Daughter’s Cookie Ch. 02

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Kim came home very late, from the Halloween party. Her Daddy was already asleep.

She fumbled around with her keys and unlocked the door. Kim staggered as she entered the house. She was a little tipsy from drinking.

After locking the door, she set her purse down on the kitchen counter and opened the fridge. She poured herself a glass of ice water, and walked upstairs to her bedroom.

She sat at the foot of her bed and removed the hat and red cloth tie from her girlscout costume. Next she unbuttoned her green top and removed it, tossing it across the room to the hamper.

Kim sat there topless, drinking her ice water. She stood up and started to remove the little green skirt. When she went to step out of it, she became light headed from the alcohol and fell.

Kim was sprawled out and unconscious on her bedroom floor. Her hair was still tied back in a ponytail, and the only thing that she was wearing, was her knee socks and pair of black buckle shoes.

The next morning when she woke, her pussy felt very sore. When Kim reached down to rub it, she felt cum in the folds of her pussy lips. She sat up, and looked down toward her crotch. That’s when she seen a large dried spot of cum, that oozed from her pussy onto the carpet.

As she placed her finger to her mouth to taste it, she had a thought enter her head.

“Oh my God! Did Daddy come in here last night while I was passed out, and fuck me?”

When she stood up, a few drops of cum that were left inside of her, dripped out onto the floor. She sat down on her bed and removed her knee socks and shoes, then walked to the bathroom to shower.

The hot soapy water flowed down over her naked body, dripping from her hard nipples and pussy lips. She closed her eyes, and leaned back against the shower wall. As the hot water relaxed every muscle in her body, she thought about the night before.

When she finished showering, she stepped out and dried herself with a towel. Wrapping it round her, she combed her hair. Kim put her bathrobe on and went downstairs. As she entered the kitchen, she heard her Daddy’s car pull out, as he left for work.

She made herself a scrambled egg and poured a glass of juice for breakfast. Kim sat there at the table eating and reading the newspaper, when she noticed an ad for the costume shop. They are having a sale today throughout the store. Knowing how much Daddy loved her costume yesterday, maybe she’ll go see about buying another one.

After breakfast, Kim went back upstairs to her bedroom to get dressed. It was warm outside today, so she wore a pink tank top and a pair of white shorts. Kim then put on a pair of white ankle socks and her sneakers.

She went back downstairs Uzun porno and grabbed her purse and car keys off of the counter, and left.

When she arrived at the costume store, she started browsing around at all of the items. She was getting lots of naughty ideas to play with her Daddy.

Kim and her Daddy started messing around and having sex after her Mother left. Daddy told her that she needed to take over, Kim thought it would be right, since they only have each other. From there it started as flirting and progressed to were it is now.

Kim found a Dorothy costume, from The Wizard Of Oz. It was perfect. It came with the blue and white dress, ruby red slippers and white socks. All she needed was to stop at the craft store across the hall for a cheap basket, she already had a stuffed doggie for Toto.

Kim bought the costume and a few other items and left. On her way home, she stopped at the Adult Gift Shop. She bought some nipple cream, to make her nipples stay rock hard.

Later that day, she was cooking dinner, when her Daddy came home from work. She heard his truck pull up in front of the house. He walked in and set his lunch box onto the counter.

“Hi Daddy. Dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes.”

“Hi Baby. That’s fine, it’ll give me a chance to go clean up.”

Kim continued cooking and her Daddy went upstairs to shower. She finished preparing the salad and buttered the bread. Her stuffed shells were just about done, and ready to come out of the oven.

By the time her Daddy came back downstairs, Kim had the table set.

“Dinner’s ready.”

“Thank you, baby. It looks good.”

While they were eating, Kim told her Daddy about going shopping today.

“Hey Daddy, guess what? In today’s paper the costume shop had a sales ad. Since you really liked my costume for the party, I decided to go back and see what else they had.”

“Oh? Did you find anything that you liked?”

“Oh, I did. And I think you’ll like it also, Daddy.”

They finished eating and Kim and her Daddy washed the dishes. Went they finished, he sat down in the living room to relax and Kim headed upstairs.

A few hours have past, and Her Daddy dozed off in his chair. He thought that he was dreaming went he heard Kim’s voice, and felt her shaking him.

“Daddy! Daddy wake up! I have a surprised for you.”

He opened his eyes and seen Kim standing there in front of him, with her hair in pigtails. She wore the blue and white dress, white socks and ruby red slippers. To top it off, she held a small basket with a puppy stuffed animal inside of it, peeking out.

“Daddy, do you like it? I’m Dorothy, from The Wizard Of Oz!”

“Kim, Öğrenci porno you look sexy. I never thought that I’d get turned on by this, but I am.”

Kim started to playfully skip around the room, as she sang Follow The Yellow Brick Road. She set the basket down and kneeled in front of her Daddy. She opened his sweat pants and pulled them off. His already hard cock sprung right out at her.

“Oh, Daddy. I can’t believe how hard you are for me. Would you like Dorothy to take care of it for you?”

“Yes, baby. Please suck it for daddy.”

Kim’s mouth slid down over his cock. It tasted so good, as she began to suck and slide her mouth up and down it. She loved sucking her daddy’s cock. Her head bobbed, and her pigtails swayed.

“Oh, baby. Daddy loves that. You’re sucking my cock so good baby. You make it feel so good. Daddy loves you so muck, baby.”

Kim took her mouth from his cock and looked up at him.

“I love you to, Daddy.”

Kim got up from her knees and walked across the room, and got down onto the floor. She lie back, pulling up her dress to show her Daddy her smooth shaven pussy.

“Daddy, do you like it? I know you want it. I can see how had your cock is for me.”

She reached down, opening the lips of her pussy, to show the wet, pink center.

“Is this what you want? Is this what my Daddy wants? I know you want it, Daddy. I know you do.”

Kim picked up both of her long sexy legs, and clicked her ruby red slippers together, just like in the movie.

“I know you want it, Daddy.”

Click! Click!

“Because there’s no place like my pussy.”

Click! Click!

“There’s no place like my pussy.”

Click! Click!

“There’s no place, like your daughter’s wet pussy.”

After she finished saying that, Kim opened her legs wide, and set them back down onto the floor. Her Daddy got down between her legs, and started to eat her pussy.

He licked up and down the center of her folds. Her juices tasted so good, as he entered her with his tongue. He rubbed her clit as he tongue fucked his daughter’s pussy.

“Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy, eat me! Eat me, Daddy! Eat your little girl’s pussy!”

Her hips started moving, as she grinded her pussy to her Daddy’s face.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh, I’m going to cum! Daddy, I’m going to fucking cum all over your tongue! Daddy!”

Her Daddy kept eating her as she came, allowing her sweet tasting cum to flow into his mouth.

Kim lie there breathing heavy, as her chest rose up and down. She was exhausted from the orgasm her Daddy just gave her.

her Daddy was so hard and horny right now, he needed to fuck her. He reached up and grabbed the neck of her dress and ripped it open. Her tits looked so nice. Her nipples were rock hard from the cream that she put on. He slid his cock inside of his daughter’s pussy and fucked her.

Her Daddy was sucking on her nipples as he rammed his cock into her, over and over.

“Yes! Daddy fuck me! Fuck me. Daddy! Fuck me hard! Suck my nipples, pinch them, Daddy! Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck your little girl!”

Kim loved the way her Daddy would fuck her roughly sometimes. She liked the to feel submissive and being controlled.

Her Daddy was on top of her, fucking her on the living room floor. He put his head down along side hers and kissed her neck. He knew kissing her ear lobes drove her wild. As he did this, she left out a moan and arched her back.

“Oh my God, Daddy. That feels so good. Fuck me! I want you to fuck my pussy so hard and fast, Daddy! I’m yours! Do it! Fuck your nasty daughter’s pussy!”

He told her to role over and get on her hands and knees. When she did, he ripped the dress all the way off of her. Then he slid his cock back inside of his daughter and started to fuck her again.

He reached up and grabbed both pigtails, one in each hand. Her back was arched as he pulled back on her pigtails. He pushed all the way into her and held her like that.

She felt his cock start to throb and pulse inside of her. Kim yelled out, “Cum inside of me, Daddy!”

When she did, his cock started to shoot spurt after spurt of his hot incest cum deep inside of his daughter’s pussy. He pulled back harder on her pigtails, pulling her onto his cock.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Daddy fucking loves to cum inside of you, babygirl!”

“Oh, Daddy! I can feel it! It’s so hot as it hits my womb! Oh Daddy, you’re so deep inside of me!”

When his cock stopped cuming, he left go of her pigtails. When he did she fell forward onto the carpet, causing his cock to come out of her. Kim was so exhausted from her orgasm and the hard fucking that her daddy gave to her. She just lie there on her stomach with her legs still parted. She passed out, as her Daddy’s cum started to ooze from her pussy, when the door bell rang.

Her Daddy quickly put his sweat pants back on, and went to the door. It was a Sheriff’s Deputy.

“Hi. What could I do for you?”

“Are you Mr. Randy Markle?’


“Mr. Markle, I’m Sheriff Deputy, Blake. I’ve been ordered to hand deliver this certified letter to you. I need you to sign this document, stating that you received it.”

Randy signed the paper, and Deputy Blake handed it to him and left. Randy closed the door and opened the envelope. It was a letter from a collection agency, threatening to sue if the bill isn’t paid.

As he walked into the living room with the letter in his hand, he glanced down at Kim.

That’s when a very nasty thought entered his head.

“I wonder how many guys would pay to fuck her, if she dresses up for them?”

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