Dark City Romances: New Future

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In this, the cold world we live in today, many things have changed since just a decade ago. Home slaves have been made legal in the United States and parts of Europe, although the word “slave” has since been outlawed and are now referred to as “Obedients”. An Obedient can come to this alternative life on a voluntary basis, entered into the system by legal parents after the age of seventeen, or served as punishment by the legal courts. The obedience act was passed ten years ago and since crimes are down, literacy amongst students of all ages is up and the homeless numbers have dwindled down dramatically. As with every motion passed anywhere there are those who claim the obedience act to be inhuman or immoral but none have succeeded in changing the minds of America.

I recently graduated from high school with honours and a free pass to any college of my choosing, in the midst of deciding which school I would attend my father passed and in his will he stated that his entirety of his company and his financial assets were to be left to his only son. Well the only son he considered worthy of his empire and who he felt could continue to take the family name to new heights. My older brother, who I will not waste too much energy thinking about, left our lives to pursue his music career after our father threatened to enroll him into the obedience program if he did not attend college. It was regrettable to know that not much would come of my sibling, however I did not want a life full of limits.

Having been one of the four who created the obedience program, my father Mr. Andrew güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Stone knew that there was a financial system to be created along with the program. So without any hesitation he created “Stone Obedience Attire” the highest quality uniform and accessory shop in the U.S., providing everything a family needs to properly train and provide for their obedient. Naturally the company boomed and made my father extremely wealthy. I could understand how he wanted his sons to be the best in school so we could be the best at our lives. Especially after going through his financial statements and seeing how much my father had stored away and even set aside for me and my brother. I guess he was hopeful he would come back and take his proper place in the world.

“Sir, were here.” My driver brought me from my thoughts. I

“Thank you benson, keep the car running this shouldn’t take too long.”

“Yes sir.”

I opened the car door and swiftly stepped out, a leather satchel in my hand. I closed the door and started up the rocky drive way that led to the door. Before I made it half up the way the door opened and he stepped out as beautiful as I remember.

“Holy shit, Coyote is that you?”

“Yeah it is. How are you?” I watched his eyes dart from my suit to my car to the satchel in my hand.

“Uhh… fine I guess, obviously not as well as you are.” He said with a nervous chuckle.

“Don’t give me too much credit, most of this is inherited and previously earned.” I smiled offering him comfort.

After we güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri settled inside his house and he served me a glass of warm tap water I started my business.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I have shown up here today and rightfully so.” I said unbuttoning my jacket.

“Not so much that you’ve shown up but how, what’s with the car? the suit? The you I remember hated suits and dared never to touch them.” He smiled and I felt that rush I hadn’t felt since I saw it last.

“Well as it turns out my father was the founder of the Stone Obidiance Attire company.” His eyes widened at my words.

“So you mean your dad is like the owner of the whole company? Like all of it?”

“In its entirety. Well unfortunately about three months ago my father passed away and I have been running things since.”

“How old are you? Aren’t you like eighteen? Can you run a company that big at eighteen?”

“As it turns out yes, you can.”

He looked at me searching for what I could only assume was a falter, a sign that what I was saying was a colossal joke of some kind.

“So what is it that you want with me?”

I squared my eyes with his and spoke gently.

“From what I can see here your life hasn’t much improved since our childhood and I don’t mean that as an insult but I know how it sounds. I would like to offer you a chance to not only upgrade your way of life but in the process also diminishing any and all of your responsibilities as an adult.”

“How could you do that for me or why even?” He güvenilir bahis şirketleri asked looking genuinely confused.

“Well one of the conditions of my inheritance was that I was to keep an Obidiant of my own to display my support of not only my company but also for the Obidiance movement. That being said I would like to offer you this position, as my permanent Obidiant.”

His breathing slowly grew heavy and his eyes shifted to the satchel by my side.

“Oh yes and to inform you you should choose this satchel containing seventy-five thousand dollars is yours, no strings attached.”

He leaned back against the chair he was sitting in. “Can I ask you two questions?”

“You may.” I answered.

“The money is it dirty? Do I have to worry about having it?”

“No, not at all, the money is completely legit. Your second question?” He looked at my eyes and glued them in place.

“Why haven’t you called me by my name?” I smiled.

“Because I already consider you as mine to not address directly.”

I could tell my words hit something inside him, a tear fell from his left eye.

Once again I offered him comfort.

“If you have any other questions I’m happy to answer them.” I smiled and waited for him to break. After a while he took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

“When do I start or however it works if I say yes?”

“Immediately I would have you sign the papers that gave me ownership over you and I would take you over to my store for a meet and greet with the local customers while fitting you for your identification collar.”

“So everyone would know I’m your Obidiant?”

“Absolutely, and in many eyes held in a high position.”

“I could never get out? Like ever?”

“That’s right, and you could never be associated with anyone from your former self.”

“Then yes, my answer is yes.”

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