Daddy’s Massage Pt. 02

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Note: Part 1 was written from Sam’s perspective and Part 2 from Dad’s perspective. Hope this adds interest and not confusion. Part 3, to follow, will switch back to Sam’s perspective.


Massaging Samantha began innocently, but over time I lost control and my fantasies of introducing her to sexual pleasure got out of control. I let my touches drift closer to her erogenous zones and was encouraged by her acceptance of my touch. I knew sex between father and daughter was wrong and there is no justification for intimate touches, leading to intercourse.

Samantha and her best friend had made virginity pledges, but what twenty-one year old university student didn’t experience at least one type of sexual activity? As it turned out, the extent of her sexual experience was masturbating a boy, before she made the pledge.

The side of the bed that Sam had slept on was still warm. The shower was running and for a moment I entertained the thought of joining her and soaping her from head to toe, but a more rational voice spoke to me.

‘How could you have sex with your daughter? If you have a need to dominate, find a mature woman. Your seed is inside her. What are you going to do about that?’

I slipped out of bed, the powerful hardness that I woke with was now an unimpressive, soft appendage. I stepped into the shower in the en-suite bathroom, wondering how this day would unfold.

While soaping myself down, I wondered if it wouldn’t be better for her to learn about sex from me, instead of an inexperienced guy, or one who wants another notch on his belt. I have experience and can introduce her to the pleasures of sex in a slow, professional manner.

My wife was inexperienced and I brought out the animal in her. She went from a pussy cat to a lioness.

One item that has to be addressed is the seed that I spurted into my daughter.

I’m not as young as I used to be, but I had never spurted bağcılar escort as much as I did last night. The number one priority is a trip to the pharmacy for the morning after pill. Sam knows so little about sex and I wonder if she even knows what the morning after pill is.

Then I remembered that my wife had a copper intrauterine device (IUD) inserted and if inserted within the first five days after intercourse, it prevents pregnancy. Additionally, it’s an effective birth control device. I shouldn’t have sex again with her, but this would solve the immediate problem and protect her for the future.

I was flipping pancakes when Sam entered the kitchen. She was wearing a short nightgown and pressed herself to me. I took a step away. “Sam. Get dressed and come back down. We have some things to talk about.”

I didn’t mean to be so harsh and realized it was my guilt that was turning my mood sour. I had been so horny and so lonely for so long. How could something that felt so good be considered to be so wrong?

We sat at opposite ends of the table, eating in silence.

“Sam. Last night was a mistake.”

“No it wasn’t, it was beautiful. You made me feel so desired.”

“You are a desirable young lady, but I shouldn’t think of you as being that way. I lost control and unless we do something about it, you may become pregnant.”

“I didn’t know that you …”

“Filled you with my sperm,” I said.

“I felt you pulsing in me. I should have known what was happening, but every part of me was so tingly.”

This discussion was making my cock swell.

“Dad, remember when we went to the fireworks last year? When you were inside me, it was like I was seeing them again, over and over.”

“Sam. Stop. What I did was wrong and it won’t happen again.”

“But I want it again. It felt so good, didn’t it?”

“Yes. It did feel good.”

“It felt so big. Are all guys as big cihangir escort as you?”

“Sam,” I said sharply. “Stop.”

We finished our breakfast and Sam put the dishes in the dishwasher. “I’ve called the doctor and thanks to a cancellation, she can see us this morning.”

“Why do we have to see her? What can she do?” Samantha asked.

“There’s a device that she is going to insert in your cervix. It prevents pregnancy and will act as a method of birth control.”

A look of defiance made her forehead crease. “I don’t want anybody to see me … down there and I don’t want something in my cervix.”

I drew in a breath. “Sam. I’m only doing what is right for you. You’re twenty years old and you cannot risk getting pregnant. Especially getting pregnant by me. Now, finish up. We leave in fifteen minutes.”

I watched Sam walk down the corridor to the doctor’s exam room. It was spotless and Sam stood when Doctor Lynn Potter stepped in. “Hi Samantha. We haven’t seen each other in over year. Please sit.”

The doctor sat and scanned through the chart. “There is a note requesting a copper IUD. Are you sexually active?”

Sam’s face flushed a bright red. “I had sex last night and Dad said I should get one of those things put in.”

“I know your dad and knew your mother quite well. Although your Dad has your best interests in mind, choices about your body are yours.”

For a half hour, they talked about STDs, birth control and many topics that a mother and daughter would talk about. In the end, Sam decided on the IUD.

“Lay down and shuffle up a bit. Good. Try to relax and put your feet in these stirrups.

Sam parted her legs and rested them on the stirrups. She never felt so embarrassed.

“I’m going to touch your lips and insert two fingers into your vagina. Take a few relaxing breaths and tell me when it’s okay to continue.”

Sam drew in several long breaths. “Okay.”

The gaziosmanpaşa escort doctor ran her finger lightly around Sam’s outer lips, noticing that Sam was becoming aroused. She was about to apply more lube to her fingers, but that was not necessary.

Sam felt the insertion of one and then two fingers. Thoughts of last night brought a warmth through her tummy and further wetness to her pussy.

By the time the doctor’s fingers slipped out, Sam’s lips were puffy and wetness flowed and shimmered like a lazy river in spring.

“Sam. I have to look at your cervix and this requires a device to open you wide enough for me to see. It may be a bit uncomfortable and tell me if it hurts. Okay?”

“Yes, I will.”

Sam felt her vagina being stretched open, widening the way it did last night for her dad’s cock. Her eyes closed, her toes curled and her tummy tightened in knots. The doctor’s eyes opened wide as she witnessed Sam’s orgasm. Sam shivered slightly and felt a dampness spread over her panties.

The IUD was fitted without further incident and Sam left the room with a requisition for blood samples.

For weeks the atmosphere between father and daughter went to and fro, from warm to frosty. Sam had tried to warm me up with hugs, but I rebuffed her every attempt. It was unfair to her and turning her away was killing me.

Fantasy thoughts of Sam returned and last night, I had an image of a rope dangling from the ceiling and me attaching the ends to her wrists. Her nipples were clipped and a vibrator strapped around her pussy, set to run for a minute and then stop for a minute.

Moments ago I masturbated to the thoughts of Sam kneeling in front of me, sucking my cock. Spoonfuls of cum spurted on my tummy and now dripped to the sheets.

I could take it no longer. I was a dominant male and my last submissive was Sam’s mother. She was intelligent, self-assured, kind and thrived in the corporate world, but at home her need for sex was insatiable and she obeyed me.

Her arousal and her need to please knew no bounds and Sam was like her in so many ways. I have to see if she is half as submissive as her mother.

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