Detention with Miss DeVille

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Aaron had received an unexpected email in his inbox. It was just after lunch and he had been summoned to the private study of Miss DeVille at 7 o’clock that evening. Aaron’s course work needed reviewing urgently.

Miss DeVille’s study was in the main University building which resembled a haunted house especially on a dark evening such as this. The thunder was rumbling and when lightning struck the building it’s sinister spires were revealed. Nervously Aaron pressed the buzzer for Miss DeVille’s study. A click soon followed allowing Aaron to enter the building. The study was on the top floor and after several flights of stairs Aaron was standing outside the study door. After hesitating for a few moments Aaron gently rapped on the door and awaited the reply.

‘Come in Aaron, I am ready for you.’ Aaron turned the door handle and stepped cautiously into the study. The first thing he noticed was a wooden cupboard that seemed to stretch far back into the wall behind. To his right was a hearth with a roaring fire crackling away, making the room extremely warm. There were two candlesticks on the mantelpiece above the hearth each holding a brightly burning candle. To his left was a solid oak desk. Sitting behind it was Miss Deville watching Aaron’s every movement.

The desk was completely free of items and Miss DeVille was sitting on a leather chair and in front of the desk was a wooden chair. ‘Come and sit down so we can discuss your course work in great detail’. Aaron duly sat down and looked straight ahead at Miss DeVille.

He noticed her appearance properly for the first time since entering the study. Her strawberry blonde hair was flowing past her shoulders instead of being tied up in a bun, she wore blue eyeliner and cherry red lipstick and her curvaceous 38D breasts were güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri concealed under a cream blouse with the top two buttons undone. The blouse, which was tucked into a black pencil skirt, was see through and he could make out a black lacy bra underneath it.

Having noticed these things Aaron suddenly became aroused and felt a stirring in his loins. ‘You are doing well Aaron, but B is not a high enough grade to permit you to remain on my course next term.’ ‘We can rectify this and get you the A you deserve.’

At this point Miss DeVille undid another button of her blouse to reveal a key on a chain around her neck sitting just above her cleavage. She walked over to the cupboard, removed the key necklace and opened the cupboard. ‘Turn your back Aaron and arrange the chair in front of my desk so that it faces away from the desk and so you can stand behind it.’

As she was rummaging in the cupboard Aaron wondered what was in store for him? Aaron’s thoughts of improving his grade were interrupted as he noticed that Miss DeVille had returned with a wicker basket which she placed on her leather chair.

She carefully removed a wooden hair brush from the basket and placed it on the desk. Miss DeVille then sat on the wooden chair, instructed Aaron to pick up the brush and begin brushing her hair. After a couple of minutes Miss DeVille began to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse. ‘It is very warm in here Aaron, feel free to remove your shirt as I will be removing my blouse.’

After removing her blouse Miss DeVille proceeded to unclasp her bra and as the garment slowly fell away from her breasts she gently flicked her right nipple causing it to harden. Aaron watched every move from behind the chair and could feel his erection growing rapidly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in his trousers. Miss Deville then stood up and seductively removed her skirt letting it fall to the floor leaving her wearing just her panties. She then pushed the chair to one side, looked Aaron in the eyes and started unbuttoning his shirt slowly revealing his chest. ‘I love chest hair’ she whispered.

Aaron was now fully erect and beginning to enjoy himself. If he played along he would achieve his A grade and get to stay on Miss DeVille’s course. ‘My you are excited aren’t you?’ As the words came out of Miss DeVille’s mouth she gently bit her top lip.

Next Miss DeVille carefully slipped off her panties revealing a freshly waxed smooth quim. Don’t you feel overdressed my dear?’ Without any further prompting Aaron removed his trousers and pants revealing his erect penis. ‘My you are standing to attention nicely,’

Aaron was now lying flat on his back on the desk. Miss DeVille was pleased at the sight of Aaron’s erection hugging his abdomen and stretching as far as his navel. Her breasts were heaving and both nipples were as hard as bullets. Miss DeVille removed a feather from the basket and using just the tip ran it gently over Aaron’s chest. The tickling sensation caused him to squirm which delighted Miss DeVille. She then ran the feather up and down the underside of his shaft causing his manhood to stiffen further and slightly come away from his abdomen.

It was at this point that Miss DeVille noticed a birthmark just under his navel that his penis had been concealing. ‘Ooh that looks just like a bruise.’ With that Miss DeVille went to the open plan kitchen that was situated to the left of the desk. She opened the fridge door and removed a tray of ice güvenilir bahis şirketleri cubes. Carefully she removed two cubes and placed them in a glass and returned to the desk.

‘Bruises need soothing.’ With that she removed an ice cube and gently caressed it over the birthmark causing Aaron to twitch excitedly. Miss DeVille was biting her top lip again. ‘Aaron I have a raging fire in my quim that needs attention!’ Picking up another ice cube she gently slipped it inside her quim. Pre cum had now begun to form on the tip of Aaron’s penis as he witnessed this.

Spotting Aaron’s ever growing state or arousal, Miss DeVille climbed up on the desk, straddled Aaron and slid the entire length of his erect penis inside her. He could feel the icy sensation left by the melted ice cube. Without hesitation Aaron placed his hands on Miss DeVille’s breasts holding them firmly as she began gyrating up and down on his hard cock. Aaron was close to ejaculating and Miss DeVille could sense this. She carefully dismounted from her position leaving Aaron still ready to explode.

Quickly from the basket Miss DeVille removed a specimen jar and unscrewed the lid. She placed it over the end of Aaron’s manhood and began stroking his shaft. ‘It is better if I do this for you.’ After a couple of minutes Aaron ejaculated filling the bottle to the top. ‘Oh good I do like a full bottle.’

Miss DeVille declared ‘All over, this has been an excellent start.’ ‘You can get dressed and be on your way.’ Once dressed Aaron turned to leave but was stopped in his tracks. Miss DeVille, biting her top lip again in satisfaction at her evening’s work, announced ‘You are now my special student and will report to my study at the same time every week until I am satisfied you have achieved the necessary A grade.’

As Aaron made his way down the stairs he smiled to himself, he was going to enjoy achieving his A grade. Inside the study Miss DeVille was standing at her cupboard looking contentedly at the shelf in front of her. There dead centre amongst the other sample bottles was the latest addition to her collection.

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