Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 04

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Ben was actually trying to sleep in one of the beds that night. He felt an arm brush on him. It was Beth, asleep beside him. He had just finished fucking her cunt, mouth, and mostly her ass not too long ago. She was his new girlfriend, former girlfriend of his best friend, who’s mom he fucked, and who he helped kill and condemn him to hell.

He felt very guilty and slipped out of bed. Ben had to get out of there. He wanted to warn the holy warriors that they were heading for a trap. Ben wanted to turn anew, and help stop the invasion. Try to make up for all the evil things he had done and been responsible for. Though he knew that he could never make up for that, but he had to save everyone from their fate, if the succubi took over.

Ben made his way down the corridor, very quietly. He saw that the gate was guarded, so he climbed the roof. Ben was going to try and jump from the roof, over the gate. The rooves on the convent were mostly flat serface. Then he saw a succubus. He hid behind one of the sheds on the roof.

A bright flash came from above and a group of helicopters made their way to the convent. They touchdowned on the roof, and the warriors jumped out. They carried flamethrowers and had their dicks exposed. But Ben was told by the demons, that it was bait, their cocks had been concecrated. Holy water had been poured on them, and the flames just didn’t have gas, but holy water mixed in as well. This group of holy warriors had stopped succubi invasions in the past.

Then Ben saw all the nuns and his family about to ambush them. He had to put a stop to this. Ben came out from his hiding place and opened his mouth to shout when he was tackled and a hand covered his mouth.

“Hey there, Big Bro. You weren’t thinkin of giving us away there, were you?” It was Jenna. She took Ben back to the shed and let him peak out to see the impending action.

Jan jumped onto one of the warriors, “Oh, a nice big holy cock all for me.” and she inserted it into her mouth. The nun easily subdued the warrior through the oral pleasure and her strength.

Paulina tackled another one and impaled her black demon cunt on his pole. The warriors were shocked, “The holy water is having no effect! Our dicks are exposed!” one of them shouted and they covered up. Amy mounted the face of the warrior that Paulina was riding and he tasted her cunt cream. Four other nuns did the same to two other men.

The other warriors were to shocked, they were panicking, and some of them were becoming hard. They wanted to use their flamethrowers but all the succubi were with fellow holy men. Jan lifted her head up from the warriors cock. She smiled with a white teeth, mouth-full of cum. She stood, with the holy warrior’s soul now inside her, and swallowed.

“Flame her!” one of them shouted, and they did. Jan walked through the flames. Her habit burned to the ground, leaving her naked from head to toe, smiling. “This can’t be possible!”

The naked nun leapt onto him and put his cock in her cunt. The warriors were flabergasted. They looked over at the other succubi. The man that was with Paulina and Amy had overpowered them and knocked the other nuns off of the other two warriors.

“What do we do, sir?”

“Get off this roof, now!” they moved quickly. The warriors were filled with new hope. One of them was stronger than the demons.

The helicopters were in the air, waiting for their signal to return for pickup. Neither of them saw Ben’s sisters get in. Jennifer in one, and Jessica in the other. They sat in the co-pilot seat and were irresistible. The pilots lapped at their pussies, and their cum, then got air-head. Then the helicopters set back down on the roof.

The holy warriors made their way down the corridor.

“Lose the flamethrowers, they’re useless. Now lets split up!” their commander ordered and they obeyed. All but the commander and the other two that were freed from the nuns. They split up into three groups. One of the three men in each group.

The commander’s group entered into one of the rooms. Mother Superior and Ben’s mom were waiting, with their legs spread and their pussies bare. The commander locked the door behind them. And aimed his flamethrower at his fellow warriors.

“A job well done, Slave.” said Reverend Mother to the commander.

“I live to please you, Master.” he replied. The smell of sex filled the room and gave the warriors raging hard-ons.

“What are you doing, Captain? What happened to you?” one of the warriors asked.

“I tasted their juice. The sweetest necter in the world. Now I am where I belong. I only serve the succubi.” he replied and motioned them towards their pussies.

“Well, come and get it, boys.” Ben’s mom said pointing to her cunt. The holy warriors had given up all hope. They had never heard of anything like this before and felt like there was nothing they could do.

There were four of them, so they got in line. Two in front of each vagina. The first two lowered their heads and licked. Once their tongues Ankara bayan escort had made contact, the succubi pulled them away. That was all it would take, as the new slaves, still with their souls, began to suck on the tits of the demon who’s pussy juice they drunk. The succubi wanted to move on and enslave the other two first before taking their souls.

But the last two made a dash for the door. They pushed through the commander and he flamed one of them. He was about to flame the other, but was stopped by the Reverend Mother. She lowered his weapon and sucked off the still alive, and hard but on fire warrior. She wouldn’t let him die, and let his soul go to heaven. Her expertise in cock-sucking had him cumming in seconds. The succubus beat the flames to his death and heaven to his soul with her mouth.

The lone holy warrior climbed up onto the roof and ran over to the helicopters. He jumped into one of them to find the limp body of one of his fellow warriors who had tried to escape as well.

“Get us out of here, now!” he shouted at the pilot.

“You are not my master.” the pilot said.

A head peaked out from behind the seat. It was Jennifer, and the warrior could tell the she was sitting on the pilot’s cock. She spoke with a devilish smile, “That’s right. I’m his master, and he is my slave. And you will be soon, too.”

The man had no time to think as he was grabbed out of the chopper. Jessica pulled him over to where Ben was still being held by his other little twin sister, Jenna.

“Saved one for you, Sis.” Jessica said.

“You’re gonna be proud of me, Big Bro.” Jenna said while letting go of her older brother and stepping up to the holy warrior.

“On your knees!” Jessica forced the man down, so that his head was level with her sister’s pussy. Jenna lifted her skirt to expose her cunt.

But even as hard as the man was, his eyes were on Ben. He could see everything now. “You must be responsible for this…” he could see the fear and guilt in Ben’s eyes, “….not all hope is lost. You can still stop this. Help me! Help me, plea-” his face was shoved into Jenna’s cunt. He couldn’t keep his tongue from tasting her cream and was pushed down by Jenna.

“Oh help me, help me, please.” Jenna immitated him mockingly, then laughed as she mounted his cock. Ben’s little sister fucked the holy man until his sperm and soul filled her belly. Ben sat and watched in silence. He was still hard, and walked over and fucked Jessica while their new drone, fucked Jenna.

* * *

Ben sat on his couch watching television, while his little twin sisters, Jenna and Jessica licked and sucked on his pole. He shot globs of hot cum into the air. It landed on his pets’ faces, hair and lips. When he was done, the succubi twins exchanged the sperm in their mouths by tongue swapping.

Jenna hiked up her skirt, her cunt still full of Ben’s cum from earlier in the afternoon, and began to mount her big brother.

Ding-dong! All three turned their heads towards the door. It was their grandparents, their grandmother, from their mother’s side. It was a good thing that even with their wide frame glasses, they still couldn’t see for shit. Any other human would have seen the incestious encounter.

Jennifer ran down the stairs to greet her grandparents. Ben and the twins quickly cleaned themselves up, and walked to the open door.

“My, you kids have grown up!” Grandma stated as they came into view. She wasn’t kidding. It had been a year since she’d seen them last, so they all had changed. Particularily, the twins, who were now looked like sexpots.

“We’ve grown up in more ways than you can imagine.” Jennifer licked her lips, lifted her skirt with one hand and grabbed her grandpa’s cock through his pants.

“What the hell are you doing, young lady?” Grandma yelled at her granddaughter.

“She’s only being friendly, Grandmother. And we’re gonna make you be extra friendly too.” Jessica stated and the twins grabbed their grandmother and dragged her to the back room where their father’s body was.

Jennifer had seduced her grandfather. She was on her knees sucking his cock while stroking Ben’s. The she-demon pulled Grandpa over and laid him on the stairs. She wasted no time and climbed on her grandfather, inserting his penis into her snatch. Ben took the oppotunity to fuck his older sister in the ass again and shoved his fuck-stick up her spincter.

“Ohhhhh…….ughhhhhh…yessss! Fuck your…….granddaughter! Cum in me! Fill me with your sperm, Grandpa!” Jennifer loved the double penetration, as did all succubi. Ben moaned and splurged all his load deep into his sister’s ass. Grandpa’s viens pulsed, eyes turned red, and his skin shriveled into nothing. He had cum in his granddaughter’s pussy and she had killed him and taken his soul.

Jennifer disengaged her cunt and ass from their cocks with satisfying plopping sounds. Ben fell to the floor, very satisfied. His sister quickly mounted him, and fucked him for another load of his magical cum. Escort bayan Ankara

“Thanks for cumming in me again, Bro. But right now, I think Grandma has a present to give you.”

Ben looked over to see his twin sisters presenting their new grandmother. They had fitted her into a tight black dress, that barely covered her ass. There was an opening to expose her belly and navel, and her magnificent breasts were held tight, showing massive cleavage. Between her tits, was a silver cross dangling from a chain aroung her neck. Succubi had never had the power to be anywhere near a cross before Ben came along. She still had short gray hair, but her face was wrinkled less. Her body was that of a fucking machine, curvacious, hour-glass figure, and voluptious.

His grandmother stood, moving slowly, showing off her legs, turning and smoothing over her ass, pushing out her new succubi tits. Licking her lips while staring at her grandson’s cock.

“Girls…leave us. Ben…come to Granny.”

The girls left and Ben obeyed like a grandson should and came to his grandmother. She dropped to her knees and enveloped his cock with her lips.

“You like it when Grandma sucks your cock? Do you like the feel of my tongue licking your shaft, and pre-cum? Mmmmmm…. you taste goooooodd, my grandson.” She then proceded with her slurping. He saw the cross again, dangling between her tits. Ben came, shooting hot magical cum into his grandmother’s succubus mouth. She gulped down every drop. Then she stood with a wicked, seductive smile. Grandma backed up to the wall and pulled her dress up to her waist, exposing her combined; old and used to fresh and tight demon pussy.

“Now be a good boy and shove your tongue into your granny’s cunt.” Ben did as he was told. Lapping up her juices and grabbing her ass and tits. Grandma locked her legs around Ben’s head. She jumped forward and forced Ben to the ground on his back where she rode his face and smothered him with her pussy. He could barely get air, but he would always get just enough to go right back in.

“Ughhhhhh….yessssss……lick Granny’s pussy…..suck on my juices…..drink it all!” Cum poured from her cunt and into Ben’s mouth. He drank as much as he could. It was all over his face. His grandmother pulled him up, and shoved her tongue into his mouth and all over his face, licking up her own cum. Then, she shoved her grandson, and master, onto the couch. The she-demon mounted her master, but didn’t put his cock inside her. Instead, she rubbed her pussy lips on his shaft, back and forth.

“You want to fuck your grandmother? You want to shove your cock deep into my cunt and cum inside me? Answer me, Honey. Tell me you want to fuck and cum in your grandma. Mother of your mother. Tell me now!”

“Yes. I want to fuck you, Grandma. I want to fuck and cum inside my grandmother.”

“Good boy. Maybe if your mother had listened to me on how to raise you, you might have been getting pussy a long time ago. She never knew how to be a parent.” She inserted the tip of her grandson’s cock at her entrance and sank down. Grandma stayed still though, and continued to speak.

“Your mother should have been fucking you a long time ago. But, then again, she never knew how to satisfy a man. That’s why I had to fuck your father their first years of marriage. I nearly fucked him to death on their wedding night and honeymoon. Now that I’ve got an even better body, I can satisfy my master, or should I say my grandson.” She gripped his cock like a vise. Her body stayed still as she glared into his eyes, both pairs full of lust. But her cunt was milking his penis.

“I raised your mother well. But when it came to you, she wouldn’t listen. So, I fucked her husband. I’m not going to let her have you anymore. From now on, I’m your mother. Call me Mommy, Ben.” She gripped his cock again.

This was so much for Ben to take in. His grandma was serious. She had fucked his dad, her son-in-law when she was human, back when she was a MILF. And now she wanted him to denounce his mother, and replace her with good-old Granny. At the present time, it was difficult for him to disagree with her. But she knew it would take a little more persuasion.

“You know, when you were born, I breast fed you first. I snuck in the hospital and shoved my still lactating tits into your mouth. And you greedily drank all my milk. Now my tits are even bigger, more plump, and ripe. Full of milk for my son.” she pulled the front of her dress down to show her grandson her beautiful tits. Ben was mesmerized. Her silver cross laid between her two globes of flesh and milk. She ran the cross over her tit mounds. Then Granny leaned back and let her tits do the work. Her master leaned forward and took a tit into his mouth.

Grandma threw her head back and laughed at her accomplishment. It had all come together for her. She ran her hands through her grandson’s hair. Milk began to seep slowly into Ben’s mouth.

“Suck it up….ughhh….drink it……. my……son!” He knew what to do, Bayan escort Ankara and he lapped it up. Ben grabbed the breast he was sucking from and squeezed. Milk erupted out of her tit and covered her breast and his mouth. He licked it up messily. Ben squeezed the other melon of his grandmother’s and milk seeped out, too. Then his mouth and tongue descended on that one as well. Half of Granny’s chest was covered in her milk. Ben sat back and looked at his grandmother, covered in milk and sweat, with her cross hanging between her tits. It was so erotic, Ben came inside her right there. She let out a wicked laugh, enjoying the feeling of her grandson’s sperm inside her womb, as if she had been waiting for it a long time.

Granny finaly started to fuck her grandson as she grounded her cunt out and in with his cock. She pushed Ben back and smothered his mouth with one of her still lactating tits. The she-demon gyrated her hips on her grandson’s. Ben’s cock went in and out of his grandmother’s succubus pussy. Squishing sounds filled the room. Grandma looked deeply into her grandson’s eyes.

“Yaaaaaa….fuck my pussy…fuck my cunt….fuck your grandma…cum in her cunt…..fill my womb…again….yeaahh…fuck Granny, fuck Granny!”

“Grandma, your pussy is soooo tight!”

“Not bad for an old whore, huh? Now, fill me with sperm, Son.”

Ben came inside his grandmother for the second time. The explosion of cum rushed out of his cock and into her uterus. Much more than usual. But Ben couldn’t stop cumming.

“Morrrrrrre…give me more, Ben. Fill me with the seed. You’re

practically made of sperm. Now, give it all to Mommy!”

He kept cumming, his cock jerked and jerked and Ben was lost in exstasy. Ben stared at his grandmother’s pussy. It continued to milk his balls of all its cum.

“Your mother is a dumb bitch! I’m your mother now. Do as Mama tells you and don’t stop shooting your hot creamy seed into me.”

Granny rocked on Ben’s cock in a slow rythym. Their eyes went back and forth between eachother’s and their fuck-organs. As more and more of his sperm was sucked into his grandma’s vagina, Ben realized that this was meant to be. His cock was meant to be inside his grandmother’s pussy all his life. Cumming in Granny was his true destiny. And he was filling it full alright.

Ben finaly stopped cumming after a good five minutes. But of course, he was still hard. Granny stopped humping his dick and leaned into him and whispered in his ear.

“What’s my name, Ben? Say my name. Call me the title that is rightfully mine.”

“I’m yours Mommy.” He said right back and she smiled, wickedly.

“Thank you, Son. Now, let’s keep fucking like rabbits.”

She stood up, making a plopping sound from her pussy losing his cock, and turned around. No cum ran down her legs or even showed remnents on her pussy lips. Her cunt had sucked it all up. Granny steadied Ben’s cock at the entrance to her ass-hole. Then she sat down.

“Fuck my ass, Son. Fuck my ass, good and hard.”

As Ben was fucking his new mother’s ass, he noticed something. Right above her ass appeared a pentagram. It was lip-red and it looked like it had grown out of her skin. That tipped him over the edge and he came in his grandmother’s rectum. He leaned back and spoke out as if speaking to all the succubi which was his intention, “Okay….I need another update on what’s going on here.”

“Let me explain, oh Son of Mine.” Ben’s grandma turned around to face him, then reinserted his cock into her pussy and established a very slow fucking rythm.

“I’ll start at the very beginning. You think you’re the cause of all this, but in fact, I am. When I was in college I took a trip to Africa. I had always been a good Christian virgin, but it was there that I met the voodoo sorceress, Chantiale. I studied theology and decided to observe her practices. Though she had other plans for me. She called upon the spirit of the demon, Midaja, to possess me. Over the next week, I had no control of my body. But I was able to observe and feel all the sexual things that she did with me. After she left my body, I went back home, scarred for life.”

“But something happened to me that Chantiale and Midaja didn’t expect. My pussy itched, I craved cock now, I was addicted to sex. For the next few months I fucked more guys and girls than any other human being in the world. But it wasn’t enough, I had to do more. I swallowed what had to be gallons of cum, I started fucking in public for excitement. I even stopped using condoms; for the possibility of getting knocked up was such a turn-on.”

“But is wasn’t enough for me. I went back to Africa and found Chantiale. I was a bigger whore than she was now, and was able to sexually overpower her and take all her power. I was now the greatest sorceress in the world.”

“Then I worked out plans to make sex better, more taboo. I convinced your grandfather that sex was wrong and cast a love spell on him so he would marry me. After the ceremony, I sucked off the pastor, three times. Off the dance floor, I fucked my new husband’s little brother, he was only thirteen at the time. Then I fucked his father the night of the honeymoon. And I cast a spell on all of them to fuck all the other members of their family, forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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