Dating Lisa Pt. 02

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Our next date told the whole story. We were supposed to go somewhere but when I pulled up to her house she was already waiting outside. Lisa had on a medium weight tube top dress that also gathered at the waist and a pair of sandals. As she climbed in my car and kissed me, she then declared that she was incredibly horny. Since it was mid afternoon and her parents were home she asked, “Do you think you could “do me” while driving around?” I told her I would be more than willing to try. With that I headed the car in a direction that would get me to some less traveled two lane roads as quick as possible. While we were still in a populated area she reached under her dress and removed her panties. She then removed her sandals and raised her dress to waist level exposing her pussy. When I looked over at her the sun highlighted the fine hairs on her upper thighs. My eyes moved to her pussy and by the dampness around her pubic hair she confirmed that she was truly aroused.

Once we reached a less populated area, I reached between her legs and probed for her hole with my fingers. Once inside her I searched for her thick spot and began to rub. Between her position on the seat and my angle of access to her pussy she moved her hips several times in order to afford me the best angle that would insure a climax. We continued to drive and she grew more and more aroused. She pulled her dress up over her tits which exposed her nude body from her chest to her toes. Only able to steal glances of her naked body while keeping my eyes on the road did not dampen my mood.

Trying to stay on back roads and away from traffic lights I continued to rub her while I was reaching rock hard with my cock still in my pants. Lisa’s arousal got so great that she removed her dress altogether and sat there on the front seat in all her glory with my fingers shoved up her cunt. Occasionally I would reach for her tits and play with her nipples that had become rock hard and then return my fingers to her wet cave.

However, I was running out of country road and I was coming into a town. Suggesting that she might want to cover up for a few minutes, she responded that she was too close to an orgasm and that I should just keep finger fucking her. As we were approaching a red light I told her that some one might see her. The response was quick and clear. “I don’t care who can see me just keep doing me.” I wasn’t lucky enough for the light to go green and started to come to a stop. A quick check in my rear view mirror told me there was a pickup truck behind us. Trying not to go further into town I decided to turn left as I came to a stop at the light and the pickup put on his right turn signal and pulled up alongside of us on our right. I tried to cover Lisa’s body by running my right arm between her breasts and using my hand to cover as much of her pussy as I could with my fingers still probing her.

When the driver pulled along side of us he looked into my car and spotted Lisa’s nude body. Lisa started her orgasm and her pussy juice gushed into the palm of my hand and ran onto the seat. The smile on the other driver’s face told me what he was able to see. The light turned green and I was back on a country road as Lisa started to recover from her orgasm. She was in no hurry to get back into her clothes and merely reached over to my zipper and pulled out my rock hard Mardin Escort cock. A few quick strokes of my cock and I exploded all over. Lisa took her panties and wiped up my sperm. As I replaced my softening cock in my pants she started to get dressed. I can’t remember what we did the rest of the day but I sure remember that car ride.

Talk in my high school locker room was that it felt good to have a girl put your cock in her mouth. The opportunities to do this were few and far between. We attended the drive in movies on occasion but privacy was an issue. I started to carry a blanket in the car for just such situations. One night in particular, we were both under the blanket and nude from the waist down. She went onto the floor of the car underneath the blanket to jerk me off. It was then that I asked, “Would you put it in your mouth?” She never responded but immediately took my cock and placed it in her mouth. Instinctively knew to go up and down on it.

It felt so great that I thought I died and went to heaven. I didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. I told her to take me out of her mouth and finish me by hand but she replied, “No. I want to taste you.” With that I stopped holding back and let my sperm fly into her mouth. I could tell that she had spit most of it out and onto my leg. I asked her if it was that bad and she replied, “Not too bad but very salty.” I knew at this point if oral sex felt good to me then it would feel good for me to do oral on her. The where and the when to explore her genitals with my tongue were to be determined.

About a week after the drive-in movie her parents weren’t home one afternoon. I asked Lisa to go and strip from the waist down. When she returned with her beautiful pussy exposed, I asked her to lie on the floor and spread her legs. I kneeled between her legs and gently pushed my fingers into her pussy. With my other hand I spread the lips of her vagina and leaned forward pushing my tongue between her lips. Sliding my tongue from the top of her slit down to her hole was causing her to start to moan. I removed my fingers and pushed my tongue up her hole but realized I would never reach her spot. Her musky odor filled my nostrils and the juices from her pussy tasted like nothing I had ever tasted. Just running my tongue up and down her slit seemed to please her.

As I sat back to remove one of her pubic hairs from my mouth I saw her public hair was wet, parted and matted. Her vaginal lips were bright pink and spread so far apart I could see every detail of her genital area. Above her hole was a hard little nub that was fully erect but I had never noticed before. I asked her what it did and she told me that was where her pee came out. As I returned to licking her and every time I moved my tongue around that nub Lisa would moan. I returned my two fingers to her hole and continued licking. Her body tightened and then went limp as she had an orgasm but this time there was no juice gushing from her body. Her nub was much easier to reach with my tongue or fingers and appeared to give her a good orgasm in less time.

It was springtime heading into summer. I suggested that we go canoeing on our next date so we could take a “nature walk” through the woods. She agreed and I suggested that she wear the least amount of clothes as possible so they could be easily Mardin Escort Bayan taken off. When I picked her up, Lisa got in my car in a dress and small platform sandals. I asked her what was under the dress and she said, “Just panties.”

The canoe rental place was nothing more that a 6’X 6′ shed with a door on it. There was a young boy about our age that manned the both and who showed us to our canoe and gave us the paddles. He stabilized the canoe while Lisa got in the front and I got in the back. Off we went. As we paddled I looked for a secluded spot on shore where we could get out. I found a good spot that afforded good cover but there was a slight embankment that made it difficult to get out of the canoe but we managed. As we walked through the woods to move away from the canal so we could get undressed I was so horny I could have almost cum in my pants. We found a tree where I asked Lisa to start to strip. As she removed her panties, I placed them in my pants pocket. I reached to loosen my belt but she stopped me saying, “One at a time just in case someone comes by.” I agreed and allowed her to finish undressing first.

As she stood there completely naked in the woods I almost blew my load. Lisa then told me that before we got started she needed to pee. I told her to go ahead. She looked at me and I told her, “Squat down anywhere and pee.” She moved to the side of the tree and did just that which for some reason made me even more excited. In her naked state I suggested that we go for a short walk. That way I could look at her naked body as we walked and if a stranger happened by who knows what would happen. She declined the walk so I knelt down and started to lick her twat. Shortly after that I inserted my fingers to rub her spot. We had a few hours on the canoe rental so I was in no hurry to work her pussy up to an ejaculation. It must have been the excitement that she was naked outdoors because it did not take long for her to squirt her pussy juice all over the leaf covered ground. Pussy juice hitting the ground sounded just like her pee and was almost too much for my rock hard cock to bear. Completing her orgasm she started to get dressed but I told her not to put her panties back on.

Then I started to strip. Once I was naked Lisa squatted down and took my cock into her mouth. Now that she was fully clothed I knew that I wanted to see her naked again to help me finish my orgasm. After repeated requests to remove her clothes again she finally relented and stripped off her dress. Squatting directly in front of me she proceeded to work my cock between her mouth and hands. I finally let go of several streams just as she had removed my cock from her mouth. The first stream hit here right in the neck. The next stream she aimed at one of her tits. The third she caught with her hand and rubbed it into her other boob. The final flow from my cock dribbled out and dropped onto her pubic hair. Lisa stood up and rubbed the remnants of my cum from my dick onto her pussy hair.

We got dressed and returned to the canoe to paddle the river some more. As time passed I started to get aroused once again. We headed back to the dock. The boy had me back in to the dock and steadied the canoe so we could get out. Lisa had to turnaround in order to make her way to the back of the canoe. When she swung her leg Escort Mardin over the bench she forgot I still had her panties and gave the boy a full view of her lovely pussy. As the second leg came around his view of her pussy disappeared. Her dress must have gotten caught on something for when she tried to stand the top got pulled down exposing her tits. I noticed that a bulge started to grow in his pants. She had to sit back down to figure what she was caught on and in doing so spread her legs that gave him another look at her pussy. Once she unhooked herself there were no more “wardrobe malfunctions” but Lisa had certainly disrupted this boys pants.

As we walked toward the parking lot I told Lisa to look back at the canoe boy and check out his crotch. She turned, looked and giggled as she saw the now large bulge in his pants. I didn’t think we should leave him like that for the rest of the day so I asked Lisa if she would be willing to go back and give him some relief. She looked at me very startled.

Now Lisa and I had talked about our past dating experiences. She had told me that with some of her other boyfriends she had stripped from the waist down to let them see her snatch. When the boys started to get hard she would pull their cocks from their pants and jerk them off. Quite often she was fondled and fingered when doing this. It all came to a quick end once the boys had dropped their loads and both parties would get dressed.

I said, “Look just give the kid a hand job and let him lose his load. You have done that before with other guys.”

She looked at me, a little disgusted, and said, “Why should I and where am I suppose to do this?”

“You got the kid all horned up when you got out of the canoe. First you gave him a crotch view that left nothing to the imagination. Then you got hooked on something that pulled your dress top down and both your tits popped out. So for all purposes he has already seen you completely naked. Just take him into the canoe shack, drop your dress and jerk him off. I will stand right outside to keep a lookout for passers by and to make sure it doesn’t go past a hand job with you being completely naked. If I see someone coming I will close the door over on the shack which will be your signal to get dressed and come out.”

Lisa thought about it for a few seconds and then agreed. We walked back to the canoe shack and she went over to talk to the boy. Once they were done talking she walked into the shack and he followed her. With the door wide open Lisa then dropped her dress to the ground, stood next to the boy naked except for her sandals and squatted down to be eye level with his cock. She then undid his shorts and pulled them down just below his ass. Grabbing his semi erect cock she started to stroke him. I looked in the shack to see how she was doing only to see her in a squat position with her legs spread wide open and her swollen clit pushing its way past her pubic hair and pussy lips. The canoe boy then reached out a started to fondle her tits. I started to move to the shack to stop the fondling but Lisa waved me off. She leaned forward and spit on his cock to help lube him up. I could see he wanted to play with her pubic mound when all of a sudden he tensed up. Sperm started streaming from his cock only to find its way to the floor of the shack. Lisa continued to stroke him until nothing more came out.

Putting her clothes back on, she left the boy in the shack with his cock hanging out. As we walked to the car she turned to me and said, “You owe me one. You can do me in the car on the way home.” I didn’t have any problems with that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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