Diary of a Teenager Ch. 03

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Adults only, please. For the record, all characters in this story are over the age of 18.

In part 1 a teenager tells her diary: how she learns about physical pleasure from a girlfriend; becomes addicted to masturbation; watches her girlfriend have wild sex from a closet; gets asked to study with a cute guy who ends up fucking her for the first time; and finally, about all the wild sex she has when he comes over to help her with her chores. In part 2 she expands her sexual horizons first with a stranger, then a three- way and finally taking on three guys at the same time.

* * * * *

October 6


It’s your friendly neighborhood cum slut checking in to let you know how far down the gutter I’ve traveled. This afternoon Shane and Jim were waiting for us when Judy and I showed up. Shane and Jim apologized for Mac’s behavior the other day. I shrugged my shoulders and said it wasn’t their fault. I wasn’t about to let them know how much I enjoyed it.

We sat on the couch in the family room and talked. It didn’t take long before we started kissing and touching. I could hear snaps and zippers unfastening while Shane massaged my tits and nipples. Before long Shane had two fingers up my cunt and Judy had Jim’s cock in her mouth. I slid to the floor, unzipped Shane and took him deep into my throat. Judy and I locked eyes while our mouths were stuffed full of cock. We started getting as nasty as we could with our mouth, tongue and throat, all the time staring at each other with lust in our eyes.

Judy reached over and began feeding Shane’s cock to me as I munched on it. I reciprocated with Jim’s cock. Finally we just had to kiss. Our lips met on the head of Jim’s cock while Judy continued to stroke Shane. We tongue kissed and jointly shared Jim until he couldn’t take it any more. I still had my hand wrapped around the base of his engorged manhood when I felt it swell with a surge of cum moving through it. Blast after blast bathed our lips and tongues and shot up into our nose, eyes and hair. We continued sucking him until he was drained, then licked the cum from each other’s face and shared it as we tongue kissed. Then we did a repeat performance on Shane who blasted us with another huge dose of cum which we shared.

It didn’t take long for us to get the boys hard again. Judy and I quickly stripped and climbed up on the couch. I straddled Shane and she straddled Jim until we were both fully impaled and bouncing up and down as their cocks moved in and out of our hungry cunts. Judy and I started kissing again as we were getting fucked. It was so hot that I had a powerful cum and gushed juices all over Shane. Then I got to watch Judy as she came all over Jim.

We switched partners, only this time we sat on their cocks facing forward. Judy reached over and rubbed my clit until I had another cum, then I did the same for her. We switched positions again. Judy was lying on the couch getting hammered by Shane who was on top of her. I climbed up on the arm of the couch and felt Jim’s cock slide deep into my pussy from behind. Judy and I were able to kiss and squeeze each other’s tits. Shane kept driving Judy back with his powerful thrusts until her head was against the arm of the couch. I crawled forward until my pussy was directly above her face. Judy quickly lifted her mouth and began nibbling my clit while Jim was still hammering my cunt. I collapsed forward onto Judy, took Shane’s cock from her pussy and began sucking it. Then I concentrated my lips and tongue on Judy’s cunt before putting Shane back inside her.

Judy and I had several more orgasms as Shane and Jim fucked us in this position. We both would occasionally suck the cock thrusting in and out of the pussy we were licking. Shane was the first to guy cum. I could actually see his cock swell as it thrust into Judy. He grunted and began filling her with hot jets of cum. Judy screamed out with another orgasm as she felt his cum splashing into her pussy. When he was finished I quickly devoured his cock, which was loaded with cum and cunt juice, until he went limp. Then I clamped my mouth over Judy’s pussy to savor the rest of their love juices, which had already started seeping from her cunt.

As I was doing this I heard Jim grunt just as he was about to cum. Judy, knowing I wasn’t on the pill, quickly pulled him from me. I felt a powerful jet splash against my pussy and asshole before Judy was able to get her mouth around Jim’s cock. She swallowed the rest, and then went to work cleaning me. When she shoved her finger up my ass and started biting my clit, I exploded and gushed juices all over her face.

As we sat there recovering, the doorbell rang. Judy and I quickly pulled on our shorts and top and stuffed our underwear in the couch. It was Mac and a bunch of his football buddies from college. Shane looked at me and shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t know anything about him coming over. Judy’s eyes were twinkling with anticipation. We were about to get gang fucked and both of us were mardin escort looking forward to it!

They didn’t waste any time getting down to business. Mac walked right up to me and started squeezing my tits under my top. One of his friends pressed up behind me and shoved a hand down the front of my shorts until his fingers found the gooey folds of my pussy. Mac started sucking my tits while I humped the fingers up my cunt. It didn’t take me long to cum. Then Mac removed my shorts while his friend took off my top leaving me naked. Mac picked me up and carried me over his shoulder to a back bedroom followed by several of his friends. I looked back and saw Judy on her knees sucking on four or five cocks waving in her face.

Mac laid me on the bed, unfastened his pants, spread my legs, climbed on top and ordered me to put his cock in my pussy. I grabbed his thick shaft and wedged the head between my juicy cunt lips. Mac shifted until he could feel his cock sliding into my hole, then thrust into me forcefully until he was fully embedded. He began hammering me like a machine until I was screaming and begging for more. I felt his cock swell inside me. He roared loudly as his cum began squirting into my belly. He kept cumming and cumming until I was overflowing. I was gasping for air as one orgasm after another consumed me.

Mac pulled out and the other guys moved in for their turn. They rolled me over and one of them entered my sloppy pussy from behind. Two others sat in front of me with their cocks waving in my face. I quickly swallowed one, then the other, moving back and forth between them. The guy in my pussy didn’t last long. I heard him grunt, then felt his hot cum fill my already cum drenched pussy. Someone else quickly replaced him. He was fairly well endowed and I could feel the cum sloshing around in my cunt as he slid into me. My pussy was making sucking and smacking sounds as he fucked me. It just added to the intoxicating atmosphere and soon I was cumming again, adding to the mess already flowing from my cunt. The two guys I was sucking must have found the atmosphere equally intoxicating. Their cocks erupted at the same time drenching my face and hair with thick gooey cum. The guy fucking me deposited another load in my cunt.

Mac announced he was ready again. He lay on the bed next to me and asked me to climb on him. With all the cum in me he easily slid up my cunt. My pussy gripped him like a vice. I moved my ass up and down as I repeatedly impaled myself on his throbbing fuck pole. Pussy farts escaped from me as my cunt lips sucked him in and out. Then he spread my ass cheeks and ordered someone to shove his cock up my ass. I was already so slimy I didn’t need any lubrication. I felt pressure against my sphincter. My asshole opened and his cock slid into me. A few strokes later he was fully embedded. I was screaming and cumming like crazy with two cocks in me. I hardly notice as a load of hot cum sprayed up my ass. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by another cock. They continued to fuck me until my head was spinning. I vaguely remember Mac blasting another huge load up my cunt about the same time my ass was getting filled for the second time.

Everything else that afternoon was a blur. One cock after another filled my various orifices. Sometimes I was doing three and four at a time. At some point Judy was carried in and put next to me where she also got fucked by multiple cocks. I remember licking cum off her tits and sucking it from her pussy as she was getting ass fucked. I even remember when Mac put his thick cock up my ass because it stretched me and hurt a little at first. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and made me suck him.

About two hours later the room emptied leaving Judy and I naked on the bed with cum caked all over us. We kissed for a few minutes, and then started giggling about the experience. We took a shower together and washed all the cum from our bodies. This time I was really scared about being pregnant. Twenty to thirty loads of cum had been blasted up my pussy in the last two hours. Judy pulled some pills from her purse. She said they were from Europe and could be taken after sex and still prevent pregnancy. She gave me the bottle and said she had more at home.

The next morning both my ass and pussy were sore. At school a few guys I didn’t even know said “hi” to me in the hallway. I had no idea who all had been at Shane’s the day before, but Judy said more guys had shown up during the afternoon orgy. I thought recognized a few faces from school, but I wasn’t sure. Anyway, I was somewhat embarrassed walking the halls figuring somehow rumor of our gang bang was spreading throughout the school. Judy loved all the attention and flirted shamelessly with anyone showing an interest. Shane and Jim avoided us completely. I think they were embarrassed by what had happened.

Judy never showed up after school (we were going to the mall) so I went home alone. I was exhausted and van escort fell asleep after pumping myself to several orgasms with Big Red. Judy called that night and apologized. After school she started flirting with a basketball player named Sid. Well, right there in the hallway he kissed her and began rubbing her pussy through her jeans. People were still walking by so she suggested they go somewhere. Sid pushed her into an empty classroom, pulled her jeans and panties down below her ass, shoved her face first against the wall and proceeded to fuck her from behind. He came in less than a minute, zipped up and left her there.

Judy was really frustrated because she didn’t have a chance to cum. She fingered herself to a mild orgasm but was still really horny. That’s when she hooked up with Freddy and Al. They looked for me but I had already left. They drove to an old deserted mill where Freddy and Al took turns fucking her various orifices all afternoon. Judy said that when they did her in the pussy and ass at the same time she had such an intense orgasm that she actually blacked out briefly. Listening to her made me so horny that I took out Big Red and “Shane” and proceeded to fuck my pussy and ass until I was gushing in buckets.

November 3

Dear Diary,

My life has changed so much in the past few weeks. It took me a little while to learn that I could use sex to my advantage rather than be a slave to sex and still get all I needed (which is a lot). Shortly after the gang bang Vicki pulled me to the side at lunch and told me I shouldn’t give my pussy away on anyone’s terms but mine. I told her that was hard because my pussy was in constant need. She said I could fuck as much as I want as long as the guys think I am in charge. She told me to make Shane and Jim believe I was furious at them for what happened and then hold out on them for a few days. Then she invited me to come with her to Bill’s after school.

I made Judy come with me when I confronted Shane and Jim after school. They were clearly embarrassed and apologized profusely. Judy didn’t help by telling them it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons of her life. I admitted that I liked the sex, but that I was mad they did it without my permission. With that I turned and left. I was really pissed when Judy stayed, then went off with them arm in arm. My pussy kept telling me to turn around and go with them, but I had promised Vicki that I would go to Bill’s.

John and Carol, one of the “in” couples at school, were kissing and groping each other when we arrived. They were sitting on a black leather couch shaped in a “u” with a large square coffee table in the middle. John had his hand under her shirt feeling her tits while she rubbed the bulge in his pants. Vicki nudged me in the side and pointed at them.

“So you guys going to fuck right here in front of us, or what?”

“Oh, hi. Bill went to pick up Dennis and Linda,” Carol replied while unzipping John’s pants. “And yes, we do plan to fuck. Do you mind.”

“Not at all. We love to watch, don’t we, Jenny?”

Carol pulled John’s cock from his pants, then leaned over and sucked it into her mouth. Carol was giving him incredible head, attacking him aggressively with her mouth and tongue while bobbing her head up and down his length. She slipped a hand inside her shorts and fingered her own pussy while sucking John.

“Eeuuu. Carol, you’ve been practicing. Keep that up and you’ll get a mouthful of. mmmmm. tasty cum. You wouldn’t consider sharing, would you?”

Vicki put a hand in her own shorts and rubbed her pussy. She squirmed her ass around the couch as she dug her fingers inside her cunt. Carol sat up and quickly slipped off her shorts and panties.

“Not with this guy. His cock is all mine. So is his cum.”

Carol straddled his lap with her knees on both sides of John, then slowly lowered her ass as he guided his cock into her steamy cunt. She started fucking him with the same aggressiveness with which she had sucked him. Her ass was lifting up and slamming down as she repeatedly impaled herself on his engorged manhood. John dug his fingers into the cheeks of her ass to guide her rapid thrusts. Vicki shed her shorts and pulled her legs up on the couch. She was using both hands to stimulate her bald pussy.

“Oh god, I need a cock so bad. Come on Carol, let me borrow him for just a second. I won’t let him cum in me. you can have that.”

I doubt if Carol heard her. Her orgasm had started. Carol’s whole body thrashed about as she continued to ride his cock. She was gasping and squealing with pleasure. John’s cock and balls were coated with juices pouring from her cunt.

My own pussy was dripping with need. I reached into my purse and pulled out Big Red. I pulled up my skirt and shoved it past my panties into my steamy cunt. It only took about ten strokes before I was cumming. Vicki reached over, pulled Big Red from my cunt and shoved it up her juicy hole. She rubbed her ankara escort clit with her other hand until her pussy started gushing onto the couch.

John had climbed on top of Carol and was pounding straight into her hard and fast. Carol’s legs were pinned to her shoulders. She was cumming like crazy, jerking her head back and forth and squealing uncontrollably. Vicki moved over next to them and started giving instruction.

“Fuck her, John, fuck her harder. Shove that big cock up her pussy. Beg for it, Carol. Beg for that big cock to keep slamming your cunt. Tell him how good it feels when it’s deep in your belly.

“Oh god yes, John. oooohhhhhh. shove it deep inside me. aaahhhhh. fuck my cunt baby.”

Vicki put her hand on Carol’s pussy and let John’s cock slide in and out of her between her fingers. Then she rubbed her middle finger over Carol’s asshole until it slipped inside her. Carol was going crazy.

“Fuck her in the ass, John. Carol, tell him to fuck your ass.”

“Yes, John, fuck me in the ass. aaaahhhhh.”

Vicki spit on Carol’s asshole to lubricate it, then guided John’s cock to her sphincter. Carol was back on her shoulders with her ass in the air as John slowly worked his engorged shaft deeper into her bowels. When he was all the way in he started fucking her hard and fast. Vicki rubbed her hand over Carol’s pussy and clit. Carol was screaming with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Give me Big Red, Jen.”

Vicki worked Big Red up Carol’s cunt until it was buried deep inside her. Vicki fucked it in and out of Carol’s cunt while John hammered her asshole. Carol had pulled her top up over her tits and was pinching her nipples while screaming and thrashing about. We heard John let out a loud roar as he started pumping cum deep into Carol’s bowels. When he was finally finished, he eased his cock out of her ass. Vicki lowered a limp and lifeless Carol back down to the couch as she pulled Big Red from her cunt.

“Now that was hot,” Vicki said stepping back into her panties and shorts. John zipped up, then helped Carol to a sitting position until she was finally able to get her shorts back on. There was a big wet spot on the couch where cum had leaked from her asshole.

“Two cocks are better than one, aren’t they Carol?”

“Wow. It was intense. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. and it’s the first time I ever had an orgasm with John up my ass.”

Bill walked in with Linda and Dennis. He sniffed the air.

“I smell sex. Have you guys been practicing without me?”

“John and Carol couldn’t keep their hands off each other. He fucked her right there in front of Jenny and me, didn’t he Jen? It was very rude.”

“You guys actually did it in front of each other?” Linda asked looking shocked.

“Well, we kind of get carried away sometimes. Besides, I’ve been horny all day thinking about John’s big cock. I just couldn’t wait.”

“Oh. I don’t think I could ever have sex in front of someone else.”

“You can go upstairs if you want, but you might want to stay while Bill and I put on a show you’ll never forget.”

Vicki pulled Bill over the back of the couch and literally attacked him. She climbed on top, kissing him very aggressively with her tongue and mouth while squirming against his crotch. Bill shoved Vicki’s top up over her tits and started sucking her swollen nipples. Looking right at Linda who hadn’t moved from behind the couch, Vicki grabbed the back of Bill’s head.

“Suck my tits , baby. my nipples are on fire. Now rub my pussy. God, am I leaking.”

John shoved his hand into Vicki’s shorts. I could see her ass humping up and down as she rubbed her pussy against his fingers. She spun around on top of him and kissed his bulging cock through his jeans while thrusting her pussy into his face. Bill started munching on her wet crotch. Vicki unzipped Bill and pulled out his massive cock, stroking it a few times before she engulfed it with her mouth.

John and Carol watched intently while he fondled her tits and she rubbed his cock. Linda’s eyes were glued to the action. Dennis was pressed up behind her with his arms pulled tightly around her. Linda didn’t resist when he pressed his fingers under one of her well formed tits and slowly cupped it with his hand. My own pussy was on fire but I didn’t have a man to help me. I quietly slipped a hand into my shorts and started fingering myself.

Bill pulled Vicki’s shorts and panties down far enough so that she could free a leg. He buried his face in her pussy while she continue to perform orally on his engorged cock. Bill spread her ass cheeks and worked a finger up her butt hole. Carol stripped off her shorts and panties, stood and thrust her ass into John’s face. She wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock and pumped him rapidly while he slurped and sucked her juicy pussy. Dennis had Linda’s halter up over her tits, squeezing her melons and pinching her nipples while she licked her lips and purred with pleasure.

Vicki climbed off Bill and kneeled on the couch facing the back, right in front of Linda. Vicki tilted her ass in the air providing a juicy target for Bill who moved in behind her. He moved his cock up and down her juicy slit prying her cunt lips apart. Vicki looked into Linda’s eyes less than a foot in front of her face.

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