Daniel and Sara Pt. 16

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November slid away into December. Sara, Steph and Daniel were busy writing papers, especially Daniel, and studying for finals. Joyce was staying with them four or five nights a week, doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning so the others would have time to get their classwork done. It was an arrangement that left everyone happy. Joyce was a natural cook and was very comfortable in the wife-and-mother role, though the ‘wife’ part was very unconventional.

Daniel had extra ‘husband’ duties with another woman in the house most of the time. To help him, the women used their new toys a lot of the time, even with Daniel taking part. Sara particularly enjoyed wearing the strap-on to fuck both Steph and Joyce. Sara had a natural rhythm, using her hips to fuck her partners much like a man would. The big dildo had a little piece on the inside that rubbed her clit when she fucked her lovers. Joyce loved being taken from behind with it, while Steph favored when her partner got on top of her missionary style. Daniel and the other woman would often either watch or fuck alongside when Sara fucked a partner. Steph sometimes enjoyed fucking Sara and Joyce, but Joyce was much the submissive type and didn’t really get into wearing the fake cock. Between that and the vibrators, Daniel was able to fuck each of the women to everyone’s liking while not being worn down.

As the month came closer to the holidays, the house was fixed up for both Chanukah and Christmas. It was a little strange to both Daniel and his daughter to see a Christmas tree and the green and red decorations alongside the blue and white Chanukah things, as well as the Menorah. They got used to it, and the house was filled with a lovely vibe that really made everyone filled with joy of the season.

About 2 weeks before Christmas, and 10 days before Chanukah, Sara and Steph came to Daniel and Sara said “Dad, Steph and I would like to have a party on Saturday the 17th. We haven’t seen most of our friends, girls and guys, since we graduated, and we’d like to celebrate the holidays and our engagement with them. The only thing is, you wouldn’t exactly fit in with our friends, you know. So first, do you mind if we have the party here, and also, would you mind going out with Joyce for the night, or your friends if you prefer? We know it’s our house too, but still, we felt we should ask you.”

“I appreciate that, honey, both of you, and of course you don’t need my permission. And I’ll make myself scarce. Joyce and I can go out for the evening, if she wants, and we can spend the night at her place. Have a good time, my loves.”

“Thanks, Daniel, darling” Steph said as she hugged and kissed him.

“Very much, daddy” Sara added, with her own hug and kisses.

Daniel called Joyce. He said “Hey Joyce. We’re being kicked out of the house Saturday night, the 17th. Wanna go to dinner and a movie?”

“I’d love to. A date night! It’s been years since I’ve been on an actual date! What are our little vixens up to?”

“They’re having a party for all their friends, people they haven’t seen since June, mostly, and to celebrate their engagement. They don’t want us old farts around, and I don’t think we want to be there anyway. We’ll make a night of it. Dinner, movie, your place…”

“Oh, confident, aren’t we! You expect to get lucky?”

“I have my hopes” he chuckled. “I don’t need a strap-on to perform, at least, so far.”

“I enjoy the toy, but the real thing is the real thing, baby. We’ll see each other later, sweetie. Maybe you’ll get lucky tonight!”

“I tend to get lucky one way or another most nights! Later, Joyce.”

Daniel went back to work on his term paper. As he sat there with books and his laptop, he thought to himself I haven’t been on a date in forever either. Why am I nervous at the prospect? It’s not like I don’t already know Joyce as intimately as possible. Shit, I know why. What if we don’t get along in a purely social setting? Nothing to talk about, or just bad chemistry. It could fuck so many things up.

A few days later, Daniel was able to get Steph alone. “Baby, have you picked a holiday gift for Sara yet? Because if you didn’t, I have a great idea.”

Steph said “I have been thinking it over, and I’ve been feeling guilty that she got me an engagement ring, and I haven’t gotten one for her. So that’s where my mind is.”

“Great minds think alike. Have you got a half hour to come with me?”

“Sure, honey. Lead on.”

They got in his car and went to his local bank. They went in and Daniel got someone to take them to the safety deposit boxes. When they were alone, he opened his box and sorted through a few things, coming up with a small square box. “This is the ring I gave Hannah 22 years ago. I’ve been saving it for Sara, hoping when she got married, her fiancé might want to give it to her. It’s nowhere near as fancy as the one Sara gave you. I didn’t have much money for a ring back then. But it’s very special, and Sara won’t care what it cost. She’ll care much more for the sentimental Nevşehir Escort value and the connection to her mother. So if you want to give it to her, I’d like to give it to you.”

Steph had tears in her eyes. She looked at the ring that had been Sara’s mom’s until she died. She knew it wasn’t an expensive ring by current standards. It was a simple one-carat stone in a white gold setting. She also knew that Sara would be thrilled to be given this ring that her mother wore for years. It was beautiful.

“Daniel, thank you so much. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. I couldn’t pick out a better, nicer ring anywhere.” She threw her arms around him and just held him for a long minute, a very loving, intimate hug. “Take me home now” she whispered in his ear. “I want to make love to you, so much.”

Daniel told Steph to go to the lobby; he needed to look for something else.

Steph went ahead and Daniel picked out another jewelry box that held a pair of diamond earrings. They also were Hannah’s, a Chanukah from a time when every dollar counted. Daniel wanted Steph to have them, a gift from him and Hannah for their daughter in law, with Sara’s permission. He didn’t want to part with any of Hannah’s jewelry for anyone besides Sara without her say so.

They got in the house, and Steph immediately was all over Daniel, wrapping herself around him in a deep, passionate kiss. Her large breasts were flush against him, so round and soft. His hand was caressing her ass through her tight jeans and hers was doing the same to him. They somehow made their way to the couch without falling over their feet, and started throwing their clothes on the floor. Daniel all but tore Steph’s panties off her body, she dragged his briefs down with shaking hands, and he mounted her in one single hard stroke, burying his cock in her soaked pussy. Steph screamed as an orgasm immediately slammed through her body and then they were fucking, raw, animal fucking, long hard thrusts, both of them grunting very loudly. Daniels hips rose until his dick was almost all the way out of her cunt, then slammed inside her again and again. Steph came 4, 5 times…she wasn’t sure and she didn’t care. “Feed me your cock, baby. Drown me in your cum” she moaned.

Daniel crawled up her body, his dick trailing his precum and her own sticky juiced as the head rubbed on her body, over her tummy, between her big soft tits, up her throat until he was in front of her mouth. Steph took his sticky, wet cock into her hungry mouth as he fed it to her inch by inch. Daniel leaned forward, resting his hands on the arm of the couch above Steph’s head so his body was stretched out, his legs along side her body and hips and his tummy touching her nose when he fed her his swollen member. HIs body was tense, his muscles taught as he fucked the sexy redheads mouth. She was running her tongue all over the length of his hot cock, licking his big balls, then taking it back in and sucking on it hard.

Daniel was covered in sweat, his body tightened even more and with an almost primal scream he let loose jet after jet of hot, salty cum. Steph tried her best to keep up, but some dripped down her cheek onto the cushion below her head. Daniels cock kept twitching, emptying his balls of every pearly drop of his sperm.

He gradually was able to relax and he crawled back down Stephs body until he was head to head with her, and they kissed softly as she held him close. \

Suddenly, they heard clapping coming from the entrance to the room. Sara was standing there clapping hard and even. “Great performance! That was so fucking hot, you two! I just want to know when I get my turn? Any more for me, daddy? Or you babe? You got some energy to fuck me?”

Daniel said “Hey sweetheart. Sorry, but we just got really carried away. If you give me some time, 20 minutes or so, I can go again.”

“Me too, babe. I’m just about ready to devour your sexy body. I could fuck you anytime, my gorgeous love.”

Sara plopped down on the couch next to them. She was wearing a short grey wool dress with a white long sleeve top underneath and black tights. As always, she did look good enough to devour.

Steph asked her “You’re not upset that Daniel and I just kind of spontaneously fucked? We’re not trying to neglect you or anything, babe.”

Sara waved it off. “Of course not. In fact, at our next meeting I was planning to discuss just this subject. I mean, while we’re all having a great time sexually, and every other way, I’ve been feeling that our sex lives have been lacking that spontaneity. We plan time together, and it helps keep any jealousy from developing. But unplanned sex can be so awesome. Sometimes, you’re just fucking horny and you need to get fucked or eaten or whatever. That’s what you guys just did, and it was fantastic to watch. Really got my juices going.”

“Did it?” Daniel asked. “Show us how wet you are, honey.”

Sara didn’t need to be asked twice. She hiked up the hem of her dress over her hips, reached Nevşehir Escort Bayan into her tights and panties underneath, swirled her fingers around for a few seconds and brought them out, shining with her copious natural lubrication. “See? I’m fucking soaked.”

Daniel darted his body forward and quickly took her fingers into his mouth, his eyes locked on Sara’s while he sucked her digits clean. Sara let out a soft moan and more cream seeped into her panties.

“Hey, no fair! I wanted some too!” Steph protested.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ve got plenty more.” Sara fished into her pussy again, and again removed her fingers all covered in her cream. Steph devoured the sticky, musky honey greedily, sucking her fiancé’s fingers like they were a slender cock. “God, I’m so fucking horny, I could scream!”

Steph locked her lips onto Sara’s and started pulling down the top of her dress. Daniel, meanwhile, got between his daughters splayed legs and instead of pulling down her tights, reached for the crotch and tore a big hole in them right over her panties and her pussy. It was a rough, almost violent action, and Sara cried out in ecstasy as she submitted completely to her lovers. She wanted to be used, just taken, even forced a little. She wanted to be their fuck slut.

With Sara’s tights already shredded, Daniel, whose vigor was already restored, roughly tore her thin blue cotton panties into pieces and buried his face in her soaked cunt, lapping up the juices on her thighs and down the crack of her ass as well as from her steaming snatch. Steph, meanwhile, tore off her white top and just pulled apart Sara’s bra. Sara’s clothes, except for the grey dress itself, were ruined, torn apart. Steph then attacked Sara’s tits, biting her roughly, sucking hungrily.

Sara was burning with her internal heat as her lovers did just as she needed. They were devouring her. Her legs were wide and high in the air and her father was sucking her cunt, thrusting a finger into her asshole as well as two into her slick pussy. Steph was sucking and biting her nipples much harder than was usual, even lightly slapping the tit she wasn’t sucking. They were treating her like a submissive whore, and Sara was loving it. She squirmed all over the couch, thrusting her hips into Daniels face and grabbing the back of Steph’s head. She was gasping and grunting, she felt like she was on fire spreading from her pussy outwards through her body.

“Fucking eat my cunt, daddy. Don’t you fucking stop! You too, babe. You’re hurting my tits just right! Fuck, I’m going to explode!” Sara screamed, and then a massive climax shot through her body, every nerve ending seeming to be on fire and she shook as if she was having a seizure. Daniel was sucking her clit, sucking it hard, and orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. Her legs were flailing all around, she was tugging on Steph’s hair so the redhead couldn’t take her face off her left nipple.

Finally, after what seemed to Sara like hours but was really just a few minutes, she pushed her attackers off her. She couldn’t take any more stimulation at that point. She lay there in her torn clothing, covered in sticky juices and perspiration, her chest heaving as she tried to get her breathing back to a normal rhythm. Daniel was now kissing her soft tummy just above her pubic hair and Steph was kissing her cheek and neck. They were helping her come back to earth in the most loving way possible after the aggressive way they worked her over.

“Oh my god! That was fucking amazing!” Sara managed to moan. “You’re a couple of animals! You dirty people! If you wanted to fuck me right now, I might have to say no. My pussy is still leaking. Fuck, I think we’re going to have to get this couch cleaned!” she giggled.

“We better get it done before your party next week. I don’t think you want your friends smelling the remains of your pussy here” Daniel teased.

“I almost want to say fuck it, let ’em smell!” Steph laughed. “A couple of them know what we smell like anyway!”

“Well, I’m going to arrange for a cleaning service to come in and just get it done anyway. If I had thought of it, I would have gotten the whole house cleaned before we put up all the decorations. Kind of hard to do that now.”

Sara opened her arms and the three of them awkwardly cuddled together. “I love you both so much. And I love Joyce as well. I know it’s kind of soon, but what would you both think of asking her to move in with us? She loves being with us, we love her being here, when we all have our class work to get done, she gladly keeps this place in order and gets our meals done. I don’t mean she’s just a great domestic helper. I really love her, love her being here. She’s even a great addition sexually. And she’s fucking smart! She helped my understand something in my calculus homework I just couldn’t get at all. She explained it simply, and it came to me. What do you both think? Would it upset the arrangement we have already?”

Steph said “She’s Escort Nevşehir my mother, and I love her dearly, so you know I’d love to have her here. She’s sexy as hell in addition to everything you mentioned, babe. But maybe my vote is biased, so I’ll leave it up to both of you.” They then looked at Daniel, who was kind of on the spot.

“I thought what we have is just about perfect. The three of us together. We have amazing sex and love, the house runs well, and we just get along so well with no jealousy. Having said that, I’ve come to feel a lot for Joyce, and I do believe it’s love. I never would have thought I could have these feeling for two women at once, and now, it’s there for three women. And can I be honest with you both?”

“Of course, daddy. We wouldn’t want you to be otherwise.”

“It’s good for me to have someone around my age. Someone who had the same experiences, the same cultural background. Like you’re going to have your friends here next week, and of course you don’t want me around like you’re still a couple of kids. Well, sometimes I need to be with someone who fits with me like your friends fit with you. Does that make sense to you?”

“Of course, honey” Steph said. She was caressing his arm, gently. “It makes perfect sense. It doesn’t mean anything has to change with all of us. Actually, the spontaneity issue can help. It could keep things really fresh for all of us, not that I think our lives are going to get dull in any way. So, we’re all agreed? We should ask mom to move in and be a permanent part of our lives?” Sara and Daniel agreed, and it was decided. That night they’d ask Joyce to move in with them when she was ready. They also decided other things that had been slipping by, mostly regarding Sara and Steph’s marriage.

First, they needed to have an actual engagement party, here at the house, probably in late January or early February. They also needed to go and do a bridal registry somewhere, or at a couple of places. And they needed to go find a place to get married and pick a date. They’d been thinking late May, after school was done for the summer, but that meant they had to get moving; it was only six months away. Finally, at least for the moment, they had to go find wedding dresses so they could be fitted and altered properly in time. That was the least of their worries in some ways, as both girls had great bodies that were not hard to fit. A lot got decided.

“We better get cleaned up. Joyce will be by in about an hour” Daniel said. “Oh there’s one other thing we have to do on school break, after New Years. Not that this house isn’t big enough for the four of us, it’s really mine and Sara’s house. We should either pick one large house together, or, I think even better, we could find two houses next to each other. Ostensibly, one would be owned by you two together as a married couple, and the other would be in mine and Joyce’s names, assuming of course that she want’s to be a part of us. It doesn’t mean we’d stop our lives as they are. I think it would look less odd if we had two homes instead of one, even next to each other.”

Both of them agreed. Their winter break was going to be very busy.


That night, after dinner was cleaned up, everyone was sitting in the family room, watching tv and sipping coffee or tea with cake. Since it was a Friday night, the three students had the night free, though the weekend would be very busy with studying for finals scheduled for the next week. All three had been running near straight A’s, and they all wanted to at least keep their averages, or get to a perfect A average.

Steph finally brought up the subject. “Mom, Sara and Daniel and I were talking and, to keep it short and simple, we’d like to ask you, all of us, if you’d like to move in with us as a full member of this family, with all the same rights and input, share the responsibilities and the joy, everything. Equal in every way. And, if you agree, during our school break, we were thinking, to make everything really feel equal, we’d look for two houses, adjacent to each other, which would be, at least on paper, one house legally Sara and mine, and the other in your name and Daniels. But in reality, we’d have nights we shared all together, others with different pairing off, just like now. What do you think, mom? Do you need a few days to think it over? It’s fine if you do. We don’t want to push you or rush you into a decision. Just we do want you to know we all love you, we’re in love with you.”

“Really? Is this from all of you? I think I need to hear it from each of you” Joyce said.

Daniel took her hand. “It’s real, Joyce, honey. Speaking for myself, I love you, and I’ve fallen in love with you. I could never have believed that I could feel this way about three different women, not just on a physical level, but in my heart. You complete us. I want you to be a part of us, always.”

Sara then spoke. “Joyce…mom, you’re going to be a mother to me, just like you’ve often been over the years…I love you too. I have for a long time, but you’ve become so much more to me. I love your daughter with all my heart, and I feel the same way about you, as I do about my dad. It’s unusual, but it’s very real. We all hope you say yes. But it’s your decision, and you can take your time.”

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