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You were in town and I wanted to finally meet you. I could tell you were hesitant but I persisted and you finally said yes.

You were free for a couple of hours and agreed to meet me for dinner. I wanted a dark lit place that had a somewhat secluded seating area so I chose to buy you dinner at The Melting Pot. I arrived before you so the booth would be available and ready for us without delay.

I was waiting in the seating area as you entered the restaurant. I stood up as you noticed me across the room. Everything slowed down in an instant. You moved in slow motion as you smiled and walked toward me. Your beautiful blonde hair wrapped around your face as your eyes glowed a brilliant bright blue. I took a deep breath as my eyes followed the curves of your incredible body. The red dress you were wearing was light and accented your curves perfectly. I looked around as the other men’s eyes in the room locked on to you. They watch every sway of your breast and ass as you moved with grace across the floor.

I turned my head back to you and smiled. I knew your eyes were locked on me from the moment you entered the restaurant and every mans drooling lust in the room was about to embrace me for the first time. I grabbed you swiftly, smirking at their prying eyes of envy as I pulled you close and kissed your beautiful red lips. I asked if you were ready and you smiled and nodded your head as you looked up at me. I locked my fingers in yours and guided you to our reserved booth.

I positioned you next to me on my right side. It was an elevated booth that I had chosen and it was equipped with a drawn curtain. Another couple was directly across from us and they closely watched as we sat down. I drew the curtain closed to stop any prying eyes as I started a conversation with you. I had already ordered the meals ahead of time according to what you had a taste for.

I started to tell you about my day when our waitress Mia opened the curtain, introduced herself, and set our drinks on the table. She was attractive and smiled curiously at us and then closed the curtain and left us alone. We laughed and joked as we drank and ate a delicious meal. Mia came back to collect our dishes and asked if we would like dessert. I ordered a special chocolate cake dessert and customized it. Mia told us that the chef would gladly make it for us but it would take some time. I smiled and told Mia I never wanted this dinner to end and to please tell the chef to take his time. She smiled and winked at us as she closed the curtain Marmaris Escort and walked away.

As the curtain was closing, I leaned over and whispered in your ear “take your panties off under the table and give them to me”… your face turned red and your eyes opened wide as you gasped and I continued, “I could take them off for you if it’s easier?” In a soft quiet voice, you said “nooo…” and looked around to see if anyone could see us through the curtains small opening. I reached down between your legs and started pulling your skirt up… you looked at me shocked and said “ok ok… I’ll do it”. You shook your head and smiled in disbelief of what you were about to do. You looked at the security of the closed curtain and then pulled your skirt up. You grabbed both sides of your panties and started to pull them off… As they pulled away from your vagina you realized that you were already wet. Your eyes opened wide and you kept repeating “oh my god… oh my god…” in your head. You knew once you gave them to me I would immediately know that this was turning you on. So you balled them up as tight as you could in your hand and held them on my thigh under the table. I grabbed your elbow and slowly slid my hand down your arm pulling it towards my dick. As I felt you rub against my cock, I pulled the panties out of your hand. I told you to close your eyes and lay your head back on the booth. I said “keep your eyes closed so that you can feel every sensation on your body,… nod your head if you understand me…” you nodded and obeyed as I had instructed you.

I moved in close to the left side of your neck. You could feel my hot breath as I grabbed your earlobe with my lips and sucked it into my mouth.. your perfume was driving me crazy… I could feel your breathing start to increase… while I had you distracted with my tongue making love to your ear, I opened your panties up so the wet center was facing out and I laid them over the edge of the booth so they were visible out of the bottom of the curtain. Then, I quietly opened the other side where you were sitting so that the booth across from us could see everything. I moved my hand to your knee and squeezed as I nibbled on your ear.

I reached behind your head and grabbed your hair. I pulled your head down to expose your soft skinned neck to me with one hand as I grabbed the back of your knee and pulled your waist to the edge of the booth with the other.

Now, if you did open your eyes, you would be looking at the ceiling. Marmaris Escort Bayan I slowly spread your legs apart as I caressed the inside of your thigh. As I got closer to your pussy, I could feel the heat coming off of it. I moved my lips down to your neck and nibbled, sucked and bit your skin lightly. Your heart was racing as I ran my fingers up and down your wet labia, slowly teasing its swollen entirety. I moved my head lower… to the top of your dress. I bit into the strapless dress and lowered it as far as I could to expose your left breast as I entered your vagina with my finger and began to slowly stroke in and out of it’s inviting warmth. I could see your nipple was barely sticking out of your bra. So I ran my cheek and lips hard up on your boob, exposing more of your big beautiful areola and hard nipple. Then I ran my face back down to your half exposed nipple, sucked all of it into my mouth and pulled your breast out of the bra completely. I sucked, bit and teased your hard erect nipple as I forced the second finger into your already soaked pussy.

As I licked your nipple, I peeked out across the booth and saw the young couple staring at us… they had stopped eating completely. The man was clearly squeezing the woman’s thigh and she was stroking the back of his hair through her fingers. I smiled and turned my attention back to you. Now that I knew we were being watched, I started to massage your G spot. You immediately shook your legs and started to breathe deeper. I could see your neck getting red and you grabbed your exposed breast and squeezed hard. I could see your white fingernails digging deep into the skin and I started to speed up. Your hips began to gyrate with my fingers as if you were a puppet of my every command. I knew you were close so I spread your legs wide open with my foot so they could see clearly across the booth. I whispered in your ear “I want you to cum for me”… and you nodded your head and whispered, “… yess”. I was fingering you so fast you could hear the slop of your wet pussy as the fluids ejected uncontrollably out of your vagina… I felt you tighten and clamp down on my fingers, your legs shaking as I forced the orgasm out of you for our audience to witness. My fingers were soaked. I started rubbing it all over your pussy and ass. I told you “I want to taste your orgasm… I want to feel it on my lips and smell it for days to come.” You nodded your head once again and grabbed the back of my neck. You pulled me close, locked eyes and we kissed Escort Marmaris passionately.

Then, you put your hand on my head and said, “your dessert is already here” and forced my head down as my body moved under the table. As you pushed me under, your eyes gazed up and locked onto the couple in the booth across from us. You froze in shock… I felt your hand start to jerk me up as you closed your thighs on me… you shuttered, “Oh My God!! They… they…” … then the woman across the from us, put her finger over her lips and mouthed “shhhhhhh… let’s finish him…” you looked down under their table and saw his cock out, fully erect and fighting the feverish strokes of her soft hand. Then you felt the pressure of my tongue as I ran it from your ass hole up to your clit and back down, devouring all of you over and over. Your already swollen and sensitive areas, violated in the best ways. Your eyes rolled back and you spread your legs as far as you could.

I started attacking your clit with my tongue and entered your pussy with two fingers. I circled your clit, zigzagged and ran the full length of your labia on both sides. I sucked up as much juice as I could. The booth cushion under you was soaked and I could feel it on my chin. The smell of your delicious pussy made me crazy for it like a wild animal. I entered your ass with my ring and pinky finger. With All four fingers inside you, I lapped vigorously at your clit. With my mouth wide open sucking up everything so I could take as much of your juices as possible. The inferno burning inside you was too much and you could not hold it in any longer. As you tightened up and began to release the most intense orgasm you have ever had, you faced forward and opened your eyes.

As you squinted through the tears you could see the man in the booth shooting his cum all over the floor under his table as his woman milked every drip out of his balls with her soft firm hand. Your orgasm is now in an unstoppable state. You never squirted until this moment and it feels like you’re ejecting gallons of cum out of you. I’m all too eager to take as much as I can, gripping the inside of your thighs as the excess drips down my chin and onto my shirt and the floor. Even when the orgasm is over… your hips keep moving in and out without control. I stay down there for a few minutes more… cleaning you with my tongue. Greedily stealing all of your released nectar for myself… I finish with soft kisses to your red swollen vagina and pull your skirt back down. I climb back up to the booth, one last kiss and I suck on your lower lip as I pull away for the last time. As we collect ourselves, Mia shows up with our chocolate cake. She asks if we are ready for dessert? I tell her, “the dessert was delicious… and we’ll take the cake to go…”

? Endlessly Aroused

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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