Deb’s Devilish Day

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(This story was inspired by a friend’s FANTASY. Since it dealt with costumes, I felt it fit with Halloween. Hope you enjoy Deb’s Devilish Day and Happy Halloween.)


She ran her fingers across the soft fur, the sensual sensation was mesmerizing. Deb stroked the fabric with amused toying circles then run her hand back and forth across this pleasure plane. Drawing her hand back across His rump then the sound of the Velcro fastener being undone. She pulled the closed flap back, opening and exposing His ass.

“This is Deb’s Devilish Day,” Deb snickered as she glanced at his white buttocks. Lee was bent over, on all fours, on the bed. Wearing a light brown Rabbit costume with two long ears and a removable, soft, cotton puff, tail. Lee turned His head and the Bunny with a big smile and bold comical eyes and flopping ears gazed at Deb. “Ha ha,” she laughed as she looked at the Rabbit’s face smiling at her.

“You enjoying yourself?” Lee asked with a negative tone. His voice slightly muffled yet clear. The Rabbits fixed smiling mouth never moved as Lee continued. “You see anything you like down there?” Then pulled at the handcuffs that had his hands bound to the metal foot board railing of the bed. “Are these really necessary?” Lee asked curiously.

“Oh yes,” Deb said with a mischievous smile. She ran her hand across his bare bottom slowly and sensually. Feeling his soft flesh with trailing fingers. The opening offered full access to his privates. Her finger trailed down the cleavage of his butt cheeks. Down to his sagging ball sack, reaching around with her fingers and gripping them lightly and tugging. Milking softly with sensual gliding pulls then regripped them in her palm and squeezed them lightly.

“Mmm…” Lee responded as he spread his legs in approval and sank into a comfortable spot. His ass propped up in the air with Deb behind him. Her hand reached even further into the costume and trailed her fingers along his hardened cock. Grasping his love muscle in her palm and stroking it gently. ‘Slap’ she slammed her open hand against his bare bottom. Flush of red generated as she rubbed the area with one hand while still milking his erect cock with the other. Her hand reached into the costume with short gliding slides along his shaft.

Deb leaned down and licked Lee’s hole then raised up and sucked at a finger wetting it. Then put it to his ass’s cleavage and run little circles around Lee’s little brown puckered ass hole. Teasing the holes opening with presses then releases. Steadily pulling and jerking Lee’s hard cock. He was comfortable and pleased. Sailing on a mental flight with ecstasy surging in waves. Deb pushed harder as her finger entered Lee’s rectum. Slowly twisting and pushing ever so slowly.

Lee’s head popped up. Two floppy ears wiggled and shook as the large rabbit head shook back and forth. “NO!”

“Slap” Deb raised her hand and slapped Lee’s rear fairly hard. The sound cracked across the bedroom in echoes. “Hush, This is my day to play.” Deb said then let out a silent giggle.

“What are you doing down there?” Lee asked rhetorically. Deb pulled on his cock hard.

“You feel that?”

“Yes!” Replied Lee as he tensed up, then relaxed as Deb pulled sensually at his hardened muscle. She caressed his bare butt with soft, gliding, reassuring rotations. In a spurt of passion she reached up and pinched her right nipple playfully then let it plop out of her fingertips grasp. Then run her finger in a light bahis firmaları touch across his white ass towards his bulls eye bottom again.

“Here comes Deb,” she said as she approached his opening with swirling teasing circles till she whirlpool her finger into a pin point position and forged into Lee.

“Hey…” Lee spat.

Deb Ignored his response as she hovered over Lee’s bottom and took careful aim as she spit and allowed the saliva to free fall just above her fingers location. She rubbed the wetness in and purged slightly with more ease as she worked to open him up more. Sliding her finger in and out slowly. Slightly deeper with each purge. Lee was being as good a sport as could be expected. He rattled the cuffs some while trying to pull free.

Deb got up and went to the foot of the bed. Coming face to face with the Bunny’s head. She reached out and grabbed the two long floppy Rabbit ears and pulled them to her. She kissed the Bunny on it’s rather large smile and turned and walked into the bathroom and shut the door. ‘Slam.’

“Hey, where you going?” Lee shouted.

“What does it look like? I’m using the little girls room.” Deb yelled from behind the closed bathroom door.

“Well, what if I had to go?”

“Then you would have said so.” Deb responded with a laugh. She came out of the bathroom with a small white sack. She rummaged through the bag as she passed Lee and went back to her original location.

“What’s that?” Lee asked curiously. Turning the Bunny head side to side and up and down to get a better look through the small cuts made for vision on the rabbit costume’s head.

“You’ll see.” Deb said as she pulled the contents out and laid them behind Lee. Lee was straining to look between his legs and over his ass to see rather Deb was fixing to give him a trick? Or a Treat.

Deb held up a small bottle of lotion and placed it at Lee’s little brown hole. Squeezed some out and put it back. With one finger she toyed with the slippery substance. Pressing with slight semicircles. Her other hand was already back to stimulating Lee’s re-growing cock. Tenderly touching his helmet shaped head then run her fingers along its shape to the base. Gripping firmly and jerking lightly then pressed her other hands finger into his ass. Working the lotion in slowly and carefully.

She reached down and picked up an object with both hands and sat up slightly. She began strapping on the strap-on when Lee’s resting Rabbit head caught a glimpse of the things to come. Shooting straight up he found the cuffs only allowed him to ascend to a certain point. The Big over sized rabbit head turned and look straight at Deb, smiling. The wide comical eyes and rose cheeks stared at her, the flopping and shaking ears made her grin.

“Oh no, your crazy if you think…”

‘Slap’ Deb slapped Lee’s exposed bottom then pulled the two long bunny ears downward and the rabbits head followed. She quickly leaned forward and placed the rubber cock to Lee’s ass hole.

“Oh shit…” Lee said as he braced for impact. Feeling the cool object fishing for the right angle and pressing at him. “This is your Fantasy come true? To fuck a man in the ass while he is wearing a furry Bunny costume?” Lee started laughing and shaking his head. “Did you have a crush on a stuffed animal when you were a child or something?” Lee laughed loudly till he felt the rubber strap-on cock drive into his being. “Aaa…”

Deb was gentle, working slowly and patiently. But as she bit kaçak iddaa at her bottom lip and brushed back her hair sensually she was working her self into a sexual frenzy. She pinched at a nipple while the other hand held the rubber cock steadily and slowly pushing back and forth, humping more and more.

“Ohhh…” Lee blurted with tensed body. Gripping tightly at the metal tubing that made up the bed’s foot board. Arched his back fully and spread his legs just a bit. Deb reached up with a hand and gripped at a bunny ear and pulled it as she began a slow humping motion. “Uh…”

“This is how you like to ride me…remember?” Deb asked playfully. Imitating some of Lee’s wild cowboy rides. Deb in her playfulness and sway pressed deeply into Lee and he jolted forward as the rubber cock sank deeply into him. “Sorry,” Deb said followed by one of her silent giggles.

Gripping Lee’s hips tightly she began making faster drives in and out of Lee. Not very deep but quickening the pace. Playing mostly but her clit seem to hit the strap just right as she jerked back and forth inflaming her desires. Bumping rapidly into her flowing wet slit.

She pulled back and the cock plopped out of Lee’s ass. She instantly pulled his half hard cock, backwards. Her mouth dove towards his dick’s head. Enveloped her lips around his cock and began sucking. Pulling lightly while bobbing at his love muscle. Her fingers on her other hand rubbed her clit furiously. Her pants and short breath drove her to excited gulps at Lee’s length. He spread his legs wide and hiked his ass up allowing Deb more access to him.

She tugged at his pecker with enthusiasm while taking him deeply into her throat. Lee’s cock became enormously hard. It pulled to spring forward as she continued to pull it towards her, behind him. She gagged a bit but then resumed ravaging his thick muscle. Driving her fingers deeply into herself. Wiggling them then rubbing her clit vigorously in small circles.

Deb sprang up and quickly went to the foot of the bed and unfastened the cuffs. Lee wrenched his wrists as they became free. Deb dropped the cuffs on the floor and crawled on the bed and pushed Lee slightly, guiding him slowly to lay on his back. Deb straddled over him and pulled his flap even more to allow his cock to spring from the confines of the furry rabbit costume. Deb climbed up and over Lee, slowly descended upon him. Placing his cock at her slit as she sat upon him.

Slowly she began rocking back and forth. Pressing his cock into her fully. ‘Gasping’ then she started raising her self slightly as they found their slow synchronized stride. Lee’s hands reached up and cupped Deb’s breasts, squeezing lightly. Her hair fell wildly about her shoulders swaying with her up and down motions. Lee began humping feverishly, faster and faster.

Deb’s head band of two Devilish horns fell from her fast moving head onto the bedspread. “Aaa…” Lee moaned as he gripped Deb tightly. Pulsed and quivered holding her waist firmly. Then short jerking jolts into Deb deeply. Deb was grinding slightly as she felt the warmness within. The slippery slide between their joining soothed her. She placed her hands on his furry chest and braced her self as she pulled from him and curled up into his warm soft furry chest. She ran her fingers across the soft fur. Deb stroked the fabric with amused toying circles then run her hand back and forth across his chest.

Humm…thank you Honey,” Lee said as he soared in ecstasy. “I assume that was kaçak bahis ‘Fucking like Rabbits?”

“Fucking like Rabbits? More like Deb’s Devilish Day.” Deb giggled silently. ‘How did I get so lucky?’ Deb thought to herself.


“You have got to be kidding?” Lee said with a startled and uncertain tone. He stood next to the bed with a fixed stare at the costume that laid before him on the comforter. Propped his lanky, boney arms up on his hips in a flustered ‘Huff’. “First you make me take a shower then you tell me to wear this costume. I have to appear at the Jefferson’s Halloween Party wearing this?”

“Yes, a deal is a deal,” Deb said as she pulled her red nylons up her long slender legs. “Oh come on it will be fun. Lee…this is a no win situation.” Deb said with a stern look in her eyes. She fastened her garter belt latching then placed another rolled up nylon stocking to her toe and unraveled it’s red sheerness along her ankles, legs, knee and then thighs. Deb glanced up at Lee with a mischievous grin. “You know I’ll make it worth your while,” she said in a sensual way. Batting her eye lashes rapidly with her chin tucked in low and acting shy.

“Oh, I know,” Lee said frustrated as he held up the Rabbit costume. “A Rabbit? You always had a thing for stuffed Animals. Why couldn’t it be a playboy bunny dude? They have those right? Why a full out head to toe, Amusement park character costume? A Rabbit?” Lee asked as he laid the rabbit outfit back on the bed and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Look I didn’t give you any lip last year when I was the Swedish maid all day. Well, maybe I gave you some lip but, you liked it as I recall.” Deb said as she placed the head band on her head that had two devil horns that shot upwards slightly arched toward each other. The crown to her devil costume. Turning away from the mirror and looking at Lee. “This year is my turn, as we agree’d. I want the a horny, soft tailed, waskley wabbit. So deal with it and get with the program.” Deb said while adjusting her large firm breasts in their restraints.

“I am,” Lee replied lightly as he stepped into the Costume, pulling it up and turning towards Deb. “Zip me up please?” Lee asked with a grin.

Deb pulled and fastened the Velcro that were spaced out evenly to hold the suit together. Lee reached down and put the Bunny head up over his head and slid it on. Turned slightly and tilted his head from side to side. “How do I look?”

“Like a Waskley Wabbit,” Deb answered with a huge grin.

“Okay, you ready to go to the Jefferson’s Halloween Party?” Lee mumbled from within the outfit.

“Huh…I have a better Idea,” Deb said with a devilish grin as she rattled handcuffs and held them in front of the Bunny’s painted smiling face. “Over here, on the bed.”

“Oh?” Lee said with a hidden snicker. He was looking for a way to delay going to the Jefferson’s Halloween Party. Crawling up on the bed with hands and knees, then began some playful little bunny hops over to where Deb was. She reached out and took his hand, pulling lightly to where she wanted it. Then fastened a handcuff then reached and pulled his other hand to the metal bed tubing and ‘click, click’ fastened it as well. Then patted the Bunny’s head as she moved to get behind Lee.

She ran her fingers across the soft fur. The sensual sensation was mesmerizing. Deb stroked the fabric with amused toying circles then run her hand back and forth across this pleasure plane. Drawing her hand back across His rump then the sound of the Velcro fastener being undone. She pulled the closed flap back, opening and exposing Lee’s ass.

“This is Deb’s Devilish Day,” Deb snickered.

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