Date Night

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Big Dicks

I just finished putting myself together for my date with my Master. He sent very detailed instructions about what to wear, how to do my makeup and hair and what time to be ready. I have anticipated this date all week and can’t wait to see him. I know he will be happy with the results. I followed every instruction to the letter. I am bathed, shaved, exfoliated, lotioned and perfumed. I followed the instructions for the enema that he provided and cleaned everything in and out. I oiled and primed my ass and currently have a nice sized plug in place, keeping myself ready for his 8 and a half inch cock. I wasn’t able to keep from getting wet, but I think he will forgive that one little slip up…

I hear his car in the driveway! I open the door, turn and drop to the floor on my knees. My face is to the tile and my ass is in the air. I can feel my skirt sliding back and revealing my plugged ass. The slit of my panties gaping wide to show the plug and my sopping wet pussy. The breeze is blowing across my skin and goose bumps have jumped out everywhere. I hear my Master call out to the neighbor and my face immediately flames red hot with the thought that George can see me through my front door. Please, please don’t invite him up!

I hear them say goodnight and then the click of his heels on the front walk. His keys jangle in his hand. I want to turn around and see the look on his face when he sees me. I want to bask in the pride that I know Kurtköy Fetiş Escort will shine in his eyes. But the last time that I broke position before being given the signal, I was punished greatly. I want tonight to be perfect and won’t spoil his plans. I hold myself rigidly as I hear him reach the door. I can see his shadow on the floor as he stands in the doorway, taking stock of his obedient slave.

Without saying a word he steps inside and squats down behind me. The crack of his knees is like a gunshot and I flinch when he puts his hand on my ass. He runs his finger around the edge of the plug and again my flesh erupts into goose bumps. I feel him grasp the plug and tug. It slowly exits my ass and I feel emptiness when it’s gone. I hear a sniff and my Master pats my ass and says, “You followed instructions well”. I know I’m not supposed to respond so I wait for his next move. I suddenly feel the plug roughly shoved back into place. My ass readily receives it and I gasp as it settles back into place. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and hope this won’t anger him…

Suddenly, I feel his fingers slide over my wet slit! Oh no, he’s already found one thing to displease him. I hear him tsk as he stands up. And then I hear my signal, he snaps his fingers twice. This means I’m to stand and face him, hands behind my back, eyes to the floor.

“Speak”, he says.

I look up and say, “I’m sorry”.

“You Kurtköy Gecelik Escort have to control yourself”, he calmly states. “Did you touch yourself”?

“No, I would never, without your permission”, I respond. “I only prepared myself as you instructed”.

He looks at me and nods his head. He twirls his finger and I slowing pirouette so he can see me from all sides. When I come around and stop, he reaches out and lifts my face to the light in the entry. He smiles and says, “Your makeup and hair look perfect. The colors I picked suit you and you smell delicious”!

“Thank you, Sir”, I respond.

“But, your sloppy little cunt cannot be ignored”, he chides.

Suddenly I hear his fingers snap once. This is my signal to assume a position against the wall. I turn and step to the side, placing my hands above my head with my face and chest to the wall. I’ve been instructed on numerous occasions to arch my back, making sure my ass is out as far as possible. I know I will be paddled and I can feel myself tensing. He chuckles and says, “You know it will hurt more if you don’t relax”. I nod my head, take a deep breath and let go as much as possible on the exhale. “Good girl”, he says as his hand descends and slaps across my ass. He paddles me with his hand again, again and again. I stay as still as possible and hope that he is done. But that was just a warm up. He takes one of my hands from the Kurtköy Genç Escort wall and pulls it down and around the small of my back. I feel my skirt lifted and he hands the bunched up fabric to me to hold. He grabs my ass tight in his hand, squeezing the cheeks hard. I take another deep breath and he proceeds to spank. One, two, three…. eight, nine, and ten. On the last slap, his hand comes to a rest again on my ass and again he squeezes hard.

Snap, Snap. His fingers signal me again. I turn, eyes down cast, breathing hard. My ass hurts and the slide of my skirt over the welts sting. But I know I did well. I didn’t cry out, I didn’t tense up and best of all I didn’t try to pull away. He leans toward me and kisses my forehead. “Go clean up. We have reservations to keep”, he says. Keeping my eyes to the floor, I nod my head and turn for the hallway. “Oh, one more thing, clean me”, he states. I look up and the fingers that he slid across my slit are in front of my face. I can smell my musky scent. I reach for his hand and proceed to lick and suck the smell from his hand. When I can no longer taste myself on his fingers, I stop and let go of his hand. “Go”, he says. And I rush for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I douche and dry myself off. I double check my makeup and touch-up my lipstick. Good as new, I think. When I return to the front door, my Master is waiting with a smile. He takes my arm and leads me through the door. It’s not until then that I realize that the door has been open the whole time! What if one of my neighbors saw what was going on? I’m mortified, but one look at Master tells me that he isn’t worried about a thing. He leads me to the car, opens my door and hands me into the car.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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