Dan Loses Control for a Toe Ring

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Dan was normally shy around women, except when he was standing in front of an older woman.

It was somehow easier for Dan to put sentences together, as he found older women sexy as anything.

Spring was the greatest season for Dan, as he knew women would remove their winter clothes and walk around in the sexiest dresses, walked around in sandals showing their painted toenails.

When Dan saw a woman’s painted toenails, he had trouble breathing, almost like a panic attack, but he would have a smile on his face.

On Tuesday morning he stopped at the Main Street Floral shop, hoping to talk with its owner, Joan about a floral arrangement he wanted to send.

He had met with Joan during the winter when she was bundled up when he needed other flowers, and he thought she was the sexiest woman on Earth.

Joan was maybe 25 years older than Dan’s age of 25, he surmised.

Today when she walked through into the main showroom, she was a vision of beauty.

Wearing a floral dress with yellow, pink and blue shades, her blonde curly hair bouncing with each step, her blue eyes looked dreamy, her red lips were kissable, her shoulders were bare, creamy white skin, and suddenly Joan’s sexiest feature. That is until Dan caught a view of her feet. Joan had small feet, was wearing really adorable dark brown sandals, had red nail polish on her toes, and a ring on her “ring toe.”

Dan stopped speaking. He stopped breathing.

“Hello Dan, do you want today?” Joan asked.

“You look so awesome today,” he said. “I’m really impressed with your toe ring.”

Joan güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri did a a double-take, her eyes got wide, and she lifted her foot onto the counter in front of Dan.

“You mean this toe?” Joan said in a sweet low voice.

Dan felt his heart beating twice as fast as usual. He was perspiring on his face and armpits.

Joan saw him struggling and placed her hand on Dan’s face. “Relax, my darling man. What is it you want to say?”

Now it was harder for Dan to speak, but with Joan’s sweet voice, and her wonderful perfume, he was able to speak.

“Joan, I find l, your toes, to be, your sexiest feature,” he said.

Joan smiled, and looked up at Dan, and said, “You are a very intuitive man. How would you like to suck my toes, Dan?”

Dan felt his penis get hard at anything Joan said. He nodded yes, and Joan kissed his cheek.

She walked to her front door, locked it and flipped the open sign to closed.

She grabbed Dan’s left hand, which was sweaty, and led him to the back room, where she kept a bedroom for her breaks and when she had a migraine.

Joan closed the door, faced Dan and told him to take off his clothes.

He looks looked at her, and she said, “You have to be naked if you want to suck my ring toe.”

Dan’s heart skipped a beat. He took off his tie, dress shirt and undershirt. He leaned over to take off his shoes and socks. His belt was undone and he took off his pants.

Joan did another double-take when she got a view of Dan’s large cock poking a tent in his boxer shorts. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri He slipped them off and waited for Joan’s next instruction.

Joan sat on her bed and lifted her leg up. Dan held her foot with his left hand and removed it with his right hand, and carefully handed it to his goddess.

Dan smelled Joan’s foot, and the earthy aroma almost dropped him to his knees. He planted kisses all over the top of her foot, then kissed her arch, and lifted her foot so he could kiss and lick all over the love wrinkled bottom part, tasting her sandal’s inner sole.

He smiled at Joan, who felt she was falling in love. Her heart was racing, she was stroking Dan’s hair, and she gave him a wink of her eye to continue.

His tongue pulled her big toe into his mouth and sucked it for 30 seconds, then he licked the in-between area. He continued his oral love making to her next two toes and in-between areas, and her little pinky toe, saving the best for last.

Joan was increasing with her excitement, waiting for Dan to get to his denouement.

Dan placed small kisses on her ring toe, then sucked the front part into his mouth and let it linger, before taking the whole toe, and ring, into his mouth.

This was too much for Joan. She motioned for Dan to stop and come towards her. She grabbed his cock with both hands and placed it’s head in her mouth, twirling her tongue on it. Dan had trouble keeping control. Joan sucked in more of Dan’s cock, getting in halfway in.

Dan wanted to hold back, but he was having trouble with Joan’s expertise. güvenilir bahis şirketleri

She looked up at Dan, then placed her hands on his ass to keep him in place, and suddenly he straightened up and blasted shot after shot of cum down her throat. Joan was so hot she kept sucking until Dan’s cock stopped spurting.

Dan stood back as Joan stood up, reached around to unzip her dress which fell down to the floor.

She stepped out of it, took off her bra and slipped her panties down and off. Dan stared at her body, her medium sized breasts with dark red nipples, her belly button ring, her sexy curvy hips and of course, her ever sexy feet.

She laid on the bed and beckoned Dan to come forward. He fell to his knees as his hands cupped under her ass and lifted her pussy to his mouth.

He pressed his tongue on her outer labia, tracing the alphabet and getting to the letter H when he heard Joan let out a low moan. He pressed his tongue inside and continued his alphabet licking on her inner labia. Joan breathed heavy as she orgasmed.

He continued licking when he felt Joan tap him on the shoulder.

“It’s time, darling. Fuck me sweetly as you have treated my toes so far.

He raised up, and cupped her ass up with his hands as he placed his cock into her aromatic pussy.

He stroked in and out, back and forth, breathing heavy, his heart racing, his body perspiring.

Joan was having the same feelings, and she had a wonderful orgasm.

Dan felt her orgasm lubricate his cock. Soon he knew he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out and it blasted cum onto her beautiful breasts and stomach.

She pointed at the bed and he fell onto it, exhausted.

Dan became a regular customer of the Main Street Floral Shop, and started dating Joan.

And anytime Joan knew Dan was coming over, she always slipped on a pair of open toe shoes.

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