Denise’s Wild Side

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Denise Bray was a very intelligent, shy, and proper young women. She had, perhaps, the biggest type A personality that anyone could have. She was studying to become a doctor. Denise was a naturally pretty girl, with long brown hair, brown eyes, a small little waist, and small, but perky, little breasts. She didn’t wear much make-up, and most of the clothes she wore were very modest. In fact, her friends teased her that she wore more modest clothes than her her very religious mother. Although Denise did not hang around a wild crowd of friends, she always thought her friends were way more wild than her. Some said Denise was uptight, and told her that was the reason she almost never had a boyfriend. In fact, Denise only ever had two boyfriends in her entire life, and they never made it to long-term. She didn’t waste time trying to find others though, as Denise was always busy with her schoolwork. But she did get jealous of her friends because they all had boyfriends. In fact, her one friend, Jessica, was getting married! And while of course Denise was excited for Jessica, it did make her even more envious.

Jessica invited Denise to be one of her bridesmaids. Denise became even more excited for Jessica, and was glad she could spend time with her friends. However, one thing really worried Denise. The bachelorette party, Denise knew, would definitely be more wild than she was. Denise never drank, dirty danced, smoked, or even did anything more than kiss a man. So when Andrea gushed over the details to Denise, and their other friend and Jessica’s bridesmaid, Terry, about going to a sex store, Denise was red-faced.

Denise tried to mention other ideas to the girls, but they would not give up the sex store idea. It was perfect, they reconciled, because it would give them a chance to get Jessica a gift for her honeymoon, and they could shop together. canlı bahis

“We even could all pitch in if they wanted something big, like a sex swing,” Terry exclaimed.

A sex swing? What was that? Oh the thought of all the countless, forbiddable things made Denise’s stomach churn. But she had to go. She had no choice, since she was Jessica’s bridesmaid.

To console Denise, Andrea told her, “Don’t worry, it will just be us.”


Andrea and Terry stopped at Denise’s house and picked her up before picking up Jessica.

“Now remember, its a surprise!” Andrea said.

Yeah, a surprise for all of us, mostly me, Denise thought grudgingly.

The girls finally got to Jessica’s house and picked her up. Jessica was so excited! She kept trying to guess where they were taking her.

Terry took a blindfold and covered Jessica’s eyes until they pulled up into Sexy Things sex shop. She then took off the blindfold, and Jessica burst out laughing excitedly.

“You took me to a sex shop? Omg, awesome!” Jessica bursted.

The girls walked into the store. Denise hoped no one would be there that she would know, and carefully looked around the outside of the building for cameras – she couldn’t have future med school teachers knowing about this!

None of the four girls have ever been into a sex shop before, let alone one as big as this store was. They quickly looked around and decided to go and look at the outfits.

Andrea and Terry quickly looked around and pointed out ones for Jessica to wear on her honeymoon. Denise stared uncomfortably, trying not to touch any of it, but a small part of her started getting curious. She had never even seen anything this frilly or skimpy this close before. Denise had always refused to go into Victoria’s Secret and other stores with those kinds of materials. But bahis siteleri here they were, staring in her face. She even surprised herself when she started thinking what they would look like on her body!

“Alright!” Terry announced suddenly. “It is time we venture into these things deeper! You all know what I mean! Its one thing to look at sexy clothes, but we can do this at the mall! Lets go to what we came here for, guys! The toys!”

“Sshh, don’t embarrass us, Terry!” Andrea giggled.

“C’mon lets go!” Jessica said eagerly.

Denise’s eyes were wide. This was the area she was dreading.

The girls went over to the vibrators, dildos, pornos, and adult toys section. There was just about everything there. It was overwhelming. Dildos in all shapes, textures, and colors. Vibrators with all different kinds of settings. Pocket pussys and fleshlights for guys. Blow up dolls for either men or women. Whips and floggers and chains for bdsm. Sex swings of many varieties. Pornos of just about any fetish and non-fetish available. Denise’s eyes just grew wider and wider. She then looked back at her friends, and her eyes grew even wider.

The girls were touching the vibrators shamelessly.

“C’mon, Denise! I dare you to touch one, any one! For me?” Jessica asked.

Denise shook her head at first, but then… her curiousity got the best of her. She walked around the different vibrators and dildos. Finally she stumbled upon a smaller green vibrator and turned it on. She laughed! The thing felt funny in her hand.

Andrea came up behind Denise. “Haha, Denise you have probably never used a toy before!”

“Hey!” Denise said, all of the sudden feeling defensive for some reason.

“Well, really, Denise, have you ever masturbated before? Its fun.” Terry said.

Denise at first felt gross, but then a little left bahis şirketleri out. No she had never touched herself, or been touched down there. Ever.

“C’mon guys, don’t make her feel bad. I want to go back and check out those wedding corsets anyway.” Jessica said.

The girls followed Jessica back to the clothes area. Well, two girls followed Jessica. Denise went somewhere else. ******

“So you want to try this one on?” Andrea asked Jessica.

“Yes, and this one!” Jessica said holding up another corset with bows on it.

“Okay, lets find the fitting room!” Terry exclaimed.

The girls walked over to the fitting room with Jessica, holding her corsets. Only one stall was available, so the girls held Jessica’s corset while Jessica was going to go in to try them on. But Jessica stopped.

“Hey, where is Denise?”Terry asked, noticing she wasn’t behind them.

Suddenly Jessica heard a buzzing sound coming from the stall next to her. Jessica laughed knowingly, but peered around when she heard a slightly familiar voice escape out of her stall-mate’s moan. The girl’s voice got a little louder.

Jessica stood right outside the stall door, but leaned on it too much, and the door opened! She couldn’t believe what she saw on the other side!

There was a petite brown haired, brown eyed young woman, panting with an orgasm face, still clutching her breasts with one hand, and a small green buzzing vibrator to her pink wet pussy with her other hand. Denise must have finally experienced playing with a toy!

“I found her!” Jessica called to her friends. Jessica had to admit, finding Denise like this was pretty hot, even though Jessica was completely straight.

Jessica gave Denise a smile and said, “I guess each person has there own wild side.”

Denise laughed and smiled back, and Jessica left her and tried on the corsets as Denise dressed back into her clothes.

The sex shop wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, it was Denise who bought the most exciting thing after all – an already tried out new little green vibrator!

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