Dark Passion of M. Ch. 04

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People in this story are all over 18. This is a work of fiction.
This is part 4.


We had sex two or three times a day for the next three weeks. I won’t go into every detail of the rough handling my son has put me through. Sometimes I can’t walk to the bathroom without him grabbing me and pulling me to the floor. Since I allow it, and do enjoy it, I let him.

Sometimes he’s quick and pushes his dick, dry into me. He’ll ravage me with great, generous strokes until I’m numb and sweating. Sometimes he pushes me down on my knees and whips his cock out in my face. He won’t let me taste him until I beg for it. On occasion he’ll throw me over a piece of furniture and tear aside whatever I’m wearing just enough to pound me doggy style. We’ve broken furniture, yes we have. Once in a while he’ll just call my name and be available. Laying on something; naked, or close to it.

“Mom,” barely a touch of sound and my skin raises goose bumps.

I would go into the room and he’d be on his bed in clean sheets draped in sunlight. I would peel back his covers to reveal his tender body. I would kiss tenderly until I found a spot I liked. Then I would suck and suck until he was quiet. His heavy hand left resting on my head, maybe stroking my hair; caressing my head or my face. My head resting on his bare hip, arm draped over his legs and holding him.

The sex was changing me, because it was so wonderful in every way. But when it ended I began to close off emotionally. It was getting harder to open up, in fact. When I was alone I would become deeply depressed. A sinking feeling of despair washed through me. For all the joy we had, there was something terrible with what we were doing and I couldn’t shake that. As the revulsion took me over, I got so that I stopped enjoying everything. Even fucking him wasn’t enough to pull me out of my pit.

I do enjoy pleasing him though; on some level anyway. But I couldn’t release any more. We had sex for 4 days and I didn’t have an orgasm. My despair grew until I couldn’t hide it.

“What’s wrong mom?” he asked while we were in bed.

“Dear, I can’t say, I think…,” I started to sob, “I think I’m a horrible person. I’ve become a monster for doing this to you!”

He tried to tell me I wasn’t horrible, that he loved me, and we talked for a while but it didn’t stop me from feeling horrible. We stopped having sex altogether after that.


Three days later we had a fight. Things have been tense lately. I know I’m responsible for my own mood swings but damn it all, he’s not going Niğde Escort to treat me like this in my house. The fight got out of control this time; normally we just yell and walk away. This time I punched him in his chest as hard as I could.

That son of a bitch laughed at me. I hit him again! And I hit him again! I threw my fists at him until my arms were tired. Then I screamed at him! All of my rage, weeks of angst were unloading on him and he just laughed at me. The nerve… the gall! So, I picked up his guitar and smashed it.

“Is that funny?” I shouted, “Is that fucking funny!?”

“Jesus Christ, lady, now I’m gonna whip your ass.”

And I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to roll up his big fist and lay me flat for all the shit I’ve done to him. He pulled back his arm and I closed my eyes. Sweet oblivion, my catharsis; I put my chin up and waited for penance.

I waited, but the punch never happened. He just grabbed me by my arm and put me sideways over his knees.

“What the fuck?”

He pulled down my pants, and my panties and he spanked my ass! Good too! His hand hit me with a SLAP! Dynamic, like thunder; he would wait about two seconds and SLAP it again!

“OW! Stop, that fucking hurts asshole!”

“Oh no, you were asking for this,” He said in his calm voice, “This hurts me more than it does to you.”

I waved my hands to stop him and he dodged them. He smacked my ass again; it had to be red by now. I kicked and he didn’t stop. I screamed and he didn’t stop. He just kept laying me up until I was crying, and my ass was red and he spanked my jiggling ass cheeks on the red spots. Smack, smack, SMACK! I was limp across his knees and trying not to cry but sobbing all the same.

When he said he was done I got up slowly, and limped to my room. I cried the whole way. Fuck did it hurt, but to be honest I think I needed it. I didn’t feel sad anymore. I was mad. I was in pain. But that horrible gloom just wasn’t there. I felt better.


A little after dark he opened the door, “you awake?”


“How do you feel?”

“It hurts.”

“Let me see.”

I obeyed my son and showed him. I rolled onto my belly and pulled my panties down. “Ouch, well, don’t fuck with me anymore and I won’t have to do this again. Now I’m going to kiss it and make it all better.”

It was sweet. He put his face to my cheeks and kissed one side softly. He moved to the other side and kissed it just as gentle. He moved between my cheeks and put his lips on my asshole. I was not Niğde Escort Bayan ready for that!

“Oh! What, what are you doing… hey?”


And he began to kiss and lick at my ass. Not deep, but steady. No one has done this and I can’t say that I liked it. Not at first; but the smooth licking and tender kissing were starting to ignite something deep inside of me.

He wouldn’t just lick me; he would sometimes press the tips of his fingers just barely inside. Almost penetrating me, but he never did. I tried to relax but it drove me wild as he ate my ass and I could feel myself really getting worked up like I haven’t in weeks.

He stopped, gave me a final kiss and left. I didn’t move, I seriously thought he was done but he was just getting started. He came back into my room and pressed his legs between my legs. I willingly complied and spread my legs wide for my son. I felt the tip of his hard monster pressing at my tiny back door. It was insistent and hard like a fist.

No one has done this to me. No man has fucked me in my ass and as it was happening I almost wanted it. I almost felt ready but my body wasn’t prepared for my son’s thick cock. He pushed and I could feel his meaty head bending up, and then down.

“Stop. Stop, it won’t fit. It won’t fit,” I was panicking.

“Shhh, it’ll fit,” he placed his hand on my shoulder.

Every attempt made me climb up the bed, away from him just a little. I wanted to stay still and to make him happy like I promised but I didn’t want to hurt. And then, he found the spot and my body just accepted him. He entered me, just the tippy tip. I stopped breathing and looked back. Wide eyed at this new sensation. The clock was ticking and the A/C was on. He was breathing above me, patiently waiting for me to dilate.

I reached my hand back and touched his stomach and he inched forward, smoothly into my ass.


The pain was searing. It was exquisite. I didn’t know what to do so I pushed back and he pushed forward and I moaned. A deep, cavernous sound escaped me. My mouth was left silently open in shock. His entire head was inside of me. I was sweating and quiet, breathing shallow breaths. Tears were running down my cheek. I laid there waiting for more, waiting only for a beast to take me.

He pushed his flesh into me again. This intruder became more and more accustomed to my body. He pushed halfway, more than half way and it stopped. With inches to go, he couldn’t fit any more of my son inside of my ass.

He pulled out, Escort Niğde and I shivered. I sobbed a cry. The pain was too much, but only because it was just too sensitive. His hips were a piston, making me love him with generous strokes. His rigid flesh was thick and unforgiving; my son was fucking me up my ass. He was capturing his prize.

My sobs turned to moans as I clawed at the bed. He picked up speed and I bit my knuckle. I spoke in tongues as he ripped at my ass until he pushed every inch of himself inside of me, his balls slapped my body. He possessed me. I was his mother and his prize; he was my son and my master. I was bewitched by his tumescence and falling in love with him in a new, patient, obedient way.

“Your ass is so fucking tight mom.”

The voice of a god! His words ripped through me like electricity; racing through my body making me come like wild fire. With nothing prompting an orgasm inside my vagina the sensation tore through my entire body looking for the source. I screamed! I didn’t know what to do. He started to fuck me. My eyes rolled around wildly. My son took me like a savage and made me his primal mate.

My pussy clamped violently. My ass clenched on his dick until it just couldn’t. I was broken, tamed to his size now and could no longer resist him.

I was consumed in this moment, suspended in pain and pleasure. I could only allow him take what was rightfully his. I lay there like a bitch dog with my legs splayed and my mouth open, panting, and letting my son rail his cock into my ass; to use me as he saw fit. I could only receive his thick shaft and bask in my delirium. It was a fever dream of carnal passion.

His pace sped up and I reached back to feel him, and time was so distorted. I felt like I was drugged. I pushed my ass to meet his strokes and we danced until he launched hot streams of come inside me, rail after rail of torrid come coated my insides. My son’s breath hot on my neck he thrust and thrust and rested. Panting he lay on top of me, his body was hot against my fleshy ass.

We stayed on top of each other. I could only wait until my man wanted to move. He eventually got up and washed himself and left me tingling and in a daze.

When he came back in he was a different person, stronger. I looked at him with doe eyes and wanted to hold him. He sat on the bed and I curled into his lap. His strong body supporting me I felt so safe.

We talked for about 20 minutes. When I fell asleep I dreamed of wild horses charging on through endless pasture.


I didn’t walk the same the next day. For one, he beat the hell out of my ass, but even more I felt like my whole body was looser. I felt like I was becoming a new woman. He said I had a new wiggle to my walk and that he liked it. He was so adorable. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

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