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Jenna was a regular at Davy’s, dining there a couple of times a week. Due to her often long work hours and the fact that she hated cooking for one, it made perfect sense for her to eat out before going home. Plus the fact that the chef was gorgeous also helped.

She usually stayed until closing on a Friday night as she didn’t arrive until eight and they closed at ten so after her meal she would sit at the bar and chat to whichever member of staff was working regaling them of tales from her day. Sometimes Davy would join her and she hoped that tonight would be one of the times he did. Jenna had a feeling that he was interested in more than her opinion of his food and she secretly thought tonight she would find out.

After she’d finished yet another delicious meal she took her glass of Mateus wine and made her way to the small, oak wood bar.

“Heya chick,” Erica the bar girl smiled.

“Hi love,” Jenna replied propping herself up on the stool her ample breasts resting on the bar top.

“There’s a bit more than a glass left in that bottle of Mateus if ye want it, Jenna?” Erica asks holding the bottle in front of her.

“Great thanks, I need it,” Jenna replied taking her purse from her matching Michael Khors handbag.

“Put that away chick,” Erica chided “It’s on the house. And sure Davy won’t mind. He has the hots for you, ye know?” her eyes twinkle with mischievous.

Jenna american jigolo izle sat up straighter interested to hear what made her say that. “Really?” she enquired brushing a strand of golden blond hair from her face.

“Oh yeah, deffo,” Erica replies wiping down the bar top. “Sure he does be asking if ye were in on the days you weren’t and his eyes light up when he sees ye.”

“Ah, that’s just the way he is, he’s friendly like that,” Jenna didn’t want to appear too pleased about this but she was. Suddenly she got a feeling she was being watched and turned to see Davy standing at the door to the kitchen. He was gorgeous. Tall, fair and had a slight resemblance to Gordon Ramsey only he was better looking.

“Hi!”, he greeted her warmly making his way to the bar and taking a seat next to her.

“So, how are you?” he enquired as Erica placed his nightly Jameson on the rocks in front of him. Jenna told them about her day and they’d laughed with her at her customers antics.

“Here, Davy?” Erica asked. “Is it alright if I go now catch the earlier bus?”

“Yeah of course, I’ll clear those plates. See you tomorrow.”

“Ah thanks Davy,” Erica laughed giving her boss a peck on the cheek. “I’m off tomorrow so I’ll see ye Sunday. Bye Jenna.” Picking up her bag and coat she skipped happily out the door. Davy followed so he could lock the door and Jenna’s andropoz izle belly did a flip in anticipation of what might come.

“I go out the back way,” he told her then gathered up the plates and headed into the kitchen. Quickly Jenna picked up their drinks and followed him almost bumping into him on the way.

“Sorry, I always wondered what it looked like back here.” She handed him his drink then made her way to the counter top where he’d placed the dirty plates. She turned around and leaning seductively against the cool steel counter said “so, this is where the magic happens?” It was meant as a double entendre and luckily Davy copped this. He took off his apron, placed it on the counter then standing in front of her he took her now empty glass from her hand and placed it next to the apron. Then he parted her legs with his and stood between them. She gasped as he looked into her eyes with a look of pure longing on his face and pressing himself against her he kissed her. It was slow at first, almost as if he was unsure as to whether or not she wanted to do this but when she kissed him back eagerly they became more intense and full on. As they kissed their hands explored each other and she was glad she’d worn her skirt to work today as he pulled it up around her waist pressing his hard cock into her. “Mmmmm,” she breathed. “Aaaahhh.”

Pushing the plates, glass and apron anne rices mayfair witches izle off the counter he lifted her up onto it then pulled her breasts from under her top. She sat there bra almost around her neck, skirt pulled up to her waist but she didn’t care what she looked like as she pulled his stiff cock from his check trousers. She began stroking him, slowly, cupping his balls in her hand. Leaning forward she just about managed to lick the head of his penis and he let out a gasp of breath. Moving forward slightly she was able to take some of him into her mouth and began to suck him gently as she massaged his balls. His hands pulled the back of her head and they managed a steady rhythm of her sucking while he moved his hips forward and back. She loved the feel of a man’s cock between her lips but something about Davy and the way he moved pleased her more than ever.

Fearing he was about to come, Davy pushed her back on to the counter where hours earlier he’d been busy preparing vegetables and other food for diners, and pushing her legs apart once again he checked that she was wet enough- she was, then he teased his cock along her pussy before plunging deep inside her.

“Fuck me Davy,” she begged. “Fuck me hard. And he did building up speed as she tore at his back pulling him deeper into her feeling his cock at her cervix. They came together, body’s shaking, panting, kissing, holding each other as much as they could in this position. He waited a moment before slowly easing his cock out of her making her almost cry out.

“That was amazing,” he said grinning.

“It was pretty hot alright,” she smiled back fixing herself suddenly aware of what a state she may look but not really caring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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