Dad’s Thing

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Adult Funbags

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


It was cold. Witching cold. The wind went up my nostrils and froze my innards hurting like shattered mini ice cycles blowing around. I was way across the parking lot. It was mostly empty now but full when I got here so I had to park way off like this. I slipped a little getting to the car and a little going home. I got in the garage and got the door closed and sat there a minute or two. It wasn’t a long enough drive to get the heater going very much.

I went in the house and mom had hot chocolate ready. I always drank hot chocolate on days like this. It was too hot but I sat there with all my stuff on holding it with my gloved hands breathing in the chocolate steam to warm up my nostrils. Mom left me alone. She knew it took a little while with me. Dad was home somewhere. Usually warm in the den reading the paper. He had sense.

After a little while dad came in the kitchen. Mom probably told him to come say hello and stuff. She meddles. I didn’t mind that much. She cared a lot about us.

“You look like a frozen popsicle Charlie,” he said. “I know its cold out there. We had three trucks this morning that wouldn’t even turn over. It’s gotta end sometimes. Anything I can get you?”

“I got it,” I said. “Hot chocolate. Warms the something of my heart.”

I almost bit my tongue. Saying ‘something’ instead of ‘cockles’ was even worse than saying it right. Dad smiled and winked at me in my momentary misery. He knew what my cold mind did. He patted me on the back and kissed my forehead and went back to the den, smiling.

Dad had an embarrassing operation on his manly aberration at long last and is not yet up to snuff or at full tilt. I’ve got a million of them. Mostly said to me by close friends that know about it. The last time I picked him up at work his boss said, ‘is your dad saluting yet’. His hunting friend said, ‘he lost his shotgun and has to use his pistol for a while, that’s all. It’s probably a derringer anyway’. His barber said, ‘snip, snip’. When he and mom went out to eat one night at his favorite restaurant, which is owned by a close friend of his, the waiter put a lit candle on the table about a half inch high. A couple of minutes later it went out. There was a rumor the howitzer misfired on the marine base and that was blamed on dad.

Mom and I think he’s fine. He’s not up and running but we think he’s running. Mom says we have to find a way to get him going. I don’t know what she means by ‘we’. She said she was going to get some new sexy duds. She said she was going to get one of those little vibrators and sneak it up on him while he’s asleep. She says she’s going to rent one of those movies and get some wild women magazines like the bikers buy. I said to just give him time. I used to say, give ‘it’ time, but changed it to ‘him’. I think for mom it was like sitting around waiting for the popcorn to pop. The more time went by the more odd she got.

Life is really strange when you go day to day thinking about dad’s thing and your mom needing some sex and you’re trying to figure out a way to help both. I try to help. Dad soaks sitting in the bath tub in hot water with the soaking stuff the doctor gave him. It was kind of awkward him having to soak so long by himself but I got a piece of Formica covered kitchen counter material and drilled four holes and screwed some big dowels hanging down. It fits across the tub and the dowels keep it from racking and hides dad. He uses the top to read the paper and put something to drink on and mom and I can sit on the side and dribble our fingers in the water and rub his lower legs with our fingertips and splash a little water up underneath.

One time he got the devil in him and said, “You look like you could use a long soak yourself. Want to climb in and soak with me? You can use the other end of the table you made. I could close my eyes when you got in and out and you could wear a bra.”

I said, “What do we do with our legs? The tub isn’t all that long.”

“You could put yours beside my hips sometimes and I could put mine beside yours sometimes,” he said. “It’s long enough for that.”

“True, true,” I said. “It might be a little cramped. I’m not sure there’s enough room for that. Let me think about it. In the meantime enjoy your soak.”

I rubbed his ankle again and dried my hand and slipped out of the bathroom. Mom was standing beside the door in the hall with her finger on her mouth to be quiet. We quiet walked back to the living room.

Mom said, “You know, that’s not that bad of an idea. When he’s soaking you could go in and take everything off and get in the tub. Put your legs under his thighs and his will be over yours. He’ll be looking at your breasts and knowing you’re necked right in front of him with your legs open. He won’t be able to see that. Tell him to close his eyes when you start. That should do something. Rize Escort I think it’s worth a try. What do you think?”

“Mom, I’ll be glad to do whatever I can do,” I said, “but I don’t want to lead dad on like that. I’m sure he was just kidding me and I was kidding him back. Wouldn’t he be upset if you walked in on us necked in the tub together?”

“I can easily fix that,” she said. “He won’t be bothered by me knowing in the least. Leave that to me. What do you think? Maybe tomorrow’s soaking. Could you do it then?”

“Sure mom,” I said. “So dad and I would be completely necked, both of us, in the tub with my boobs completely out for him to see and our legs intertwined and its ok with you.”

“Yes, great.” She said. “If that doesn’t turn him on it will at least get him in the ball park in his mind. Besides, if you happen to slide down a little and he happens to slide down a little under that shelf there’s no telling how much good it’ll do. Run your fingers up his legs, see if you can get on the inside of his thighs. He might do that to you. It’ll give you a little more incentive. Him too. I wish I could figure out a way to find out what effect it had. I guess time will tell.”

“How are you doing mom?” I said. “You sound a little desperate.”

“Well,” she said. “I knew it would take a while. The doctor explained everything to me. Twice. He said a good teasing now and then should get him to forget it’s even a problem when he starts to recover. I’ve been teasing him. You could raise the level some. It could be quite a help. I think it’s worth a try. I don’t want him to relapse to not trying or caring. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. If it’s not fun forget it. Have fun if you can.”

I had this crazy thought and it got out of my mouth before I could stop it and when I thought about it later I sounded like an idiot. “Mom, you know we can’t get each other pregnant. I mean, I can’t get pregnant anyway but we couldn’t, you know, each other, either.”

Mom stood there staring at me with her mouth open. She hadn’t thought of that. Her mouth moved but she didn’t say anything. Then she said, “I’ll think about it.” She turned around and walked off. Just like that.

Dad soaked about an hour or more in the mornings and almost two hours in the evenings. Mostly because he had that cover table I made. He could eat there and read the paper and books and have tea or wine and listen to his player or whatever. He was comfortable. I wasn’t there in the mornings so evening it had to be. I thought I would humor mom. I really didn’t care if dad saw me in the buff. It would be a little exciting for me and hopefully for him too. Dad talks a big talk but no way would he go there for real. It kind of made me want to tease him until he broke. Now there’s a thought. I wonder what mom would say.

Mom and dad and I were between 5ft8 and 5ft11 and were we all more or less slim. Mom had a few pounds extra and looked sexier, still she was pretty thin in the hips. Dad played golf a lot so his waist was thin too. He wasn’t like a walrus in the bathtub and we could both fit easily with maneuvering room to spare. We just had to watch out for his thing. I took off my bra and put my top back on. I took off my shorts and panties and put my shorts back on. We kept the house warm in cold weather. The extra cost was well worth the comfort. Dad got in the tub with his hot water and soaking brew, as we called it, about half an hour ago. I checked with mom and she said now was fine so I went in.

“Hi dad,” I said. “Great idea soaking with you. I checked with mom. She said to have a good time and you don’t have to close your eyes. You can see what you created. Enjoy.”

I took my top off and my boobs flowed right out. I made sure to have my nipples up and out so he would have a nice look. He did. I started my pants down my hips and bent over and took the off. I got in at the controls end, I didn’t try to hide anything. I even had my legs open momentarily. I don’t know how much he got to see. I was shaven except for my tuff so he did get quite a look at quite a lot. I held on to the sides and bending over with my boobs hanging down a little slid down keeping my knees up.

As soon as I sat down I slipped my toes under his knees and stretched them out beside his hips and slipped on down more keeping his feet on either side of me. The water was fairly hot but not enough to be a problem. I guess he started out hot and let it cool and put more hot in later. We sat for a few moments smiling at each other. I was in the tub with a necked man. That was way nice. My legs were open and just a quick slide away from his penis dick. That was way, way nicer. The table I made hid us both from seeing, except my boobs but I could see his boobs too. Nothing to wash so I twitted my toes splashing the water near his sides and did the same with my fingers.

Mom came in with two pillows. She said, “I got these this morning. They’re made of rubber and water proof.” She put one in back Rize Escort Bayan of me which buffered the faucet and stuff and they were a bit thick which pushed me towards dad. She put the other one in back of dad which pushed him nearer to me. Mom went away and came back with some ice tea for me and a small pitcher for refills. She said, “You two look comfortable. Happy soaking and have some fun.” Mom left.

My knees got pushed up and dads did too. The middle of his thighs was right over the middle of mine. Dad was staring at the door mom just went out. I was looking at dad. My knees were up and I was wide open. Dad probably felt about the same. We couldn’t see it but our things could see each other through the water. I could feel mine looking and I figured dad could feel his looking. Maybe not with his condition but that’s why I was here.

I said, “Is this ok dad. Should I move backwards?”

“I’m ok Charlie,” he said. “I don’t think you’re in any danger, so to speak.”

“I wouldn’t mind if I was, you know, in danger,” I said. The water seemed to be sloshing from one end of the tub to the other. It was up high enough to cover him above his thing. I said, “How long do you have to do this. In days. A week, month. The water seems to be getting hotter. That’s strange.”

“No time limit,” he said. “Just waiting to see if it helps. The soaking medicine makes it hotter. Actually it isn’t medicine. You can get it across the counter.”

“What does it do?” I said. “The soaking medicine. What kind of problem do you have?”

“Ok,” he said. “I had an operation. Minor one. It was completely successful. There’s a thing that holds the blood in the penis when it’s inflated. That isn’t working. Its ok, it’s recovering. The soaking medicine is a mixture of pepper juices from Mexico. It only takes a few drops in all this water. It doesn’t much bother normal skin surfaces but does the same thing with genital surfaces that peppers do in your mouth. Stimulates all those nerve endings and turns you on. If you rub around it turns you on more because it pushes it into the surface nearer the nerves. You’re getting hotter because you’re getting turned on. Sorry. I should have said something. I was distracted watching you get undressed.”

“Oh,” I said. “I don’t know what to say. I think I like it.”

Dad laughed out loud at that and said, “If you do what I’m supposed to be doing it gets a lot better.”

“Really,” I said. “What are you supposed to be doing?”

“The doctor said it would help if I stimulated myself while soaking to help the soaking medicine do its job,” he said. “Charlie, I’ve never gotten in the habit of doing that and it makes me a little uncomfortable. I know its normal for most everybody else but still. I haven’t told mom. I don’t want her to know. The doctor said to be slow and soft and if your mom tries that she’ll get going and kill me.”

Now I knew why he wanted me to get in the tub with him. It made sense. He needed me to help him get back to mom. We were both quiet, looking in each other’s eyes. I smiled and he smiled. We both knew each other knew. I hooked my fingers under his knees and pulled slightly. I slid towards him and he slid towards me. We didn’t have that far to go. I felt him run into my crotch. For a moment I was confused then I knew it was his penis dick hanging down between his legs and pushing into my crotch.

It wasn’t all that small at all, being de-excited. Dad must be one of those men that had a very big penis dick that got thinner around and softer but didn’t lose much bulk. I have never in my life held a real penis dick in my fingers. Or hand. I wasn’t afraid to do that I just never had the opportunity. I let my fingers drop down his thighs and down in between us and grabbed on and pulled him up from between us. I was quite comfortable, not strained or anything like that.

I was still looking at dad and he was still looking at me. I got both hands working. It seemed quite substantial. Pumped up it must be gigantic. We were doing all this in the blind as far as our middles were concerned. I couldn’t believe my luck. This might turn out to be a fun thing.

I said, “Keep instructing me until I get it right. Teach me different ways. Tell me how it feels as we go. Don’t be afraid to be specific. If rubbing you against me occasionally helps that’s fine. Teach me how and where. Nothing is off limits dad.”

Dad nodded his head at me. He said, “Rubbing the head various ways will rub in the medicine and stimulate me more. Rubbing the head against you will do the same thing. Both stimulate the brain which causes the blood to flow and try to be trapped. It’s a sex thing at this point. The more sex, the more stimulation, the more driving force. Charlie, you’re going to get more turned on with this soaking stuff. The doctor said it may cause orgasms. If you go with what you want to do it’ll probably work for me. Thank you.”

I got started. I knew about jacking and the sensitivity of the head Escort Rize and not to squeeze his balls too much. I research with my tablet and vibrator at the same time. Dad closed his eyes or moaned when it was good. I was surprised. I was wrong thinking him being flat cut off the feelings. Dad was ramped up pretty good. I absolutely loved massaging his balls and pulling his foreskin down. I felt every little ripple up and down his penis dick. I picked up penis dick from mom and got used to saying it. Some of my friends giggle at me. I don’t care. I got one in my hand.

Every now and then I got my hand firm around it with the foreskin pulled down and the head up clear from my hand and slid back ever so slightly and rubbed the head right against my clit and down to my vagina and pushed it in about half the head and up again. With the water it was so smooth he probably wouldn’t be aware where it was at first. I sure was. My clit wasn’t burning but it was warm and jittery. I was squeezing everything I had all the time. That pepper was great. I wanted to fuck a glee club and right damn now.

I had an orgasm. I’m fairly sure dad knew but he didn’t say anything. A little while later his legs got frozen and I quick as a fox got my fingers right up to his pee dimple and a moment later I felt his semen coming out in spurts. It started in a bit of a stream but broke up into spurts. I felt him push up a couple of times. I think he was trying not to. I jacked him the best I could while he orgasmed. He had his eyes closed. He probably didn’t want to do that with me there. When he opened his eyes I looked right at him and smiled and mouthed ‘Thank you’. He nodded. An orgasm without getting hard. I didn’t know that was possible.

We got so puckered we got out of the water, drained the tub, and showered. We both washed our essentials for a long time trying to get the pepper out. Taking a shower with a nude dad is a very special thing. After we rinsed and before we dried off I got him around the neck and thanked him for such a good time. I rubbed his with mine to thank him. He rubbed mine with his to say you’re welcome. Mom was happy to see us out of the tub.

The next day was inventory day at work and we were going to do that in the afternoon so I was home with mom the whole morning. The pepper was gone. It faded away fairly quickly out of the water. Mom and I were sitting around. I said, “Would you like to go climb in bed and have some orgasms? As many as you want. We’ll find a way. Might be fun.”

Mom looked at me almost stricken. Then she screwed up her face like she was going to cry then shook her head ‘yes’ a number of times. I got her hand and led her off. She told me that night she was very relieved I asked. We went to their bedroom. Mom closed the curtains so it was mostly dark and turned on the radio to some classical music. Mom loved classical music. We stripped except for our pants and got on the bed. We faced each other stretched down the bed and melted into each other almost like an emergency.

An immediate really shocking erotic kissing started. Mom had her hand down in the back of my pants right away and our tits were duking it out. Mom really needed some of what she had been missing. I didn’t realize how bad until now. I got my pants off and started pulling hers down. I couldn’t get down low enough to get them off because of the kissing and holding each other but I saw her fling them off to the floor. I called this a ‘fuck’ state and in a fuck state the only thing that mattered was clit action.

She needed the sex exercise so I got my leg up under her waist and the other one over above her hip. Both of our clits were mostly up and out front rather than down under. I pulled her in with my heels and she started low on my hood with the top of hers and went way up and bumped over to the other side and came down that side and across the front of my clit and started back up again. It was a beautifully erotic routine and fucked our clits like magic.

Mom said, “Wait a minute.”

She pulled off and reached over and got something from a nightstand drawer and flipped the top off and lubed us both and put it on the nightstand. It took about three seconds to get back in position and going again. It was much smoother with the lube. Petjel, it didn’t go away. About five minutes and mom had a really good quick reaction orgasm. About three minutes recovery and we were at it again. She was much more relaxed and enjoyable after. Good relaxing kisses and nipple tweaking and butt massaging, in and out. She loved running her hands all down my back. I did her.

Mom said, “Could you get on top?”

We broke again and she turned on her back and I slipped over on and her legs came up and I got settled with my clit aligned with hers and away we went. Not frantic but smoother that before. It was so erotic having my clit massaged like that, with another clit. Knowing she was feeling what I was made it even better. I got some fingers at her butt and started fiddling. That got some moans. I switched hands and got two fingers in her vagina and finger fucked her while we were clit fucking. About ten minutes and mom had another orgasm. We kept going and I had one. She played it out with me so expertly making it a nice complete one.

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