can see how well defined his body is built. The perfect proportions. His calves tight, his ass perky, his cock. HUNG. It’s thick, very thick and at least 12″. It looks more like a spear than a dick at some angles. His skin seems to be covered in tattoo markings that spread out along his entire body. You’d never guess it beneath his well tailored suits. Both Daryl and Gabes’ mouths begin to water.

These two brothers have fucked themselves silly, and all they care about now is being as dirty, vulgar, slutty, as possible. And best of all, they can’t stop fucking each other. Clarence whispers in Gabe’s ear. “You love your brothers dick, don’t you Gabe?” Gabe nods. “Then sit on it. All the way. ” Gabe takes the length of his brother’s dick inside him. Moaning all the way down. Clarence gets close to him, whispers in his ear. “You need to ride his cock more. Fuck yourself on it.” Gabe begins to slowly move himself up and down on his brother’s cock. Feeling it pulse inside him. Knowing that his brother’s cock belongs there. “Good boy Gabe. But you don’t get a present just yet…you need to admit it. Admit that you’ve always looked at your brother’s cock. Your father’s cock. Admit you’re nothing but a whore.”

As Clarence whispers into his ear Gabe rides Daryl faster and faster. Loving it. “Yes, sir! I love cock. I’ve always wanted cock.”

“Yes, but if you want to belong to me and my ways entirely, tell me. Whose cocks.” Clarence is patient but you can tell his dick is ready to punish Gabe depending on what he says.

Every time Clarence speaks it makes the brothers buck wilder against each other. They’re starting to lose control entirely of their bodies. “I”ve always wanted…” Gabe begins to become erratic bouncing on his brother’s dick. “MY BROTHER’S COCK!” Gabe is slamming his ass as hard as he can on his brother’s fuck stick. “YES YES YES! I NEED IT. SINCE I WAS BORN. I WANT HIS COCK IN ME. And my FATHER oh fuck YEAH. FUCK ME DADDY.”

“I’m your new daddy now.” Growled Clarence, he leans Gabe back and thrusts his cock inside Gabe alongside Daryl’s. His cock is hot. Burning hot. Hotter than Gabe’s currently stretching hole.

“Oh FUUUUUUuuuuccck!” Moans Gabe who immediately grabs his cock and starts stroking himself.

“Come on Daryl, let’s teach this cum slut what it is to be a whore.” Clarence orders. He looks over the shoulder of Gabe down to see the face of Daryl. His eyes are in the back of his head, his face twisted in pleasure. Drool coming out of his mouth. He is in an ecstatic state of fuck. No mind of his own anymore. Totally under the control of pleasure.

“You two are just the beginning of my army to get the boy! Revel in your debauchery!” Clarence begins laughing maniacally as he and Daryl thrust into Gabe’s hole, oozing of precum. Clarence’s muscles seem to get bigger as he fucks, not just that but everything about him. His cock, his balls, his tongue.

“Oh yes Drake, just you and your boy wait!”

Day 2: Early Afternoon Location: Drake’s house

Drake enters his house. Surprisingly feeling pretty good, and not in any pain. “Adam? You home?” He calls out and waits. No response. He must still be on his way home from school. He begins thinking about earlier. How real his dream was of him jacking off. He looks at his hands all bandaged up.

“Damn it. Finally get some free time and I can’t do anything. This is why being married might have been useful.” He immediately grimaced. The idea of being married sounded horrible. The stupid bitch would probably leave just like Adam’s mother did. “No matter. I’ll check on the guys.”

He calls the store. No answer. “That’s strange…they shouldn’t be closed yet.” He calls again. Again no answer. “Those guys better not have dipped out because I’m not there.” Drake thought angrily. He decided to try calling one more time.

“Hello?” Came a voice on the other end. Drake didn’t recognize it at first, then. “Clarence?”

“Hello Drake! Make it home alright?” Clarence’s voice was crystal clear. Much more clear than when most other people talked on the Shops phone. For some reason the sound of his voice made Drake feel warm all over on the inside. He couldn’t help but smile to himself a bit. “Yeah I just got home. Them guys put you to work or something?” Drake asked.

“Oh no, I just came to inquire about a car, and I wanted to help with your present to Adam just in case I could.” Clarence responded.

“Don’t worry about that, you’ve done enough mate,” said Drake.

“I take it you didn’t take that nurse home with you did ya Drake?” Drake was shocked to first hear what he said. Clarence kept going, “I’m surprised. A guy like you just can’t seem to help yourself when something you want is in front of you. I almost took her back to my hotel room myself seeing those tits and ass.” Drake couldn’t respond. He wanted to, he was planning to but the escort taksim words just weren’t coming. He felt his hand go towards his cock. “I bet that pussy woulda been real wet for ya Drake. You know…on my way out I saw her getting fucked by two of the doctors. At once.” Drake starts to breathe heavy. His hand around his cock. He doesn’t feel any pain from the burns. “One dick in her pussy…the other one in her ass.” Drake’s hand has a mind of its own it seems. Stroking his cock up and down. For a second Drake is worried Clarence will know what he’s doing. But he’s horny, God is he horny. “You know I bet you coulda joined in…her mouth was open. That soft moist mouth. On your dick Drake. I bet you can almost feel it.” Drake could. He could feel himself about to cum. Totally lost in his pleasure, listening only to Clarence’s voice.

“Dad? What are you doing!?”

Drake opens his eyes and sees his 18 year old son standing there.

Day 2: Night Drake’s House

“Now son, I’m sure that looked weird. But I’m a guy, you’re a guy. So it’s not that weird at all. I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately and well, I took my chance when I could.” Drake was embarrassingly trying to talk with Adam about what had occurred earlier that day.

“Dad its ok. I know what jacking off is. I just wasn’t expecting to see it happening in the kitchen. By my own Dad!” Adam was a young. 18 years old. But what he lacked in age he made up for in physical appearance. He could easily pass for someone 5 years older. He was the all American boy. He played baseball and ran track in high school, and the results were very pleasing to his body. Which is why Drake would be nervous when Adam would go on dates. He knew a lot of girls would want to be having a go at him and he didn’t want Adam to go through what he did.

Surprisingly though Adam never seemed to go out on dates. He went out with friends but always came home early and never mentioned a girl. Drake didn’t ask many questions though. They didn’t really talk about things like that. Which is why this conversation was a little more than uncomfortable for him.

“Dad seriously. It’s ok. I know what sex is and everything else.”

“How? Have you been having it?” Drake was getting worried.

Adam sighed, “uuugh…no. No I haven’t. I’m a virgin. Ok?” Adam looked down at his lap.

Drake finally eased up, “Ok son. Good to know. How about if you don’t tell anyone about what you caught me doing…and I won’t tell anyone you’re a virgin. Deal?”

Adam smiled, “Deal.”

Drake rustled Adam’s hair in a playful way he always did when Adam was growing up. “In a few days you’re gonna be even older. How do you think about that?

“Whatever. It’s not gonna change anything. I still don’t have a car and graduation won’t be for a couple more months.” Adam stated.

“Actually I’d like to talk to you about that. I wish you would apply to some colleges and-” DING-DONG. The doorbell interrupts Drake.

“I’ll get it,” said Adam looking for anything to avoid the conversation, “It’s probably Derek I think I might have left my overnight bag there.”

Adam opens the door, but instead of his friend Derek is a tall man in a suit. The man smiles, “Ah. You must be Adam.” His eyes gleam at him. Adam just stares for a moment.

“Son who is it-” Drake stops when he sees it is Clarence. “Oh Clarence. Hello. Come on in. What brings you over?”

Clarence walks in with his briefcase, and on his shoulder, he is carrying the chest. The one Drake burnt his hands on. He sets it down on a chair in the kitchen. The men sit around the dinner table.

“Would you like a drink, Clarence?” asks Drake.

“Scotch would be nice. Will you two be joining me in one?” asked Clarence

“I will, Adam isn’t quite old enough yet.” Drake responded.

“Oh come now, surely the boy is old enough?” asked Clarence, though it came off more as a statement.

“Yeah, come on dad. Be a pal.” Adam chimed.

“Adam, go on up to your room. Clarence and I have things to discuss.” Drake informed him.

“Ok dad. Pleasure to meet you sir.” Adam said. He quickly bounces out of the room. The two men stare as he goes upstairs.

“He’s gotta be a heart breaker,” said Clarence.

“Haha. Don’t think so. I actually just found out he’s a virgin,” said Drake.

Clarence grinned and his eyes gleamed as he sipped his scotch. “Now that is surprising…speaking of which, what was all that commotion I heard earlier right before you hung up the phone?”

“Oh uh…” Drake tried to think of something, “I accidentally knocked something over and then made a mess, and Adam had also just gotten home so it was just a bunch of chaos. Sorry for hanging up on you.” Drake was unable to make eye contact.

“No problem,” said Clarence, “Just wanted to make sure everything was all right, but if you don’t want to tell me the truth I won’t force you.” His eyes gleamed.

Drake looked shocked, and then decided to come clean. “Alright…Adam…kinda escort etiler walked in on me…well, you know.” He makes a hand motion synonymous with jacking off.

Without even blinking Clarence states, “Is that it? Tch it sounded like the fires of hell were opening up over here with all the scurried noises- was he frightened by what he saw?”

Drake laughed, “Haha no I don’t think so. We use to walk naked around the house together all the time when he was little. It was just easier than him getting all his clothes dirty. But I don’t think he’s ever seen it….well…erect. And we’ve never talked about that sort of thing before. Not sure how to address it.”

Clarence just sat there, a calming smile of understanding on his face. Drake wasn’t sure why he was telling him so much. The guy was just so damned likeable. Clarence started speaking, “Well if you want I can talk to him about it. Sometimes its easier for younger guys to share that kind of information with someone they don’t have to look at every day.”

“Could you? That would make me feel better.” Drake wasn’t sure why he was even agreeing with him. The conversation passed. No need to put his son in an awkward conversation with a stranger. But he just couldn’t say no. It felt too tiring to even try to open his mouth in contest.

“Under one condition. While I stay here, could I keep this chest here with you? I know you may not be as fond of it after what happened, but its very valuable and I would hate to see one of the motel maids pawn it off somewhere.” Explained Clarence. “Sure,” agreed Drake, “But what exactly is that thing anyway?”

“Oh just a family heirloom. Take a look inside if you wish. Just a bunch of old knick knacks and the sort.” Clarence told him. Clarence then stood up and walked upstairs. Drake wanted to speak out as to which bedroom it was, but before he could his eye caught a gleam off of the chest. He breathed deeply.

*knock knock* “Adam, may I come in?” Clarence said as he opened the door.

Adam was sitting on his bed reading an issue of Maxim in some gym shorts. Only gym shorts. His thighs were thick from all the running, which led up to a plump curve of a backside. His shoulders as broad as any man’s twice his age. Hints of a six pack teased his abs, yet no signs of body hair except some light fuzz on his legs.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Adam said putting down the magazine.

“Well she’s quite pretty.” Clarence motions towards the model on the magazine cover. “I bet she likes it rough.” Clarence said through his gentle smile.

Adam smiled back but felt a little red in the face. “It’s ok Adam. That’s why I came up here. Your dad says you guys don’t really talk about this sort of thing. I just wanna make sure everything is ok for him. You’re dad has really helped me out.”

“Well. I think I’m fine.” Adam said looking up at Clarence. Clarence just staring at him, with a slight grin. He looked so put together, so friendly. Adam felt he could completely trust him. “Honestly, I’m not quite sure if everything is working properly…”

“Really?” amused Clarence, “How do you not know? Have you never talked about it to one of your friends?”

“No I’m too embarrassed too. And Dad feels just as uncomfortable as I do about it. And soon I’m gonna be 19, and still be the only virgin in the entire town.” Adam replied.

“Well Don’t you jack off?” asked Clarence, grin getting a bit bigger.

“Well, yes, but, no. It’s difficult. I know what it is, and I’ll try. But then I’m always worried I’m going to pee myself and stop.”

Clarence’s eyes shifted and subtly licked his lips.

Meanwhile back downstairs-

Drake had lost track of time. He was sitting there staring at that chest. He must have dozed off cause it suddenly was a couple hours later. The lights were still on but all signs of Clarence were gone. He quietly went upstairs. He went to open Adam’s bedroom, but before he did he heard low rapid breaths and the tell tale *fap fap fap* of teenage puberty. Drake chuckled. “Like father, like son.” However as he walked down the hall to his bedroom, he didn’t notice his own cock. Hard as rock and some light shining through his bandages on his hands.

Back in Adam’s room:

Clarence was holding out a similar looking coin that he had given Daryl before. Adam was staring into it. Eyes glazed over. His hand rhythmically stroking himself.

“That’s right,” whispered Clarence, “Stroke yourself. Shoot off that horrid virginal seed.” Adam was responding. But not quite in the same way Gabe and Daryl did. There seemed to be some reason Clarence couldn’t touch him. But he could watch him touch himself.

“That’s right. Think only perverted thoughts Adam. Once you turn 19, you and your father will be mine. Just as it was foreseen years ago. Stroke your cock. Think of the nastiest things you want to do.”

Adam’s cock was red with pleasure. It had to be at least 9 inches, and the balls. They hung heavy with loads of cum never shot out. All he could do was listen to Clarence’s voice. He couldn’t tell if it was a dream. One minute he was talking to a mysterious man, and now all he could think of pleasuring his cock.

“I bet you like your friend Derek, huh?” Clarence asked.

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