Dark and Alone

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It is dark and you are all alone. Your battery in your car has left you stranded in the parking lot of this quiet little shop in the woods. It is getting late and your friend hasn’t arrived to pick you up yet. Nervously you look around, straining to see something, anything in the gloom. A cloudy night with no moon to light the parking area, you start at every sound. The trees seem to be alive with shadows. You are sure you heard footsteps just then but see nothing. Out of the corner of your eye a shadow moves across the rearview mirror.

It’s a man. You can tell that much. You check for the tenth time to make sure your doors are locked. Where is that friend of yours? You cant see his face, he is too close to the car doors, reaching for the handle. Its locked thank goodness. You strain at the window, looking up trying to get a glimpse of his face. You can’t with the moon behind him, but he gets a glimpse of your breasts as you press against the window. The cool glass against your flesh tells you that you are exposed as does the rise in his jeans that are just inches from your face. It is large enough to be noticable in the dark, the desire you have aroused in him. He presses his jeans against the window, his bulge outlined against his jeans. The sound of the buttons of his fly scraping across the glass is the only thing you hear as his hips move along.

You can’t believe what you are watching. His member grows larger and a private affair izle larger as you frantically look for headlights down the long gravel strip. You can’t ignore this man hovering outside of your door. You are now concious of everything. Your skirt. It was a good idea before you made this sales call but now can he see your legs? The low cut blouse works well when calling on male shop owners, but he has already looked down and seen the cleavage you aren’t so eager to display. The effect on him was obvious.

Oh no! Now he’s unbuttoning his fly! Terrified you fight down the urge to run, knowing it means leaving the relative safety of the car. Unable to keep from watching, he exposes himself to you, fully erect. His hand slowly strokes down from the tip to the base almost lazily. You can’t help yourself but watch. There is even some small part of you that was waiting for this to happen. Almost of its own free will your mouth opens, looking at that cock, long and pointed straight at you. He has his fist tightly wrapped aound the base and lazily he pulls the head across the glass and without knowing it you begin to softly carress your breast. Suprised at yourself but knowing your nipples are sooo hard you tease so slightly. A quick intake of breath and you know it feels so good.

You unbutton those two top buttons and reach inside you blouse, taking a firm grip on a firm breast. accused izle Squeezing it, you notice that you are squeezing your thighs together as well. Realizing what you are doing you stop, blushing, but the man can’t see you. The slow pumping of his hand is almost hypnotic, and before you know it you are again pressed against the far door. Your legs are now spread, garters no deterent as your hand passes them on the way to your panties. Quickly you slip a finger in past the small bit of silk to find your warm, wet and engorged lip waiting for you. Pulling the restraining thing to the side, your finger slips in every so slowly into your steaming hole. Your clit stands to attention when your thumb brushes it. Now another finger disappears into your sleek cunt, moving faster as you stare longingly at the cock being pumped a bit faster now in your window.

You know what you want and now that you can’t. But you reluctantly take your fingers out of your hungry cunny and crawl over to the driver’s door. You reach for the window controls and put the window sown just enough so that fat enticing cock can fit it. The stranger can get his fingers in as well but you are still safe. It looks so good this close and you lean forward and run your tongue over the head. You hear the man groan while he tries to push his dick into your mouth. Ahhh the shoe’s on the other foot you think to yourself and tease it even more. alef izle

Tasting the precum, you move your mouth over the head, taking him in. Mmmm you love sucking a cock but you can’t see his face. Any question you have is answered when you hear his ragged breathing, deep and forced. He is trying to thrust, but the car window prevents him from going to far. You are now in control. Holding yourself up with one arm, you reach back to pull your skirt above your hips. You reach under your panties once again and begin to finger fuck yourself. Lost in this world, you feel like you own the world as nothing else matters to you but that hard shaft in your mouth and your fingers taking care of you as they only know how. Your visitor pulls back a little to begin to pump his cock again. he is getting close just like you. Your nostrils begin to flair and those little sounds you make are starting from the back of your throat. You feel his cock swell as he begins to pump load after load into your mouth, swallowing as fast as you can, but still some dribbles down your chin as you are lost in your own glorious orgasm.

Wave after wave washes over you, you feel so weak but you continue to buck against those wonderful fingers of yours. Finally you look up at the man. He too has sunk to the ground, spent. He looks at you and you unlock the door. Stepping out, blouse undone, hair awry, wiping the last bit of come from your face, you say “Mike! You bastard! You scared the hell out of me!” Your friend Mike scrambles to his feet, stammering an apology while you grab him and push him towards the car. “Look! Hey! I really am sorry! he shouts. You simply look at him and say:

“Get in the back seat. I am not done with you yet!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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