Deborah , The Christmas Candle

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Deborah squirmed in her seat behind her desk, watching the screen on her PC while a well endowed guy stroked his enormous cock. There was still almost two hours left in her workday but her need for some relief had led her to this site she had found. Eric, her boyfriend had been gone for over two weeks and the only way she had managed to get her jollies was by watching the XXX site she had stumbled on from her own computer at home. Alone in her cubicle at International Web Productions, she watched as the image on the screen suddenly began stroking faster and faster till the results of his ministrations came to fruition and a gigantic glob of cum exploded from his cock.

As the image faded to black, she switched back to her work program, then, almost running, headed for the ladies room. She locked herself in one of the two stalls and, sitting down on the seat, practically ripped her panties off and began to furiously rub her swollen clit with one hand while finger-fucking herself with the other. Her release came quickly and she bit her lips to keep from crying out.

Once her climax was over, she licked her juices from her fucking fingers, then, using a wad of toilet paper, wiped what wetness remained around her fuck hole. She was still oozing slightly so she took more toilet paper and lined the crotch of her panties before pulling them back up. After straightening her clothing, she left the stall and returned to her workstation. Now there was only an hour left in her work day and she could soon head home to her apartment. She quickly wrapped up what little she had left to do for the day, then, straightened out her work area and leaned back in her chair to light a cigarette. She had just taken the last drag on it when the clock clicked over to five o’clock. She stubbed the butt out in her ashtray and got up to leave with the rest of the office staff.

The “T” train stopped right in front of her apartment house, just before the rail line dipped under the street on its underground run. Getting off, she dashed across the street and up the steps of the converted brownstone she called home. In the vestibule, she checked her mailbox and extracted the usual flyers, along with two bills, then climbed the stairs to her third floor apartment Once the door clicked locked behind her, she place the mail on her entry side table, then walking across the living room, stripping off her business suit and blouse, leaving them strewn across the floor. She sent straight to her computer and pushed the ‘on’ button. bahis firmaları As she waited for the Windows program to load, she sat down and peeled off her shoes and thigh-highs. Now, clad only in her bra and panties, she punched in her ID and entered it. In seconds the machine announced that she had mail. Among the junk mail was a note from Eric and at once she began to feel that tingle in the pit of her belly. God!, just a letter from him would set her off! She opened it excitedly.

“Hi, sweetie; busy as hell, working late every night but can’t stop thinking about you and your sweet pussy all the time. Jerk off a couple of times a day just thinking about you. The boss says if we finish up by Wednesday, we’ll celebrate with a big dinner and an early flight home. When I get there I’m going to have a snack at the ‘Y’ and then we can go out for dinner and ….. well, you fill in the blanks, Luv ya. Bye, ” She checked the time on it, the letter had been sent at 2330 the night before.

Db punched the reply button and hastily typed, “The ‘Y’ will be open for your snack, it’s been empty since you left. Don’t do too many hand jobs and get a lot of rest, you’ll need it, Night night, lover.”

As she punched the “send” icon, her free hand was already inside the waistband of her panties and busy at the ‘Y’. She slid forward on the chair seat and buried two fingers in her cunt. With her free hand, she began pinching her erect nipples thru the thin material of her bra. “God, but I’m horny, ” she thought to herself. “I was never like this before I met Eric. He really turned my sex switch on.”

Deb felt the need for something that would go deeper into her cunt than her fingers. “Damn, ” she muttered. “I should have let Eric buy that dildo for me.” She looked around for something and immediatly spied the candle sticks on the dining table. Getting out of her seat, she crossed to the table and pulled one of the white wax rods from its holder. Before she sat back down, she stripped off her bra and panties, noting the the toilet paper liner was soaked with her juices.

She sat back down and, after wetting the butt end of the candle in her mouth, moved it to her other ‘mouth’. It entered asily and soon eight inches of it was buried to her cervix. The pressure against her womb opening was most pleasant and she pushed and then relaxed the pressure repeatedly. After a few moments she began stroking the candle in and out of her, all the while pinching and twisting first one nipple, then the other. She brought kaçak iddaa herself to the brink then stopped, not wanting to cum as fast as she had that afternoon at work. But, after twenty minutes of this, she could hold back no longer and let herself go completely, throwing her head back and crying out in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure washed thru her body. She let go of the candle and grasped both cupcake sized tits, then watched in amazement as the contractions of her cunt muscles pushed the candle out of her, for the moment, satiated pussy.

When she felt her body return to normal, she picked up the candle and, after licking her hoey off of it, replaced it in its holder. She wandered back into the living room and picked up her clothing and took it to her bedroom, laying out on her bedside chair. Not feeling like cooking a dinner for herself, she donned a tee shirt and cut-off denim shorts and went to the corner Burgerking. Picking up her order of a burger and fries, she returned to her apartment. As she sat at the table to consume her meal, her eyes fell on the candlestick and as she eyed it, thought to herself, “If only it was bigger, I could really fill my cunt the way Eric does. I’ll bet a bigger one would really send me over the top.”

Suddenly Deb thought of something and, leaving her half finished meal on the table, went to her storage closet. She rummaged around in her holiday boxes until she found what she was looking for, a big, red Christmas candle. It was fully twelve inches long and at least two inches in diameter with rope-like ridges running the length of it. She closed the closet door and carried the candle back to the table. God, it was so much bigger than the white candle and she shivered in anticipation. She’d take it to bed with her later.

She returned to the table and finished her meal, such as it was. The fries were stone cold but she managed to finish them. At least there would be no dishes or pans to wash.after throwing the wrappers into the kitchen trash she went into the livingroom and turned the TV on to watch the news. Nothing exciting had happened in the past twenty-four hours so she shut the TV off and went to her computer and after keying in her password again, went to the site she had watched on her office computer. The screen lit up with the image of two girls working at each other. One girl had the bushiest black cunt hair Deb had ever seen while the other, a blonde, was cleanly shaved. She watched as they finger-fucked each other while taking turns sucking kaçak bahis on each others tits. After a moment or two, bushy cunt swiveled around and buried her face in her partners pussy, licking furiously.

Deborah’s right hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts and she cupped her mons, her middle finger resting on her swollen clit. She watched, mesmerized, as the big titted blonde pinched and pulled her nipples and humped bushy cunts face. Suddenly she threew her head back and her mouth opened in a silent screa, “Jeez, ” Deb thought to herself. “I’m glad there’s no audio, ” for she was sure the cry would have awakened the dead. She was aware that she was panting in lust and her own pussy was gushing her own joy juice. The screen faded to black.

She closed the site and jumped up from the computer. Sjhe dashed thru the dining area, grabbing up the red candle off the table as she made hedr way to her bedroom. She stripped off her shorts and threw herself onto her bed. With her legs drawn up, knees spread wide, she directed the candle to her pulsing cunt. With the copius flow of her cunt honey, there was no need for more lubrication and the candle was quickly buried. “God, ” she murmured, “this feels goood!” She stroked the red giant in and out, feeling the ripples of the rope-like ridges as they rubbed against her cunt lips, enhancing her pleasure.

In only seconds her first orgasm hit her and she bit into forearm of left left arm to silence her scream. She held the candle deep in her cunt against the mouth of her womb, without moving it until the waves of pleasure subsided.

When Deb’s breathing finally returned to normal, she rolled over onto her stomach and, drwing her knees up under her, raised her butt into the air. Now, reaching around her hip with her right arm, she began pumping the makeshift dildo in and out with short strokes. In her imagination it was Eric behind her, fucking her doggy style. “Come on, Eric, ” she moaned. “drive it into me, fuck me hard.” As best she could, she remmed the red monster deep, feeling it hit her cervix with each thrust.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum, oh god, oh god.” She reached her left hand to her clit, rubbing it furiously. “YES…YES…OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!” She buried her face in her pillow to dampen the sound of her ecstatic release. With one last shove of the candle, she screamed, “OH YES, BABY, YES, YESSSS…OH YESSS!.” Her body strained, attempting to maintain the pleasure she was feeling.

Sadly, her orgasm came to an end and she collapsed on the bed, the candle slipping slowly out of her satiated pussy. She rolled onto her side, her knees drawn up in a fetal position and she quickly drifted off to sleep. Thank god, Eric would soon be home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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