David’s Patches Pt. 01

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By: Dr. Dill Fober Vangore

My Story Starts

My name is David, and I want to share with you a story that happened to me many years ago. I’m not a writer, just telling it as best I remember, so don’t judge my writing skills too harshly.

I have changed the names to protect the identity of all participants who were 18 years of age or older at the time; I have tried not to vary from the actual events. My wife says I’m always leaving out too many of the details of my story, but it would then be a novel if I told all the details, and I have become aware that fiction is a lot closer to the truth from what a lot of you have written about your fantasies.

Thanks to ‘Alwaystaboo,’ for helping me find my mistakes and reviewing this story for me.

So here goes as best I can remember…


Most of you have heard that song called Patches by Clarence Carter from the ’70s. I use to hear it a lot when I was younger and always felt so much of it applied to me in my youth.

A lot of the words of the song rang true; except my mother helped me become a man one day as the song never mentions. Then later in my life, some of my past situations became a part of my life with my current wife.

Let me explain; like in the song, my father died when I was young. My Dad died from pancreatic cancer. He was much older than my mother when they married, she was a naïve young virgin, and he had just resigned from the Navy after 15 years.

She was a girl from a small town out west and married her when she was 18, just out of High School. She was a lot like the actress Sandra Dee, both in looks and in her tiny figure. I think that’s why my dad married her; she was a beach beauty, with blonde hair, button nose, and green eyes. If you want to know what my mom looked like, look up a picture of Sandra Dee from the 1960s.

Growing up, we had a small farm in the Midwest, and on his death bed my father asked me to step up and become the man of the house and take care of my mom and my siblings; I was in High School but did as he asked out of love and respect for him.

With what little my father had in life insurance, it managed to pay off the farm, and my mom received a small income from the government each month. That left my mom having to go clerk at a law office to help support us, with all the farm chores falling upon my shoulders. I had a younger brother and sister, so they couldn’t be expected to help much. I wanted to drop out of High School, but my mom said that was not an option, so I struggled between school and my farm chores.

I had to go out early in the morning and feed the livestock, milk the cow, muck the stalls, irrigate the garden and when I got home from school I was back out doing the same chores till dark. Then school work till bedtime. Early to bed, early to rise was my life all through high school.

I had no social life, and there were a lot of cute girls in my school, but I didn’t have time for school dances or dating and I was a bit of an introvert when it came to girls. When I turned 18 my Senior year of High School, it was the time in my life when my hormones kicked in, and I was learning through other guys at school about sex, and which girls put out, and all the fun school stuff that I just didn’t have time for as a teenager. It was also a time that I began noticing girls, and it seemed I was always aroused from just thinking about them. I wanted to go out on dates, but my responsibilities to my family came first, and girls just didn’t fit into my life at that time, they actually scared me. The promise I had made to my father on his death bed to take care of my mom and my siblings squashed any ideas of a social life, or just having fun; I had made a promise and was I planning on keeping it.

Since I didn’t have time to date or find out about girls my age, I began to notice the only other woman in my life; my mother. I’d gotten glimpses of her breasts in the shower, and noticed her slim, petite figure for a woman in her late-30’s. But what guy doesn’t notice their mother at that age? That’s when you start peeking on them in the tub or when they’re changing their clothes; I was no different than most guys at the time. I started sneaking my mom’s panties out of the clothes hamper to smell them; mostly out of curiosity, till that womanly scent triggered my hormones even more. That caused me to fantasize about my mom, and I begin masturbating with them; believe me, I was no exception to guys my age. It helped take that edge off my sexual frustration as a young man, and it temporally fixed my need to date.

At 18 I was bigger than most guys my age, 6’3″ tall, and 170 Lbs. of lean muscle, Blue eyes, Sandy Blonde hair. I look about the same today only 40+ lbs., with gray creeping in. I think my build was from working on the farm every day, and girls were always flirting with me, but I was too dumb to understand that. I usually thought they were just being nice. I noticed from my gym classes that I was also slightly bigger than guys my age çankırı escort below the belt, and I was proud of that.

With my senior year almost over, I still had no sex and I tossed any idea of college out because of my farm responsibilities. After graduation, I worked a job during the day at a hardware store, so mom could quit her job and spend more time with my younger brother and sister. I believe my mom noticed my lack of a social life, and I think it was bothering her; I know she had caught me masturbating a few times in the morning before my chores, but acted like she didn’t see anything. I’m sure she realized some of her panties were missing, but she’d always find them in the bottom of my bed when she’d changed my sheets. Again acting unaware of what was going on with me and her panties.

I got to the point of not caring anymore if she knew I used her panties to masturbate with because I was sexually frustrated and stopped trying to hide my needs from her as an 18-year-old; like most guys my age with a beautiful mother, they usually wanted her to be their first sexual experience. That was the summer of 1978, and that’s when my life was about to change.

My mother was a true redhead. I had never really noticed that at first since she lighted her hair by adding bleach and blonde streaks. She was 39 when she decided to help me become a man that summer. She knew I had no social life because my time consisted of taking care of the farm and working. She knew I had missed out on all the school dances, dating, even my graduation dance, or just hanging with some of my classmates after school because of taking care of the farm.

I think she thought long and hard over her next decision to help me become a man that summer; probably mostly for legal reasons, but I think for religious ones too. We belonged to a church that had a very high moral standard; we believed in being virgins till marriage; we didn’t drink or smoke, and we attend church every Sunday. I think that is what held her back from helping me out at first, was her strong morality that our church teaches its members.

It was a warm summer night and I had just gotten back in from my evening chores and was taking a shower when mom knocked on the bathroom door, and with a serious voice said she wanted to talk to me when I was done. I remember her telling me earlier that my brother and sister were staying over at my aunts tonight and tomorrow, to give her a break from them.

I was in the meantime worried that maybe mom found some more of her underwear in the bottom of my bed again, or caught me masturbating in the shower and wanted to talk to me about my misbehavior. I knew it was going to mess up my evening of fantasying about mom while I masturbated using her wonderfully scented panties. But I just hurried and finished my shower and prepared for the worse.

I came back to my bedroom in my robe, mom was there waiting for me sitting on the edge of my bed in her nightshirt that I always enjoyed seeing her in. It hugged her curves and would lots of times show moms nipples when they poked out, I think unbeknownst to her they constantly did. (And they say nightshirts aren’t sexy?) One look at my mother and what she was wearing would change any guys thinking, she was titillating as a woman, especially as a mother.

But that all changed when I saw the concerned look on her soft, face. I was nervous about what she was going to say and knew I was in some sort of trouble just by her reserved demeanor and the serious look that she was portraying as I entered the room.

My mother had me sit down next to her as she explained how bad she felt about holding me back from so much of my youth because of her working, and me taking care of the farm; followed by nightly homework. How I had missed out on any kind of social life as a guy because of all the demands at such a young age to be the man of our home.

She then paused and explained to me how she knew about my masturbating and me sneaking her underwear out of the clothes hamper, how she had caught me masturbating, and understood those desires because that’s what men were always thinking about, sex, especially at my tender age. So thereafter, she made it convenient for me to get her underwear by leaving it out in the open or on top of the dirty clothes, as to let me enjoy them while masturbating. She even confessed that she had spied on me a few times as and how it had been arousing for her as a woman who hadn’t had sex for such a long time, that a young man my age, her own son, was aroused by the thought of having sex with an older women, even her, his mother.

I was embarrassed at that moment and turned a beet red as she explained all this to me. Not only had I been caught by my blatant actions, but it had turned her on seeing me masturbate. I wanted to run and hide out of sheer embarrassment knowing she knew all this about me and how it made her feel like a woman. Sure it was my fantasy, but this new reality suddenly scared me. This was the woman cankiriescort.net I wanted to be with, have sex with, but didn’t know how to deal with what I was hearing because she was my mother. She then threw me for a loop with what she said next.

“David, with not much choice of your own, or complaining, you took on a man’s job at such a young age, you became the man of our house and helped us survive these hardships from your dad passing.” I could see tears in my mom’s eyes of appreciation for what I sacrificed for her and my little brother and sister.

“Now I think you deserve all the benefits that go with being the man of the house.” She went quiet for a moment as she thought about what next to say, then she sighed and went on, “I know this is something you’ve been fantasized about and I think you’ve earned it as a man. I love you son, and I want to share this love with you, and help you become a man tonight.”

With that, she stood up and removed her nightshirt, pulled me up by my hand, and placed it on her naked breast as I stood across from her. I was shocked, even lightheaded; I got an instant erection as I stood there touching my mother’s breast. I could feel her heart beating in my hand as well as mine pounding in my chest. She tenderly removed my robe and stared at my cock.

“You need to become a man tonight, but please, let’s take it slow at first. ” She whispered. “I’ve never been with another man… just your father; and you’re bigger than he was. Remember David, it’s been 4 years because of his sickness that I have had a man in me. So please be gentle our first time.”

All I could think was how beautiful she was as a woman and I was touching her naked breast. Mom had a body of girls my age, and the face of a goddess in my eyes. Maybe every guy thinks that about his mother and even has a crush on her as I did. My mom was just a little over 5 ft. tall, with a cute curvy figure, full firm C cups. I also found out that night my mother was a true redhead. I was in awe of her beauty, and I thought probably cuter than any girl in my graduating class that year. I believe she could give them a run for their money if she stood naked next to them. But then I was 18, and a horny teenager at the time, what did I really know.

Because of my physical size and height, and the fear of first time in bed with a woman and not having any experience or any idea how to have sex, I pulled my mom on top, and she did so willingly. That way she could control our first time of having sex together as she laid on top of me and I felt her naked body pressed completely against me. I almost came from just from that!

She gave me my first French kiss, and it was a thrill for me, as I felt the tip of her tongue slip into my mouth, and tease me. Then she whispered, “It’s time for you to be the man of our home.”

My mother started grinding her pussy against cock. And In no time my cock was throbbing on its own wanting to cum. She then straddled me and guided my cock into her patch of red hair as I slipped between her thighs and into her wet pussy. She took a deep breath put her hands on my chest and lowered her hips, slowly until I was totally inside her. It was the greatest feeling that I ever felt in my life, nothing at all like masturbating. I was in my first woman, my mother, and it was a feeling that I had only dreamt about and wanted; this was even better than I had hoped it could be.

Her movements were slow as I started pumping up to meet her downward thrusts of her tight vagina. I will never forget the wet sounds we made together as I went in and out of her. I lifted my head enough to see my cock disappearing in and out of her red patch of hair. I was now in the woman who had given birth to me, and that was an intoxicating thought. She continued to kiss me and then I suddenly felt her contracting on my cock with a gush of wetness as she started to shake and whimper, of how good I felt being in her. I lost control and came in an instant as I shot a huge load of cum deep into my mother’s womb.

Well, that didn’t last more than two minutes, and I was embarrassed. I was nothing like what I heard from the guys at school bragging how they could screw girls for almost an hour before cumming. I failed! But I failed with my mother for the first time. I was nothing like the guys at school. But it all felt so good and I was shaking with excitement because she was my first and I’d just cum in a woman, my sexy mother.

After I got control of myself, I apologized a hundred times for not lasting very long, she smiled, kissed me, and told me she loved me, and said that it was her first orgasm herself in many years and that she didn’t expect either of us to last very long our first time. The look in her eyes of love and understanding said it all. I now began to comprehend the love she just shared with me that only a mother could give her son. She said, “You’re now the man of the house, and I’m yours for as long as you want me.”

I smiled and said, “It must be heaven because I never knew anything could feel this good in life.” She giggled like a schoolgirl and rolled off of me, and I held her for about a minute, and then asked if we could do it again. She laughed and said, “Remember I’m yours, do as you wish with me.”

I was hard again in about 2 seconds of her fondling my cock. This time I got on top and she spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up to give me total access to her as I placed the head of my cock in her opening. Her arousal was obvious from the heat and wetness of her vagina as I penetrated her; she expanded to fit around my cock like a warm, tight glove. I had my whole length in her with just one push and paused, feeling the rhythmic contractions of her love tunnel around my cock as it tried to pull me in even deeper; I felt at any moment she would suck the cum right out of my balls and into her womb if I didn’t move.

I had waited so long for this moment and I knew I couldn’t hold back more than a minute. This was an entirely new experience for me; I was in the woman I loved, the woman I had always wanted and fantasized about, and it being my mother was an added excitement, a sense of belonging, and being of one that I had not known before. I had entered that sacred place from which I was created and had entered this world from; the Holy Grail as it’s been referred to by my friends and she was willing to share it with me, her son.

I started to move in her slowly at first, wanting this exquisite experience to linger, and I never wanted to pull out of her and end it, but to last forever. I wanted to cum deep in her motherly womb. As the moment drew near it was impossible to hold back much longer. I had to put my seed in her again to feel like she was mine, and that I was the man of the house.

With those thoughts I plowed in and out of my mother faster and harder like the horny teenager I was; my climaxed neared. She just smiled looking intensely into my eyes saying, “Cum in me son, I am your woman now, make me yours.” I came hard and fast. I thought there was nothing more beautiful in this world than making love to my mother as I unloaded thick ropes of my young cum into her waiting womb, and her excepting it with love and desire and for me to make her mine.

We had sex 6 more times that night, and twice the following morning before my brother and sister got home. Thank goodness my brother and sister weren’t home because by the 4th time she was moaning real loud, and so was I as I crying out, “I’m cummimg in you mom!” She’d cry back, “Cum in me son. Cum in Mommy! I want to feel my son’s cum in me.” It was a night I will never forget, and one I’ve always cherished in my heart and have thought of often.

The next morning I woke up in my mother’s bed, she had already gotten up and was gone. It was still early, and I had chores to do. I could smell the ham and eggs from the bed and knew mom was cooking me breakfast, usually a Sunday morning ritual before my chores and church, but this morning it was special. I was nervous as to how she would react today, would it be different? Or was it going to go back to normal? I wondered how much things would change now that she made me the man of the house.

“David, it breakfast time,” she called out form the kitchen. Time for me to face a reality. I even wondered if I was going to be in trouble, or what would happen next.

“Good morning David,” Mom smiled brightly at me. “Eat some breakfast before your chores, and I’m going to talk to you for a minute.” I thought great, here it comes. She’s going to tell me it was a mistake and we can never do this again, and she would cry, and that it’s all over for us. My heart was heavy as I knew the end was about to happen between us, before we could even do it some more.

“David, what happened last night was very beautiful and exciting… as it should be, between a man and a woman. But we are not only that, we are a mother and son, which you know may be wrong in the eyes of the law and sometimes before God.” She paused for a moment to let that sink in. Now here comes the bomb I thought.

“David, you’re a man now.” She smiled, and continued, “We are now more than a mother and son. We can never go back to a normal relationship; I believe we have gone to a deeper one, a more pure love shared by two people.”

“No I guess we can’t, Mom,” I said, still waiting for her to drop the bomb of it ending. So I took the lead hoping to head off that bomb, “But Mom for me it’s more than just sex, we are now physically and emotionally tied together from this moment on. I love you mom, now more than ever.” Hoping that would end her thoughts of it being over, and we could continue having more sex.

“David, I love you too and I don’t want this to end,” I was shocked as I listened. “I hope you don’t either?” I nodded my head in full agreement. I didn’t want it to end I was going to keep my fantasy I hoped. “I made a promise to your dad just before he died, that I would help you become the man of this house… in all ways. To teach you what it’s like to be a husband, a father, and a good lover.” I sat there in shock with my mouth hanging open, wondering if I had heard her right, she was going to teach me… everything?

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