Desires Pt. 01

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It had been an unusual train journey from start to finish. The guard had smiled at Sally in a friendly way as she had boarded the train but there had been something odd about his eyes which had made it difficult for her to look away. It had been the same when he had checked her ticket. It could not have lasted more than a second but it somehow seemed as if a long time had passed between her looking up at him, being caught by his strange eyes just as she handed him her ticket, and him handing the ticket back.

Sally settled back into her seat, putting her ticket away in her handbag, and looked around her. There seemed nothing amiss, nothing out of the ordinary; there was no indication that anyone else felt like she did—that something odd had happened. But there was something, she felt it quite distinctly, something had happened when the ticket had been checked. But nothing could have happened—there was no time for anything to have happened. She had looked up as the guard had approached, had offered her ticket, he had taken it, she had noticed his peculiar eyes; not that she could quite think what was odd about them—given, after all, there had been just the two—he had punched a hole in the ticket, a little crescent, and given it back to her with a smile. Yet despite the un-remarkableness of the exchange Sally felt odd.

It was only when she decided to get her magazine out of her bag that she noticed—noticed by the feel of her blouse against her skin that she was not wearing a bra. Sally looked down at herself for confirmation, a hand to her breast but no, she was not wearing a bra at all. She frowned; she distinctly remembered putting one on that morning—the new one she had bought last week from M had admired its pretty shape in the mirror; yes, she was sure of it… but it most definitely was not there now. Sally was puzzled. How could she have forgotten to put on her bra, it was not something you forgot—any more than you forgot your panties (she was re-assured to check that she was indeed wearing those)? She was sure she had not forgotten. It didn’t matter really, no one was going to notice providing she didn’t stick her chest out, and it wasn’t as if her nipples were standing. She could buy a new one on the way into work; put it on in the ‘Ladies’. It wasn’t a problem.

Sally opened her magazine, ‘How to dump your boyfriend,’ was the first thing that caught her eye. How appropriate, she thought, gaziantep escort should she? She pictured Jerry. He was OK and it had been fun but, but it wasn’t going to last. The feeling had been growing on her for days. Jerry was OK and fun but that was about it and ‘OK’ wasn’t something to build ‘forever’ or even a long term relationship upon. The summer holiday had been super though, yes fun, and she had really enjoyed that. Sally thought back to the week in the sun. Jerry hadn’t told her where they were going, she’d thought it would be a hotel in Spain or Portugal, which would have been good, but he’d surprised her with a Greek island. It had been a long drive from the airport, on the wrong side of the road, but he’d done that and when they arrived it was not an hotel but their own small little villa.

It was really sweet with its white-washed walls, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea growing in profusion and its view of the Aegean. It had its own swimming pool—all to themselves—and it was private, very private—not overlooked at all. And that was why when, almost immediately, Jerry suggested a swim and she’d said she’d find her costume, he’d asked “why?” So, feeling a little odd, she’d just dropped her clothes on the ground and stepped out hand in hand with Jerry into the sunlight completely naked. She’d looked to right and left but there was no one to see, no way for anyone to see—it really was private. And the feel of the hot sun on her skin after the rain in England- delicious!

“It’s lovely,” she’d said and kissed him.

She had the photos. Jerry had been snapping left, right and centre throughout the holiday. It was a good record and she’d been able to show her Mum nearly all the photos and given her a good impression of the holiday and how beautiful the island and its beaches had been. The photos she didn’t show hadn’t been rude ones. Jerry had wanted to but she hadn’t acquiesced to that: though certainly a few had shown them without clothes on. Yes, ‘them,’ the self timer and little tripod had let Jerry take shots of them together. Sally particularly liked the one of the two of them standing hand in hand, naked, by the pool as it reminded her of the anticipation of that first swim, just standing hand in hand looking out at their pool—yes, their own swimming pool for a whole week with the inviting blue water, the sun loungers and table and chairs with the cream parasol just sitting there waiting. It had all been just perfect. And it had been a perfect week under an unbroken blue sky, eating, drinking, exploring, swimming and… well, yes, she smiled at the recollection, it had indeed been ‘sun, sand and sex.’

The sex had been good. The photo of the two of them standing naked was an indication that it was going to be. Jerry was a good looking bloke—there was no question of that and her friends said so. There was no unnecessary fat on him, his was a strong chest, little bottom, neat curly hair and he stood six foot two. She smiled to herself again, yes and then there was his cock. Well that was all right too! It didn’t show in that picture, well it showed but it was just there, just hanging there as it did, all surrounded by black curly hair but, whilst the photo reminded her of that first swim, it hadn’t been like that on that first day standing looking at the pool before they’d got into the water. It had been up, big and hard and it had made her laugh.

“What’s that for?” she’d said and slapped him on the rump making the erection bounce.

In the train carriage Sally shrugged to herself. Perhaps she should have let Jerry take some rude photos. She would actually rather like to have had one of Jerry standing erect beside her, to remind her of the biggest cock she’d seen—and ridden! Oh she’d miss the sex but that was hardly what a relationship is about. Yes, it had been fun but she was going to have to end it. She was edging to a decision. But when? Not tonight certainly; they were going out with some of his friends and then she was staying in his flat for the weekend. That meant quite a bit of sex and riding that big cock. She grinned in anticipation. A weekend of passionate sex and then on Sunday night just as she was leaving, tell him? Well, that hardly stacked up. She’d have to think a bit more about how to do this. How to hint it was over? It wasn’t that she did not like Jerry, she did and would want to keep him as a friend, if she could, but, but it was not a relationship with a future. Well, a long term future—so should it still have a short term future? Sally was cross with herself, she was moving away from a decision, becoming indecisive. But, of course, the sex would be good…

It had been good that first time by the pool. Despite her saying, “What’s that for?” She’d not been unmoved by the situation. They had walked down the steps into the pool hand in hand, gone into the surprisingly warm water and swam. Sally had not swum naked before, had not swum without a bathing costume or bikini and was surprised how different it felt not having even the thin material of a swimsuit on. It felt different between her legs as her thighs alternately opened and closed in the rhythm of breaststroke and it felt different on her breasts as they moved in the water, unrestrained. She had liked the feeling straightway and she’d liked seeing Jerry’s body moving through the water un-obscured.

They had swum around, Sally had got up on the lilo and been tipped off by Jerry, gone underwater, got a nose full of water and her hair all wet but she’d come up laughing to find Jerry now lying on the lilo, his cock lolling across his hair. She’d tried to push him off but he’d held on, laughing at her efforts. And then she’d started sucking him, slipping his soft cock into her mouth. That had quietened him and he’d lain there docile as anything as his cock had grown big in her mouth. Of course, he had then been completely unprepared for her lunge and had fallen right off the lilo and underwater. Sally had been away and was sitting on the pool edge before he’d surfaced, laughing.

“Come and kiss me,” she’d said to him. And he had, right there on her lips, right on the lips between her legs as she’d sat on the pool side. It had been lovely sitting there, legs over his shoulders, his face buried deep in her sex, his tongue moving with purpose, looking up at the so blue sky and simply letting Jerry bring her off—and he had done, she’d shuddered as she stared at the blue, blue sky, revelling in that lovely tingling orgasm feeling and the pleasure of holiday anticipation.

“Come on big boy,” she could remember saying, “my turn.” She’d slipped off the pool edge and swum out as Jerry had pulled himself out of the water. She had swum back towards him, admiring that big cock of his standing up ready; she’d cupped his balls and said, “What do you want me to do?” Sally had known what he’d say; it was his expression, what he liked to say.

“Drink me.”

And she had.

Sally liked the feel of the head in her mouth, all silky smooth. She could run her tongue happily around it. She was not so sure when Jerry tried to push too much into her mouth—he really was rather big but the head was nice to suck on and suck she did. Sally soon had him close to coming, she could tell because he always started a bucking motion which she didn’t really like because it often nearly choked her.

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