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David sat at home in his kitchen on a plastic chair and felt the last few dribbles of piss run from his dick and into his underpants whilst what had not been soaked up by his wet grey corduroy shorts made a puddle underneath him. He pushed his lap-top away from himself and ran his hands over the front of his saturated corduroy. Now he had finished wetting himself his cock had risen and was making a tent in his pants. The bright red plastic chair was raised around the edge and sloped from front to rear, hence the puddle under David’s bottom. He could feel the wetness rising up the back of his shorts towards the waistband. David ran his fingers around the band on his briefs and then into his shorts between his briefs and his shirt tail. He wanted to masturbate but to have done so would have ended his pleasure too soon. He raised a cheek off the seat and passed a wonderfully long fart into his briefs. It actually bubbled under his bottom and he fought with himself not to allow himself to mess, not yet at least.

He pulled his lap-top towards himself and read the last e-mail he had received from an old school friend about an up and coming school reunion. Barnaby, the author, and he had always been good friends. David had always fancied him but never had the guts to take it further and sadly Barnaby had been equally hesitant but now David had decided if he did nothing then nothing would ever happen. Barnaby was wanting them to share a room at ‘The Crown’, an old hotel where the reunion was taking place. He took the bull by the horns and replied that he would really like to and sent it and after a few minutes a reply bounced back saying simply,” great.”

David unzipped his shorts and the top button and opened out his shorts to expose his soggy white Jockeys. He still bought them high waisted. He wondered if Barnaby still wore white trunks and let them show way above his trousers. Did he still had fabulous skid marks on his shirt tail and in his pants? Whatever, David knew he would!

The phone rang and David had to cross the room to answer. He kicked off his cords as he answered. Barnaby was well spoken and his voice had always seemed sexy to David. It was still sexy. David could hardly believe it was him.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again David. Have you changed much.”

“I don’t think so Barnaby. I do a lot of running now so I’m probably a lot fitter.”

“Yes, me too David. It was the only sport I was ever any good at.”

“We were both good. You’ve got no idea how turned sarıyer escort on I was some days as I followed your bum round the track.”

“Pity you never told me at the time David, I’d like to have known you liked that sort of thing as well. Used to like watching you in your Jockeys. Do you still wear them?”

“Yes and I still get skid marks! You used to get turned on by them didn’t you? Along with everyone else’s!? Are you married?”

“No I’m still available if you want me David.”

“Tell you what Barnaby, you bring the condoms and the lube.” He said it hoping but expecting Barnaby to tell him to piss off.

“Great David. We can do some of the things we should have been doing for the last five years. How are you now though.”

“Apart from being in wet pants and not far off pooing myself I’m fine.”

“Honest David. You’ve pissed your pants?”

“Yes Barnaby and it feels bloody good!”

“Feels great doesn’t it? Must be almost three months since I last pooped in mine. See you on the twentieth in dry pants.”

“See you then. Lots of love.”

David heard the phone goo down and he let a fantastic poo slide into his Jockeys. A dog began barking on his lap-top and he read the e-mail. Even more interesting was the attached photo of Barnaby holding a bulge in the back of his underpants and a second of his pants looking very dirty and stained. Quickly he took a picture of his own messed undies and sent to Barnaby. Moments later he made a video of cum spurting through his briefs an sent that.

Seconds later an e-mail arrived saying simply – OMG – save it fr me when we meet.

Having chatted to Barnaby David sat in his poop filled briefs and looked back . He often woke up at the climax of a wet dream where he was fondling Barnaby and feeling his white briefs bulging with poo. He enjoyed dreams of taking Barnaby from behind when the running was over but it had always been just wet dreams. He moved on to think about some of his other friends who had crapped or pissed in their pants. Barnaby was far from being the only one. He wondered how many of the guys he had fancied would be there at the reunion and which of them had married There was not long to wait now.


Barnaby was not surprised to find David shared his fetish.. He had cottoned on to David’s wetting fetish quite early on. No one could have underpants as stained as David did if they only did a dribble now and again and David always smelled maslak escort faintly of an old wet bed in the morning, still damp from an overnight accident. He got excited every time David dropped his trousers as they changed to go running together. David would pull his work shirt up out of his briefs and there would always be thick skid marks on the tail, marks he wanted to sniff, and to lick. He could always feel David’s eyes on him as well and Barnaby would take his time lowering his sweats or his work pants, often holding them to his nose and commenting that they were getting smelly as he watched David’s dick growing in his briefs. After showering both young men would sniff their underwear and rub themselves and Barnaby would never forget David going bright red when he took it a few strokes too far and blasted his cum into his briefs.

Then he thought of his neighbour Adrian who had pissed himself as they walked back to their block of flats after a nights drinking. That was not his first time either. Barnaby could never understand what it was about being wet and sometimes dirty that made him so happy and wondered if soon he would be able to add fucking and being fucked to his list. He thought no further, went to his bedroom, coated two fingers and his arse in lube and gave himself a good rattling. He knew Davids slim five or six inches would be fine.


David arrived at the hotel in good time, in fact it was only two, just after his lunch. He was needing a piss and had been for some time. He knew he had to hang on for Barnaby to arrive. He was signing in and telling the girl on reception his friend would be alone a short while when he almost froze as a hand began to rub up and down the back of his cords. It was Barnaby of course. It was a warm day and David was waring a pair of old grey cords he had owned for years. They always reminded him of being a junior in school and today he was playing that card. After all he still looked very youthful and he had decided to use that, he hoped at least, to turn on Barnaby even more. David was wearing a white button shirt tucked into a pair of high waisted Jockeys he was letting show over the belt on his shorts. He had always had a fetish for allowing his underpants to show and remembered it had begun because he had seen Barnaby with his showing back in his mid teens. Barnaby allowed his hand to continue resting on his arse as they signed in. David was impressed his friend still looked fit and beyoğlu escort fabulous.

They were almost booked in when David felt another hand planted on his bum alongside Barnaby’s. He turned and saw Ray and his namesake who had always been known as Roger to separate them easily. Ray pulled him close into him and, smiling broadly gave him a kiss full on his lips. It was for long enough for two tongues to meet. He got the same from Roger and when Roger had let him go he noticed four pairs of bulging trousers.

The receptionist was a guy in his twenties and rather cute. “I see you are all friends then boys.” He pointed out the bar where there were already some old boys talking and drinking but right now what David needed was a piss. He’d squirted in his pants with pure delight as Roger gave him that full on kiss. Roger and Ray and Barnaby were in rooms opposite one another on the first floor of the new wing of the ancient hotel.

Outside their rooms Barnaby said, ‘shall we come calling for you at about six. David and I have a few things we need to do first.” He said it with his right hand deep inside David’s underpants and David simply had a big smile on his face. They agreed.

Inside the room, door closed David darted into the toilet and pulling Barnaby with him sat on the toilet seat, pulled Barnaby over his knees and pissed himself whilst spanking his friends bottom. The piss was reciprocal as David continued to spank for a while whilst Barnaby giggled. When he stood up he undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor whilst pushing himself into David’s face. David was in Heaven, his face pushed into soaking white briefs and beginning to suck a rather fine cock through the wetness. Both young men were groaning and David began to pull Barnaby’s underpants down with his teeth until his cock bounced free and was greedily taken into David’s mouth. It could hardly have been more than a minute before David was drinking down slurping dollops of cum and hardly another minute had passed before Barnaby was on his knees with his face buried in Davids Jockeys.

David clasped his hands around his mates bottom pulling him in to him as close as he could get him. Barnaby could barely breath but he sucked and chewed on David’s cock until David jetted his cum into his mouth where he held it and enjoyed it and rose and kissed his friend allowing David to see what he taste like. As they kissed Barnaby crapped himself, a large medium to firm load that David played with through the wet cotton as if it was putty. Their playtime lasted almost an hour before they stripped and showered and bathed for another couple of hours. David found he enjoyed feet and toes. How the hell could they be so erotic? Now though it was time to go and find out what Roger and Ray had been up to.

More later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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