Devil Child

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After five years with my girlfriend, we both decided to call it a day. Sure the sex was great, even terrific but other than that we had nothing in common.
So deciding to make a clean break of it I scanned the internet for jobs far away from here. I spotted one, sounded good money, in a booming town, so I gave the number a call.
After giving my C.V. over the phone and talking to the boss for about an hour, he offered me the job, providing I got there that day!
Frantic organisation followed and before I knew what was happening I was on a plane.

I was met at the airport, by a rather attractive blonde, whom turned would be my assistant. We had a brief conversation about the job, which although nervous about, thought I could handle. I asked the question of why my predecessor was leaving, after all the job paid well, the company seemed great to work for etc. Sam, my secretary explained that the guy, whom I was replacing, had personal issues and had turned to drink. The boss of the company was a strict teetotaller and wouldn’t tolerate his behaviour so told him to move on.

We arrived at the building, modern with state of the art everything. Sam led me in and to my new office and introduced me to Robert Cole, as the nameplate on the desk said. As per description the guy looked a mess. He brought me up to speed on the project that I’d be working on and started to clear his/my desk. I suggested we go for a coffee before he left for good, just to get his feel of the company and the area. “The company is great, the monies good and the area is terrific” he informed me. “You’ll have trouble getting accommodation though” he went on. (Shit I hadn’t thought about that yet, such was my haste in leaving). “Then why are you leaving?” I asked, making out I didn’t know about his drink problem. “It’s that dam bratt!” he mumbled before explaining that he had lodged with a mother of a teenage kid whom he couldn’t handle. The kid had basically driven him to drink and them apart. I sympathised with him and wished him well, secretly thanking his misfortune for my new circumstance.

Back at the office, the boss introduced himself and welcomed me to the “party”. Hew gave me a warm handshake and whirled out of the office. “You got somewhere to stay?” he asked as he left. “Not yet” I replied as he walked away. “Sort him something out Sam, getting accommodation around here is hell, at the moment”. Sam replied, “No problem” but had a worried look on her face. I crept back into my office and started to see what I had to contend with..

I was familiar with most of the stuff and could adapt to the rest, I thought, just as Sam came into my office. “I’ve managed to find you lodgings” she said in an almost apologetic voice, “You’ll just have to try them until we may be possibly able to find you somewhere else”. She handed me a piece of paper, with an address, “She’ll be expecting you this afternoon. The boss says it’s O.K to leave early and get yourself sorted”, she informed me. Well that didn’t sound too promising but beggers can’t be choosers.

I got Sam to get me a cab, gave the driver the address and headed off, with what belongings I had managed to grab. We arrived at a smart little house, on an estate. Didn’t look too bad? I paid the driver, made my way to the door and rang the bell. Boy oh boy was I in for a treat. Think Kim Bassinger but as a brunette, answered the door. She didn’t look too happy but was polite, showed me my room and asked if I would like supper. “Thanks” was about the gist of our conversation.

I settled into my room and lay on the bed. I must have drifted off until I heard a sharp knocking at the door. I opened it to be greeted by a wide eyed, ear to ear grin on a young girl, still in her school uniform. She was about 5’2”, long mousey hair and as slim as you’d expect a young energetic girl to be. “Suppers ready” she beamed as she took me by the hand and led me downstairs. “I’m Milly, I’m 13” she informed me. “Hi Milly, I’m Jack, I’m older than 13”. Again she beamed her huge grin as she led me downstairs, “I hope were going to be real good friends”, she said. (What a lovely little thing) I thought to myself (And so friendly).

As we sat and ate supper Brandi (K.B. look-alike) sat reasonably quietly. Milly, on the other hand, never stopped talking. Asking all about me. I’d explained about my previous relationship to which Milly quickly told me that her father had left her mother when she’d gotten pregnant and that her recent boyfriend had suddenly left, without explanation. Brandi Ankara escort tutted and told Milly off for giving a stranger too much personal information away. “Anyway, mum’s right off men at the moment”, Milly continued, receiving yet another admonishment. (Damn shame) I thought (Wouldn’t have minded trying my luck).

Brandi stood after eating, cleared the pots and washed up. I offered to help but was told it wasn’t my job, after all I was paying rent. When she had finished she told Milly to go and get showered and changed, do her homework and get to bed. She was off to her sisters for a couple of hours. Within a moment she was gone. “She’s off to cry her troubles away” explained Milly. She too shot away from the table and ran upstairs. I made my way to the lounge and switched on the box. I heard the shower going upstairs and thought what a good girl Milly was, doing as her mother had told her.

After a couple of minutes Milly appeared, gone was the school uniform, replace by an oversized, sleeveless “V” necked red vest, a pair of shorts, which again looked too big and not much else. Although her tits were really small the oversized vest made them more obvious than had she worn something tighter, her little points poking out the loose material. She more or less skipped into the kitchen, from which I heard “Oh goody goody”. She soon returned to the lounge with a plate of cheesecake and two spoons. “Would you like some cheesecake?” she asked as she sat on the coffee table, right in front of me. “Well thank you, I would like to partake in the sharing of your delicious looking cake” I jokingly replied.

Milly handed me a spoon and took a spoonful of cake for herself, whilst holding the plate in her other hand. I reached over with my spoon and got a little bit for myself. As I chewed the cake I looked at Milly. Had she been older then I would have sworn she was flirting, licking her lips seductively and moaning at the taste.
Milly then went for another spoonful. This time though she seemed to be taking great care on the positioning of her cake on her spoon. As I reached over for my second spoonful Milly said “Oh whoops”. I looked up to see that she had dropped the cake off her spoon and down her cleavage (if you could call it that). “Oh dear” I responded as I saw her predicament. “No worries” she said as she simply took the vest over her head, exposing her slender, naked, top half to me with not even the hint of embarrassment. Her exposed breasts, as I have said before were small, probably a 32A but her areola protruded, like small mounds from the points of her boobs, capped by little pink nipples.

She studied the small amount of cake, on her chest, for a second, then said, “I cant reach it with my tongue, you’ll have to lick it off”. A bit gobsmacked at how forward she was, I replied “I don’t think that would be appropriate”.
Milly looking cross said “Why not!”
I didn’t want to get into a discussion about the birds and the bees, nor cause more embaressment so thought that the best thing to do was to quickly lick it off so she could put her vest back on. I leant forward and as quick as I could licked the cake from her young body. “That tickles” she giggled.

“You can put your top back on now” I informed her as I sat back against the sofa. “Oh no” Milly responded, we’ve got to play a game. As she said this she took a crooked finger, scooped some cake and placed it on one of her nipples. My jaw dropped.

“I…er… I don’t think we should… er” I stammered. Milly looked upset, “It’s only a game”, she insisted “Me and Uncle Bob used to play it all the time when mum’s not here” she continued. (Had mum been there then Uncle Bob would have been locked away!) I thought.

“I just don’t think it’s right” I repeated.

“Well if you don’t I’ll tell mum that you licked cheesecake of me already” she said, her eyes now looking wicked.

(Oh fuck, what have I let myself in for?)

“It’s only a game” Milly repeated.

Already in trouble I leant forward and took Millie’s petite breast in my mouth, sucking the cake off. It actually was quite nice having a small breast in my mouth, it was firm, smooth and warm. I leant back, only to see that she had smeared cake over her other nipple. “And this one too” she commanded. I leant forward again, taking her other breast into my mouth, coating it with saliva. (It was only a game, after all!) I suddenly became aware of how sexual the situation was, fortunately my head was in control and Private Penis was behaving himself. I Ankara escort bayan didn’t want to get sexually aroused by a thirteen year old school girl!

“Your turn, take off your shirt”, Milly commanded me. Again I struggled for words “Er.. I…er”. Milly was getting agitated “Oh come on it’s only a game, me and Uncle Bob used to play all the time”, she went on as she helped me off with my shirt. She placed two dabs of cake, one on each nipple and proceeded to lick it off. Private Penis seemed to have received a command as I became aware that he was starting to stand to attention. Millie could have taught me something about licking nipples, she seemed to be able to roll her tongue around them and I have to admit it was quite arousing. (Still) I thought (Still in control of the situation).

Milly, having cleaned my chest then stood. She undid the oversized shorts, which quickly fell to the floor. Nothing underneath!
Hooking a dollop of cake she placed it on her bare pussy mound. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, she said “Your turn again”.

Again I tried to wriggle out of the situation. Millie was having none of it though. “What if your mother comes home”, I tried to use as an excuse. “Don’t worry she’ll be gone for hours”. She replied as she sat her derriere back on the coffee table, leant back, straight armed and pushed her hips and pussy forward, parting her legs as she did.

There, right in front of me was a thirteen year old girl, naked as the day she was born, legs splayed so that I could see every detail of her sweat pussy. The pink puffed outer lips, the delicate darker pink inner lips and I could swear I could see moisture between them, topped with a little piece of cheesecake. (What the fuck was I to do?)

“If you do it nicely, I’ll lick some off your cock” Millie suddenly blurted out, “Uncle Bob used to love that” she went on. (She used to give Uncle Bob blow jobs? I wonder who instigated this “game” and how?”

Private Penis was now getting to be more in control of the situation, hearing what a thrill he was in for I found myself leaning forward opening wide and taking the whole of her sweat, hairless into my mouth. I brought my lips together, snaking my tongue up her slit, sucking and licking the cake from her. I moved my head back and Millie placed another piece of cake on her pussy. This time right between her lips.

My mind was gone, I was being controlled by a much greater force, whom happened to be straining at my pants. Again I leant forward and licked her pussy, this time much slower and putting more tongue into the equation.

I looked up to see Millie, a huge grin on her face and another dollop of cake just waiting to be place into position. “I don’t think we’ll need any more cake” I informed her as I again sucked and licked her pussy. Millie relaxed back onto the table as I devoured her.

In next to no time at all I soon had Millie reaching her climax as I nibbled and licked her clitoris and lapped at her pussy. Her legs started to thrash around, she grabbed at my hair and dug her heals into my back, soon I was engulfed with the sweetest tasting pussy juice and lots of it! I leant back, for some reason proud of what I had just done.

Millie shuffled herself forward, lunged at my trousers and quickly undid them. “My turn now” she said as she slid the zip down. I lifted my behind, stuck my thumb in my waistband and pushed my trousers down. Private Penis on parade! “Awesome” Mille cried out. It was her turn for her jaw to drop, (and I’m sure I saw drool slide out the corner of her mouth?).

She took what was left of the cheesecake, coated my cock and proceeded to lick it off, holding my shaft, which her small hand couldn’t even reach around! Her delicate tongue darted all over my cock and when she swirled it around the bulging purple head it was about as much as I could take. This young girl was one hell of a cock sucker, your loss Uncle Bob!

It then struck me “Uncle Bob” his sudden disappearance, the “Bratt” he couldn’t handle. Robert Cole, the man I had replaced at the office, I’d also replaced him here!

With this sudden realisation I took Millie’s head in my hands and pulled her off me, much as I didn’t want to. “Oh great, are we going to fuck now?” Millie asked.

“Er.. no.. I think we’d better stop this now, before we go too far” I said. “Awww, me and Uncle Bob used to fuck after sucking” she replied, her bottom lip sticking out.
“Anyway if you don’t fuck me…I’ll tell mum that you made me suck your cock and that Escort Ankara you licked my pussy”. (Shit was I in a dilemma).

“So you and Uncle Bob used to fuck eh?” I asked. The recent memory and feel of licking her pussy didn’t suggest to me that her pussy had ever been invaded, I could have been wrong?

“Yeah, he liked to fuck me real good” she replied as she lay down on the carpeted floor, hunched on her elbows, legs splayed and grinning her wicked grin. “C’mon, fuck me”.

I looked down at her small frame, her tiny titties, her splayed legs, her pussy glistening and that wicked grin, the wanton little nymph had got me, so:

I climbed between her legs, taking my weight with one arm whilst guiding my cock to her pussy entrance with the other. Purple head found his entrance and I gave a little shove. My cock almost bent double as I tried to penetrate her. (He couldn’t have? I reasoned). Again I tried to enter her, again my cock almost bent double. Millie, seeing the look of disbelief on my face, probably realising that I knew she had been lying about “Uncle Bob” fucking her, leant up, dug her sharp nails in my ass and I lunged forward. My cock penetrated her, pushing past her hymen, ripping it as it tore through. It felt as though a hot ring had been placed around my bell end, then warm and wet it slid in further. Millie screamed. I looked up to see tears running from the corners of her eyes. Concerned that I might stop, by the look on my face, she panted “Keep going”.

Well I reasoned, if this horny little teen temptress wants fucking, then I was going to give her the fucking of her life, (In the lust filled mood I was now in, I was going to give her the fucking of her life, the first fucking of her short life!).

I ploughed into her, she was so tight and her pussy so hot, I was sure I was tearing her apart but I was determined to teach her a lesson. Deeper and deeper I penetrated her, I bounced of her cervix at least a couple of times, I was lost in revengeful lust. Her tricking me into this situation.

Tears were rolling down her face but she grabbed the side of my head, pulled my face to hers and gave me a French kiss. Our tongues swirled around as she panted, with each thrust into her. There was no way I was going to be polite about this fucking, even if she was an underage young minx and I jabbed and thrust into her. I could feel the familiar tingling between my legs, my balls swelling. Even in my crazed state of lust, I knew that it wouldn’t be right to fill her with cum, what if I was to impregnate her? I was already in over my head. Much as I tried to withdraw from her her pussy kept pulling me deeper and deeper into her, (was I imagining it), I felt her pussy sucking me in, the muscles, inside her, rippling along my cock shaft as it pulled me in. I let loose a torrent of cum. I felt it shoot into her womb, bursting inside her like a firework and then the trickle along the length of my cock shaft. Millie joined me, her own juices pouring forth, joining in the celebration.

My cock, coated in my cum, her cum and a little bit of blood, slipped from her. “That was awesome!” she exclaimed as she caught her breath. (What the fuck, I’d just given her a fucking never to forget and it still hadn’t put her off!). “So you liked that did you?” I asked almost sarcastically. “Oh yeah, when can we do it again?”

I decided this girl needed a lesson. I picked her up like a rag doll, more or less threw her onto the coffee table, face down. Pushed her legs apart and crawled between her.
Private Penis knew what was expected of him and was amazingly still standing proud. Coated with our joint juices I pushed the little fucker up her arse. No gentleness, no thought of her feelings of pain as I drove into her tight sphincter and pummelled her. She screamed and wriggled beneath me, banging her fists on the table but I was showing no mercy. This little bitch was going to get a lesson never to forget. I pushed all 7” of thick man-meat up into her, balls slapping on her pussy as I buried myself up to the hilt. Again and again I pummelled her whilst she writhed and screamed beneath me, I spanked her ass a couple of times for good measure before the inevitable. Ropes and ropes of cum poured into her, hell my cock was sore.

Suddenly I was full of remorse. I’d just fucking raped this little girls ass, what the hell came over me?

I sat back on the carpet, cross legged and held my head in my hands, no wonder “Uncle Bob” had scarpered.

Millie approached me and sat on my legs, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist. She lifted my chin, smiled and said.
“We’d better get some more cheesecake tomorrow”.

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