Different Dreams

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I watched the big guy on the television screen as he carried the tiny blonde into the bedroom. He gently laid her down on the pillow and began kissing her naked body from head to toe. She was very petite with long blonde hair. The guy resembled a linebacker and only wore a silk pair of boxer shorts. He was black.

My husband, Jack and I loved to rent adult films on Friday nights. Tonight we picked out one with an interracial theme. I’d always been curious about black men myself. I remember being asked out by one of the guys on our football team in my senior year in college.

His name was John and he reminded me of the guy on the screen. He was very tall and big and dark like that man we were watching, seduce that tiny blonde.

Oh yeah. She is pulling down his boxer’s. Wow. Look at the size of that cock! That guy will split that little woman into two!

I was getting wet watching that big guy lick that blonde’s pussy. I began moving my legs under the covers and touched my mound with my left hand. I glanced over at my husband who had his eyes glued to the tv.

That big man pulled that little blonde on top of his legs. She straddled him and I was amazed at how easily she began to impale that monster cock inside that tight little blonde pussy. I inserted a finger into my own pussy slit as I watched the tv.

The wet slushing sound filled the room as the huge black guy screwed that tiny blonde. I spread my legs and rubbed the tip of my clit with my finger. I jerked and starred over at my husband, hoping he didn’t see what I was doing.

I looked back at the tv screen and tried to imagine that I was riding that big black cock. I kept rubbing my finger along my clitoris and knew that I could cum and eased off pressure so that my husband wouldn’t catch me.

The little blonde began to have an orgasm and the black guy grunted and shouted that he was going to cum. She was riding me faster until the guy grabbed hold of his big black cock and pulled it out just in time as the sperm shot straight into the air behind her back.

What a waste of good cum! I would have wanted him to cum inside me. I loved the feel of sperm as it shoots out of a cock. I glanced over at my husband who starred back at me and smiled. He saw my arm under the blanket and knew that I was playing with my pussy.

“Honey. Did you get excited watching that petite blonde riding that big black cock?”

I smiled and took my hand out from under the blanket. “I didn’t think she would be able to take that big thing inside her.”

Jack pulled the blanket off his legs and his dick was rock solid hard! OK. He wasn’t anywhere as large as the man in the video but he knew how to move his little thing inside me. I teased him about his size. It didn’t really bother him much that he was only 4 inches long. He wasn’t much larger then my thumb in diameter.

Actually. My husband, Jack is a very small man and you wouldn’t expect to see a guy of his size with a huge dong hanging down between his legs. I remember when we met in college and this little guy started talking to me in the library. I thought he was cute and he could make me laugh. We fell in love and got married a few months after we finished college.

I’m only five-one and big men always frightened me. Coincidently, my husband his the exact same height as I and we weigh about the same at about, one hundred pounds. I would always tease him and say to him that he was my little boy. He could at least laugh and he would make jokes about himself that his penis resembled that of a young boy.

We have been married for three years now and our birthdays land about a week from one another. I’d always laugh and tell Jack that I’m much older then he is. We both just turned twenty-seven on our last birthdays.

I guess you could say that Jack and I are very close. We consider ourselves soul mates and we are very honest and open about everything in our marriage. Jack would always ask me if I wondered how it would be like having sex with a guy with a big cock but I always laughed about it.

The strange thing about our relationship is that my husband isn’t a jealous man. He loves and cares about me so much that if I desired to have sex with another man just to see how it felt that he would allow it to happen just to please me. He even told me so!

As I mentioned, we are very honest with each other and that’s how we got started with our little fetish. I guess I should tell you about it.

It started on our honeymoon when Jack began joking around about our bodies being very similar in size. I have long blonde hair and my husband had packed a blonde wig in his suitcase and one afternoon he walked out of the bathroom wearing my bikini and that crazy blonde wig.

He caught me completely off guard but made me laugh when he started to imitate the way that I would walk. He actually resembled a small woman wearing a bikini that it flipped me out!

Jack had stuffed toilet tissue into the bra cups but everything else on him looked passable. I dared canlı bahis him to walk out to the pool wearing the bikini. That’s when I learned that you don’t want to dare Jack to do anything because he was going to walk out there just like that!

He didn’t care, he thought it was funny. Jake actually had a habit of mocking me when I was walking around the house. He’d keep doing it until he got me laughing.

I finally talked him out of walking around the poll that afternoon but I was curious to know if he had actually done it. Later that evening when we were making love, I brought up the subject and wanted to know if he liked dressing up like a girl.

He told me about a play he was in during high school where he had to dress up as an old woman and from that time on, Jack always dreamed of being a female impersonator.

The next morning we got into the large soaker tub together and we talked and laughed about how funny he was when he wore my bikini. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but I think it was another dare because Jack shaved his legs that morning.

The next day he worked on the remainder of his body hair and from that day on he kept himself completely smooth. I told him how much I liked feeling his soft hairless skin against my body. I think I enjoyed snuggling up next to Jack at night the best.

Luckily we lived out in the country because Jack dressed up around the house every day now. We didn’t have to worry about neighbors because the nearest house was up the street and around a sharp corner. He was a natural redhead and kept his hair at shoulder length. He worked at home and only had to speak to his clients by telephone so he could play, dress up anytime he desired.

I didn’t mind at all because Jack treated me like gold and I felt like I had the best husband and girlfriend in the whole world.

The video had stopped and Jack surprised me by pulling me down off the pillow and straddled my body until his face was buried between my legs. I lifted my legs back giving him better access to my pussy as he began licking me.

He moved his little butt around until his little dick was poking into my face and I started to suck on him as he licked me. I loved the way he could lick my pussy. He had become such an expert at hitting all the right spots. I loved licking his dick because I could easily fit the entire length inside my mouth with ease.

Jack was small enough that I could actually get his entire dick inside my mouth as well as his balls. He reminded me of my brother when I saw him naked at eleven years old. I always thought it was cute. The way Jack kept the hair shaven was even better because his skin was so smooth and soft and I didn’t have to worry about choking on a hair.

Jack started to move his little butt above my face and I knew he wanted to cum inside my mouth. We always timed our orgasms together. Yes, it was strange but we had the timing all worked out. I would cum at the same time that Jack would cum.

My own body began trembling as I got close and taped Jack on his leg to let him know I was going to cum at any second. He groaned and yelled out that he was going to cum.

I started to cum as I felt the first little spurts of his seed shoot out of Jack’s little dick. It was always three or four little spurts but I knew it felt good for him. He held my legs back against my chest as I finished my own orgasm until we finished and he rolled off along side me and gave me a hug and a kiss.

Jack loved to kiss me after he shot a load into my mouth. He loved tasting his own sperm as his tongue probed my mouth. I got into the habit of not swallowing it all. I would save just a little so he could taste it as we kissed. Most of his cum was clear now anyway.

I was still thankful that my little husband could even get an erection. You see, I forgot to mention that he began taking hormones fifteen months ago. It wasn’t the typical scenario that you always hear about. As I mentioned, it all started on our honeymoon.

We were happy together and we both decided that wouldn’t be a problem in our marriage. We were in love and it didn’t matter for me personally that Jack’s body had gone through a few changes. He resembled a little boy when I met him. I never expected to have a big macho guy around the house in the first place.

His little breasts were budding out and his hips had a touch of flair now but I loved the way he felt against me. He was so soft and naturally gentle. Yes, he was my husband and best friend and sometimes my best girlfriend.

We had planned to go out shopping that Saturday morning. Jack would dress in slacks and a blouse with short heeled shoes. I had bought him little breast forms that enhanced his bust size. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a C-cup which stood out on my tiny frame.

Jack and I were in competition for who had the smallest waist. Naturally, my waist was 2 inches smaller then Jack’s waist. I actually bought Jack a training corset online for his last birthday and he wore it often. It was bahis siteleri beginning to reshape his rib cage.

We drove to the mall and walked through the different little shops until we got to one shop that specialized in petite dresses. I’d call Jack, Jackie when we were out in public. We had fun for the next hour trying on different dresses until we both walked out at the same time and just stood starring wide mouthed at each other.

Jackie spoke first. “Lacy! Just look at how beautiful you are wearing that dress!”

I walked around Jackie in amazement and how well it fit her, I mean him! We were wearing the identical dress! Mine was a brick red and Jackie’s was black. They were surplice wrap dresses which stretched around our waists which flattered our figures. They were knee length but frilly enough to tease and exposed a portion of cleavage.

“Lacy. Let’s buy them!”

I moved around in front of the mirror and glanced back at Jackie and couldn’t believe how nice they were. We looked hot! Jackie was hot in the black version.

“Jackie. Where would we wear them? They’re more than one hundred dollars! I don’t think we should spend this much money just to wear them around the house!”

Jackie smiled through the mirror at me. “OK. We won’t buy them to wear around the house! We’ll wear them out somewhere!”

I was excited but hesitant as I turned toward Jackie and said. “Where would we go out wearing something this hot?”

Jackie laughed. “Maybe we could go out to one of those dance clubs and have a little fun!”

I was too excited to resist and the next thing I knew we were picking out matching pumps to wear with our new dresses. We were happily carrying our new dresses around the mall until I spotted a lingerie shop and walked inside. I think Jackie was reading my mind because we both walked toward a little rack where they had thongs hanging and laughed at each other.

Jackie picked out a black thong and a red one for me and paid for the items and hit a perfume store before driving back home.

We pulled into the driveway and the car started to jerk and sputter as I pulled up near the front of the house. I tried to restart it but nothing happened. I looked over at Jack and we laughed. He wasn’t a mechanic so we knew we would have to call someone out to fix it.

I called the repair shop in town and the man said he could be right out. He was friendly and had a deep voice. We ate lunch while we waited for the guy to come out. We were just finishing lunch when I heard a knock on the front door. I got up to answer it and was surprised to see a tall muscular handsome black guy standing at the front door.

He frightened me with his size and I was almost afraid to open the screen door. As I mentioned, I’ve always been afraid of large men. He was way over a foot taller then me. He was very polite but I caught him starring at my top a couple of times when I walked him out to the car. My top was tight and I wasn’t wearing a bra so my nipples were poking out of the thin material.

His name was Jerry and he shook my hand. I got little tingles on my body when he held my tiny hand. I gazed at his large hand as he held mine and I think that’s what gave me the tingles. He was dark, almost black. I instantly thought about that big black man in the video last night.

I stood next to the car as he lifted the hood and looked inside. He started playing with all of those little hoses and things.

“Jerry. I’ll be right inside the house if you need anything.”

He had a whole truck full of tools and things and he specialized in, on the spot repair. I walked back into the house and called Jack. We peeked out the screen door at Jerry.

“He reminds me of that guy we saw in the video last night.”

I laughed. “I thought of the same guy when I first saw him. His name is, Jerry. He kept starring at my boobs but he was very polite.”

Jack nudged my arm. “You know how those black men are! He problebly likes white women!”

I smirked at him and pinched his waist as we starred out at Jerry under the hood. Yes. He did resemble the man in the video. His arms were huge like a linebacker, very tall and muscular.

Jack put his arm around my waist. “I’m going to try on my new dress. I’ll leave you here so you can drool.”

I turned around as he was walking away and saw him smiling. “Jack. I’m not drooling!”

Jack playfully waived his hand at me as he disappeared into the bedroom. I peeked back out and saw Jerry taking his shirt off. It was extremely hot that afternoon and couldn’t blame him. I heard the car engine, Jerry turned and starred at the door. He waived at me so I walked out to see what he needed.

He started to put his shirt back on. “Oh. You don’t have to put that back on. I know it’s hot out here.”

He smiled as he held his shirt. “It was only your gas line but I can see your going to need a tuneup and a few other things. You’re lucky it didn’t break down on the highway. It’s not safe being out here all alone.”

“Oh. bahis şirketleri Well. Thank you but I’m not alone.”

I noticed Jerry was starring at my wedding ring when I said I wasn’t alone and he looked disappointed.

“I would recommend having your husband take your car in for service as soon as possible.”

He started to put his shirt back on when I noticed a smudge of grease on his shoulder. “Why don’t you come into the house and wash up before you put that back on?”

He followed me into the house and the timing couldn’t have been any worse as Jack walked out of the bedroom wearing his new dress and pumps.

“How do you think I look?”

I starred at Jack and looked back at Jerry. “Um. Jerry. This is my sister, Jackie.”

Jerry nodded his head as I smiled at Jack. “Is your husband around? I’ll tell him about your car.”

Before I had a chance to answer Jerry’s question, Jack blurted out with his version. “Oh. Her husband ran off with another woman awhile back. It’s only, me and my sis now.”

Jack thought he was being funny but when I saw the expression on Jerry’s face, I knew that he was thinking that there must be a glimmer of hope that I’d be interested.

“Jerry. The bathroom is right down that hallway. You’ll find towels and everything you need. I’ll get you a cold glass of lemon aid ready for you.”

“Uh. Thank you very much . . . “

“It’s, Lacy!”

Jack flicked his eye brows at me as I turned and walked out into the kitchen. He followed me into the kitchen and helped get the glasses out of the cabinet.

“Did you see the way he was starring at you?”

“Jackie! Stop fooling around! I don’t want to give that man the wrong idea!”

Jack walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist. He raised his hands under my breasts and flicked my nipples and peeked around my shoulder.

Jackie laughed. “See. Your nipples got hard comparing that man in the video to Jerry.”

I playfully turned around and pinched his little butt. That’s when I starred at his face and noticed that he went all out and had applied lipstick. I smiled as I started mixing the lemon aid.

“Jackie. If you are so turned on by this guy then why don’t you flirt with him?”

Jackie slapped my butt as I mixed the drinks. Jackie walked across the kitchen table and crossed his arms. “I’m only having a little fun with you, you know?”

“Jackie. I know but I just don’t want Jerry to get the wrong idea and think I’m available. Thanks to your joking around, he doesn’t think my husband is around!”

Jackie playfully put his hand on his hip and seductively turned his head and said. “He’s right. I’m gone right now!”

Before I got a chance to reply, Jerry walked into the kitchen and I motioned for him to sit down at the table.

“You have a nice house, here. Is it just you and your sister living here?”

“Well, uh . . . “

Jackie didn’t let me finish the sentence as he butted in. “Yes. It’s just, me and my sister now. Her old man flew the coup with another woman and we haven’t seen him since.”

I couldn’t believe he was still putting on this act!

“Oh. I’m really sorry to hear about your husband. I really can’t understand why he would leave such a beautiful woman like you behind?”

“Well, thank you very much. That’s so sweet of you to say that.”

I starred at Jackie hoping that he would stop but he kept going. “Yes. I came to stay with my sister so she wouldn’t be so lonely out here in the sticks. I’m afraid she never has any men visiting us out here.”

I felt like putting tape over his mouth at that moment. He was beginning to take this too far now and I felt uncomfortable. I sat down across from Jerry as he began writing out our bill.

“Lacy. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Since it was only your gas filter clogged up, I’m not going to charge you for any work today. I would recommend that you have a tuneup and oil change done really soon!”

“Jerry. You don’t have to do that! I’d be happy to pay you.”

Jackie smiled and I knew he was going to add something. “Lacy. Why don’t you have this nice man come back out so he can fix those other things he mentioned?”

Jerry was starring at me and I smiled. “OK. Jerry. Would that be possible?”

He laughed. “I’ll have one of the men come out and pick it up on Monday and it’ll give me a chance to give it a good look and fix what you need done.”

Jerry slipped a card with his name and number across the table. “I want you to call me if I can help you with anything.”

Jackie was standing near Jerry and leaned on his chair. “I you attached, Jerry?”

Jerry chuckled as he glanced over his shoulder. “No. Never been married and don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Mm . . . You’re not married and don’t have a girlfriend, which sounds interesting enough.”

Jackie starred and winked at me.

“Um. Jackie. I don’t think Jerry is interested in telling you all of his business.”

Jerry laughed. “Oh. That’s all right. I have a sister back in Detroit that was always trying to fix me up with one of her friends. I’ve actually owned the garage for three years now and I’ve been so busy that I never made any time for dating anyone.”

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