Daughters Compete For Attention

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Katie pulled into the driveway and jumped excitedly out of her car. She ran up to the front door of her family’s home and started banging loudly, “Hello, it’s me, it’s Katie, I’m back!” she shouted. The door flew open and Katie’s 40 yr old father, Jim, laughed in delight as she embraced him in an affectionate hug. “Ooh Daddy it’s so great to see you I’ve missed you so much!” she squealed.

Jim put his hands on Katie’s hips and held her back from him. “Now let me get a look at you. Katie you look great, have you lost weight?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy I’ve been really getting into shape. There’s a nice gym at the college and I’ve been making good use of it.” Katie explained.

“Well my dear you look fantastic” said Jim enthusiastically as he looked Katie up and down. Despite the innocent premise Jim couldn’t help admire his 22 yr old daughter’s youthful and athletic body. Katie’s chest was small but this enabled her to get away with not wearing a bra most of the time. Jim noticed Katie’s nipples poking though her tight crop top. His eyes slid down further taking in her tanned flat stomach, past her hot pants and down her long toned legs. “Wow!” Jim thought,”So sexy, just like her mother”. At that moment came a scream and a giggle from behind Jim.

“Well, look who’s back, my annoying older sister” said Sarah mockingly, “Just kidding, come here and give me a hug!”. Katie moved away from her father and embraced her younger sister. Jim smiled at his two lovely daughters as they hugged. He was reminded of their similarities, so alike in personality, but also their differences. Where Katie was brunette, thin and athletic Sarah was blonde, curvy and sensuous. Her deep cleavage squashed against Katie’s smaller chest as they laughed together. As they spun around Jim appreciated Sarah’s round ass in contrast to Katie’s smaller, tighter buns. Jim sighed as he considered how long it had been since he had slept with a woman. Too long he thought. So long that now I’m checking out my own daughters! Jim shook his head in disgust at his own thoughts and closed the door.


Katie unpacked her clothes in her bedroom as she reflected on her feelings at being back home. Her first year at college had been hard at first. But after making some friends she really began to grow in confidence. She started to go to parties and enjoy herself. One night she had met a lovely guy and ended up back at his room. For the first time Katie felt comfortable with someone and that night she lost her virginity.

The man turned out to be a player but Katie kept the confidence the experience had given her. She became more aware of her sexuality and ended up sharing her body with two further lovers. Back home now she was looking forward to spending time with her father and her younger sister. Katie laughed as she thought of her sister and how much she had changed in the past year. From being a flat chested spotty 17yr old she had blossomed into a curvy sexy 18yr old. Katie’s reverie was broken as her father shouted up the stairs “Dinner’s ready!”.

Katie pulled up a seat on the left of her father who sat at the head of the table. “This looks wonderful Daddy” said Katie as she surveyed the sumptuous feast her father had cooked up for her homecoming.

“Anything for my Katie” replied Jim. Katie felt a warmth in her heart as she delighted in the feelings of affection her father showed for her. She had felt an extra special bond with her Dad since their Mother had died when she was small. She had taken it upon herself to fill the hole that her Mother had left and look after her father as best as she could. She had felt guilty at moving away to college but it was the best thing to do for her future.

“Well I’m home now for the whole Summer so I’ll make it up Niğde Escort to him” she thought.

Sarah came running down the stairs and pulled up a seat at the table. Katie glanced up as Sarah leaned over to sit down opposite her. She was a little surprised by how low her top was cut and how much cleavage this put on display. Despite her new found confidence she couldn’t help

feeling slightly jealous, her chest was so small in comparison. “Stop it” she told herself, “People are different and you just have to make the best of what you’ve got”. She felt better and said to her sister “You look great Sis, I should have mentioned it earlier but you’ve really blossomed since I’ve been away”. Sarah smiled and thanked her sister for the compliment.

As they finished their dinner Sarah leaned over to take Katie’s plate. Katie’s eyes were again drawn to her sister’s chest but just as she was trying to stop the feelings of jealousy returning Sarah leant over to collect her father’s plate. Katie couldn’t help noticing her father’s eyes also being drawn down Sarah’s top to her deep cleavage. Again, Katie told herself to quell the stupid feelings of jealousy rising within her but then Sarah stood up and walked over to the dishwasher. She was wearing tight sweat pants which accuentated her curvy legs and peach shaped behind. She bent down and began putting in the plates. It was now that Katie noticed how much Sarah’s ass had changed too. From a boyish bum to full and curvy cheeks that looked so grown up and sexy. Katie glanced at her father and saw that he too was admiring Sarah’s behind as she bent over. This was too much and Katie briskly excused herself and went upsatirs to her room. She closed the door and collapsed on her bed. Her feelings were in turmoil and she tried to calmly think about the situation.

She realised her jealousy over her sister’s body had been amplified tenfold at seeing how her father had looked at her sister. And then it hit her, she used to be his little princess but since going away to college her sister had replaced her in her father’s affections. “No” she thought “don’t be so ridiculous”. But then she remembered how her little sister used to get so jealous of her being the eldest and more grown up. Well I can’t blame her for wanting to show off her body. But later that night as she drifted off to sleep she couldn’t help picturing her father’s lustful gaze at her sister, and the dark feelings of jealousy returned.


In the morning Katie awoke to the smell of pancakes drifting up the stairs. She wrapped her dressing gown around her and began to descend the stairs. From the top she could see her sister in the kitchen preparing the gorgeous smelling breakfast. “That used to be my speciality” Katie mused just as Sarah spun around and put a plate in front of her father. Even from her vantage on the stairs Katie could see the way her father’s eyes concentrated on Sarah’s full chest. Sarah was wearing a shirt and bra with pyjama bottoms which were quite modest in themselves but Sarah had the the top two buttons of her shirt undone affording her father an unobstructed of her breasts heaving out from her bra. Katie’s feelings overwhelmed her and she dashed back to her room in a fit of jealousy and rage. Not even trying to calm herself down she instead thought hard about how she could wrest her father’s attention away from her little sister.

Jim began to munch on his breakfast as a familiar battle raged in his head… and his loins. His beautiful younger daughter was serving him breakfast whilst flashing her ample cleavage at him. This was a regular occurence which always simultaneously left Jim feeling excited… and guilty. Very very guilty. “There’s no harm in just looking” Jim said to himself Niğde Escort Bayan but still felt like a dirty old man. Just get through this he thought whilst looking forward to being able to relieve himself in the shower, as he did most mornings after this kind of display.

But just as Jim was beginning to wrest some control over his lust Katie appeared at the table. “Morning Daddy, morning Sarah” said Katie. Sarah said morning back and glanced round just as her sister walked over to the cupboard. Katie had removed the concealing robe she had originally put on and had even gone one step further and taken off her pyjama bottoms. “I am so thirsty” said Katie as she opened the cupboard. The glasses were on the top shelf and Katie had to stretch right up on her tip toes to reach the nearest glass. This action pulled up her shirt and both Jim and Sarah were given a full flash of the skimpy black panties stretched tight across Katie’s firm, athletic behind. Sarah frowned as she noticed her father’s gaze lingering on Katie’s firm buttocks. Sarah had enjoyed being left alone with her father this past year and was now realising that her sister may now be regaining some of her father’s attention. “Her ass is so tight” thought Sarah. “But I have sexy assets too!” she thought as she excused herself and walked upstairs.

Jim continued to ogle the tight ass in front of him, admiring the tanned thighs and the way the panties clung to the perk buttocks of his eldest daughter. Katie congratulated herself on her boldness and smiled inwardly as Sarah frowned and walked away. Her father’s lustful look had returned to his eyes but it was now Katie who had caused it. She sat down and ate her breakfast.

A few minutes later Sarah returned and offered her father some coffee. As she bent down to pour the coffee Jim saw that not only had more of the buttons on Sarah’s shirt been undone but she had removed her bra! The result was a pretty spectacular view of his younger daughter’s round full breasts hanging freely and barely covered by her unbuttoned shirt. For the first time Jim could not just admire their shapely curves but also the cute pink nipples jutting out straight at him. Forgetting to look away his cock twitched and rapdily began to grow.

Katie stared increduously at the blatant show of exhibitionism from her younger sister and glared furiously at her father. Her jealousy increased even further as she spied the growing lump in her father’s lap. She said she needed the bathroom and excused herself from the table. Locked in the bathroom she gathered her thoughts. “If Sarah can show off her best features well then so can I” she thought to herself.

Walking back into the kitchen Katie noticed Sarah had again sat down at the table but had made no effort to fully cover up her chest as she seductively sipped on a glass of orange juice. Her father seemed to be making a big effort to behave normally and pretend that he was unaffected by the gorgeous display of young flesh in front of him. Katie’s resolve increased and she breathed in deeply to calm her nerves before putting her plan into action. She walked to the table and whilst smiling innocently at her father she gathered up the plates and took them over to the dishwasher just as her sister had done the night before. As she bent over she experienced a tingling in between her thighs. She knew her father’s gaze had followed her and her heart began racing as she could feel her top rising up her thighs as she begin loading the plates. Jim’s gaze had indeed followed his elder daughter, anything to distract him from the glimpses of his younger daughter’s breasts, but he gasped as he saw Katie bend over and took in the sight before him. Katie’s shirt had ridden up and exposed her ass now completely Escort Niğde bare and panty free! Jim’s already erect penis became even harder as he admired the toned, firm naked ass exposed in front of him. As Katie wriggled whilst loading each plate her legs parted slightly and Jim caught a glimpse at his daughter’s pussy lips peeking out below her crack. Jim completely lost himself in the moment and made no effort to look away.

This unabashed look of lust was seen by Sarah, who then too noticed the raging tent in his lap. Sarah had allowed her father to view her breasts but couldn’t believe Katie had taken it one step further. Despite feeling jealous at losing her father’s attention Sarah couldn’t help feel admiration for her sister’s outrageous behaviour. And a little turned on at the reaction it had evoked in their father. She then realised she was even further turned on by seeing her sister’s naked behind.

Katie had never felt this kind of excitement as she exposed herself to her father. As she bent over she imagined his hand reaching out and cupping her pussy from behind. She could feel her pussy getting so wet it was almost dripping onto the kitchen floor. She stood up and turned back to the table. As her top slid back down Jim looked away red faced and desperately wished he could walk away and up to his room. However he knew his uncontrollable erection was preventing this.

Sarah, turned on and wanting to regain her father’s attention, suddenly lurched as her elbow seemed to ‘accidentally’ slip on the table. She lost her grip on her glass of orange juice she was holding and it spilled all down her top. The wet material clung to her breasts and her stiff nipples were clearly visible though the fabric. “Darn it” she muttered, “this will need a wash”, as she began to unbutton her shirt. Completely unselfconsciously she whipped off the dripping shirt and casually threw it down by the washing machine. As she turned back to the table Jim now had the sight of his younger daughter standing completely topless in front of him. Her fabulous shapely tits swayed just inches from his face. The sight was further enhanced by the wetness still lingering on them from the spilled juice. Her nipples were hard and glistening as a bead of juice ran down between her firm globes. “I had better go change” simpered Sarah as she strolled away and up the stairs. Katie then bent down to give her father a peck on the cheek.

“I’m off to change too Daddy” she said and walked away herself. But as she passed her father she pretended to scatch an itch on her side. This made her shirt rise up and again gave her father another look at her pantyless behind. As she disappeared up the stairs Jim heaved a sigh of relief and quickly dashed to the downstairs loo. He ripped down his pyjama bottoms and began to furioulsy palm his rock hard penis. It took just a few hard tugs before his cock erupted and spewed cum all over his hands and the wall. He slumped down onto the toilet and sat there panting. The sight of his elder daughter’s naked ass and his younger daughter’s bare tits still hung in his mind as he began to guiltily clean up his spunk.

Back up the stairs each daughter lay on their beds giving themselves their own relief from the sexual tension built up over the morning’s eventful breakfast. The sheer indecency of their actions had turned them on so much that they both fought to find escape through orgasm. Katie, still in just her shirt, had two fingers buried in her moist pussy whilst remembering how naughty and sexy it had felt to expose her naked behind to her father. Sarah, just in the next room along, had removed her bottoms and lay comletely nude on her bed. She also had a hand between her legs whilst her other hand rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples as she replayed the feelings of excitement her own exposure to her father had given her. As they both came, separately in their own rooms, they also briefly reflected on their sister’s equally revealing actions and considered how much further this debased competition take them…

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