Dancing with Myself

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The music pumped through her body as she watched the performance. The lead singer sung his hips and held the microphone with care and passion.

“To be that microphone,” she sighed to herself.

Her long brown hair hung down her back and moved to the beat of her hips. The small skirt she wore covered little and less when she danced. Maria had not a care in the world at that moment. The singer has just locked eyes with her.

He smiled and then screamed the next line of the song into the mic, sending thrills up and down her spine. It’s her favorite song. She sung the lyrics and threw her arms in the air to emphasize her dance. There were so many people crowded around her, people pushing and jumping, illegal bahis screaming and dancing. But she didn’t care.

She closed her eyes and felt the thump-thump-thump of the drums in her chest. It felt so good; she felt it through her whole body and sighed at the feeling. With her favorite song playing in the background she brought her hands to chest and felt her heart racing. It was beating so fast it might burst through her body and land on stage. That would be more memorable than a pair of panties.

Maria moved her body and caressed her chest, letting the moment of pleasure give her more. She wanted to experience everything.

She imagined the lead singer picking her out of the crowd. illegal bahis siteleri He would point to her and the crowd would part to let her through to the stage. He would take her in his strong arms and kiss her gingerly on the lips, tasting of sweat and work and man. He was all man.

Maria’s hand disappeared under her skirt and found herself drenched and hot. Her skin felt scorched to the touch and her hand pressed onto the fabric covering the fire. The beat of the music set her pace as she rubbed her clitoris through the cloth, her other hand raised high in the air as she screamed for the next song to begin.

She slipped her fingers under her panties as the intro kicked in, beginning canlı bahis siteleri a new song. This song is also her favorite. They are all her favorite. Her thumb pressed onto her bare clitoris and made her legs shake, taking her off balance a moment. She rested her forehead on the man in front of her and when he turned to see if she was ok, she just smiled and said, “Sorry.” He smiled back, oblivious.

Her hand moved faster as the tempo changed and the throbbing of the speakers brought a throbbing to her body. She drove herself higher and higher and screamed with the crowd as they ended the song and said their thank yous. She threw her head back and bit her bottom lip, almost collapsing onto the man in front of her again.

She smiled at the band and watched them walk off stage. The experience was a beautiful musical memory. It could never have been better.

Then she saw the band walk back on. “OK, you want more??”

Maria smiled. Encore?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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