Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 32

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Daisy woke the next morning to find herself alone in that big bed-Shawna’s parents’ bed. Her arms were stretched out to either side, as were her legs. Glancing over, she was not much surprised to find her wrists, as well as her ankles, handcuffed to the bedframe. She was lying naked on top of the bedspread, though thankfully the room was warm enough that she wasn’t chilly. Daisy made all of these observations in a matter of seconds, before her eyes had time to focus on the large flat TV screen which sat on a dresser at the end of the bed.

Daisy gasped.

She didn’t recognize the large, round ass that took up the majority of the screen, but the fat, bulging pussy beneath it was unmistakeable. A dildo pumped in and out of her anus, making her ass cheeks jiggle. The close-up was both humiliating and erotic, and Daisy found herself getting turned on. Suddenly the view panned out, and she realized what she was being fucked with.

On Dylan’s right hand was an enormous fist with the first finger extended, like the ones seen at sporting events, only this one was made of silicone rather than foam. The finger had been inserted into her orifice, so it looked as though she were being fingered, except that the finger was the size of a long, fat dildo. The image was obscene and humiliating. Dylan pushed the finger ruthlessly into her defenseless anus while Shawna filmed the degradation first up close, then from far away, then back up close again. She could hear them talking about her, their words overtly sexual and cruel. At one point the camera moved around Daisy’s body and focused on her blindfolded face and then, bulging out beneath her small frame, her oversized tits. “See that look on her face?” she heard Shawna ask cruelly. “She likes it.”

A small hand reached out and casually groped the firm flesh before plucking at the stiff nipple. “So hot,” her former friend said, her voice just audible, before she moved back off the bed and focused again on her brother. “Oh fuck, you have two?” he asked, looking at the camera, and Shawna handed him a second oversized fist. Once he had fitted it over his left hand, he immediately directed the long, fat finger towards Daisy’s bulging pussy.

The camera zoomed in. It took some maneuvering to find her hole, but suddenly the rounded tip slid inside her, and Dylan forced the rest of it in, inch by inch, commenting all the while.

Suddenly the view changed. Daisy’s ass and pussy disappeared, and the camera was directed towards Shawna, now half-naked herself, lying on the bed. One cup of her tiny lace bra had been pulled down, exposing her enormous tit. The camera drank in this sight before panning down Shawna’s naked torso to her thighs. Her short skirt was pulled up and her legs spread to expose her own twat, into which she slid two fingers. She fucked herself for a bit before Dylan demanded her attention, and the camera was turned back around once again to take in the brutal assault on Daisy’s ass and pussy. She watched, unable to tear her eyes away, as Dylan pumped in and out several times before pulling the long, fat finger out of her ass. She watched her own asshole gape wide, twitching and flexing, before the finger plunged back in again.

When the same treatment was given to her pussy, Daisy braced herself for what she knew was coming. Sure enough, as the finger plunged back into her swollen hole and pushed out the air trapped inside, her fat lips jiggled with the force of the queef. The noise was humiliatingly loud. After several huge, wet queefs, the camera returned to Daisy’s reddened face, and she heard Shawna’s cruel statement: “Only nasty pussies fart like that.”

Then the camera returned to Shawna’s naked body. She had acquired a dildo, and the screen was suddenly filled with her smooth, hairless pussy, split in two by the fake dick. The wet slaps nearly drowned out the queefs coming from Daisy’s pussy beside her. She heard Dylan tell Shawna to pull her legs up, and suddenly she saw his large cock push its way brutally into the girl’s asshole. The real and fake dicks pumped in and out of her holes, making nasty wet noises, until Dylan announced that he was ready to cum. Daisy watched him bury his cock deep inside his sister, still thrusting as he emptied his balls in her ass. When he pulled out, the red ring of her anus gaped for a moment, reluctant to close, releasing a dollop of cum. Shawna continued to fuck herself until Dylan forced Daisy to take the dildo and assist. The camera recorded Shawna’s relatively weak orgasm, along with the occasional squirt of cum from her ass.

And then the camera turned around once again to film from between Shawna’s thighs the sight of Daisy, on her knees, sucking Dylan’s cock clean. She watched as Dylan pulled out his shiny wet shaft and wiped it across canlı bahis her face, occasionally tapping it against her cheeks and lips before sliding it back into her mouth. At last he pulled out, but he didn’t let Daisy stand. Instead, he took her head and guided her over to Shawna’s ass, the camera still trained on her face. He instructed her to suck his cum out of his sister’s asshole, and Daisy, to her own shock, obeyed. She hadn’t remembered doing this-perhaps the alcohol they had drank at dinner had finally kicked in, causing her to black out the event. The camera zoomed in on her full lips as they made a tight seal around Shawna’s perfect anus. Daisy’s cheeks grew concave as she sucked noisily. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she made a noise-evidently she had been given a mouthful of cum.

“Don’t swallow it!” Dylan instructed her. Daisy looked up at him, eyes still wide, her lips clamped shut, mouth obviously full of something. “Spit it into my sister’s mouth,” he said, and Daisy glanced up at the camera, still trained on her face. She looked surprised, but obediently crawled up onto Shawna’s nearly naked body. The camera, forgotten for the moment, focused on the juncture between their thighs, where Daisy’s pussy hovered just over Shawna’s mound. As the camera watched, a drizzle of pussy juice dribbled from her lips onto Shawna’s. Shawna lifted her hips and rubbed her bare mound against Daisy’s. When they pulled apart a moment later, a wet strand of juice stretched between their cunts.

At this point, Shawna picked the camera back up. Daisy was on her knees on the floor, her face pushed into the carpet. Dylan said something off camera, but Daisy couldn’t make it out. She watched the camera seemingly change hands, then saw Shawna get on her knees behind her. Dylan must have been filming, as Shawna used both her hands to spread Daisy’s ass cheeks wide. The camera zoomed in to take in her red anus, sore from the earlier assault, but still somewhat slack. It gaped open reluctantly. Another word from Dylan, and Shawna slipped her thumbs inside, coaxing the hole open wider. Suddenly, Shawna leaned closer and opened her mouth, and Daisy watched in horror as a stream of white cum and spit dribbled from her lips directly into Daisy’s waiting ass. Then Shawna leaned back to give the camera room to film Daisy’s anus as it closed slowly, trapping the cum inside.

Dylan and Shawna laughed, then pushed the other girl onto her side on the carpet. Daisy looked defeated, her face red, her eyes clamped shut. Dylan scanned her body with the camera, focusing first on her face, then on her swollen tits, the nipples full and fat. The view panned down her flat belly to her pussy, a mess of purple flesh coated with slick juices. Her clit was stiff and big enough to thrust back her hood, prompting cruel comments and laughter from sister and brother. One finger reached out and poked the exposed nub, making Daisy’s whole body twitch in response. Then hands spread her ass cheeks rudely apart to reveal once more her sore anus. More laughter punctuated this cruel observation of her helpless body before at last they released her.

The last thing they filmed was Daisy being dragged onto the bed, half asleep or half passed out. They must have handcuffed her this morning before they left for work, or whatever it was they did. Daisy breathed a sigh of relief, glad the video was over. Then suddenly, it began again. “Smile, honey!” she heard Shawna say.

Daisy was forced to watch her ordeal again, beginning as the silicone finger worked its way brutally into her anus, and ending with her lying naked on the bed, her ass filled with Dylan’s cum. Each time the video ended, it began again, until Daisy knew every second of it, had memorized her torturer’s every cruel taunt. She was midway through the fifth viewing, watching as the second finger sought out the opening in her swollen pussy, when the bedroom door opened.

It was Dylan.

“Enjoying our video?” he asked cheerfully. He was in a t-shirt and boxers, and Daisy watched his cock harden quickly as he looked at her. After a moment, he crawled onto the bed beside her. One hand slid up her thigh and stroked her lips. “Fuck,” he said, holding up his fingers. Pussy juice clung to them, the unbroken strand clinging from his fingertips to her twat. “I didn’t think this would turn you on that much.”

He returned his fingers to her pussy and began to stroke it. He pulled at the gooey mass of flesh until he had coaxed apart first one lip, then the other. He tugged on them, gently at first, then more insistently until Daisy moaned. Dylan only grinned and tugged harder, twisting them together almost as if he were wringing them out. He found her stiff clit and stroked it with his slippery fingertips, making her moan with pleasure bahis siteleri this time.

“I’ve loved this pussy for so long,” he said after awhile. “I convinced myself that it was my sister I loved, and I do-but I love this pussy. Ever since I saw you…oh fuck, I’ve wanted to touch you like this.” Daisy watched as he put his head down between her legs and stared at her cunt while he toyed with it. She blushed, humiliated, but felt pleasure at the attention, too. She had always had a crush on him herself, but had never really admitted it. Shawna always seemed so protective of him. She watched now as he jacked off her large clit with his thumb and forefinger, using his other fingers to tug at first her left lip, then her right, then both of them together. He spread her lips wide and laid them back against her skin, the huge meaty flaps stretching an inch down her spread thighs.

“I can see your hole now,” he said, almost wonderingly. “There’s so much fucking juice coming out of this cunt, it’s unbelievable. You’re such a hot little slut, Daisy.” She moaned as he shoved three fingers inside her, burying them to the hilt. Somehow he knew how to make her cum, as if he had studied her body and practiced for years. Three pumps and the loud, sloshing sounds of her impending orgasm filled her ears before her screams did, and with three more thrusts, she was cumming all over him. She could hear it, the wet splattering sounds, as he continued to fuck her until she begged him to stop. Dylan stared at the puddle between her thighs, at the cum on her legs and on himself. His t-shirt and boxers were soaked.

“We need to clean ourselves up before Shawna gets home,” he said, and got up quickly. He uncuffed her using a key on his own keychain, and helped her off the bed. Impulsively, before they could get far, he buried his face between her tits and grabbed the huge jugs in both hands, kneading them against the sides of his head. Then he pulled back just enough to shove one of her nipples between his lips and suck as much flesh as he could into his mouth. He sucked noisily, and Daisy could feel saliva running down her chest. Suddenly Dylan pulled back, and his mouth and chin were wet with a strange, white substance.

“Holy fuck,” he said. “Your nipples are leaking.”

Daisy looked down and gasped. Her right tit was half-soaked in the same white substance, and her nipple was indeed dribbling milk without being touched or sucked. Dylan’s eyes were wide as he reached out and grabbed her tit with both hands and squeezed towards her nipple. The stiff nub swelled even more before squirting a fat stream of milk directly at his chest. They both cried out in surprise, and Dylan grinned. “Holy shit, girl,” he said, squeezing again to produce another squirt. “Are you pregnant?”

Daisy immediately shook her head. She didn’t know why she lied, but she knew instinctively that she couldn’t trust him with the truth-not so long as he was so close to Shawna. His sister certainly couldn’t be trusted. She watched Dylan frown, but he accepted the lie well enough. “Must just be from all of the attention these things get,” he said, kneading her enormous tit with both hands. Her nipple dribbled uncontrollably until milk was running down her belly to her thigh. “We better get into the tub before my sister gets home. C’mon.”

Dylan led her into the jacuzzi tub, which was already full and steaming hot. He helped her in first, then stripped down and climbed in after her. The hot water felt wonderful, and Daisy didn’t protest when Dylan once more began to stroke and massage her tits. “Fuck, I’ve never seen titties like this,” he murmured, hefting one of them up so that the water streamed down the taut flesh. He coaxed a stream of milk out of her nipple directly into his open mouth and swallowed, smiling. “Your milk tastes delicious. Open your mouth,” he instructed, and Daisy obeyed. She was surprised at the velocity of the stream as it squirted out of her teat, hitting the back of her throat and quickly filling up her mouth. She swallowed, eyes wide, and then smiled. “It does taste good.”

Dylan leaned forward and kissed her then, his lips milky like hers. She felt his tongue in her mouth, and the sensation turned her on even more than she had been with his hands on her tits. She moaned against his open mouth, and Dylan moaned back. Suddenly she felt his hand between her thighs, and she spread them eagerly this time. Two fingers buried themselves in her slick cunt, and Daisy felt her body instantly respond. She had never squirted underwater, but she did now, swiftly and powerfully. She screamed into Dylan’s shoulder, biting him hard enough to make him yelp. “Easy, girl,” he chuckled, slowing the movement of his fingers, though he left them inside her spasming hole. bahis şirketleri

She was so wet that, when his cock replaced his fingers, it didn’t in slide awkwardly the way it usually did underwater. She leaned her head back and moaned as he thrust deep into her, his thick cock spreading her open almost as wide as the dildo had the night before. Dylan’s gaze alternated between her face and her tits, which jiggled and shook as he thrust in and out of her, splashing water everywhere. He caught one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and tugged, producing another geyser of milk. Dylan moaned, tugging again and again until the water around them was cloudy with the white liquid. Daisy was embarrassed at her body’s uncontrollable response, and even felt a bit panicky about the reminder of her pregnancy, but Dylan’s cock inside her felt good enough to quell most of her anxiety. She lay back and let him do what he would. When he ordered her to pull on her own nipples, she obeyed, blushing, but Dylan seemed pleased at the little squirts of white liquid she produced with every tug.

Abruptly Dylan pulled his dick out and flipped her over so that she was on her knees, her tits hanging in the water, her ass bobbing above the surface. Dylan stood for a moment, gazing down at her reddened pussy, swelling with arousal and use, before plunging his cock back inside. Daisy moaned. He lasted all of ten thrusts before he moaned her name and emptied his load inside her.

Daisy felt him pull out, and felt some of his cum slide out of her along with it, spattering into the bathwater. He was standing over her, looking down at her exposed ass and pussy, when the bathroom door opened. “What in the fuck is going on in here?” Shawna shrieked.

Dylan did the first and only thing that came to mind: he began to piss. It wasn’t easy, but after a moment’s concentration, he was able to produce a stream which he directed across Daisy’s exposed backside. He made sure to aim between her lips, trying to clean out the rivulets of cum that leaked out from her swollen gash.

As nonchalantly as he could, and without looking up, he said, “Daisy was filthy when I came home. She was covered in her own piss and cum. I brought her in here to teach her a lesson.” To Daisy, he barked, “Turn over, slut. Let me clean off those titties.”

Daisy obeyed, as she always did, and those two enormous jugs rose out of the water. Dylan pissed the suds off the smooth, taut flesh, hitting the nipples that were, fortunately, no longer streaming milk. Then, hoping she would anticipate it, he raised his cock and pissed on her beautiful face. Daisy spluttered and coughed, blinking wildly, raising her hands to wipe his piss out of her eyes. Fuck, Dylan thought, she’s going to be so mad. “There, that should teach you to piss the fucking bed. Now get out of the tub and dry yourself off.”

Shawna watched, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, as her former friend climbed obediently out of the water, not looking at either her or her brother. She grabbed the nearest towel and wiped off her amazing body, wrapping the towel around her waist, as it wouldn’t fit around her chest. “No,” Dylan commanded, “leave the towel. Go downstairs and start dinner for my sister and myself.”

Shawna watched her leave. Then she turned back to Dylan. “What in the fuck were you doing with her?”

Dylan looked confused as he climbed out of the tub. “I was teaching her a lesson. What do you think I was doing?”

“Her pussy was swollen,” Shawna said, her voice low. “I saw it.”

Dylan picked up a fresh towel and began to dry himself off. “She was like that when I found her. I left her watching her own porno. She was soaking wet when I came home. There was cum all over the bed.” This part was partly true, although he had been the cause of most of it. “She’s a fucking slut. You should definitely bring her to one of your shoots.”

“Yeah?” Shawna challenged him. “You’d like to see her in a porno, wouldn’t you?”

Dylan glared at her. “You’re the one who filmed her last night. I think you’re the one who wants to see her get fucked more than anyone else.”

Shawna shook her head. “I was just trying to humiliate her. And it worked, didn’t it? You saw the way she was by the end of the night. She would’ve done anything for us.”

“I know,” Dylan agreed, remembering fondly. As they left the bathroom together, he said, “Why don’t you bring her plug down to her? I know how much you like it when she wears it.”

Shawna smiled cruelly and took the plug off the bedside table. She gave Dylan a quick kiss as she passed him, but didn’t glance back at the bed before she left the room. Dylan breathed a sigh of relief. Pulling up the towel, he aimed his cock at the bed and forced the last bit of piss out onto the sheets. Shawna was no fool, and she would notice if the sheets didn’t smell at least a little like urine. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Dylan went downstairs to enjoy the two beautiful women who waited for him.

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